“I don’t care what blood is in me”: Kurylenko responded to the attacks of subscribers

The actress claims that fans misunderstood her Ksenia Parfenova11 May 2020 13:23 Bond star wonders why so many negative comments appeared under the post photo: instagram.com/olgakurylenkoofficial I don’t have time to sit on Instagram, ”said Olga Kurylenko, an actress starring in foreign films, in the comments under her personal blog. In congratulations on Victory Day, her fans saw hostile statements and even disrespect for the memory of their ancestors. It is possible that the aggression was facilitated by the statement on the official page of the White House, where the US government thanked exclusively its country and ally in the form of Great Britain for the victory over fascism, forgetting about the Soviet Union. The celebrity was offended by the accusations of fans that she did not congratulate the Ukrainian people, to whom it is traditionally referred to. “First: learn to READ. When a congratulation is written, it means only what it says and NOTHING MORE! All these discussions that you developed below and the meaning that you give to my words are YOUR inventions. I didn’t say anything that you accuse me of. Nowhere in my posts will you find a word about the fact that I do not love Ukraine, not a word about the fact that I renounce it, not a word about the fact that I do not love Ukrainians, not a word about the current conflict between Ukraine and Russia (about that there was no question here at all), not a word about communism, etc., etc. All this is your invention! Since it is so important for you to know my opinion, you could just ask and I would answer: I love Ukraine and its people! And congratulations on the victory concern them, because Ukraine was part of the USSR during the war! ” (The spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved, – approx. WomanHit.ru) – Olga was horrified. “And the fact that the DNA test did not show Ukrainian blood in me is just a statement of fact! I don’t care what blood is in me – I’m NOT a racist! I treat all bloods (and skin colors) with love. But if an automatic hatred towards me awakens in you only because there is no Ukrainian blood in me, then this says a lot ABOUT YOU! The hatred of people for their ethnic origin is called RACISM. And in the civilized world, as far as I know, racism is persecuted, ”concluded the star.