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Some of our clients already have 1000-5000 contacts in amoCRM, to which they want to send newsletters. The problem is that not always customers = subscribers. It turns out that there is an email address, but there is no consent to receive letters.

As a rule, such databases include two categories of users:

  1. Leads who did not become customers;
  2. Customers who have signed an agreement where the small print says “You agree to receive mailings.” As an option, the consent postscript was recently introduced, and the company worked with most of the clients even before it decided to amend the text of the agreement.

In any case, you cannot take and send a letter to such clients. By doing this, you violate Article 18 of the Federal Law-38 “About advertising” and FZ-152 “About personal data”… You can be fined up to 500 thousand rubles. Even worse, you will disappoint and scare customers away. Better to save your reputation.

Therefore, we propose to reactivate – that is, to re-subscribe customers to mailing lists.

Why is it convenient to use the Mailigen widget to send emails from amoCRM?

The Mailigen widget allows you to:

  • send branded emails that are displayed correctly on all devices;
  • send mailings directly from amoCRM;
  • monitor statistics for each letter;
  • avoid spam emails;
  • set up automatic sending of letters depending on the client s place in the sales funnel;
  • set up automatic assignment of tasks to the manager in amoCRM, depending on what action the client performed in the letter;
  • actually, send a re-signature campaign.

How do I set up the transfer of contacts to Mailigen?

First you need to install the widget. How to do this was described in detail. in the article from the Knowledge Base…

Go to the “Contacts” section and sign your consent to the mass mailing. To do this, use the “make_reference” tag.

Select an active filter.

Next, open the additional menu and select Mailigen.

Select “For active filter”.

“Subscribe all contacts” will give consent for all contacts and transfer them to the selected list.

If everything is configured correctly, click on the “Yes, sign everyone” button.

Check out Mailigen.

Great, contacts have been transferred!

Requirements for the design of the letter of reactivation

Sender name

Requirement: short, clear. Ideally, company name or employee name + title. For example, “Nastya from Mailigen”, “Burger King”.

Objective: to attract the attention of users.


Requirement: company logo.

Task: to remind about yourself, to attract attention.

Letter subject

Requirement: clear, concise.

Objective: to attract attention, stand out from the flow of other letters.


Requirement: revealing the topic, attracting attention.

Objective: to motivate to open the letter.

Body of the letter

Requirement: think over every word, remind who you are, where you got the client s address from and how your subscriptions will be useful to him. In the mailing list, offer to re-subscribe to you. If you have a product that you are ready to share, use it as a re-subscription gift.

Objective: to motivate to re-subscribe to mailing lists.


There are no requirements, the main thing is that the letter opens quickly and the layout does not go.

Objective: not to annoy.

Examples of

How to re-subscribe with Mailigen?

You can use the template gallery. Click on the “Mailings” button. Select “Mailing templates”. In the menu, find the “Suggested Templates” section. In it, you will see the option “Re-signature”.

Have you chosen a template? Now you need to clarify the details of the reactivation campaign:

  • how many letters do you plan to send;
  • what action will be considered a conversion: opening a letter, following links, renewing a tariff, buying, etc.

Choose how you will send mailings: pre-assemble the chain in “Automation” or start each message manually in “Regular campaigns”.

In “Automation” you can assemble a chain using a template or manually.

The templates have an automation that includes four messages. If the user follows the link from one of the letters, the thread will stop for him. It is convenient that email templates with tips on what to write about and what to check before sending are loaded into the chain.

All you have to do is add text, replace the logo, background and template colors.

Important: if you have not sent mailings for a long time (or have never done so before), we recommend that you do not send a letter all over the database at once. With a sharp increase in submissions, spam filters will accept you as a spammer and can block the domain. Restore reputation it ll be hard…

What is the bottom line?

By setting up Mailigen s integration with amoCRM, you will make life easier for yourself and your managers. Contacts from amoCRM will be uploaded to the platform – now, as soon as new contacts get into the database, the required series of letters will be launched for them. Mailings will be automatically sent according to the specified settings: the day and time of sending, clicks, transition to a new segment, etc.

You can configure sending messages directly from amoCRM and set automatic tasks for managers depending on how the client behaves in the letter. For example, if he followed the link, it means that you can call and discuss business issues.

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