Big brands have been in the marketing automation topic for a long time. Therefore, many marketers have a stereotype that these emails are suitable either only for ecommerce, or require the help of a programmer to set them up. In this article we will tell you how to use them and in which service to configure.

Triggered mailings are a must if you want to smoothly lead a lead through the sales funnel, because they automate marketing and stimulate sales growth, and form brand loyalty. These emails are based on a drip marketing strategy, which involves regular communication with customers based on their actions on your site.

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So, triggered mailings are a series of letters that are a response to the client s actions. They differ from mass mailings in that each segment of your database receives different emails. Marketing automation services offer a number of methods to get information on variables that make emails relevant to everyone.

Triggered mailing plan

The types of trigger emails are determined by the actions of the user on your site.

First of all, define the purpose of the chain:

  • return inactive customers,
  • increase sales,
  • build brand loyalty.

Next, consider a strategy that includes:

  • sequence of letters
  • date and time of sending mailings
  • content for each segment

Once you ve decided on a goal and strategy, start building the chain.

Now let s take a look at the specific types of trigger emails:

  • Subscription confirmation email

Such an email is sent by brands that have valid emails on the mailing list and interested subscribers. Users receive a subscription confirmation email immediately after they leave their address on the site.

  • Welcome letter

Welcome letter sent to set the tone for communication. With the help of it, they thank for the subscription, start communication, talk about the brand, offer a promotional code for a discount or other lead magnet.

  • Abandoned cart letter

Subscribers abandon their cart because of additional shipping costs or commissions, an overly complicated checkout process, a technical glitch, or an inconvenient payment method. Send emails with an item left in your cart to boost sales. Add a photo of the product, a short description, and the total price with delivery. Since the user has not finished ordering yet, feel free to offer similar products, as Pich Shop does.

  • Order confirmation letter

Send an order confirmation email immediately after the customer has placed it.

This letter includes the following information:

  • Order number and date
  • Description of goods
  • The cost of each item and the total amount
  • Payment method
  • Shipping charges and commission, if any
  • Address of the recipient
  • Approximate date of receipt of the order by the client
  • Contact Information

See what email is being sent to Yves Rocher.

  • Email asking for feedback

Product reviews constitute a brand s reputation and establish credibility. After the client has already received the order, send him an email asking him to leave a review about your company. Ask to rate the quality of the service and product, ask if he will buy more from you. The review is useful for you and the client is pleased that his opinion is important to you.

  • Special date letter

The letter for a special date includes the birthday of the client or brand, holidays, anniversary of cooperation. Don t miss the opportunity to remind yourself of yourself, show concern and increase sales. Offer a promo code for a discount like NYX does.

  • Reactivation letter

Every brand encounters passive subscribers who don t open emails at all. There are many reasons, starting with the fact that the user could simply forget about your existence, and ending with the fact that he is annoyed by the frequency of your mailings. If you have already encountered such a problem, we offer you 2 options for solving it:

  1. Offer to take a survey

To fix the problem, find out what is causing it. Invite subscribers to complete a survey and answer a few questions about why they no longer want to be with you. After that, take into account the wishes and adjust your strategy.

2. Make a special offer

Ask the user why they are no longer interested in your brand and offer a discount on a product or service to keep them interested. See what an interesting reactivation email is being sent to LinguaLeo. They motivate the subscriber with a case study of what success can be achieved with the help of their service, and back it up with a discount on the Premium tariff. Here, the user will definitely think about staying with you.

Where to send triggered mailings?

Triggered mailings are available in many email marketing services. We compared the prices of the most popular platforms such as MailChimp, Unisender, SendPulse and GetResponse and came to the conclusion that the most profitable thing to try is SendPulse.

Via SendPulse service you will be able to send email, web push, SMS and messages to Viber. Triggered mailings are included in the Automation 360 product. To send such newsletters, switch to any paid plan, for example, the cheapest – monthly subscription. For 2,500 subscribers you will pay – 490 rubles, and for 5,000 – 1,700 rubles. If you rarely send newsletters, then SendPulse offers a “Pay for Sent” tariff. For example, 10,000 letters will cost you 1200 rubles.

Triggered mailing from SendPulse provides 4 standard events: purchase, registration, abandoned cart, custom event.

Benefits of triggered emails in SendPulse

  • Multichannel platform

Send email, SMS, web push notifications in order to make your communication with subscribers more effective. For example, promote the best products via email, inform about new products and discounts using web push, inform about the order status via SMS.

Send emails based on your subscribers actions and personal preferences. Use conditions and filters to gather the information you need for the variables.

  • Statistics and calculation of conversions

Track the performance indicators of every message sent to a subscriber and keep track of statistics on achieved goals.

How to send triggered emails with SendPulse?

The service offers many opportunities to improve the effectiveness of email marketing: multichannel, automation, personalization and segmentation, detailed reports, automatic forwarding of messages to unread, artificial intelligence, and more.

The knowledge base will help you find out how the service works, training videos will show it clearly, and responsive support will not leave your question unattended.

Create a Triggered Newsletter with SendPulse Now!

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