Q: How to use the site? How to download a database of enterprises?

A: You can read all the necessary information in the section “How to download?”.

Q: How to use the base? Can I get it automatically?

A: Our databases are easy to open in any editor (for example, MS Excel or Libra Office) and work with them as with tables. You can also easily integrate them into your CRM system (Amo CRM, Bitrix and others) – we have all the formats you need for this.

You can use API access in order to configure the receipt of data in automatic mode when it suits you. Or subscribe to daily updates (according to the planner) by sending a file with companies to you by e-mail (in the New Companies section). Choose a convenient option for you to interact with us!

Q: Will I really get an up-to-date business database?

A: Yes. Our databases are updated weekly. So you can always get up-to-date and fresh information. Last update 07 July 2021 Total number of companies in the database is 9,602,347! Our database does not contain duplicate information. And branches of companies come with a bonus – for free. You can also download a database with a filter by OKVED in the USRLE / EGRIP section.

Q: Are there any reviews of legal entities about the company?

A: Reviews can be found in a special section and in reviews on Yandex.

Q: Where are the bases from? How it works?

A: The sources of our database are the largest open sites, databases of the Federal Tax Service, Rosstat, FSSP, public procurement portal and others. By the efforts of our team of programmers, a platform was created that allows you to receive the latest data from the Internet, update it and provide it in a user-friendly form.

What is the meaning of the project? Save your money. We offer unique data from 1 cop / company (for large volumes). At the same time, our database is not a copy of 2 gis, spar or other information directories. We have the most complete database of operating companies based on open data and our own sources of information, including our Call Center and Reddial service. Try it and see for yourself. Our services have already been used by 95 791 managers.

You can download a test download (demo database) for your headings and make sure of the quality of the database.

Q: Didn t find the database that I want on the site, what should I do?

A: Write to us in the section “Contact us”.

Q: Is there a discount system?

A: Yes. Discounts are calculated automatically in the configurator. The more companies and cities you choose, the greater the discount. Don t overpay, the configurator saves you money. For unloading a large-volume database or for the purchase of complex databases, we have individual conditions, check with our manager [email protected] or by calling 8 800 775-29-12

Q: How long will it take for me to receive the base?

A: You receive the base immediately after payment in * .xlsx format for working in Microsoft Excel, or in * .xls for Open Office, it is also possible to download it in a specially optimized * .csv format for importing into 1C-Bitrix, Amo crm and other crm …

Q: How do you pay?

A: If you are a legal entity – on the basis of an invoice for payment (by bank transfer). We will provide all the necessary closing documents and the contract by mail. As an individual, you can pay for the unloading of the database through UKassa (40 types of payment) or by bank transfer (Without VAT).

Q: Is there an update? What s next?

A: After purchasing the database, we will send the data for access to your personal account. You will be able to purchase the necessary information fields for your unloading yourself at a convenient time or update your database for only 20% of the cost. There is also a cumulative discount system and an affiliate program.

Q: Great, what other services do you provide?

A: We have a lot of different services, click on the “Services” tab, and you will see the entire list of services that are currently relevant. We are engaged not only in providing a high-quality database, but also calling, cold sales, updating information bases. We have our own call-center, where you can also order a service for calling companies by professional managers.