How to choose your style correctly

Rina Greva, stylist and designer of women’s clothing, tells what to do if you do not have the talent at first sight to distinguish things that will correctly emphasize your individuality Rina Greva 15 March 2019 09:15 Periodically there comes a time when you need to update your wardrobe, but such a pleasant process. how shopping and choosing things becomes really difficult. In childhood, not everyone was taught by an elegant mother the unspoken rules of how to dress not only fashionably, but also in such a way that things emphasize your individuality. It is not at all easy to see yourself from the outside and navigate fashion trends in time. There are often situations when a purchased suit or dress does not suit you. Again you are tormented by the thought: “I have nothing to wear” – and go to the next shopping. But be that as it may, and no matter what experience you have, we often ask ourselves the question – did you buy the right things? Ideal, competent, and simply the right option is to contact a stylist. I immediately want to refute the myth that contacting such a specialist is expensive and will end with the purchase of a huge heap of fashionable things. And if you remember your emotional trips to the shops and the cost of those things that hang with a label, are given to girlfriends or simply did not suit you? A professional in their field will help you choose sets within your budget. Even with limited financial resources, you will look dignified and interesting. Fashion and style are different things. A well-chosen style will work for you all your life. And you will stop doubting your attractiveness! A professional stylist will not only save you from long wanderings around the shops, but also free up space in the closet, saving you from unnecessary things. And the eternal problem of the entire fair sex “I have nothing to wear, but nowhere to put it on” will disappear. Also, there are situations in life when your status changes. For example – a new position, and sometimes not just a new one, but a managerial one, or you become a mother. Yes, sometimes you just want to refresh an already existing image! Each representative of the fair sex is unique, and it is the stylist who will build an individual work in such a way that the features of the figure, and appearance in general, and the field of activity, and, of course, personal preferences will be taken into account. Accordingly, the things selected together will not only be harmonious, but also emphasize your individuality. The stylist will not only help you choose “your” things, but will also tell you about such important points as the shortcomings of your figure, how to hide them, and the correct selection of colors. It will also help to differentiate clothes for different occasions – at home, walking, celebrating. After talking with you, a professional will put together all the pieces of the puzzle – features of the figure, facial features, activities, preferences and interests, goals in life. Your individuality and uniqueness will become a single picture. Of course, there is always a choice. You can leave everything as it is, continuing to buy those things that do not emphasize your uniqueness and individuality. You can try to learn how to work with your wardrobe on your own. Someone turns to the help of friends. But still, accompaniment, advice and assistance from a stylist is the most effective way to become truly unique. Dressing expensively and looking tasteful are different concepts. A beautiful appearance is also your inner harmony. …

Trends of the season: bicycles and platform shoes

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What to buy on sale

Spend money on what will be relevant in the coming autumn and winter Inna Lokteva August 14, 2019 16:48 What to buy at the sale Photo: As practice shows, we spend most of the money during the sales period. Indeed, the inscriptions for sale in the windows of boutiques beckon to look inside. Discounts of 70, 80, or even 90 percent on the sites of online stores make you throw everything that comes to hand into the “basket”. Unfortunately, sometimes such “savings” turns out to be very deplorable for our wallets – after all, in a hurry, you can buy unnecessary things that are no longer in demand in future seasons. Let’s figure out what it is better to invest in and what will be relevant in the fall and winter. Like a good wine First of all, if you come across something of a burgundy shade, know that it will become one of the most fashionable colors in the fall-winter season. In any case, this is what the experts of the Panton Color Institute assure. Noble and sophisticated, it will add elitism to any image and make it expensive. If you think that this color absolutely does not suit you, accessories of this tone will be an excellent solution. Also in trend are galactic blue, peach pink, dark cheddar (a cross between mustard and yellow), orange and dusty blue. Below the belt Who would have thought that pants were once exclusively a part of men’s wardrobe. Now it is difficult to imagine our life without them, especially during the cold period. Pay attention to the long wide-leg trousers – this is the hit! It is recommended to wear them with shoes on a low run. Culottes do not lose their popularity. The most trendy length right now is just below the knee, they look great with long boots. Another great option for autumn is midi skirts, floor-length, sun and half-sun models. It is best to pair them with either short jackets or maxi coats. Narrow place To the great joy of the owners of feminine figures (Pear and Hourglass), such silhouettes are welcome again. Leading fashion houses show us fitted long jackets, fitted suits with an extended shoulder line, and recommend in every possible way to emphasize the waist with wide belts. You can gird almost anything: your favorite jacket, coat, jacket like a man’s, bought last season. The wider the belt, the better! From the master’s shoulder Asymmetry does not give up its positions. So, if you come across a blouse, jumper or one-shoulder dress at a sale, take it without hesitation. This cut will be relevant not only in the fall, but at least next year. Indeed, is it possible to imagine something more sexually seductive than a naked woman’s shoulder? A piece of hot passion in the middle of a cold autumn Checkered sky This print is loved by many, and we can say that it is a classic for all time. So, if you already have checkered items in your wardrobe – rejoice! And buy a couple more others to them. Designers promise that this fall will be relevant mixes from all kinds of cells in one look. If you don’t want to bother – get a ready-made dress of this color. V means victory! If you come across a thing with a V-neck, it will not be superfluous. The preppy style, which was so loved by American golden youth, graduates of prestigious colleges, is returning to fashion again. Jumpers worn on top of a shirt, oxford shoes – all this looks very cute and intelligent. Of course, in our time it is not recommended to blindly copy a style, so you can wear such things, for example, with long pleated skirts. Trend and trench Today, you can put an equal sign between them, because it is difficult to imagine a thing more in demand in our time than trench coat and trench coat. Previously, they were considered exclusively part of the business wardrobe, but now, by combining them with skirts, jeans, dresses and even shorts, you can create an image for almost any occasion. Classic models are still relevant, but designers recommend taking a closer look at options with wide collars, yokes – and do not forget about a wide belt! Fur and nothing more! Remember, our shrewd grandmothers advised: prepare a sled in winter, and a fur coat in summer! Artificial fur coats from the suggestion of Greenpeace will still be relevant in the coming winter and will show that their owner is not only a fashionable, but also a very modern girl who cares about protecting the environment and beautiful fluffy animals, including. But if earlier we chose bright colors, now it is worth paying attention to the natural color of the fur coat – it should look almost like a natural one. All sorts of fur details are also relevant: collars, cuffs, patch pockets – not only on the coat, but also on the jumpers. Hands off! If you are fed up with the option of an autumn bow with a regular coat, you can try on a poncho. Already last season, fashionistas actively used this trend, and now fashion houses offer more and more new variations. Ponchos come in different lengths – short, up to the waist and below the knees. They can be worn with dresses, trouser suits, straight and tight trousers. By the way, if you are sorry to part with skinny jeans that are already going out of fashion, this is exactly the option when two things become great friends and create a modern look. …

Tear it to shreds: 5 things that are out of fashion this season

Stylists’ advice is never superfluous – listen to the recommendations and revise your wardrobe Before updating your wardrobe, you need to review the existing things and get rid of some of them. will help you understand what has moved from trends to the category “take it off immediately.” Dresses with ruffles The spring-summer 2019 season was marked by an increase in interest in tight-fitting feminine dresses with flirty decor – ruffles, frills and bows. Carried and forgotten – this can be called decor already out of fashion. Swap out a boring dress for a new 70s-style item: a corduroy sundress with large pockets or an oversized A-line dress. Jokes about winter clothes, in which a person’s head and hands are barely visible, made designers reconsider clothing patterns for the next season. As before, voluminous down-padded blankets remain in fashion, but they add a detail in the form of a belt at the waist. Also on the hot list of fashionistas are cropped puffy jackets that go well with slouchy jeans, and classic wrap-around coats with insulation. Dropped Shoulders Stylists advise girls not to freeze: models of clothes with dropped shoulders have long left the list of trends. Throw out one-shoulder sweaters and off-the-shoulder dresses. Instead, buy a square-neck jumper and a one-shoulder dress with a lantern sleeve – these are the best-selling items in the collections of middle-class brands. square toe. These shoes go well with satin midi skirts, elongated leather shorts and tweed mini-skirts. Alas, the days of these jackets, which became fashionable back in the 2010s, are gone forever. Instead, women of fashion buy oversized denim jackets with stripes and prints. It would also be nice to abandon the sporty style in everyday life, leaving leggings, cycling shirts and T-shirts with low cutouts for the gym. …

Business etiquette: how to dress for work meetings if you’re quarantined

do not relax Photo: If before the collective of about 30% of companies, as reported by the site “Vedomosti”, worked remotely, after the introduction of quarantine, the number presumably rose to 70-80%. In new conditions for most workers, it is important to adapt in time and maintain the line between business and personal spheres, so as not to appear in front of employees in pajamas during collective video calls. has prepared an understandable guide for everyone who cannot assess the appropriateness of the chosen clothes for the situation. Take off your favorite pajamas The best image for a business meeting is a white T-shirt and jacket. You definitely need to wear underwear under a T-shirt: we understand that you want to relax, but in the video, your breasts without a bodice will still be noticeable. You do not have to change your pajama pants if they will not be visible when you are talking to coworkers. Make sure that there is no mirror behind you and your desk is not transparent, so as not to accidentally embarrass yourself in front of your employees and management. Joining a meeting in your pajamas is disrespectful to those you work with. You are not on vacation to allow yourself more. The only exception can be made for those whose work involves communication in an informal style – programmers, designers, copywriters and other professions. Comb and gather your hair In the morning, get ready for work in the same way as if you were leaving home and went to the office to sit at your usual workplace. … Don’t forget to do styling and light makeup – they will discipline you, while tousled braids and lack of makeup on your face will make the entire meeting yawn and think only about the future meal. Psychologists also recommend not to give up habits – in a stressful situation, it is they that help you stay afloat and maintain a positive mood. Sit down at the workplace you have organized, brew a cup of your favorite tea and mentally prepare yourself for a conversation in an unfamiliar environment. To make yourself as comfortable as possible, prepare a meeting plan and make a list of questions to discuss. Keep track of your family You probably have a husband and children in your apartment right now – explain to them that you should not be distracted when talking with colleagues. Forbid to enter the room and close the door: the husband who enters the live broadcast of the meeting in his underpants will make you blush and apologize for sure. If they need to take something from the room, then they can only appear in the frame in a T-shirt and shorts, nothing less. Try to organize each his own zone – the easiest way to do this is in a country house, not an apartment. But if you do not have this opportunity, share common areas with your husband – one works in the bedroom, the other in the living room. And let the children be in the nursery – they also need to understand that mom and dad are not on vacation, but work in the same mode. …

Again, nothing to wear: 7 outfits in case you are too lazy to compose images

do not waste time packing – use ready-made bows Photo: The hotter it gets outside, the less energy is left to pack in the morning. You want to put on the first shorts and a T-shirt you come across, and not come up with stylish looks that your friends will note. Meanwhile, clothes can affect our mood and perception of ourselves – do not miss the opportunity to once again be convinced of your attractiveness. Being confident in yourself, everything goes like clockwork and no small nuisance can upset you. studied the trends of this summer and bloggers who follow the style. We look at them and get inspired, and sometimes copy the images – for stylists such a gesture will be a compliment. French style A knee-length dress made of thin cotton or linen with a floral print, a silk scarf tied to the tail and woven slippers – the perfect outfit for a hot summer day. Due to the sun skirt, the dress will not hinder movement, so you can safely take a bike and ride it to your favorite cafe for breakfast with a croissant and a cup of coffee – arrange yourself a Parisian morning. This look will look especially good on tall girls with a thin build – a small floral print will slightly add volume to the chest and buttocks, while emphasizing the fragility of the shoulders. Meanwhile, even such a familiar image can be updated with the help of details. For example, the girl with the photo below has interesting shoes with an open heel – a suitable option for summer. We would complement it with a multi-layered necklace of fine gold chains and a large finger ring. You can also change the leather bag for a shopper – a more typical look for European women who, after work, run into the market for fresh vegetables and fruits, and then go to the bakery. We advise you to try on such an image in the evening – sit on the veranda with your friends over a glass of wine and discuss how anyone’s day went. Schoolgirl The style of young girls in Russia and the United States is similar – our girls are trying to repeat the images of their favorite bloggers. For example, this year suits made from a sweatshirt and loose, elongated shorts with an elastic belt have become fashionable. This image looks fresh and cool, suitable for girls under 30 and even older, if you are actively involved in sports and do not like to wear bright makeup on your face. Go for a trendy hairstyle: take a high ponytail and release two strands on either side of your face. Complete the look with trendy sneakers and you are ready to conquer the world with your beauty! Total white The fact that in summer everyone wears light clothes is logical: white and similar shades heat up less in the sun. Add to this the 2020 linen trend and you have a ready-made formula for a stylish look. Look at the girl with the photo below: shirt, trousers and a T-shirt – simple and stylish at the same time. We separately emphasize the detail of the outfit – the fasteners of the sandals over the legs. Now it is fashionable to tie ribbons and fasteners of shoes around the ankles over trousers. Picnic in the park. Lantern sleeves are back in fashion – you can see them in new collections of brands on dresses, blouses, T-shirts. Together with a skirt made of tight jeans, sneakers and a straw hat, the look looks romantic – perfect for a picnic in the park with a loved one who will be ready to spend half an hour to take you the same attractive photo. And then go sailing on a boat or catamaran, go to the summer cinema and eat a few servings of ice cream – enjoy the fresh air from the heart! If among the images above you did not find the one that suits you, here are some more photos: Chiffon skirt and classic blouse An image suitable for work.

5 stylish mistakes that will ruin your image on March 8

How not to upset your loved one with your outfit on such an important day Maria Blavatskaya March 1, 2021 4:10 pm we take into account every detail Photo: In a week we will accept gifts from men and shine at tables in a cafe, it is difficult to imagine a better start to spring. Yet sometimes we unknowingly make mistakes that can ruin even the most stunning image. We will tell you about what should be foreseen before getting ready for the holiday. Accessories are too old And no, it’s not that you’ve already been seen with this handbag, it’s all about its appearance. No matter how you like the material, the compactness or the cute feature of the clutch, if scuffs, chips and obvious signs of wear begin to appear on it, discard such an accessory, the same goes for shoes and hats. but beautiful lace underwear, which will also be noticeable under the clothes. Of course, beautiful underwear gives confidence, but only if it is invisible to others. For a dress made of fine fabric, choose smooth linen without decor. Also, too narrow a sconce can not only harm the blood vessels, but also completely “kill” the seductive image. Believe me, the folds from the linen do not touch anyone. Funny logos And, in principle, the inscriptions are not the best choice for a festive look. Any phrases on clothes are appropriate only at theme parties and in casual style. Going to a party on the occasion of March 8, try to get by with the classics – a cocktail dress or an evening trouser suit, although in an informal setting you can easily mix sets, the main thing is not to get carried away. pretty tricky. It is easy to make mistakes here and thereby attract attention that you do not need at all. This is especially true for too bright and saturated colors. If you like the combination of bright purple and the same lemon, this does not mean at all that you can collect a festive set. To add bright colors to the image and not seem gaudy, pick up a bright accessory. Sports elements Just a few years ago we saw girls in sports pants in the city center at almost every step, today the trend for sportswear as an element of everyday wardrobe has already passed. For a festive meeting, sweatpants and twists are not doubly suitable. But only for an evening out. If you decide to take a walk with your beloved at the end of the day, a sports kit will be quite appropriate. What other gifts can you prepare for March 8? My kitchen is my fortress: 3 super-useful gifts for a busy housewife. Women’s territory: choosing a gift for your best friend. A bouquet is a commonplace: what present to a girl who does not like fresh flowers PASS the TEST.

3 stylish tricks to look brand new during pregnancy

We analyze different cases and offer options for outfits in which you will look amazing Ksenia Parfenova15 March 2021 16:55 Now there are so many options for beautiful clothes for pregnant women, regardless of height and fullness Photo: Pregnancy does not mean giving up personal style. Now there are so many options for beautiful clothes for pregnant women, regardless of height and fullness. If the changes in your body baffle you, here’s some inspiration. These casual looks will save you the hassle of getting dressed and will make you feel great throughout the third trimester when your belly becomes noticeable. If You Are Curvy While some ladies only gain weight in their belly, others have the stored fat evenly distributed throughout the body. Don’t scold yourself for rounded hips! Soft tissues and longer lines are the best way to help you feel great while emphasizing a rounded tummy. Start with a soft knit dress and knee length. Slip on a sweater over the top and complete the stylish casual look with matching slip-ons. Another option is leggings. Choose classic black with a XXL or larger oversized longline hoodie. Complement the look with chunky sneakers and you’re ready to go. If you have a low belly With a low fetal position, your baby’s weight will be in the lower abdomen. In this case, the waist does not suffer, so you can safely emphasize it. Wear jeans and a loose-fitting white shirt that can be gathered at the waist with a wide, contrasting belt. In addition to them, black lacquered oxfords and a small bag with an accent in the form of rhinestones or embroidery are suitable – this is now fashionable. Joggers are just as comfortable as sweatpants, but they look better thanks to the tapered legs. Choose trousers with a soft elastic band to keep your belly tight. A neutral color such as gray or blue, or an unusual fabric such as cashmere will make them look fabulous. Top with a loose tee, trendy sandals, and you’re ready to get busy or go out to breakfast with a friend. If you have a high belly, a jumpsuit is a simple and stylish way to create an image without thinking about the details. Black is versatile and slimmer, tapered leg lengthens your legs, and a spacious, elastic midsection allows your stomach to breathe. Add a slinky turtleneck or long-sleeved shirt under the bottom for cooler days. A bucket bag and colorful clogs complete the dressy look. Alternatively, choose a high-waisted skirt made from comfortable material. Ditch the standard black and play with a lighter shade like gray or beige. Tuck a tight, contrasting shirt into it to accentuate the waistline. Put on a light cardigan, espadrilles, and a statement necklace. Grab your sunglasses and you’re done! …

We save time: ready-made onion formulas for every day

Hang your wardrobe items in sets to allow yourself to get up 15 minutes later in the morning Ksenia Parfenova March 23, 2021 13:00 A capsule of several things will allow you to create many images Photo: A painful choice of outfit for the day spoils the mood in the morning. Either the pants don’t fit, or the sweater doesn’t match the jeans – something always goes wrong. And instead of drinking coffee with your favorite music with a beautiful view of the city, you rush around the house, cursing everything that comes your way. It seems like you can score on style and go in the first set from your wardrobe, but why are you putting off until tomorrow that which can make your life easier today? WomanHit studied the tips of stylists and came up with several formulas for ready-made looks with pictures for inspiration: Pants + Sweater + Sneakers. A turtleneck sweater, classic boxy trousers and neutral sneakers are a great office look for an active lady. You can do with classic colors or go for bolder shades. For example, a combination of yellow with gray and green with orange is popular this season. Complete your outfit with a sack bag, sunglasses, and you are ready to conquer the world! Read also: IMAGE REQUIRES ACCESSORIES – MAIN JEWELRY TRENDS IN 2021 Coat + pants + cap. The base of this look is a coat-coat and a cap to match. Under the bottom, wear a basic top and heel-length pants or loose-fitting jeans. This look is perfect for a leisurely walk with a child or a shopping trip. Shirt + vest + boots. Take a mono shirt from a guy’s wardrobe, put on a cropped vest in a contrasting color on top and top off the outfit with mid-thigh shorts or loose palazzo pants. A canvas bag with you, and rough boots on your feet. In this outfit, you can go to university, to lunch with friends or to the office: leggings + jacket + sneakers. Fitted leggings for a basic top, and over a jacket from a man’s shoulder – the perfect outfit for an insta lady. Do not forget to wear snow-white sneakers, and if you want to be from the cover of a magazine, then instead of short socks, choose high-calf knee-highs. This is the perfect outfit for a dinner or a business meeting where you need to look collected and stylish at the same time. Striped sweater + pants. The vest has firmly settled in our wardrobe this season. Both classic trousers and jeans can be included in the set – choose what you are more used to. Rough boots and a small bag will complete the look. This is a versatile outfit for any purpose – from parenting to walking with your loved one. …

Star squared: often confused celebrities

Lily-Rose Depp and Vanessa, x / f “Eliza” Of course, everyone knows the top stars, but just as often, many artists are confused with each other even by fans, despite the fact that the celebrities themselves do not strive to be like a friend on a friend. Today we decided to recall the most famous representatives of show business, who are often called by a different name. Keira Knightley and Natalie Portman Probably, these girls are confused most often, although outwardly the actresses are very different from each other. The similarity of the stars was noticed not only by ordinary people, but also by film producers, who at one time offered Keira Knightley to play Portman’s double in a super successful franchise. By the way, no one understood that another actress was playing the double. Knightley is often confused with another Hollywood beauty – Daisy Ridley, which the actresses themselves, according to them, hardly take offense. Vanessa Paradis and Lily-Rose Depp Mom and daughter are so similar that many fans sometimes get confused in the photo. It is rather difficult to confuse women in life, given the large age difference, but on the covers of magazines and in photo shoots, young Depp is incredibly similar to her mother Vanessa at the same age. The main difference between the stars in the photo is the color of the eyes: Paradis boasts a magical green look, while Depp received a brown shade from her father. On top of that, both celebrities are the face of the same fashion house. Milla Jovovich and Linda Evangelista Sometimes, leafing through the magazine, you can be surprised to find out how interestingly Milla Jovovich has changed over the last year … only then you read the caption to the photo, it turns out that this is not at all the star of The Fifth Element; and the supermodel Linda Evangelista. The stars are so similar that sometimes without clarification, you can simply get confused, given the fact that Milla and the model herself are in their free time from filming. Ed Sheeran and Rupert Grint The Harry Potter star has not been seen in large projects for almost ten years, but until today the vast majority of people associate a red-haired guy with Ron Weasley, and nothing can be done about it. But there is also another guy in Britain who is confused every time with the star of the franchise about a young wizard – musician Ed Sheeran. The artist himself admits that such confusion amuses him and he does not see any reason for indignation at all.