“I watch how everything collapses”: the son of the groom Makeeva moves to Moscow

Anastasia Makeeva and Roman Malkovinstagram.com / makeevan / Svetlana Malkova, ex-wife of Roman Malkov, reported that their eldest son is moving from Slovenia to Moscow, where he will live with his father and his new lover, actress Anastasia Makeeva. The woman told about this on her personal page on Instagram. According to Malkova, she gets the impression that in a past life she crossed the path of the artist and now she “rushes like a bulldozer, destroying everything.” “Her status as a homewrecker turns into that of a destroyer! She sent a lot of audio messages to her eldest son to move to Moscow! And tomorrow there will be 4 of us left. Andrey is moving to dad and Makeeva “(hereinafter, the spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved, – note WomanHit.ru), – said Roman’s ex-wife. Svetlana also said that she was upset that her son was leaving. “I am sad, not for myself, but for Anyutka, she had a very friendly relationship with her older brother, they trusted each other, and now everything, she lured him away, not sparing family values, her daughter lost her brother. And I am powerless again, it hurts. The family was the most important thing in my life, I watch how everything collapses, “Malkova admitted. Recall that Roman Malkov and his family moved from Russia to Slovenia long before the crisis in their personal life. Having begun a romantic relationship with Makeeva, the man began to insist that four children live in Moscow. However, Svetlana was categorically against it, since the children had already settled into a new place.

It turned out embarrassing: which of the stars lost part of the costume right on stage

By the way, celebrities get out of such situations brilliantly Maria Blavatskaya20 April 2021 12:24 pm Thus, the most frequent problem in the life of an actively performing artist is a “capricious” concert costume. Although such things are created by individual standards, not every material is able to withstand the pressure of a powerful show, and sometimes especially playful fans help it. Today we have gathered our and foreign stars who “did not lose face” in a similar situation. Britney Spears An artist has been performing since childhood, so she is ready for any unforeseen situation. Of course, the creators of the singer’s show try to foresee everything, because the performances of the pop princess quickly become cult, which means the show should be held at the highest level in any country in the world. Recently, however, Britney is very unlucky for concert costumes: a few years ago, at one of the shows, Spears’s bodysuit slipped so much that one of the artist’s breasts was open to the audience almost all the time while Britney sang the song. Being a true professional, Britney didn’t even show, straightening her suit when the lights were turned off. This was not the end of the girl’s misadventures – just a couple of days later, the body finally let the artist down, bursting on her back. The dancers tried to play up this situation, but still, without the help of the artist’s team, it was not without the help of the artist’s team, it was necessary to repair it literally in seconds. Jenet Jackson The situation with Miss Jackson has already become a cult. Back in the early 2000s, when Justin Timberlake was just beginning to rise to fame, he had the chance to perform on the same stage with the legend of pop music Janet Jackson. The rehearsals went well, everything was ready, they created an amazing complex costume for Janet, however, as always, but no one expected that a real scandal could happen. The performance was in full swing when Justin made a sloppy movement and tore off part of Janet’s suit. Several million viewers witnessed this curious scene. The bare chest of the artist on the air angered so many viewers that the owners of the television company had to take part in several court proceedings. for granted – they leave them with their heads held high. So, Anna Sedokova had to “fight” with the suit several years ago. During the performance, the dress of the artist simply burst in the back area, and the help of the team did not help much – neither the manager nor the musicians could cope with the lightning. However, this situation did not upset the fans at all, after the end of the number the audience applauded wildly. Nyusha Sometimes a concert costume can fit just fine, the show is performed at the highest level, but not a single artist is immune from his own fans. Nyusha was convinced of this from her own experience. At one of the concerts, an unforeseen situation occurred when an ardent fan ran up to the stage to give his beloved artist a gorgeous bouquet, followed by security, who was trying to pull the guy off the stage. At that moment, not only a too playful young man flew from the stage, but also the artist’s skirt – at the moment when the guards were trying to cope with the man, someone stepped on the hem. However, nothing scandalous this time happened, since Nyusha was wearing a tight bodysuit.

Oscar 2021: how the most famous award adapted to the pandemic

In anticipation of the presentation of the main film awards, the popular blogger Alina, especially for WomanHit.ru, broadcasts the latest news directly from Los AngelesBlogger Alina April 25, 2021 13:00 Photo: Engin Akyurt / Pexels This year’s Oscars are even more important for the film industry than usual. Movie theaters in America and around the world are starting to reopen again, and the industry needs a powerful Oscar-like stimulus. However, the ratings of other awards during the pandemic were very small, and among the nominated films there are no blockbusters capable of collecting truly huge gross.It became known last summer that this year the ceremony will be a couple of months later than usual, namely on April 25th. In December, it became known that Steven Soderbergh, Stacy Sher and Jesse Collins will be the producers of the award. Despite the COVID-19 epidemic, participation in the ceremony is, for the most part, only in person. In March, the producers announced that remote participation in the ceremony via Zoom would not be possible. Therefore, possible problems with the visit to Los Angeles raised concerns from some nominees. As Stephen Soderbergh said: “It was not easy. Everything we do, we do to create a powerful creative idea. We don’t want Covid to be an excuse for making any concessions in terms of the creativity of the show. It will still be interesting. ”But despite the desire of the organizers to create the most interesting ceremony, the difficulties caused by the restrictions on international flights and other realities of the pandemic, nevertheless made their contribution. Therefore, the event will take place not only at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, but also in London and Paris, in addition, satellite TV bridges will be organized for more than twenty participants. Another innovation will be the integration of two other Academy Awards, namely the Humanitarian Award Gene Hersholt ”and“ Academy Awards ”for the main ceremony. The film awards producers Steven Soderbergh, Stacy Sher and Jesse Collins were interviewed for the Los Angeles Times. Specifically, they answered the question of what lessons they learned from watching other awards during the pandemic. As Collins said, “One of the biggest mistakes you can make in a situation like this is figuring out how to do a normal show during a pandemic. epidemics … When we got together, I was really excited that we were all on the same wavelength, and we came up with an organizing principle for a show like never before in Oscar history. ”Sodenberg noted that it would be ridiculous to switch from luxurious set on someone sitting on their couch in front of a laptop. “This is damn Oscar! This is not a webinar. We want everyone to participate. We want to connect those who cannot come to Los Angeles via satellites, and not via Zoom “, – this is how the producer explained the format of the event this year. The three producers described their vision of the awards:” More like a movie than a TV show. “As in the past year, the ceremony will be held not by one, but by several presenters. Famous stars such as Harrison Ford, Brad Pitt, Halle Berry and Reese Witherspoon, as well as Pong Joon Ho, Angela Bassett, Don Cheadle, Regina King, Brian Cranston, Renee Zellweger, Joaquin Phoenix, Laura Dern, Zendaya, will take part in the distribution of figurines. Marley Matlin, Rita Moreno. The Oscar organizers shared their opinion: “Our idea this year is to make a real film out of the Oscars, and we have put together a really stellar cast for this purpose. The power is so dazzling here that you might need sunglasses. ”CNN posted interesting details revealed by an insider. The source wished to remain anonymous, as communication with the press is not within his authority. “This year everything will be completely different. A very small audience will be present. The focus of the award will be on the idea. If we didn’t do justice to the fact that the past year was painful for everyone, it would create alienation. We focus on the voices of the affected people. The ceremony provides a place for inclusion and presence, and it does it very well. “A lot of interesting things can be said about the nominees. In particular, Diane Warren, who co-wrote the song” Io sì “for the film” All Life Ahead “with Laura Pausini, hopes to get Oscar for Best Song for a Film. She is competing for this prestigious award for the twelfth time. April 25 is her late father’s birthday and she called the coincidence “very cool.” “He believed in me so much that he took me to music publishers when I was only 14 or 15 years old,” the composer said. …

Stylish classics: how to beat a little black dress in a summer look

what styles should be considered in the near future Photo: www.unsplash.com Probably the most feminine and versatile wardrobe item for any season is a little black dress. With it, you can create an incredible number of sets, both daytime and evening. Today we’ll talk about what models of a little black dress are worth looking at this summer. Dress-shirt is a super hot model that practically does not require addition in the form of other outerwear items. What is especially nice, the dress-shirt suits any type of figure and will not accentuate flaws, if any. It is best to pay attention to the models just above the knees, you can not only use a dress for evening outings, but also turn it into a kind of tunic by wearing tight leather pants under it, thereby creating an ultra-fashionable casual look. For day trips, this will be overkill, especially if you have chosen the short model. An important point: lace should not differ in shade from the dress, otherwise you risk unwittingly simplifying the image. We select a minimum of jewelry for such a dress, since the style itself attracts a lot of attention. And if you suddenly want to go not to an evening event, but to a meeting with friends, pick up flat shoes and take a small leather backpack instead of a purse for a classic street style. As a rule, dresses with voluminous sleeves are always short, at this point it is important to pay attention. This way the sleeves balance the challenging length. Such a dress will be a great option for going out or for gatherings with friends on the summer veranda of the restaurant at nightfall. Accessories are practically not required here, try not to use massive earrings and neck jewelry. Dress-jacket is another hit that has remained with us since last summer. If you find it difficult to decide on a model, feel free to take a jacket, especially if the event is important and you are not entirely sure about a sheath dress or combination. It’s hard to go wrong with a dress-jacket, but here it is important to remember that this style requires high-heeled shoes. In addition, the lines of the dress should be as straight and strict as possible. …

“I got used to two or three months”: Mikhail Efremov first spoke about life in the colony

Mikhail Efremov Ekaterina SHLYCHKOVA Actor Mikhail Efremov, convicted of a fatal road accident, shared the details of his life in the colony for the first time. The artist told the StarHit edition about this. Efremov admitted that the prison is actually not as scary as many say. The only thing the artist had to get used to was a tough regime, since everything is regulated in a correctional institution. “The way I lived before – there was no system there. I got used to it for two or three months, “the actor said. Mikhail said that he reads a lot in the colony and tries to attend various events as a spectator or a fan. “It gives me pleasure, including football matches. I myself am good at table tennis. I don’t play here yet, but in the future I would like to, ”the star shared. Efremov’s lawyer Pyotr Kharkhorin said that now the artist looks better than in the pre-trial detention center – Mikhail does not drink and adheres to a diet. He also added that the medical unit in the prison is “excellent, the doctors are good, they are attentive” to the convicted actor. “At the slightest ailment, Mikhail is given a release from work, although he sometimes resists – it is important for him to be among people, in society,” said the human rights activist. The artist admitted that he is waiting for the sentence to be mitigated. He also added that he had no conflicts with his wife, as many wrote about it. “The meeting went well, we have no discord in the family,” Efremov said. …

Natalia Gvozdikova about Proklova’s revelations: “She said and did not think that she would hurt the hearts of wives, children, grandchildren”

The actress supported Yana Poplavskaya, who harshly commented on the act of her colleague Ulyan Kalashnikov April 26, 2021 16:55 Helena Proklova She talked about harassment as a teenager, describing in color what happened. She also declassified an affair with a famous artist who was older than her. Some decided that Proklova was describing Oleg Tabakov. After the scandalous broadcast, opinions, as they say, were divided. Some felt that Elena had gone too far, others praised her for her frankness. Actress Yana Poplavskaya, for example, did not approve of her colleague’s act. Also, Proklova did not receive approval from Natalia Gvozdikova. The People’s Artist thinks that sometimes it is better to remain silent. “… Against the background of the interviews that Lena gave before, it was probably necessary to start from the very beginning. And then she spoke and did not think that she would hurt the hearts of the same wives, children, the same grandchildren, talking about her novels, – Natalya Fedorovna shared her opinion. – But in general, I would refrain from commenting, because everyone has their own life, their own destiny. And everyone does what he sees fit. I did not watch this broadcast, because I watched the film of my teacher, the brilliant Sergei Appolinarievich Gerasimov “Quiet Don”. So I had a more pleasant pastime. But after I was told about all this, I am at a loss. “Gvozdikova also commented on the statement of Yana Poplavskaya, who spoke quite harshly about this on her Instagram. She did not name names, but everyone understood who they were talking about. The People’s Artist supported Yana. “I want to say that we are not so closely acquainted with Yana, but when we get to a show with her, I always like the way she speaks. She doesn’t pour water, she always says specific things. Therefore, I even approached her once and said: “Yana, you are great!” Because people come who have nothing to say, and they just pour water to once again appear on television and get some money, probably. You see, her life was not so easy either. She was left alone with two children. I know Seryozha. And I know him more than Yana. I understood that it was quite difficult for her to stay with two children. But she does not talk about it at every corner: what she had to endure and so on … “- Gvozdikova summed up. Also on the topic:” I AM ASHAMED FOR AN OLDER WOMAN “: ZUDINA CRITIZED PROKLOVA’S WORDS ABOUT HARASSMENT

Diana Arbenina on photoshop pictures by Dolina: “None of us wants to grow old”

The soloist of “Night Snipers” commented on the fashion trend in the “Instagram” starsUlyana Kalashnikov April 27, 2021 13:30 Larisa Dolina has recently become noticeably younger It all started with the fact that Larisa Dolina posted another picture on her page. The photo shows that she has noticeably lost weight and rejuvenated even more. And although the singer immediately explained that it was all about proper nutrition and good lighting, the subscribers did not believe it and decided that the photos were heavily processed. Many people still believe that Larisa Aleksandrovna is overly keen on retouching pictures, although the singer signed the frame: “Not a single gram of Photoshop.” Well, yesterday a large number of stars were seen at social dinners. Among the guests was Diana Arbenina – an infrequent guest of such parties. The singer, who, according to the followers, rarely “cleans” the pictures herself, was asked what she thinks about the Valley’s hobby for photoshop. Diana considered that there is nothing wrong with editing pictures. “Yes, all photoshop photos! If we talk about photo shoots, then the artist is then engaged in retouching, of course. Not tough, but engaged. This is the same as singing to a soundtrack. I can’t sing to a phonogram. But if this is some kind of shooting, then I will not say: “Roll out the equipment for me.” Because there is a condition of the game. I know my worth, I don’t need to prove anything at all. So let’s, guys, be more merciful to each other. And remember also: not a single woman – not an eleven-year-old little sniffle, not a woman who already understands a lot about life – none of us wants to grow old. Therefore, treat us with mercy. “

“I thought hooligans”: Vladimir Epifantsev explained the scandalous fight in a St. Petersburg bar

The artist thinks that his ex-wife Evgenia Prilashkevich could have been the initiator of the conflict April 27, 2021 4:44 PM Vladimir Epifantsev PRESS SERVICE MATERIALS Vladimir Epifantsev in winter became a participant in a loud scandal – the artist had a fight in an Ana-Petersburg bar with the director Rostislav Vedrisha Musaenyev from – Aktress-Vedrisha Musaienaev from – actress. The celebrity told on the air of the program “The Fate of a Man” the details of that evening. An unpleasant incident occurred on the night of February 10-11. Vedenskaya in the company of Musaev and his friends celebrated the premiere of the film in a bar in St. Petersburg. At some point, one of those present broke a glass on Anastasia’s head, as a result, the actress received serious injuries. Vedenskaya decided to call Epifantsev, who was also in the northern capital at the time. Under his hot hand, Rostislav fell, who later had to turn to specialists, as he received severe bruises. Vladimir decided to share the details of the conflict. “Anastasia came to the premiere of the picture in St. Petersburg. It so happened that I settled in the same hotel where I lived with my girlfriend Julia. It’s good that I didn’t hit Nastya’s interlocutor, who threw a glass at her. I didn’t know these people, I thought they were hooligans. Then it turned out that these were friends of the ex-wife, and one of them was the director with whom she was filming. When it was over, I apologized to everyone, we talked, “Epifantsev said. Also, the actor does not exclude the possibility that it was his ex-wife who initiated the scandal. “Nastya sometimes loves to play along with her image of the witch, which she portrayed in one of the last pictures. The girl could be frightened due to her impressionability, it probably seemed to her that Anastasia was really an unclean force, so a glass flew into her. By the way, I am often perceived through the prism of my characters. This continues until I get closer to the director, until I get to know everyone, I smile at everyone. They think about me that I am some kind of nutcase with an ax, ”the artist admitted. …

Svetlana Zeynalova revealed the true reason for the divorce from the ex-spouse

The celebrity believes that the age difference contributed to the breakdown of relations Evgenia Prilashkevich April 27, 2021 18:13 Svetlana Zeynalovainstagram.com / svetlanazey / 43-year-old TV presenter Svetlana Zeynalova divorced her husband, marketer Dmitry Lensky, last year. Then the star said that they simply did not agree on characters, but now in an interview for the YouTube channel of Vasily Konov, the star told the real reason for the breakup. Zeynalova admitted that her ex-husband left for another woman. “Mitya is eight years younger than me. Maybe that’s why we parted, because he found himself a younger woman – this is understandable. Now I have the same requirements for life, and young people at the age of 30 have different views and needs, ”said the presenter. Svetlana also said that during training in the gym she thinks about the fact that she needs to look closely at men of her age. “There are a lot of sexy men around, but many for some reason after forty begin to fall apart, lose their shape, fire in their eyes. When you have not lost this very fire, you are young! ” – noted the celebrity.Recall that Svetlana Zeynalova is raising two daughters – Alexandra from Alexei Glazatov and Veronica – from Dmitry Lensky.