Mother and son: 5 Russian couples criticized for the age difference

Fans are sure that they know better who suits their idols Ksenia Parfenova 1 June 2020 19:25 Celebrities do not pay attention to the offenders photo: Love is beautiful regardless of who it occurs between. In the 21st century, the age difference between adults should be put in last place in terms of importance, because not belonging to one decade brings souls together, but the presence of common life guidelines and interests. studied the social networks of stars and prepared a selection of couples whose unions are often criticized by uninvited advisers. Olga Buzova and David Manukyan, 34, blamed the 34-year-old presenter for choosing a man beyond her status, becoming a couple with a 27-year-old blogger from Novosibirsk. The headlines of the yellow newspapers only insist that David meets with a popular singer, just to bask in the rays of her glory. It’s good that the couple only laughs at the words of ill-wishers and has shown for several months how great they are together. It is not known whether the lovers will get married, but one thing is already clear – these are sincere feelings, proofs of which are not needed. Anna Sedokova and Janis Timm The former member of the VIA GRA group is famous for romances with the most enviable bachelors, with some of whom she even gave birth and brings up common children. Now 37-year-old Anna is in a relationship with a 27-year-old basketball player. At the beginning of the relationship, the couple got a dog together, and now Anna is hinting at a possible pregnancy, making controversial photos for Instagram. It is good if this chosen one becomes the only one for the rest of her life for the girl. You can find out about other relationships between Russian stars and foreigners here. Ani Lorak and Yegor Gleb At 41, Carolina looks like a young girl, especially when she stands in the photo next to her lover – her boyfriend Yegor is much taller and larger than the singer. After parting with her husband, the performer hid a new romance for some time, but later shared her joy with fans and admitted that she was no longer free. Yegor has a tense relationship with his former companion and the mother of his child, but this does not prevent him from building a new relationship. Katya Zhuzha and Artem Markelov While pregnant, Katya married her lover – 25-year-old racer Artem Markelov – just a year after they started meet. The couple often update their personal blogs with happy photos from family life. Katya believes that she met her soul mate, with whom she can raise a daughter from her first marriage, Nicole, and her second joint child. Anna Semenovich and Incognito The celebrity does not reveal the identity of the new boyfriend. It is only known that the man is 7 years younger than Anna – she is now 40 years old. Semenovich does not speak about his place of work, income level and other characteristics, but he gladly shares the most intimate – she is finally ready to become a mother. “Only now I realized that I want to become a mother. Three years ago I was thinking, I’m hanging out, ”the singer shares. You can find out about other couples with a big age difference in this article. You can read about foreign star couples here.