Away, overseas shores: where Russian stars are resting this summer

The resorts of the Krasnodar Territory are far from the only place … Lera’s friend, TV presenter Andrei Razygraev, whom Kudryavtseva personally met at the airport, came to visit them. Together they sunbathe on the beach, go to the gym and eat well at a local restaurant. The stars say that they are pleasantly surprised by the beauty of the landscapes and the purity of the Black Sea. Want to know who else was surprised to learn more about their home country? has prepared a selection of celebrities who spend their holidays in Russia. Anfisa Chekhova It is interesting that Anfisa Chekhova with her son decided to come to the same hotel as Lera Kudryavtseva. The TV presenter admitted that she had already lived in Sochi for 3 months, but during that time she had not really studied the city. Now she discovered him from a new side. “Sochi is still a very contrasting city for me. I am always here experiencing a whole palette of feelings. I am both fun and sad at the same time. I get pleasure and a lot of questions that I don’t know the answers to … Sochi is like an ice cream cake: a warm biscuit covered with an ice cream, “the star wrote at the end of the vacation. The family with two daughters set off ahead by car – the girls endured the road perfectly and were not capricious. However, they decided to fly back by plane. “Home! It’s 15 hours fun by car, but it’s faster by plane, so we decided to return home in 2 hours, ”Ksenia wrote under the photo with the plane. Like other parents, first of all, she cared about the entertainment of the children – the family went to the zoo, bathed plenty in the sea and the pool, and also did not forget about delicious dinners in the best restaurants in the city. Maria Ivakova, together with the young man, went to Altai. The girl was impressed by the local views: at first they lived in a comfortable hotel and enjoyed nature from afar, and then went on a camping trip to explore the forest from the inside. Maria also flew by helicopter several times to get to the hard-to-reach sights of Altai. The TV presenter admitted that such flights frightened her, but the beauty of the views was worth the risk. Igor Krutoy One of the few who managed to travel abroad this year is the composer Igor Krutoy. Directly from Moscow, he flew to Miami to visit his family. And the state of Florida is just on the ocean coast, so the whole Cool family can finally spend carefree days on the beach, which is what the star plans to do. He said that he missed his family and plans to devote all his free time to her before taking up creativity with a new portion of inspiration. The composer’s wife Olga shared a fresh picture with him – both look happy and enjoy the time alone. Rodion Gazmanov The team of Rodion Gazmanov went on their first full-fledged visiting tour after the abolition of self-isolation. On the eve of the Victory Day celebrations, the musicians flew to Crimea, where on June 24 they took part in a large group concert dedicated to this date, combining work and rest on the seashore. According to Rodion Gazmanov, “we performed excellently, the city was warm and even hot. It can be seen that the audience missed the concerts no less than the musicians missed the audience and tours: they behaved loudly, sang all the songs and asked for more. ” The artist also added that everything went on as usual: “The weather is good, the sea is warm, people are friendly, however, as always in Crimea.”