Joseph Prigogine on obtaining the minimum wage for employees: “If they even give us something, this help will go to the orphanage”

The producer admitted to that he gave more than 10 million in taxes, despite the lack of earnings Ulyana Kalashnikov June 1, 2020 18:00 Producer Joseph / prigozhin_iosif / The pandemic and subsequent unemployment forced some artists to ask for help from the state. So, according to information on the Internet, the stars have submitted documents to the Federal Tax Service for obtaining a minimum wage for their employees. Now this amount is 12 130 rubles. On this occasion, Sergei Shnurov even composed another sarcastic post in poetic form. According to rumors, some show business figures were still refused, such as Grigory Leps and Joseph Prigozhin. We contacted the producer, whose name has been in the top news for the second week due to a conflict with Sergei Shnurov. It turned out that the information that the singer’s husband Valeria asked for help for the employees, to put it mildly, is not true. – Joseph, there was information that you and some of your colleagues applied to the relevant authorities to pay the minimum wage for your employees. How successful was this attempt? ”“ I didn’t! This is what amazes me: such false information is pouring in, I am learning so much new about myself! I don’t have time to follow, really. I did not go there at all, this is false information. If someone applied on my behalf, perhaps so … And I did not submit any documents to receive this amount. And even more so Valeria. I am responsible for this, and I also want to say that if they even give us something, I promise that this money will go to the orphanage. I will definitely not leave them to myself. Not because I’m rich or poor. – However, your colleague Sergei Shnurov has already written another post on this matter … – I can only say that he behaves extremely ugly. That’s how I’ll tell you. He behaves despicably: he goes to the same platform with these people, he is in the same place with these people. Instead of going to the State Duma, as the greatest Joseph Davydovich Kobzon did, to really find out what problems the musicians have and help them, he speaks, like an egoist, about himself. He is rich. We must actually check whether he paid taxes on the income that he had, unlike us. We paid taxes for the last quarter and for the first quarter of 2020, despite the fact that our profitability today is zero. We took out of the account and gave it together, according to the law, almost 10 million rubles in taxes. Agree, this is a decent amount. And we have the right to turn to the state and ask it for money, because we are exemplary taxpayers. We are not joking with the state. Yes, maybe it’s hard for us too: we have six children, we pay for their education, we pay utility bills, we drive a beautiful car. And all this requires a certain amount of maintenance. But we are definitely not complaining about life!