Skulkina delighted fans by losing 20 kilograms

The actress is not going to stop there Ekaterina Labukhina May 22, 2020 17: 57 Ekaterina Skulkina 43-year-old star of the Comedy Woman show Ekaterina Skulkina recently dropped 20 kilograms. She notes that she did not do stomach operations, did not go on any diets and did not exhaust herself with sports. The TV personality has achieved a stunning result exclusively with the help of a special system aimed at burning fat, suppressing appetite, normalizing hormonal levels and cleansing the body. She supplemented it with massage and morning exercises. Earlier, Skulkina told on the social network that thanks to the wraps and Charcot’s soul, her skin became more toned – which is undoubtedly important when losing weight. It is curious that the actress is not going to stop there. “Love is what you make for the future. Love is the only baggage that you can take with you on the angel train, because it weighs nothing. Love is the only currency that is valued in paradise. Love is the only birthmark on the same souls by which we, lovers, recognize each other in heaven “(the spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved, – note, – Ekaterina recently quoted the writer Oleg Batluk on her personal Instagram page Fans note that during the quarantine, the celebrity did not start herself, but on the contrary, she looks just wonderful – she managed to preserve not only her figure, but also her blooming appearance. Some followers suspect that the artist met a new love. Figure, weight loss, body, harmony, details, TV show, social networks, comedy woman, instagram, beauty secrets, ekaterina skulkina, humor