Sales headlines are text that grabs attention and forces the user to take the next step: read a post, click on an ad, open an email, and more. Selling headlines are used in e-mail newsletters, landing pages, content marketing, SMM, advertisements and other marketing tools.

We ve prepared a stunning selection of 100 sales headline examples to help you integrate purchase triggers into your headlines.

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100 Sales Headline Templates

For landing pages

Selling headlines for landing pages

Question and benefit headings:

  • “Do you want to build in 20-25 days? Sign up for the training of the leading expert of the Cual fitness club! “
  • “Do you know how to make money on real estate from 100,000 rubles a month without investing a penny?”
  • “Do you want to do even more in a working day? The Gorty scheduling app will help you with that. “
  • “Are you dreaming of traveling all over the world? With Fiat s discounted round-the-world travel it is possible! “
  • “You still don t know how to make your hair shiny and bouncy in one application? We ll tell you for free. “
  • “Think it s too late to start your own business? We will teach you how to make a million with an investment of 10,000 rubles. ”

Benefit Header Model – product information beneficial to the client:

  • “High-quality dental implantation from 20,000 rubles with a 7-year warranty.”
  • “We will build a turnkey house from 800,000 rubles, we will give a guarantee for a period of 10 years”
  • “Repair of household appliances: with a free visit of the master, a guarantee, low prices from 500 rubles.”
  • “Production equipment with a 15-year manufacturer s warranty”
  • “Professional photo session for free, at a convenient time for you – you need a portfolio”
  • “Car repairs with preservation of the dealer warranty are 43% cheaper than those of official dealers”
  • “Installation of HBO from leading manufacturers: from 20,000 rubles, with documents for the traffic police and a 3-year warranty.”
  • “Installation of video surveillance systems from 3,000 rubles, certified cameras”
  • “Laptops for your store directly from manufacturers with discounts up to 40%”

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A model with intrigue that piques interest:

  • “What kind of cosmetics do all the stars of Russian show business use?”
  • “How many days do you need to do these exercises to lose 15-20 kilograms?”
  • “Who do the most famous brands order design from – Coca-Cola, Fanta, Pepsi and others?”
  • “Hitinon has been proven to reduce scarring through a unique molecular formula.”
  • “Why does our equipment increase shop productivity by 15–20%?”

Model “What is this and what result will I get?”. It is also appropriate to use the benefits that the reader will receive.:

  • “Take training and increase the company s net profit by 2.5 times in six months.”
  • “Buy two original iPhone cases and get three more to choose from.”
  • “Order the construction of a house in our company and get an individual project as a gift.”
  • “Download the game, build your empire and conquer the disputed lands!”
  • “Order a private house cleaning before 04.08.2018 and get a 60% discount on your next call.”

Selling headers for emails and newsletters

Selling headers for emails and newsletters

Information Headers – suitable for letters with some useful information, cases, tips, selections:

  • “The 28 Best Selling Items on Sirius and How to Make Money Resale.”
  • “They showed how to attract subscribers to a new group in the car repair niche for 15 rubles per person.”
  • “We tell you how to do cool and fast complex things: draw a layout, think over a prototype, make a corporate design.”
  • “5 good reasons to give up office work in favor of freelancing.”
  • “Rating of the most visited countries and which of them are the most profitable for tour operators.”
  • “How to use your vacation at sea to the advantage of your business.”
  • “How many goods need to be sold for a turnover of 1 million rubles and a net profit of 214 thousand: our client s case.”
  • “10 cheap building materials for your home that are not inferior in quality to branded products.”
  • “How to save money on trips to the service station: advice for novice drivers.”
  • “The best books of the 21st century: they have received over 100 reviews on Litpres.”
  • “We show you how to make a good bench from a fiftieth board in a day, with the tools at hand.”
  • “We open the veil of secrecy: we tell how we solve conflict situations with clients.”
  • “The main reason to use our service is to cut costs by 1.5 times, and speed up work by 3 times.”

The promise of benefit model:

  • “Learn how to pay 40-50% less in stores for the same items.”
  • “Order a vacuum cleaner and get a coupon up to 10,000 rubles for your next purchase in Vivat.”
  • “We will show you how to save up to 500,000 rubles on the construction of a cottage.”
  • “A month of amazing promotions: we offer up to 90% discount on skirts, trousers and vests.”
  • “The letter contains coupons with discounts of up to 30,000 rubles for goods in partner stores.”
  • “We are holding a competition. The main prize is a Reno car. Participation condition – repost from the site. “

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Call to action model:

  • “Open the letter and get a working passive income scheme.”
  • “Make an order in our online store for an amount of 5,000 rubles or more and get a loyal customer card.”
  • “Tell your friends about our service and get up to 50% discount on your annual subscription.”
  • “Buy school supplies at the right time on Fiktin.”
  • “Open the letter – we ll tell you how to increase the conversion rate of your mailing by 10-15%.”
  • “Tell us about your target audience and get a free site analysis.”

For posts

Selling headlines for posts

Personal experience model… It works well for social media because it is primarily designed for communication:

  • “I am telling you how I created my marketing agency and what difficulties I had to face.”
  • “I explain from personal experience how to create an individual entrepreneur and not lose a lot of money on taxes.”
  • “Here are some examples of the most unsuccessful clients – something always went wrong with them.”
  • “I ll show you the settings of an advertising campaign that brought the client 100,000 rubles on the first day.”
  • “How I bought a used car, repaired it and earned 30,000 rubles from the sale.”
  • “I m tired of repeating the same thing in dialogues. Today I will tell you what colors I paint pictures with. “
  • “I ll show you step by step how I made a snakeskin belt and tell you what they said at the factory.”

Title like yellow press… It will grab attention, the main thing is to keep it in the first paragraph. And you also need to provide confirmation of your words – a headline just for the sake of a headline will cause a negative:

  • “The shocking truth about poultry: they don t fly.”
  • “Shock content: 29 films with bed scenes that were not allowed to be shown on the big screens.”
  • “We know when the next end of the world will come – experts told about it.”
  • “CAUTION! Never buy items from a Hiot store – it is life-threatening. “
  • “Sensation! British scientists have proven that we are descended from fish. “
  • “Attention! Last sale of the month – there will be no more such discounts. “

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The promise of benefit model:

  • “Get 26 working techniques to calm down in the community.”
  • “Tell us how you learned English and get a 20% discount on your reinforcement course.”
  • “We offer new customers to use the promo code FO48GB and get a discount.”
  • “We reduce prices for organizers of joint purchases until the end of August.”
  • “Upload a photo to the competition album for a chance to win the latest iPhone.”
  • “Listen to music for free for the first three months in the Music.Time app.”
  • “Each registered user is given 3 books for free.”

Information Headers… Reflect the essence of the post or summarize it:

  • “26 photos that will make you smile.”
  • “7 Things You Didn t Know About Pets.”
  • “An amazing collection of working headline writing techniques.”
  • “The number of customers doesn t matter: what is the customer life cycle and how it affects revenue.”
  • “The funniest conversations with our failed clients.”

For advertisements

Selling headlines for advertisements

Information + Benefit Model:

  • “Comb for animals at a price of 100 rubles.”
  • “Cleaning of premises from 30 rubles per m².”
  • “Used cars with dealer guarantees, installments or loans.”
  • “The best films in HD quality without ads for 20 rubles.”

Model “target audience”:

  • “Do you want to stay young for another 15 years?”
  • “Want to increase your ad revenue by 150%?”
  • “Want to guaranteed to attract up to 20 buyers a month?”

Emotion-based headers:

  • “Quality and balanced food for your pet.”
  • “Beautiful, small and cute iPhone cases for real fashionistas.”
  • “Gentle care for your beauty: the Adelaida line of cosmetics.”
  • “Quick savings on the purchase of real estate – how to reduce the price of the auction with the seller.”
  • “Original replica watches at prices from 2,000 rubles.”
  • “Capital chic – a set of gold jewelry like a business woman and socialite.”

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Product Feature Model:

  • “Engines up to 5 kW.”
  • “Construction of a private house with an area of ​​80 m² with finishing” turnkey “in 45 days.”
  • “New generation of smartphones: 24 megapixel camera, 128 GB internal memory, price – 20,000 rubles.”
  • “A feed for day-old ducklings with a 99% survival rate.”
  • “Fireproof doors with fire resistance up to 90 minutes, opening cycles up to 200,000 thousand.”
  • “Car tire repair kit for beginners.”
  • “Baby stroller-transformer 3 in 1.”

Call to action model:

  • “Buy a silver bracelet with up to 45% discount from the supplier.”
  • “Call and get free legal advice on any issue of interest.”
  • “Place an order on the website and take part in the prize drawing.”
  • “Download the app and make money on simple actions.”
  • “Listen to the music on the site and get the chance to win a million.”

Attention! All company names are fictitious, any coincidences with real names are accidental.

Look for a suitable headline, adapt it to your business, and launch effective copy. What techniques do you use for heading? Share your opinion in the comments!

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