Fans confused Valeria with Alla Pugacheva

The singer incorrectly put on a protective mask Ekaterina Labukhina May 15, 2020 12:15 pm Valeria few hours ago, a new selfie appeared on Valeria’s personal Instagram page. In the frame, the pop diva appeared in glasses and in a medical mask, sitting in a car on the way to Ostankino for the shooting. “1. Quarantinoluk. 2. But you don’t have to paint. 3. Are you sure I am under the mask? Please, come up with your own options for caption for the photo “(the author’s spelling and punctuation are preserved, – note, she signed the post. It is curious that many users noted in the comments that at first they thought it was Alla Pugacheva in the picture. Some noted that Valeria’s hairstyle is very similar to that of the Prima Donna – her hair is disheveled, and Alla Borisovna always liked to appear in public with glasses. But many paid attention to the other side of the issue – Valeria put on a mask not only the other way around, but also “up feet. ” Also, fans began to ask the artist if she was taking any additional measures to protect herself from the coronavirus. Note that in the latest stories of her microblogging, the singer complained about traffic jams in the capital.alla pugacheva, hair, singer, glasses, comments, mask, valeria, hairstyle, social networks, instagram, selfie, quarantine

“We ourselves”: Galkin showed that she planted Pugacheva in the garden

For the first time, the comedian conducted a detailed video tour for his subscribers in this place Anastasia Mishakova June 15, 2020 10:45 am Maxim Galkin with children in the garden Photo: Maxim Galkin decided to demonstrate to his followers that he and Alla Pugacheva are growing in their garden. The showman arranged an extensive video tour, during which he showed fans a rose hip, blooming buldenezh, rhododendron, azalea and many other plants. On one bush, Galkin made a special emphasis, because it was planted by Pugacheva herself – she took the shoots of a blooming spirea to dig them in near her castle: “ Once Alla dug up these twigs in her Istra. Personally!” – said Maxim. “I specifically emphasize that personally, because we are often accused of being forced by someone. We ourselves! With these hands! ” – emphasized Galkin. Recall that on the site of Pugacheva and Galkin there is not only a garden, but also a vegetable garden. “Alla came up with the idea of ​​making a greenhouse on the site. Here we grow tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, carrots, ”- said the humorist, showing his harvest.

Kirkorov about Pugacheva: “We have no relationship, each has its own life”

Arriving at the festival “Slavianski Bazaar” in Belarus, the singer unexpectedly opened up about his relationship with his ex-wife Stepan Malinovsky will take place. Until the last moment it was not clear whether Russian artists would come to Vitebsk. As it turned out, only a few decided to come. Among them is Philip Kirkorov, who simply could not miss the festival. Indeed, in Vitebsk, he received an award from the hands of the Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko. Also this year, in honor of Kirkorov, a personalized star was laid on the Square of Stars. What is noteworthy – next to the star of his ex-wife, Alla Pugacheva. To celebrate, Kirkorov became demoralized with the press, which does not happen so often. So he told what he was doing in quarantine, and also told what kind of relationship connect him with his ex-wife. “We have no relationship, each has its own life. We are not friends at home, it would be strange, – admitted the king of pop. “But I have a feeling of love and gratitude for her. And she knows if trouble comes, I will always help. And she has joy, with whom to share. I see – unlike Alla, I subscribed to her on Instagram. “

71-year-old Pugacheva danced under Gagarin in mini

The singer boasted slender legs Ekaterina Labukhina July 23, 2020 10:22 AM Alla Pugacheva few hours ago, a series of fresh photos appeared on Maxim Galkin’s personal Instagram page, where the artist poses on the steps of his castle with his wife Alla Pugacheva. For this shoot, the 71-year-old performer chose her signature total black look with an accent on slender legs, dressed in a mini dress, an elongated jacket and black translucent tights, complementing the look with large accessories and a stylish so-called wet hairstyle. In the caption to the post, the humorist asked the followers to choose the best of the presented frames, while the fans bombarded the stars with compliments, and did not agree. They were joined by the famous colleagues of the spouses: Jasmine, Slava, Goar, Natasha Koroleva, Kristina Orbakaite, Denis Klyaver, Yana Rudskovskaya, Igor Krutoy, Yulia Mikhalkova and others. Later a video appeared on the Web where Alla Borisovna dances with friends at a private party to the song of Polina Gagarina. For this exit, the singer also chose her favorite black. Her husband acted as the operator – the video appeared in the stories of his microblog and quickly spread across the Web. Age, alla pugacheva, singer, figure, dance, video, miniskirts, legs, slimness, outfit, maxim galkin, social networks, instagram

Pugacheva worked with children in her garden

And the singer’s husband boasted of the apple harvest Ekaterina Labukhina August 24, 2020 10:33 AM Alla Pugacheva with children Dirt This time the Prima Donna decided to act as a gardener – children actively helped her to remove dry branches of fruit bushes. The head of the family filmed his loved ones at this activity. “Family garden joys” (the author’s spelling and punctuation are preserved, – approx., – the humorist laconically signed a post on his personal Instagram page. In the frame, the pop diva and Galkin Jr. approaches one of the bushes and closely watch Harry – the boy armed himself with a pruner and began to boldly cut off unnecessary branches. “Do not bother us, we have serious work here,” Alla Borisovna warned her husband and daughter who were interested in what was happening. Then, traditionally performing the role of operator, Galkin transfers the camera to her daughter, who alone stands in the arch under the overhanging greenery. He asks the girl what she is doing, and she is indignant that she is haunted here too. “Give the child at least to dream of one,” – asked Lisa. In the finale, the showman boasted of his apple harvest. However, not all of the fruits were suitable for consumption – one of the apples in the frame turned out to be rotten.

Pugacheva’s grandson lives with his wife in the singer’s mansion in Malye Berezhki

Nikita Presnyakov and Alena Krasnova one of the most famous Russian artists Alla Pugacheva gave her beloved grandson, the son of Christina Orbakaite – Nikita Presnyakov, and his wife Alena Krasnova a mansion in Malye Berezhki, on the picturesque bank of the Istra reservoir. A neighbor of a young couple told reporters about the change in the owner of this house. The prima donna lived in this house for almost 20 years, but then, after marrying Maxim Galkin, she moved to a castle on the territory of the village of Gryaz near Moscow. As a child, Presnyakov Jr. visited his grandmother and had fun with the local children. According to a neighbor, apparently now Nikita does not like being recognized, so he walks around the village wearing a hood on his head, reports Recently, the singer came to Malye Berezhki with her husband and children – twins Lisa and Harry. The artist wanted the kids to know where she used to live. “In general, here she behaved in a very simple way with everyone; she gave us concerts almost every Saturday. But when I moved to Galkin’s, all the fun stopped, ”said a resident of the village. Some neighbors admitted that they were glad to leave the 71-year-old singer. According to them, the pop diva did not allow them to sleep peacefully, arranging concerts with friends until the morning. “During one of her parties, one of the neighbors climbed onto her fence to spy on what was going on in her yard. Well, people are interested. So she noticed it and how she would sing: “My neighbors are fools and drunkards!” And I told you this story gently. We, of course, did not answer her, ”one of the pop star’s neighbors recalled.

“I am one hundred percent to blame”: Vladimir Presnyakov almost died after a divorce

The artist remembered his love with Christina Orbakaite Raisa Chapala October 12, 2020 18:51 Vladimir Presnyakov @ presnyakovvladimir Musician Vladimir Presnyakov came to Boris Korchevnikov’s studio. During the conversation about the fate of a person, the story of the relationship between Presnyakov Jr. and the daughter of Alla Pugacheva was recalled. This youthful romance seemed like a fairy tale and aroused sympathy for the whole country, but the relationship between two young and talented people suddenly fell apart 10 years later. Answering the questions of the presenter Boris Korchevnikov, Vladimir Presnyakov was noticeably nervous, although a lot of time had passed since then. in his life, everything serious happens through laughter. It all started with a curiosity: his father Vladimir Presnyakov Sr., taking his son from the hospital, blindly turned him upside down – and carried him in a blanket. And so it happened. For example, an affair with Christina also began under comic circumstances. The young man tried to kiss a pretty girl at the entrance (at that time Volodya was 17 years old, and Kristina was 15), but she slipped on the stairs and fell. Then he rolled down with her. And this was the beginning of great love. “All the girls I talked to were pretty untethered. And then I met a girl who was thin, well-read, intelligent, shy. Before that, I watched the film “Scarecrow”, which simply struck me, “- Vladimir remembered his feelings. Having started a life together, the couple did not know one thing – boredom. “It was very turbulent – and I don’t even know who had such a tumultuous life like ours. This life was lived with love. I am happy that God gave me a period of such love, the birth of my son Nikita. ”A crack in the relationship arose when both were on tour for a long time. “The divorce had to happen – because two leaders cannot get along with each other. But I am one hundred percent guilty, because I did not observe the divine truths that a man learns, unfortunately, by the age of forty, when he understands that love is work. I was still far from a holy person – and thanks to Kristinochka that she put up with me. He only came home to spend the night, and sometimes didn’t even come, ”Vladimir said. When asked whether it was true that after parting he experienced clinical death, Vladimir Presnyakov said that he would not comment on it, but did not deny it either. “I let her go with incredible pain, better than a bullet in the stomach – I went to church and sat there for hours, but I couldn’t find anything better than a drink. I had powerful sociopathy, persecution mania. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to live – I was running into all the trouble. And against the background of depression, my heart stopped … I want to say and emphasize so that you can hear me that this time was the happiest time in my life. And even the pain that was there led to development, “the musician summed up. The program also included an archival interview with Kristina Orbakaite about how she survived the breakup with Vladimir. The breakup turned out to be painful for her too – Christina said that she was afraid to tell her beloved that they would no longer be together, and was afraid to even see him, turned off the phone. And a farewell letter, bursting with tears, wrote during the flight, and asked the stewardess to give it to Vladimir Presnyakov, who was soon to be on the same flight. But His Majesty decided otherwise by chance – the lovers met at the airport by chance, and a difficult conversation took place. But that very letter was lost somewhere. “Maybe some stewardess is still rereading it and crying,” suggested Christina. …

Kirkorov told what Manukyan inspired him to

The pop king believes that the blogger’s relationship with Buzova is similar to his alliance with Pugacheva Raisa Chapala October 26, 2020 17:47 Philip Kirkorov and David Manukiankadr from the Rolex video Philip Kirkorov admitted that he was inspired by Olga Buzova’s lover, blogger David Manukyan, to experiment with an unusual hairstyle … “There had to be such a talented person who would light me up when, in complete reluctance to do anything and lift my ass off the chair, I wanted to lift it. Braid up to the waist, liven up, freshen up, “- Kirkorov told the” Secular Chronicle “program. Kirkorov admitted that not everything and does not always do it thoughtfully and according to calculation:” I do not calculate everything in my life. Many people think that I calculate everything, but no. I live by intuition, chance, emotions, love. I must definitely fall in love – with a project, music, person. It was then that everything worked out for me, ”the artist admits. He compared himself today with Alla Pugacheva: The prima donna was one of the first to see the potential of the young Bulgarian singer. “Once Pugacheva gave me her hand, showed and revealed a lot. I was applauded at concerts no less than she was, she was happy about it, ”said Philip. Kirkorov is now applying Pugacheva’s lessons in practice. He raises new bright talents: “I saw the success of Stotskaya, Ani Lorak, Koldun and Lazarev, in which I was involved. I created it with my own hands, and the whole audience applauded. This is the biggest reward. In my life, I have always followed the path: help you – help someone else. ”However, in partnership with Dava, Philip has an unusual feeling:“ David is the first stage partner in my life that I don’t look at like this (from top to bottom) ”, – confesses the pop star. The only thing he has not yet decided, even out of great sympathy and with all his love for experiments, is to get himself a tattoo as a keepsake or piercing. By the way, when asked by journalists what he thinks about David’s novel Manukyan and Olga Buzova, Kirkorov replied that he did not doubt the sincerity of these feelings – and stressed that their relationship was similar to his union with the Prima Donna. The rapper, like Philip once, is now accused of being with a TV presenter for a PR couple. “This is your cross,” Kirkorov turned to Manukyan, “I’ve been about Pugacheva all my life. You will have a cross in life about Olya. ” …

Accessories as a symbol of the era

Accessories, along with fashion, have always served in some way as a symbol of the era, characterized and exposed it. Anastasia Mishakova January 26, 2012 10:19 PM Photo: Fotolia / It is worth remembering the freedom-loving hippies of the sixties in the United States. Their bold “make love, not war” is reflected not only in slogans, but also in clothes and jewelry. Rainbow shades, colorful prints, ribbons on the forehead (according to legend – so as not to “blow off the roof”), beaded bracelets and other ethnic elements … The style of those years is still imitated, and the braided “bauble” on the hand of an adult is directly associated with some protest and pacifism. But in the era of romanticism, beautiful long boa scarves made of fur and ostrich feathers were very popular. The associative connection is again guessed correctly.
Let’s remember the Soviet Union. Until some time, jewelry in the USSR was considered a bourgeois relic. Over time, this belief gradually faded away, but the tendency to minimalism, to leveling the differences between masculine and feminine principles remained. After all, the idea of ​​universal equality would never get along with expensive tiaras, diamond earrings and other eternal indicators of social inequality. Therefore, Soviet women wore costume jewelry, simple kerchiefs, and synthetic ribbons were woven into their hair. However, the period of abstinence was more than offset by the nineties. How else to explain the bright clips, if not the desire to finally be divided by gender?
Over time, the situation stabilized, and the rigid lines of fashionable excesses were shaded. But people who grew up in a certain generation often belong to him all their lives. In Russia, mother and daughter are people not only from different generations, but also from different eras, which cannot but affect the appearance. They rarely find a common language and coincide in their choice. But who said it was bad? After all, any identification – whether national or fashionable – is necessary, important and unique.

“Mom in the background is fire”: Galkin showed what Pugacheva used to accompany the children to school

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