Style from the cradle: Samoilova, Borodina and others dress their children with a needle

Expensive brands combined with simple things are the guarantee of cool looks only a month ”,“ Buy more clothes of neutral colors so that the next child will revile ”- have you heard these phrases from people around you or thought so yourself? A good idea here is to preserve nature and not overuse its resources. But you never know if you’re going to have your next baby or stop there, so why deprive yourself of the pleasure of choosing tiny bodysuits, shirts and dresses? These stars will definitely not agree to sacrifice anything – their children are always dressed up and down: Oksana Samoilova While her daughters Ariela and Leia were small, Oksana was in full swing in the business of selling women’s and children’s clothing. Girls have always been models on the set and often flaunted in branded things on camera. The business was closed, but Oksana did not stop dressing her children beautifully. The blogger is now happy to dress up baby David, who only recently turned one year old. Maria Gorban The actress dresses her daughter Stephanie in a looser sports style. The girl often appears with her mother in family bows, in which both are convenient to go on business or play in the yard on the court. Maria’s mother cares no less about style: she always dresses stylishly and poses for vacation photos with her daughter and granddaughter, so not everyone immediately distinguishes Maria from her mother. Katie Topuria Katie herself is the standard of classical style, although she does not mind going out to performances. extravagant dress or suit. With regard to children, judging by the photo, she adheres to the same position. The daughter of the star Olivia has always dressed in branded clothes, because the girls’ mom and dad make good money. The singer also dresses up the newborn son Adam – in her profile there are several photos with the boy, where he is dressed mainly in a bodysuit in pastel colors with fashionable prints. Kylie Jenner Stormi, Kylie’s daughter, also dresses only in branded clothes. Mom buys her mini-sneakers, tiny bags, luxurious dresses, and all this the girl puts on at least once. But the money is clearly not wasted – in the American media space, the baby has become a real fashion icon, followed by millions of fans.