Money does not help: we choose stars that would be worth changing for the sake of decency

Mini-skirts and T-shirts with funny prints – these people are ready to dress like teenagers even at a respectable age Ksenia Parfenova April 8, 2021 10:30 Most celebrities have a complex body type that needs to be adjusted with clothes Photo: Style says a lot about a person. People who are stuck in childhood and wear sparkles, rhinestones and funny prints even at 40 years old should contact a stylist. And although it is believed in society that clothes no longer affect a person’s perception, this is not the case. Brands do not influence, but neatness, choice of clothes by size, color and style matters. Alas, some celebrities need to train their sense of taste … Anastasia VolochkovaBallerina often chooses styles that are not suitable for her body type and outdated prints. Volochkova has an inverted triangle figure – broad shoulders and narrow hips. To balance the bottom, she needs to wear more voluminous trousers and loose-fitting jeans, add dresses with a sun skirt to her wardrobe. Instead, she always wears skinny jeans and a loose shirt or T-shirt. Don’t Do It Britney Spears The pop star of the 2000s is even worse. Britney has a “rectangular” figure, which means she needs styles that would create the effect of more volume in the buttocks and shoulders, or, conversely, visually narrow the waist. Instead of a color-block outfit that could balance her figure with a contrasting effect, Spears wears questionable outfits – leopard jumpsuits, sheer turtlenecks with an outdated print, and mini shorts. Britney, it’s time to go to the stylist! Evelina Bledans Eh, Evelina! With such parameters as a star, and an ideal hourglass figure, she would wear sheath dresses and business suits, but instead of them the actress often chooses awkward images. Plaid trousers, shiny jackets, colored tights, tunics with leggings – all this is the last century. A celebrity should definitely revise her wardrobe and choose her own style vector – deep saturated tones and fresh delicate shades suit her very much, but almost no print suits her. Anne goes with V-neck dresses, layering and wide belts at the waist, if you look at the successful examples of her bows on Instagram. But more often than not, the star chooses oversized tracksuits, which, with her large breasts, make the top even more powerful – this is the main mistake. In general, she needs to be relegated to convenience, because with such a rhythm of life, you always need to look good and be able to choose universal clothes for business meetings, rehearsals and family dinners.