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American marketer and copywriter David Ogilvy claimed that 80% of success lies in the correct title. This theory is also applicable to letters, only the topic is more important in mailing lists – users will see it when they open the mail.

Companies are trying very hard to stand out in the Inbox: they use CAPSLOCK, ? emoji ?, empty preheaders… In general, they are creative. But so do thousands of marketers. It is getting harder and harder to surprise subscribers: how to catch a smiley face if it is included in the subject of everyone the first second letter?

I have an idea: give up what everyone is doing and use decorative fonts. For example, underscore. This theme grabs attention and stands out from other mailings. Let s figure out how to set this up.

How do I make a theme with an underline?

You don t need to apply HTML attributes or CSS styles. Unicode will come to the rescue.

Unicode is a single character encoding standard that includes characters from almost all written languages ​​in the world. Each character has a unique code: for example, a long comma has the code U + 002C, Cyrillic, the letter “a” – U + 0430, and the heart ♡ – U + 2261. Emojis are also Unicode.

What services to use:

  • Yaytext… Very easy to use: enter text in the window and get six design options. You can choose from one and two stripes underline, broken lines and other joys.
  • LINGOJAM… Also simple. Paste text into the left window, and in the right you get 100,500 options for text with Unicode characters. Although not all symbols can be superimposed on the Cyrillic alphabet, there are enough options to create a beautifully designed newsletter topic.
  • Mess letters… Suitable for those who work with an English-speaking audience and write in Latin. However, if your topic is in Russian and there are a couple of words in English that you want to highlight, the service will work too. He will change the words written in Latin. See the example of the title of the article “Why you need polls and how to do them in Mailigen”.

Which mailers support the underline theme?

  • Gmail
  • Yandex Mail
  • Outlook and Hotmail
  • Yahoo

What should you pay attention to?

  • Not all mailing services support Unicode in the sender name and subject line. If you are afraid that characters will not appear in the theme, add Unicode text to the preheader.
  • Be sure to check how Unicode is reflected across browsers, mailers, and operating systems. It may turn out that characters that are visible in Windows fly off in iOS and macOS.
  • Don t overdo it with Unicode. There is only one step from a beautiful topic to an unreadable gibberish.

What is the bottom line?

In our mail, there are still few examples of topics with underlining and similar design. This is good – it means that the reception has not yet become mainstream. You can use and get ahead of others. What we recommend to do ?

An underlined theme is easy to create. Unicode will help. There are more design options for the Latin alphabet, but the LINGOJAM service has ideas for the Cyrillic alphabet.

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