Fadeev got rid of 10 kilograms in a month

The producer recorded a video from the workout Ekaterina Labukhina April 30, 2020 09:55 am Maxim Fadeev www.instagram.com/fadeevmaxim Maxim Fadeev decided to spend a period of self-isolation due to the announced coronavirus pandemic with health benefits and still lose weight. The artist tries to move more and observe a special diet. He is happy to share the results with caring subscribers on his personal Instagram page. “Another 10 kg minus this month! Drink more water, less food, and more movement! Take care of yourself! Peace to your home! ” (The spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved, – approx. WomanHit.ru), – noted the showman, taking pictures of himself on the treadmill. To lose extra pounds, Maxim Alexandrovich goes in for sports at home – the composer walks on the treadmill, sweat pours from him in streams, but he overcomes himself and continues what he started. Recently, he has already lost 90 kilograms. For those who have long and strongly dreamed of losing weight, the producer advises drinking warm water – in particular, 600 milliliters strictly before meals. It is known that about two years ago, Fadeev admitted that it was because of his impressive weight that he decided to end his singing career – he fell ill with diabetes and gained 20 kilograms in just two weeks. In order to gain the coveted harmony, he tried many different methods – he even drank special pills for weight loss, which only hurt him – as a result, he added 12 kilograms. After this incident, the musician urges people not to believe in promising advertising slogans: figure, weight loss, excess weight, training, video, commentary, body, slimness, producer, maxim fadeev, physical activity, extra pounds

Scammers hacked the Instagram page of a popular actress

Victoria Maslova addressed her fansVitaly Brodzky30 April 2020 11:46Victoria MaslovaPHOTO: VLADA GORYAINOVAFans know Victoria Maslova from the TV series “Ivanovs-Ivanovs”, “Trigger”, “Vlasik. Shadow of Stalin “,” Juna “. The more popular the actress became, the more followers on Instagram she got. And this morning Victoria discovered that her page had been hacked by unknown hackers. “Friends !!! My Instagram account has been hacked by scammers! – Maslova herself turned to her fans (the spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved, – note WomanHit.ru). – Please DO NOT RESPOND with any actions on my page !!! If suddenly scammers start extorting money or posting inappropriate materials! While I’m trying to solve this issue with Instagram myself! Thank you and see you! ”I must say that lately, hackers who break into the pages of popular personalities have become very active. Indeed, under quarantine conditions, many stars have dramatically increased the number of both subscribers and advertising offers. It is clear that any account with an already established loyal audience is a tasty morsel for Instagram scammers. Some of them either demand a ransom from those on whose page they encroached on, or publish sorrowful requests for help indicating a bank card and details. So if today you suddenly find out that Victoria Maslova urgently collects money for the treatment of her poor niece, do not react. …

Tatyana Vasilyeva – about her health: “My quarantine is already ending”

The actress, who was taken to the hospital a week ago, was suspected of having a coronavirus Stepan Malinovsky May 10, 2020 22:06 Photo: editorial archive Tatyana Vasilyeva made all her fans worry a week ago. She was urgently hospitalized in a clinic with suspected coronavirus. True, the actress decided not to stay in the hospital and preferred to be treated at home – despite the fact that she was diagnosed with bilateral pneumonia. And now, eight days later, Tatyana Grigorievna announced that she was on the mend. “The temperature has subsided, yes, I’m on the mend. I feel good, my quarantine is already ending, so I hope that everything will end soon, “RIA Novosti quoted her as saying. By the way, the presence of coronavirus in the actress was not confirmed. The first test for COVID-19 was negative. But she never passed the second one. “Nobody offered me, I’m waiting. I don’t know who should initiate this matter, ”she explained. …

“Dancing Millionaire” in 53 years will first become a father

A young lover will give the businessman a long-awaited child Ksenia Parfenova May 11, 2020 10:07 am a couple has been dating for several years photo: instagram.com/sharfonseca Mother’s Day was celebrated in many European countries yesterday. On this holiday filled with tenderness, one star couple decided to share their joy. “The Dancing Millionaire”, as he was nicknamed for his fiery Instagram numbers, 52-year-old Gianlucca Vacchi announced that he would become a father for the first time. “Today is Mother’s Day and, of course, my first congratulations were dedicated to her. But never in my life did I think that a potential mother of my son would have the same character traits. I’m happy to announce that Sharon and I are expecting a baby! And she will become the mother I have always dreamed of for my child, ”he said in a congratulatory video. The lovers looked at each other with tenderness while sharing important news for them with subscribers. The couple has not yet announced the pregnancy of Sharon and the sex of the child. However, according to the future father, he dreams of a boy.

Victoria Bonya returns to Monaco

The socialite lamented that she and her daughter were never able to adapt to life in London Stepan Malinovsky May 10, 2020 19:59 Photo: press services A little less than a year ago, Victoria Bonya, together with her daughter Angelina, decided to move from Monaco to London. Victoria was sure that it would be better for both of them: she herself would have a richer social life, and her daughter would finally be able to seriously engage in equestrian sports. However, their hopes were not justified. And now, after much thought, Bonya is again preparing to move. Now back from London to Monaco. “Angelina and I could not adapt to London,” Victoria admitted honestly. – Angelina doesn’t like it, the weather is gray and cold, the sun is more to our liking. I am going there on Monday, I will solve all the issues. I think that Monaco is our place, but if you don’t try, you won’t understand. ”The upcoming move especially pleases Victoria’s daughter Angelina. After all, it is in Monaco that her father, Alex Smerfit, lives. My daughter and dad have a very tender and trusting relationship. And now they will be able to see each other much more often.

“I don’t care what blood is in me”: Kurylenko responded to the attacks of subscribers

The actress claims that fans misunderstood her Ksenia Parfenova11 May 2020 13:23 Bond star wonders why so many negative comments appeared under the post photo: instagram.com/olgakurylenkoofficial I don’t have time to sit on Instagram, ”said Olga Kurylenko, an actress starring in foreign films, in the comments under her personal blog. In congratulations on Victory Day, her fans saw hostile statements and even disrespect for the memory of their ancestors. It is possible that the aggression was facilitated by the statement on the official page of the White House, where the US government thanked exclusively its country and ally in the form of Great Britain for the victory over fascism, forgetting about the Soviet Union. The celebrity was offended by the accusations of fans that she did not congratulate the Ukrainian people, to whom it is traditionally referred to. “First: learn to READ. When a congratulation is written, it means only what it says and NOTHING MORE! All these discussions that you developed below and the meaning that you give to my words are YOUR inventions. I didn’t say anything that you accuse me of. Nowhere in my posts will you find a word about the fact that I do not love Ukraine, not a word about the fact that I renounce it, not a word about the fact that I do not love Ukrainians, not a word about the current conflict between Ukraine and Russia (about that there was no question here at all), not a word about communism, etc., etc. All this is your invention! Since it is so important for you to know my opinion, you could just ask and I would answer: I love Ukraine and its people! And congratulations on the victory concern them, because Ukraine was part of the USSR during the war! ” (The spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved, – approx. WomanHit.ru) – Olga was horrified. “And the fact that the DNA test did not show Ukrainian blood in me is just a statement of fact! I don’t care what blood is in me – I’m NOT a racist! I treat all bloods (and skin colors) with love. But if an automatic hatred towards me awakens in you only because there is no Ukrainian blood in me, then this says a lot ABOUT YOU! The hatred of people for their ethnic origin is called RACISM. And in the civilized world, as far as I know, racism is persecuted, ”concluded the star.

“I let it into my soul, but they spat in my soul”: rapper Guf about parting with Topuria

The couple has not been together for a long time, but their conflict is still being discussed on the Web. told the truth about his life. In particular, his reasoning touched on the relationship with the singer Katie Topuria. According to Alexei, at first he did not count on a long-term union, but fate decreed otherwise. Katie began to save her beloved from his dependence on prohibited substances: “She apparently got a kick out of this – that she had to pull me out of a hole from some kind.” “In short, I don’t know why, I believed the person so much, I let myself into my soul, but they spat so much into my soul, ”says Alexey. The musician admits that in two and a half years of relationship with Katie, he had a creative decline – he did not write a single song. After parting, Alexei experienced a break for six months and did not want to leave the house, but after that he met a new love – a girl Lesya, whom his ex-wife Aiza Anokhina had shown him earlier on Instagram. “I don’t want to cheat on her. I don’t see anyone next to me but her, “Dolmatov notes. Katie Topuria herself does not comment on the situation. Earlier, she said that she did not want to discuss the relationship with the rapper in public, which Guf was reminded of by fans in the comments to the posted excerpt from the documentary.

Buzova hit by jumping into the pool

The presenter played out her vacation in 2020 Ekaterina Labukhina May 15, 2020 10:55 am Olga Buzova launch a challenge, showing how he will spend his vacation this year, but during the filming of the video, an unscheduled incident occurred, as a result of which the star earned an injury. “A vacation in 2020 looks exactly like this. Watching to the end, it was really the only take. You will understand why “(spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved, – approx. WomanHit.ru), – she signed the post on her personal Instagram page. First, in the frame, she imitated movement along the airport tape, which she replaced with a treadmill, then in a dressing gown, thrown over a swimsuit, she went to the sun lounger on the roof of her penthouse, and from there to the pool. Olga tried very hard to move gracefully, but, jumping into the water, something went wrong, and she fell, hitting her back hard. This caused surprise and laughter from the singer and the filming team. In the end, everyone agreed that they would leave this particular take. Roof, vacation, injury, singer, video, diving, TV presenter, swimming pool, social networks, Olga Buzova, instagram, humor, quarantine

Katy Perry has published new “pregnant” photos

The singer filmed in the forest in quarantine Ekaterina Labukhina May 15, 2020 13:18 Katy Perry In the video, the 35-year-old actress undresses and climbs into a forest stream, but in the microblog, the star published only footage in a dress. This video, filmed outdoors under a declared quarantine, was directed by documentary filmmaker Liza Voloshin. “I wrote this song a couple of months ago as a call to stay true to the course that you set yourself, no matter what others think. Recently, it has acquired a new meaning for me in the light of what the whole world is experiencing. Each of us is one of more than seven billion, and he has his own story of strength and resilience “(the author’s spelling and punctuation are preserved, – approx. WomanHit.ru), – Perry signed one of the fresh posts. Now the performer is on the last months of pregnancy – this summer she and 43-year-old Orlando Bloom will have a daughter. Perry announced her pregnancy from British actor on March 5. After some time, Katie starred half-naked and showed a rounded belly in the video for the song “Never Worn White”. As a reminder, Perry and Bloom got engaged last February. Pregnancy, singer, forest, nature, commentary, belly, photoshoot, orlando bloom, social networks, katy perry, instagram, pregnant stars, quarantine

74-year-old Goldie Hawn danced on a trampoline

Video of the actress has collected more than a million views Ekaterina Labukhina May 15, 2020 11:12 Goldie Hawn www.instagram.com/goldiehawn74-year-old Goldie Hawn posted on her personal Instagram page a video filmed in her home gym. “Dance, jump and spin, as if no one is looking at you,” she signed the post, which collected more than a million views in a matter of hours. Apparently, unlike many celebrities, the artist spends time productively in self-isolation and does not feel sad without the red tracks, makeup artists and press attention. Goldie may well entertain herself and her fans without any help. The actress’s house recently got a trampoline, which she hastened to master. In the video, she showed how she balances on it to incendiary music. In the comments, fans confess their love for her, call her a role model and write that they envy her grandchildren. Some even believe that it is high time for advertisers to sign a contract with Hawn – she could be the perfect face of this sports equipment. Recall that the film star really has a lot to learn: she is a mother of three children, a successful actress, she has a beloved man, as well as an excellent figure and wisdom to maintain a positive attitude. And daily meditations help her to maintain a good mood. Actress, music, home, age, figure, dancing, social networks, instagram, humor, goldie hawn, quarantine