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amp and how to do without them

AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages – is an effective technology, but not yet available to everyone. Gmail, Outlook, Mail.Ru and Yahoo already support interactive emails, but not all messages are displayed correctly. Therefore, marketers have to dodge and create interactions literally out of thin air.

How can you increase subscriber engagement if you still can t implement new technology in email newsletters? Let s find a way out together ?

Poll by letter

Ask users to share their impressions of the newsletter, design, site functionality or service level. Loyal subscribers are unlikely to deny themselves the pleasure of speaking out. And if you donate a discount, free shipping, or an add-on for a review, your motivation to rate your work will skyrocket.

With AMP, a poll mailing may look like this.

But you can do without interactive elements. There are two ways to create a survey in HTML.

Jump out of a letter

Mailigen has a separate tool for creating polls.

You can choose the format that is convenient for you personally: rating, free answer, block with a comment, etc.

Specify the subject, insert the welcome text, fill in the points with questions and answer options. That s all, the survey is ready. By the way, all created and running polls will be saved in the editor, so you can quickly insert a link to any of them.

Is the poll ready? It remains only to make a letter that will lead to him. Prepare a short text to motivate the transition. Add a button with the URL leading to the survey. Done.

Poll links under the picture

Another, also working way, is to design an element with a survey in the form of pictures. It is imperative to insert UTM tags into images in order to then track which answer option subscribers clicked more often. The downside is that there can be only one question. But the answer options are two, three or even four.

How it works? By clicking on one of the options, the user will be redirected to the page you have set.

For example, if a subscriber clicks on the “Mailings – fire” button, he will be taken to a page with reviews. There he himself will be able to share his opinion.

The user selected the item “Some tears?” Then a page will open with gratitude for the feedback and a promise to get better. In order not to lose a client, below there is a button to go to the site. Suddenly the newsletter did not like it, but he wants to eat? ?

Animated button

This element is very much loved in Aviasales.

An animated button can be made using AMP technology, but there is also an easier option. Namely – a GIF with a hidden link.

All you need is to find a ready-made animated button or make one yourself. More on how to create GIF animation yourself, read in our article.

Found / made a button? Add a link to the desired page in the element. Done.

An example of an animated button


This is the effect at which the picture changes when you hover over it. If the cursor is removed, the original image is returned. It can be used to show the product from different sides, close-up or in several colors. This is a beautiful, but not the most popular element – at least because it is not supported by all mailers and works only on desktop devices.

Rollover example

What if you want to add this element to your email? Use a gif. Take several images and superimpose them on top of each other. Yes, when you hover the cursor, the picture will not change (more precisely, it will, but without user intervention). But on the other hand, it will fulfill its function – to show the product, prices, a short description.


Alas, you won t be able to watch the video directly in the letter. But there are as many as five ways to use this element in your mailing lists:

  • Insert link into button
  • Use a hyperlink in the body of the letter
  • Add image with play button

Use a freeze frame or preview of your video. Add a play button to the center. Don t forget to insert the link to the video!

  • Add animated play button

The mechanics are the same, only use a GIF instead of a regular button.

  • Make GIF from video

If the video is on Youtube, add a gif to the beginning of the link. Like this: https: //

You will be taken to the editor, where you can choose the start and end times for the gif, flip images, change colors, and more.

If the video is not on YouTube for some reason, you can record the screen. To do this, use any application with this functionality, such as OBS Studio. There is also a special plugin for google chrome…

  • Add video block in Mailigen constructor. Just add a link:

Shopping in a letter

It is very convenient when it is possible to place an order directly in the message. You don t have to go to the site, waste time looking for the right products … But this opportunity is only available in AMP mailings.

How to be? Ordinary product selections will help. Yes, users will have to go from the letter to the site. But on the other hand, they will immediately know where they are going. And along the way, they ll probably add other items to the cart.

What is the bottom line?

It is possible to create engaging mailings – games, puzzles, contests, tests – without the help of AMP. All you need is ingenuity and a desire to work. Then any element of engagement, from an animated button to a full-fledged survey, will be within your reach.

No ideas? Need help with newsletters? Write to [email protected] or call 8 (800) 770-70-23. We will develop an email strategy and figure out how to make your emails interesting and profitable.

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