Nikas Safronov: “When the message about Nadezhda Babkina’s illness appeared, I was sure that she would cope”

The actress’s star neighbor explained why the singer became prettier after suffering a coronavirus Ulyana Kalashnikov May 22, 2020 16:30 Nikas Safronov Some of them think that the singer went to the hospital in order to have another plastic surgery! After all, after hospitalization, she began to look even better than before. The most famous artist of the country and neighbor of the singer Nikas Safronov does not believe these rumors. “Nadezhda Babkina is a decent person. The people love her, and she would never have gone to such ridiculous forgeries. Especially as a joke with such a disease as coronavirus, – the artist shared his thoughts with – Such inventions are suitable for people with a more distorted psyche. For example, we have all heard the story about the “Mole”. For example, I remember how Nadya and I met in the mid-90s at the Slavianski Bazaar festival in Vitebsk. In the same city, in the Chagall Museum, there was an exhibition of my paintings. Nadia came to the exhibition and bought from me a painting depicting a church against the backdrop of Russian nature. We both then and later, when I went to visit Babkina or she came to me, talked a lot about God, about spirituality. She has many icons at home and she acquired them on purpose with those saints who are close to her and to whom she prays. Nadezhda is a very spiritual and deeply religious person. And she will not joke with such things for which she is reproached. She was really seriously ill. I witnessed how our street, after Babkina was hospitalized, was treated with disinfectants and especially zealous near her house. It’s just that the appearance of a person who is not fragile can sometimes reflect the disease for the better. Indeed, in the hospital, you need to follow the regime, eat diet food, and it is unlikely that in her condition she wanted to eat. Therefore, in terms of appearance, Nadia’s time spent in the clinic was beneficial. This is a small compensation to her for the agony she endured after being infected with the virus. I would like Babkin to stop being accused of what she did not do. This is a great injustice to the wonderful singer. I am sure that Nadya would not even say that she was sick with coronavirus if the journalists did not find out about it – she does not like to advertise her problems. For us, her friends and fans, the main thing is that she is alive and already healthy, that she defeated this terrible one. disease. We are sure that Babkina will continue to delight us with her songs. When the message about her illness appeared, I was sure that she would cope with this illness. Nadia is naturally strong, a real Russian woman. She has a lot of positive energy, and this helps her to overcome any problems. “