Got letters from unfamiliar addresses that you did not leave your mail to and did not give consent to mailing?

In March, we wrote about spam and the Law on Electronic Commerce. Today I will tell you how to create a filter so that letters from different addresses that send spam are filtered out and do not end up in the Inbox.

1. Spammers

Well-known spammer today mayboroda_aleks with number Skype +380973510878 sends letters where he offers his services (website promotion) to everyone in a row.
Users are tired of bombing – there are proofs of this spammer s violent attack on the network:

Fig. 1 – User complaints about spam attacks

An example that came to my mail this morning:

Fig. 2 – Special offer for website promotion

The main advantage of Oleksandr Mayboroda is a visible result in a month! Although at the end of the special offer there is already a figure of 5-7 months. Yes, we also did not understand when the time for the appearance of visible results had grown so much …

How to protect yourself? Create a filter in mail.

2. Instructions for creating a filter

We go to mail (for example, Gmail). Click on the gear and call up the quick settings:

Fig. 3 – Setting up a filter in Google Workspace

Click on All settings and go to the Filters and blocked addresses tab:

Fig. 4 – Filters and blocked addresses

Click Create New Filter and add keywords. In our case, this is mayboroda_aleks:

Fig. 5 – Adding keywords

We click Create filter and in the When the letter fully matches the search query, tick the Delete box and then click on the Create filter button:

Fig. 6 – Matching the search query

And don t forget to check the box The following filters apply to all incoming:

Spam filter incoming

Fig. 7 – Apply a filter to all incoming

In addition to this option, you can go to the body of the letter itself and click Filter similar letters through the ellipsis:

Fig. 8 – Filter similar emails

This will also take you to the Create Filter tab:

Fig. 9 – Create a filter with the inclusion of an address

The further procedure for adding addresses to spam is exactly the same.

From that day on, all letters from addresses added to the blacklist will no longer be sent to your inbox. Now they will be eliminated at the input by the filter that you created.

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