Email marketing in 2018 is still more alive than dead. It can help you build a long-term relationship between a brand and a potential customer. As a result of such an action, a person interested in a particular product improves his opinion about a particular company and subsequently becomes her client… But this ideal scenario can only be realized in the case of a competent and thoughtful approach to email marketing.

To begin with, we suggest that you get acquainted with the basics, basic concepts, principles of work and types of mailings.

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What is Email Marketing?

Today, this concept means the formation of an audience loyal to a particular company by sending letters containing useful information to e-mail addresses belonging to people who, in the future, may become clients of the organization. In this case, the user himself subscribes to the newsletter and his informing in the future occurs on a voluntary basis. Thus, it is possible to create an image in the eyes of subscribed users expert, sell or advertise a certain product indirectly.

It is worth noting that email marketing and spam advertising have nothing in common. Today, users receive a huge number of advertising letters in the mail, which do not contain practically any useful information. Therefore, your newsletter should carry not only an advertising message, but also benefits for the recipient. Something usefulsomehow related to your product.

This letter is useful, and the headline creates intrigue.

Types of mailings

Email marketers know that there are several types of emails, namely:

  1. Newsletters… In such a letter, the user will not try to sell something. It is compiled with the aim of providing a person with certain information that will seem useful to him;
  2. Digests, which today are popular not only among people who own news sites. They represent certain reviews, collections related to any topic;
  3. Triggers. Such letters are sent as a response to certain operations performed by a person on the site. Their goal is to bring the reader back or motivate him to do something;
    For example, a promotional code with a limited validity period
  4. Greeting automatically sent if the user subscribes to the newsletter and confirms their email address. It is sent so that the subscriber understands what it is and why to read future messages. By means of such letters, you can give the user the impression that his appearance on a specific site or reading the letter did not go unnoticed by the person who sent or created it;
  5. Reminder speaks for itself. The purpose of this mailing list is to remind the user about something or to notify about a certain incident. As a rule, such letters are sent at a set frequency. This is done in order to surely attract the attention of a specific client. Such mailing will be sent to him until the user takes a certain action;
    If you are hosting a webinar, do not forget to remind by letter of its beginning.
  6. Invitation is sent with the aim of inviting the reader to take part in any event. Such a letter contains information about the conduct of something and the possible benefit. This kind of marketing trick is usually used when the subscriber base is small and you need to urgently attract readers. With such a tool, you can attract the attention of serious customers and get considerable benefits in the future;
  7. Message thread is necessary when you want the user to receive messages sequentially as certain operations are performed (especially important in e-commerce). Its use makes a specific user feel that they are working with him individually and try not to lose sight of every step. Such a system can operate according to several scenarios, depending on how the reader behaved. You can create such a chain in the SendPulse service. Their Automation 360 function allows send triggered mailings based on the following events: abandoned cart, registration, purchase and custom event. Also, in addition to email, it is possible to use sms and web push.

Each type of mailing has its own specifics and is used in specific situations.

Efficiency analysis

Email marketers know that sales are the top metric for their performance. You can also take into account the total number of subscribers. If you have a news resource, then this is the number of transitions from the mailing list to the site and the new number of subscribers. The larger the subscription base, the higher the probability, the better, respectively. Because this is a higher traffic, more new customers and a much larger part of them make repeat purchases.

You can also test individual mailings or subscription forms to analyze which mailing works most effectively.


If you are in the mood for long-term relationships with clients, then e-mail marketing must be included in the Internet marketing complex, or Digital promotion brand. With the right approach, e-mail newsletters can become one of the main sources traffic to the site

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