“Dancing Millionaire” in 53 years will first become a father

A young lover will give the businessman a long-awaited child Ksenia Parfenova May 11, 2020 10:07 am a couple has been dating for several years photo: instagram.com/sharfonseca Mother’s Day was celebrated in many European countries yesterday. On this holiday filled with tenderness, one star couple decided to share their joy. “The Dancing Millionaire”, as he was nicknamed for his fiery Instagram numbers, 52-year-old Gianlucca Vacchi announced that he would become a father for the first time. “Today is Mother’s Day and, of course, my first congratulations were dedicated to her. But never in my life did I think that a potential mother of my son would have the same character traits. I’m happy to announce that Sharon and I are expecting a baby! And she will become the mother I have always dreamed of for my child, ”he said in a congratulatory video. The lovers looked at each other with tenderness while sharing important news for them with subscribers. The couple has not yet announced the pregnancy of Sharon and the sex of the child. However, according to the future father, he dreams of a boy.