Ivleeva’s husband with coronavirus posted a video from an ambulance car

However, doctors do not confirm the hospitalization of the artist Ekaterina Labukhina July 31, 2020 18:38 Anastasia Ivleeva and Eljey It appeared a few hours ago in the story of his personal Instagram page. In the frame, only his legs are visible inside the moving cabin. This pretty much scared the fans of the artist. However, the ambulance service did not confirm the hospitalization of the contractor, noting that he did not receive a call. Let us recall that all this happened against the background of information about the infection of Aljay and his fiancee Anastasia Ivleeva with COVID-19. Now some people think that the showman could have had a complication against the background of the coronavirus, which probably could have caused hospitalization. Be that as it may, neither the musician nor his wife have commented on the situation in any way. Recall that the infection of the spouses became known five days ago. Ivleeva was the first to report the problem on her profile. Together with the couple, their relatives and friends fell ill. But the celebrities were not discouraged and assured that their illness was mild.