Olesya Sudzilovskaya noticeably lost weight in quarantine

The TV presenter adhered to the diet and training Ksenia Parfenova June 18, 2020 16:52 The TV presenter is proud of herself Photo: instagram.com/olesya_sudzilovskaya/ The famous actress Olesya Sudzilovskaya, like many of her colleagues on the stage, did not miss self-isolation. The star decided to work on her appearance, and as a result she released a beauty diary, as she herself called it. The girl admitted that the quarantine was good for her – the quality of her hair, skin and nails improved noticeably. She began to sleep more and eat fresh vegetables and fruits. The artist managed to lose two kilograms, unlike her stage colleagues Anna Semyonovich and Evelina Bledans, who had to seek the help of a doctor to lose weight in safe ways. toning, the hair has ceased to be split and became much thicker! It became very noticeable directly! Perhaps the role was played by stress, which externally did not manifest itself in any way, but nevertheless visited all of us, but after the first toning it became clear how badly the hair is damaged, begins to split and fall out, even if from such a gentle coloring as toning. The choice is ours! ” – writes Olesya. The subscribers in the comments admire the perseverance of the artist, believing that not everyone managed to at least maintain their weight, let alone reduce it.