Vincent Cassel injured after falling off a scooter

53-year-old actor was hospitalized in France Ekaterina Labukhina 22 May 2020 17:35 Vincent Cassel famous French artist Vincent Cassel had an accident. A few hours ago, a video appeared on his personal Instagram page in which he filmed himself with a bandaged head and an injured eye. “Never bang your head with a rhinoceros,” he ironically signed the post. It turned out that on May 20, the 53-year-old actor fell off a scooter near his country house in southwestern France, near Biarritz, after which he was hospitalized. At first, fans literally went crazy and pelted Vincent with excited messages and wishes for a speedy recovery. “Alive. Thank you, ”he laconically noted on his social network. Let us remind you that Kassel is a French actor and producer. He won audience love around the world after his roles in the films “Crimson Rivers”, “Joan of Arc”, “Ocean’s Twelve”, “Black Swan” and others. In addition, he worked on the voice acting of the characters of the popular cartoons “Shrek” and “Ice Age”. France, road accident, actor, hospitalization, accident, video, injuries, scooter, social networks, head injury, Vincent Cassel, Instagram

Efremov’s daughter is dating a girl and wants to leave for England

The girl considers herself a non-binary person Ekaterina Labukhina June 1, 2020 18: 54 ANNA-MARIA EFREMOVA INSTAGRAM.COM / AMEFREMOVA The heiress of the famous Russian artist, 56-year-old Mikhail Efremov, Anna-Maria made an unexpected statement. “I sometimes speak masculine about myself. I don’t like to belong to any gender. There are persons who do not consider themselves to be either traditionally masculine roles or traditionally feminine – the so-called non-binary persons. I just consider myself a non-binary person, “the girl explained her position on the air of the new release of Lera Kudryavtseva’s show” Secret for a Million “. She admitted that at the current time she is in a relationship with a representative of her gender, and also dreams of moving to England, create a same-sex family there and adopt a child. Her dad knows about it too. The actor treats this “more or less neutral” and does not suit the 20-year-old daughter of scandals. Now the girl is also trying to help her drinking mother, actress Ksenia Kachalina. According to Anna-Maria, the woman is in an inadequate condition and the best specialists are required for her treatment, and she is trying to attract her father to search for them. “My parents loved to do strange things and made me,” Anna-Maria sneers. Now she visits a psychotherapist every week, who pays 3,500 thousand rubles, the specialist also writes her a prescription for potent antidepressants. The girl feels especially hard after family meetings. Actor, moving, marriage, help, daughter, relationship, psychotherapy, england, Mikhail Efremov, Lera Kudryavtseva, non-traditional sexual orientation, Ksenia Kachalina

Efremov pleaded guilty for road accident

The interrogation of the actor did not take place for a number of technical reasons Ekaterina Labukhina June 9, 2020 12:04 pm Mikhail Efremov Gennady Cherkasov Popular Russian artist Mikhail Efremov pleaded guilty to the accident on the Garden Ring, which killed the driver of the delivery van Sergey Zakharov. His lawyer told reporters about this: “Initially, yesterday he said that he was driving and was involved in an accident. But today the interrogation did not take place for a number of technical reasons, “- quotes the lawyer” RIA Novosti “. According to him, the actor may be interrogated later. Recall that the aforementioned incident happened yesterday evening at house 3 on Smolenskaya Square in Moscow. Efremov, who was driving a jeep, crossed a double continuous line, drove into the oncoming lane and collided with a Lada car. The victim of the collision of the driver of the van was urgently hospitalized by the Sklifosovsky Research Institute with a closed craniocerebral injury. All night doctors fought for his life, but this morning he died. The examination showed that during the accident Efremov was under the influence of alcohol. According to some reports, during the first interrogation, he expressed his thoughts with difficulty and could not really remember what happened and who else was in the cabin of his car. The actor was released home on recognizance not to leave. After Zakharov’s death, a criminal case was initiated under the article on violation of traffic rules in a state of alcoholic intoxication, which resulted in the death of a person. Now a celebrity faces up to 12 years in prison. Court, driver, road accident, actor, criminal case, death, lawyer, prison, commentary, drunk driving, Mikhail Efremov.

Oleg Strizhenov’s granddaughter got married

The girl came to the registry office in sneakers and a medical mask Ekaterina Labukhina June 9, 2020 13:38 Aleksandra Strizhenova The celebration on this occasion took place on June 6, and she received an offer from her boyfriend for the past New Year. Initially, the girl wanted to arrange a real holiday, but because of the epidemic she had to organize only modest home gatherings. “We signed at the registry office of the city of Zhukovsky. Rings could not be bought, I had to order them on one of the sites literally a day before the celebration, like a dress, “Alexandra told StarHit reporters. Strizhenova got married in sneakers and in a medical mask. In another way, the registry office staff simply would not have painted it. At first, they did not want to paint the couple due to the fact that the bride did not take with her a certificate of dissolution of the previous marriage and a certificate of change of surname.Recall that Alexandra Strizhenova is the daughter of actress Natalia Strizhenova. This is Oleg Strizhenov’s daughter from his first marriage. Note that the first wife of the star was actress Marianna Strizhenova. Their union lasted only a few years. They separated in 1968.

“He was 56 years old”: the actor and director Oleg Boretsky died

The sad news was shared by producer Vyacheslav Shmyrov Anastasia Mishakova 18 June 2020 17:41 Oleg Boretsky Photo: Director and actor Oleg Boretsky died at the age of 57. Producer and film critic Vyacheslav Shmyrov announced this on his Facebook page. “Due to the circumstances of the subsequent time, this generation was not destined to live a full-blooded life in cinema. Unfortunately, the actor and film director Oleg Boretsky does the same. He was 56 years old “, – wrote Vyacheslav Shmyrov. According to the producer, Boretsky was not yet 7 June. The cause of death is not named. As Shmyrov notes, he and Boretsky haven’t seen each other for a long time, and for him he remained “a man from the 90s”. Recall that Oleg Boretsky is known for the series “Attention! To all posts … “,” The day before … “and” From the life of captain Chernyaev. ” He also directed the detective series Judicial Column. …

Boyarsky’s son spoke about his father’s well-being

Relatives “look after” the elderly adventurer Ekaterina Labukhina June 23, 2020 15:29 Mikhail Boyarsky WWW.INSTAGRAM.COM / ALD.HELP The son of Soviet and Russian cinema star Mikhail Boyarsky Sergey spoke about the state of his father’s health. Recall that this topic began to raise questions after the May publication on the Web of a fresh video with the participation of the 70-year-old artist – in the frame he looked very thin and tired, which, of course, caused concern among his fans. ! ” the son of the actor said that “the main musketeer of the country” is doing well. “He was always thin and lean. My father is in excellent physical shape. His appeal in that video was emotional. He is now the boss at the dacha. For example, he cuts grass, ”said Sergei. He also noted that his dad was always an adventurer, and now his relatives“ look after ”him. “He once broke his heel, fell off a ladder. Then I limped for several years. Now, of course, I calmed down. By the way, my sister came to the dacha with her husband. They will look after him, ”says Boyarsky Jr. According to him, he did not see his father due to the coronavirus epidemic. Sergei was afraid of infecting elderly relatives, even though his tests for infection were negative. Recall that last May, Mikhail Sergeevich appealed to the public with a request to help the children of the symphony orchestra musician Mark and Adrian Botvin, who need an urgent bone marrow transplant operation worth sixty million rubles. – a rare type of genetic pathology was identified in babies: actor, age, rumors, son, weight loss, illness, video, father, mikhail boyarsky, social networks, health problems

Domogarov complains of bullying because of the support of Efremov

Alexander Domogarov Gennady Cherkasov The star of Russian theater and cinema Alexander Domogarov wrote several posts on the social network, expressing his opinion about the sensational accident involving Mikhail Efremov, through whose fault the driver of the delivery van Sergey Zakharov died. and misunderstanding on their part. Earlier, the artist said that he would not go on stage to delight such spectators who hounded Efremov. Some fans did not understand Alexander’s words about bohemia and Russian culture. Not becoming to understand the intricacies of his message, many were simply offended, which was directly announced to the actor in the comments. After that, Domogarov tried to explain himself and noted that he meant only those individuals who independently began to judge Mikhail Olegovich, but in fact only the court has such an opportunity, but this post also did not escape criticism from users. Today Alexander described himself as a victim of bullying in a recent conversation with reporters. He also accused the media of “distorting” his words, so he is not eager to give interviews, and perceives the appeal of the press as hypocrisy. “Due to the persecution of the ‘popular masses’, I am not disposed to give interviews for the ‘masses’. Publications distort the truth. I consider your appeal to me the highest manifestation of hypocrisy and betrayal! You are not human. Hopefully you will be rewarded. Farewell. Never bother again, “- quotes Domogarov” KP-Petersburg “. “I understand that I will incur anger. But I swear, now I have no desire to go on stage in front of you, to give concerts, ”he previously wrote in his microblog. …

Moscow Art Theater artistic director accused society of bad influence on Efremov

Ekaterina Labukhina 30 June 2020 09:48 Mikhail Efremov is under house arrest. On the air of the radio station “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Boyakov urged to put the showman “in place.” He believes that the artist “went to this” all his life, feeling his impunity. “And we all developed this impunity. We formed it. The attitude towards these so-called “stars” in the media field is our responsibility, not only the stars are to blame, “Boyakov said. It was the condescending attitude of Russians towards the antics of Efremov and celebrities that” multiplied this situation, “he believes. “We are developing this mold, <...> in which people who do not have spiritual authority, intellectual data, but simply possess some qualities – here joke here, wink here, read poems here, prick someone,” says artistic director of the Moscow Art Theater. Summing up, Boyakov called it wrong to put such representatives of show business on a pedestal and treat them as “the main personalities who create our intellectual agenda.” This tendency must be resisted, he stressed. “Let’s stop calling these stars stars. Let’s put them in their place, ”urges Boyakov. Court, criticism, road accident, actor, prison, problems, theater, law, tragedy, commentary, crime, stars, show business, Mikhail Efremov.

Media: Stychkin and Sutulova are expecting a baby

For the actor, this will be the fifth heir Ekaterina Labukhina July 9, 2020 12:39 pm Evgeny Stychkin and Olga Sutulova Lilia Sharlovskaya Information appeared on the Internet that 40-year-old Olga Sutulova is expecting her first child. The father of the future baby is a popular Russian artist, 46-year-old Evgeny Stychkin. For him, this heir will already be the fifth. On July 8, a post appeared on the Tatler’s Heroine Telegram channel with the message that the actress “did not quarantine in vain and was expecting a baby”. It is known that Olga and Eugene have been together for eight years. Before the wedding, they lived in a civil marriage for three years, and two more just met. For Sutulova, this marriage was the first, while Stychkin has a richer “track record”. His first child, daughter Sonya, was born to him by fellow student Yulia Zhemchugova, but the couple never formalized the relationship. For the first time, the actor married pianist Ekaterina Skanavi. In this marriage, sons Alexey and Leo were born, as well as a daughter, Alexander. In 2009 it became known that Stychkin left Skanavi for Sutulova, whom he met in 2007 on the set of the film “The Contract for Love”. Catherine was aware of this novel, but hoped that Eugene would still return to her. For some time, Stychkin himself assured the media that he loved his wife. But the alliance with Skanavi ended in divorce, after which the artist married Sutulova. …

Sergey Garmash explained his departure from Sovremennik

Sergei GarmashNatalya MuschinkinaStar of Russian cinema Sergei Garmash left the Sovremennik Theater. He announced this in an open letter, which he sent to the chat of the employees of the institution. The artist claims that this decision was not easy for him. After reading the message, his colleagues were so shocked that no one even commented on it for a while. The actor calls the “monstrous situation” in the theater the reason for his departure. “Volchek’s office was destroyed instantly. Dialogues dedicated to the anniversary of the Victory have been released, some of the statements that sounded inside them, I can not call anything other than blasphemy, provocation and even a crime. Because the Victory and the Great Patriotic War are a fact of history that permeates my and not only my life, this is my cinema, my literature, on which I grew up, and my memory, “Garmash writes.” This is sacred and inviolable – remember, with where did “Sovremennik” begin with “Forever Alive”. The artistic director pushed the young artists to this, and then edited the filmed. They were made public on behalf of the theater. And when some of you were indignant, they simply closed your mouth, appealing to some opinions, within which, as an argument, there were also the judgments of the officials who carried out the appointment, “continues Sergei, reports MK.” There is a reprisal against people, excellent professionals, who gave the theater decades of their lives, ”he complained. Summing up, the artist notes that he cannot act otherwise, because he remembers everything Volchek said at the coffin: “And if I cannot confirm this and implement it, I leave.” It is known that Garmash served in Sovremennik since 1984. …