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New Year mailings

Before the New Year, we literally drown in tinsel, the aroma of tangerines, dreams of Olivier and other pleasantly banal attributes of the holiday. Stores are organizing generous sales (after all, everyone needs presents for colleagues, mom and cat!). Companies prepare corporate gifts for clients and partners.

Complete blockage in mailboxes. Senders try to stand out and come up with a message that is unique in every way: beautiful, festive, selling … Let s figure out how to create a New Year letter for B2B and B2C that users will really like and bring more sales.

New Year in B2B

The goal of holiday business email campaigns is to maintain loyalty. Show clients and partners that you are there, remember them and sincerely want to congratulate. This can be done through contests, reports, wishes – that s how you decide for yourself. We will show you how to make such mailings different from those that you send throughout the year.

Congratulations from the team

Congratulations from your personal manager

Greetings to clients from the CEO

Congratulations to employees from the CEO

Client Success Report

Report on the success of the company (through the prism of benefits for the client)

Forecast and useful tips for the next year

Bonus or gift for the holiday

Congratulations + useful content


Invitation to New Year s Eve Online Meeting

Service update + congratulations

New Year in B2C

December is a hot season. What kind of snow is there when everything is burning in the pre-New Year s excitement? It s easy to sell more at this time, but just as easy to screw up. To do well, consider this:

  1. Think over the template in advance and test it.
  2. Write down clear conditions and terms of the promotion. You re throwing a holiday promotion, aren t you?
  3. Prepare a catchy newsletter topic. The competition for the attention of subscribers will be outrageous.
  4. Solve the issue with delivery. Even if you have 100,500 orders to all cities in the country at once, it should be fast. After December 31, no one will need a gift, and if you send an order for a month, your brand will remain in the memory of a person as “the site where it is better not to order.” Enter and write down the new delivery terms. If you don t change anything, write it down anyway. Notify about it in letters and on the website.

And here are some examples of how to make a great B2C newsletter.

Selection of gifts

Heartfelt congratulations

Letter of gratitude

Congratulations from the team

Holiday sale

Letter in postcard format

Offer to congratulate a colleague

Discount with a timer

Gift calendar

Puzzle and prize observational

What is the bottom line?

Over a hundred holidays can be celebrated per year. Especially if, in addition to the state, take into account the national, religious and the devil knows what calendars. Perhaps not all holidays require letters. For example, your subscribers will be upset if you don t congratulate them on International Pi Day (but if you sell products for mathematicians or physicists, we advise you to do so).

But Happy New Year is worth congratulating. BUT keep in mind that everyone besides you will write. Therefore, when you do your holiday newsletter, use these tips:

  1. Prepare in advance. It is better to calmly prepare a template, check the layout, compose the text and think over the design than to do everything in a hurry and be afraid that the message will break in an atypical user s browser. Everything will help to take into account checklist before sending the letter…
  2. Stand out. Subject, Sender name, avatar, preheader – all this should work for you.
  3. Congratulate your soul. Yes, the end of the year, and you, like everyone else, have reports burning and you still need to buy gifts for everyone. But your subscribers will be very pleased to receive a warm and beautiful letter in the bustle of the New Year. Let the person feel that you sincerely congratulate him on the long-awaited holiday.
  4. Don t overdo it. Still, you are preparing a newsletter for clients. She should be cute and festive, not aggressively selling.
  5. Don t write too much. User boxes are already inundated with congratulations. Write concisely, clearly and to the point.
  6. Adapt. Check the layout before sending – the letter should be displayed correctly in all devices. This can be done in the free version of Litmus.
  7. Submit on time. December 1 is a bit early. January 5 – late, it s already Christmas time.

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