Fans confused Valeria with Alla Pugacheva

The singer incorrectly put on a protective mask Ekaterina Labukhina May 15, 2020 12:15 pm Valeria few hours ago, a new selfie appeared on Valeria’s personal Instagram page. In the frame, the pop diva appeared in glasses and in a medical mask, sitting in a car on the way to Ostankino for the shooting. “1. Quarantinoluk. 2. But you don’t have to paint. 3. Are you sure I am under the mask? Please, come up with your own options for caption for the photo “(the author’s spelling and punctuation are preserved, – note, she signed the post. It is curious that many users noted in the comments that at first they thought it was Alla Pugacheva in the picture. Some noted that Valeria’s hairstyle is very similar to that of the Prima Donna – her hair is disheveled, and Alla Borisovna always liked to appear in public with glasses. But many paid attention to the other side of the issue – Valeria put on a mask not only the other way around, but also “up feet. ” Also, fans began to ask the artist if she was taking any additional measures to protect herself from the coronavirus. Note that in the latest stories of her microblogging, the singer complained about traffic jams in the capital.alla pugacheva, hair, singer, glasses, comments, mask, valeria, hairstyle, social networks, instagram, selfie, quarantine

Putin congratulated Svetlichnaya on the anniversary

The actress continues to create to the delight of fans Ekaterina Labukhina May 15, 2020 14:19 Svetlana Svetlichnaya WWW.INSTAGRAM.COM / SVETLANASVETLICHNAYA_OFFICIAL May 15, Honored Artist of the RSFSR Svetlana Svetlichnaya celebrates her 80th birthday. Russian President Vladimir Putin joined in the congratulations. The film star received a congratulatory telegram from the head of state. This was reported on the Kremlin’s website, where he noted the bright, distinctive acting work of the star, which enriched the national cinema, won her professional recognition and love of the audience. Note that Svetlana Afanasyevna still pleases the audience with new roles, participates in television programs, creative meetings and film festivals. Summing up, Putin wished the birthday girl health and well-being. Svetlichnaya was born on May 15, 1940 in Armenia. Her film debut took place in 1959. She was remembered by the audience for her roles in the films: “The Diamond Hand”, “The Cook”, “A Hero of Our Time”, the series “The Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed” and “Seventeen Moments of Spring”, as well as in other films. In addition, she worked a lot on dubbing foreign tapes. In April 2015, at the XXI Russian Film Festival “Literature and Cinema”, the actress received the award “For Devotion to Cinematography.”

“Came out of the underground”: Strizhenova is trying to get into a working rhythm

Ksenia Zhukova 15 May 2020 12: 31 Ekaterina Strizhenova Photo: In her Instagram, the famous actress and TV presenter Ekaterina Strizhenova shared the good news: for the first time in a long time of the self-isolation regime she was summoned to Ostankino to broadcast. She published a video where she “walks” on repeat in the courtyard of the house, and wrote: “My calendar has the 51st day of self-isolation! Today the mood is upbeat – they summoned the air! She came out of the underground … The last time I was in Ostankino 2 weeks ago, it is still not crowded, everyone is wearing masks, they are constantly disinfecting their hands and talking at a distance “(hereinafter, the author’s spelling and punctuation are preserved, – note, – said the TV presenter. “I got a little wild, got up with difficulty in the morning (out of habit I watched the series until 2 am), I exist in the rep, I am a little afraid of people, I try to get into a working rhythm! So far, I love everyone. ”

Inna Zhirkova on the celebration of her birthday: “I wiped the gifts with a sanitizer”

Inna Zhirkova with her husband Yuri Zhirkov Press service materials The wife of footballer Yuri Zhirkov, Inna, despite the pandemic, nevertheless decided to celebrate her birthday. True, this time the party was held in a more restrained format and, so to speak, in a truncated composition. The birthday girl shared the details with Inna Zhirkova turned 31 the day before, and, of course, she could not miss this event. True, due to the fact that all restaurants are now closed, the birthday girl threw a house party. The mother of three children and the owner of the atelier spent this day in the company of family members. As you know, for several months the Zhirkovs have been on self-isolation in St. Petersburg, because Yuri has a contract with the Zenit football club. Oddly enough, but Zhirkova really liked the party in the new format, she realized that celebrating a birthday in a narrow family circle is great! “For many years I have been organizing a party for my friends. And, of course, it was always quite an exciting day, I was worried a lot, because I wanted everything to go at the highest level, so that all the guests would like it. After all, many even flew in from other cities just to congratulate me! And all this had to be carefully controlled. This time we celebrated the holiday at home – with my husband and our children. I can say that it turned out to be so cozy and so cheerful, positive! For example, all day my children and I were fooling around, jumping on the bed. Fortunately, nothing was broken. (Laughs.) Of course, the house was decorated with bright balls, which created a festive atmosphere. Well, I blew out the candles on the cake and made a wish. I hope it will come true “, – Inna told Many, of course, are interested in the question of gifts. So, despite the absence of a large number of guests, the birthday girl did not remain without presents. It’s just that her friends sent gifts. As a result, she received congratulations both from America, Dubai and Tatarstan, and from Moscow, Makhachkala, Samara and Kaliningrad, where she lived for many years. The number of gifts and bouquets of flowers delivered by couriers was so great that, as Inna jokes, she got the impression that almost a hundred people were present at the birthday party. “Now the whole apartment is strewn with flowers. A lot of gifts! For example, they brought me a tripod with a lamp for photography, which I have long dreamed of. Now I have a huge chic vase with peonies at home from a close friend. I really love field daisies, and imagine, my mother sent me a gorgeous basket of these flowers, – said Inna. – My husband is a detailed man, not quite romantic, so his surprise simply led me into wild delight, I, frankly, did not expect. He suddenly appeared in the apartment with a luxurious bouquet of flowers and balloons. I gave a perfume with my favorite scent. The children also made me happy. The eldest son Dima, for example, made a picture with his own hands. On it, he portrayed me with my son Daniel. Milana also touched me – she wrote a congratulatory poem herself, and also drew several postcards. Even our youngest son did not leave me without a gift: he made a crown for my mother. (Laughs.) Of course, in order to organize even such a birthday, we had to take precautions. In general, we are very careful in the family, security measures are not an empty phrase for us, we rarely go out of the house with the whole family. On the eve of the celebration, I went to the grocery store in full uniform – mask, gloves, antiseptic. My friends are caring and intelligent people. All couriers who brought gifts were wearing masks and gloves. Everything that could be treated with an antiseptic, I, of course, processed, wiped the gifts with a sanitizer, because health is first and foremost for us. But, despite such small difficulties, the holiday turned out to be very sweet, touching and memorable. ” …

Concert director Babkina spoke about the state of health of the recovered singer

The singer observes self-isolation at home Ekaterina Labukhina May 19, 2020 17:57 Nadezhda Babkina Now the artist feels well and is already starring in new issues of the “Fashionable Sentence” program on Channel One. This is evidenced by fresh videos in the story on the performer’s personal Instagram page. Fans say on social networks that, despite what happened, Babkina looks “fresh”, rested and slimmed down. “Everything is great. Nadezhda Georgievna is in working order, she works, she is removed. I came to the theater for a meeting. Everything is all right with her. Now while she is at home, according to the instructions. Until the 31st, we are all on self-isolation, “- said its concert director Sergei Gorokh in an interview with the journalists of the TV channel” Zvezda “. Recall that Babkina was hospitalized in April. After that, she had to spend 31 days in a medical facility – on May 1, she was already at home.

Gagarina’s husband shared a “personal” poem of his own composition

Fans discuss the latest posts of the photographer amid rumors of divorce Ekaterina Labukhina May 20, 2020 10:16 am Dmitry / isxakov A few hours ago, an unusual post appeared on the personal Instagram page of Polina Gagarina’s husband, photographer Dmitry Iskhakov. “The Countess, with her changed face, runs to the pond” (hereinafter, the spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved, – approx., – the man writes under a photograph of an elderly woman, playfully winking and smiling at the camera. with the bad intentions of Leo Tolstoy’s wife, who learned about the imminent divorce. Others guessed that the photographer had quoted Bender’s telegram from The Golden Calf. And earlier Iskhakov shared with subscribers a poem of his own composition: “One step at a time – in a run, Kaleidoscope days – a whistle, If only to twist the run, And again I am a clean sheet”. In the caption, the photographer noted that it is “pretty personal and almost intimate.” Most fans react to such publications with a degree of bewilderment. After all, now the public expects comments from him and his star darling about the divorce – this week the media reported that the couple intends to break up. Recall that the union of Iskhakov and Gagarina lasted almost six years. In 2017, they had a daughter, Mia. The representative of the performer told reporters that if the artist wants to make a statement, “she will definitely publish it in her accounts in the form in which the information will be transmitted without distortion.” Singer, relationship, husband, divorce, photographer, parting, social networks, polina gagarina, instagram, dmitry iskhakov, quotes

Soprano Turetsky: “We used masks in the video – a new symbol of the fight against coronavirus”

The new work of the team is dedicated to people and their relationships during the pandemic Anastasia Mishakova May 19, 2020 18:04 Soprano Turetsky dedicated a clip to the relationship of people during the coronavirus pandemic Photo: press materials Soprano Turetsky’s group presented a video clip for the song Un Sordomuto Amore (“Deaf-mute love”). The team’s new work is dedicated to people and their relationships during the fight against coronavirus. In the video, all the vocalists appear in masks – a new symbol of the time of the pandemic. And the song itself was performed in Italian – and for a reason. “The idea to translate this song into Italian arose with Edgar Hakobyan, and then, in a synthesis with Anya Korolik and Mikhail Turetsky, we also had the idea of ​​a video – just then when it became painful, at the time of the pandemic, when concerts began to be canceled and very disturbing news began to come about the situation with the infected in Italy. We decided to shoot a video in Italian in support of Italy, which has become one of the main hotbeds of infection, Russia and the whole world, which is struggling with this terrible scourge. Therefore, we decided to use masks in filming, which symbolize the fight against coronavirus, “Iveta Rogova, soloist of Soprano Turetsky told” The translation of the song from Russian into Italian was done by an Italian of Russian origin – it turned out to be an artistic, but literal translation. Deaf-mute love – when you can neither speak nor hear, and only eyes remain, filled with pain, suffering, waiting for all this horror to end. We pray for the whole world with the help of love, music, international impulse. We are together – may we be separated, may we sit in our homes, may we not be able to see each other. But in one impulse we are trying to overcome what is happening now, ”concluded the singer. …

A photo of a young Stepanenko appeared on the web

ELENA STEPANENKO The ex-wife of the famous humorist Yevgeny Petrosyan, Elena Stepanenko, shared with fans an archival snapshot of her youth on Instagram. In the frame, the TV personality poses in a yellow sweater and leopard leggings, legs tucked on a leather sofa. “We are women, we must be unpredictable, we must surprise. Sometimes you look at your old photos and think: “What was that ?! Fashion? Mood? Weather anomalies or did I eat something wrong? I am in leopard leggings. Daring, mysterious, but, in my opinion, quite cute” ( The author’s spelling and punctuation are preserved, – approx., the artist signed the post. issued a marriage. It’s not even so much in their similar manner of dressing as in the similarity of the type of appearance. Many note that the comedian definitely has a favorite type of ladies, guided by which he drew attention to Brukhunova. Someone even calls Tatyana Stepanenko’s double. Elena Grigorievna, on the other hand, has noticeably changed after the divorce.Probably, she turned to plastic surgeons, became much slimmer, and also began to dress more extravagantly and modernly.

The clairvoyant commented on the rumors about the divorce of Gagarina and Iskhakov

Saona believes that the couple is breaking up because of betrayal Saona. 19 May 2020 19:07 Dmitry Iskhakov Photo: Fans of the stars are very attentive people. They are always the first to notice their idols on their microblogs when something is wrong. So in the story with Polina Gagarina and Dmitry Iskhakov, it was the fans who were alarmed not so long ago: at first they noticed that the spouses appear less and less on social networks, then they noticed the absence of a wedding ring on the singer’s hand. rumors about the separation of the couple. At first, Gagarin was accused of treason – the star was credited with an office romance with Sergei Lazarev. And then – with the actor Yevgeny Borodenko. By the way, Iskhakov even joked about this on Instagram. “What to do?! Why am I so unpleasant here ?! It is not surprising that she left (Polina, – ed.). I would have walked away from myself, “- then ironically Dmitry. Later, they began to ascribe adultery to Iskhakov himself – albeit without evidence. But now the journalists have found out that Gagarina fired her husband from the position of director of her LLC, through which she carries out creative activities. And again there were loud headlines about divorce, and observations of subscribers were added to them, but the main argument among gossipers is the silence of the spouses themselves. It would seem that there is nothing easier than directly saying that no one is going to get divorced. However, so far the journalists have managed to get only one comment – and that one is very uninformative. The singer’s representative said that if Polina wants to make a statement on this topic, then she herself will publish it on social networks. Therefore, asked the clairvoyant and tarot reader Saona what was really going on. “Polina Gagarina is a very cold girl in herself, it is difficult for her to show her emotions, even if it is her loving husband. The singer is certainly beautiful, interesting, but there is no love charm from her, she cannot give what he needs. Over time, in these relationships, Polina became even more alienated, but this was to be expected. Despite her beauty and success, her husband always cheated on her. This divorce will take place against the backdrop of betrayal. Polina is tired of accepting this and living with this hurt and pain. Dmitry is now in a state of love and openly talks about this to his wife, but he only has feelings for another woman who is much younger than him. I cannot say that the relationship with the new chosen one will last long, but after that they will not reunite with Polina, “Saona said.” The singer is not in her best condition now, she is very worried, angry, she is annoyed that everything turned out this way. It takes time for her to calmly react to the father of her child and ex-husband. As for the general business, now they can twist things and aggravate the situation, so in their place I would leave all financial issues until the moment when everyone calms down and does not make hasty decisions. As for the singer’s personal life, everything will be fine with her, and an unforgettable love relationship awaits her, where a man, by the way, will be younger than her and no less successful than her ex-husband, ”says Saona.

Experts: Samoilova wants to get more than half of Dzhigan’s income

The couple will divorce in mid-June Ekaterina Labukhina May 20, 2020 11:40 Dzhigan and Oksana Samoilova On his personal Instagram page, the performer regularly confesses his love to his wife and publishes romantic photos with her. The rapper recently dedicated a song to his beloved, but, unfortunately, the miracle did not happen, the couple is still getting divorced. The court session is scheduled for mid-June, Starhit reports. It is known that the spouses did not draw up a marriage contract. When they met, Dzhigan was little known and earned very modestly. The couple postponed the wedding for a long time, as there was simply no money to organize it. Several years ago, they bought a house outside the city, where they were doing expensive repairs for a long time. According to some reports, this mansion can be sold today for 140 million rubles. After all, at the moment, the main activity of the artist, which brought him income, – concert and corporate performances, has been suspended due to the pandemic. Some believe that the star family is already running out of livelihood and, perhaps, they will have to take out a loan or sell some from cars. Be that as it may, experts suggest that as alimony after the divorce, Samoilov wants to receive more than half of Dzhigan’s income, which is approximately 2-3 million rubles. Recall that the model and the musician have four children: three daughters and a youngest son. Money, divorce, scandal, model, alimony, details, large family, parting, rapper, djigan, oksana samoilova, income