Brezhnev complained about health problems

The singer passed the coronavirus test Ekaterina Labukhina September 8, 2020 14:12 Vera Brezhneva Russian pop singer Vera Brezhneva admitted to fans that she started having health problems. According to the celebrity, she felt bad a few days ago after hard working days. The girl even began to think that she had contracted the coronavirus. “I got sick, the second day I can not collect myself. I feel disgusting “(hereinafter, the author’s spelling and punctuation are preserved, – note, – said the 38-year-old singer. An analysis for COVID-19 showed a negative result, but Vera’s health has not yet improved. Earlier, the ex-soloist of VIA Gra admitted that the pandemic is difficult for her, and recently she often felt depressed. Friends and numerous fans are trying to support their favorite and send her touching messages and wishes for a speedy recovery in social networks. One of them touched the blonde so much that she could not hold back her tears. “I saw my friend’s post about me with good words, I started crying and I can’t stop. I guess I sometimes need to be weak so that my armor becomes thinner and good words penetrate deep into my heart, ”she said. To cheer up, Brezhnev also sent herself a message from her “future self.” “You’re doing great. What you do is important to this world. Believe in yourself!” – says the post.