Putin congratulated Svetlichnaya on the anniversary

The actress continues to create to the delight of fans Ekaterina Labukhina May 15, 2020 14:19 Svetlana Svetlichnaya WWW.INSTAGRAM.COM / SVETLANASVETLICHNAYA_OFFICIAL May 15, Honored Artist of the RSFSR Svetlana Svetlichnaya celebrates her 80th birthday. Russian President Vladimir Putin joined in the congratulations. The film star received a congratulatory telegram from the head of state. This was reported on the Kremlin’s website, where he noted the bright, distinctive acting work of the star, which enriched the national cinema, won her professional recognition and love of the audience. Note that Svetlana Afanasyevna still pleases the audience with new roles, participates in television programs, creative meetings and film festivals. Summing up, Putin wished the birthday girl health and well-being. Svetlichnaya was born on May 15, 1940 in Armenia. Her film debut took place in 1959. She was remembered by the audience for her roles in the films: “The Diamond Hand”, “The Cook”, “A Hero of Our Time”, the series “The Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed” and “Seventeen Moments of Spring”, as well as in other films. In addition, she worked a lot on dubbing foreign tapes. In April 2015, at the XXI Russian Film Festival “Literature and Cinema”, the actress received the award “For Devotion to Cinematography.”

Inna Zhirkova on the celebration of her birthday: “I wiped the gifts with a sanitizer”

Inna Zhirkova with her husband Yuri Zhirkov Press service materials The wife of footballer Yuri Zhirkov, Inna, despite the pandemic, nevertheless decided to celebrate her birthday. True, this time the party was held in a more restrained format and, so to speak, in a truncated composition. The birthday girl shared the details with WomanHit.ru. Inna Zhirkova turned 31 the day before, and, of course, she could not miss this event. True, due to the fact that all restaurants are now closed, the birthday girl threw a house party. The mother of three children and the owner of the atelier spent this day in the company of family members. As you know, for several months the Zhirkovs have been on self-isolation in St. Petersburg, because Yuri has a contract with the Zenit football club. Oddly enough, but Zhirkova really liked the party in the new format, she realized that celebrating a birthday in a narrow family circle is great! “For many years I have been organizing a party for my friends. And, of course, it was always quite an exciting day, I was worried a lot, because I wanted everything to go at the highest level, so that all the guests would like it. After all, many even flew in from other cities just to congratulate me! And all this had to be carefully controlled. This time we celebrated the holiday at home – with my husband and our children. I can say that it turned out to be so cozy and so cheerful, positive! For example, all day my children and I were fooling around, jumping on the bed. Fortunately, nothing was broken. (Laughs.) Of course, the house was decorated with bright balls, which created a festive atmosphere. Well, I blew out the candles on the cake and made a wish. I hope it will come true “, – Inna told WomanHit.ru. Many, of course, are interested in the question of gifts. So, despite the absence of a large number of guests, the birthday girl did not remain without presents. It’s just that her friends sent gifts. As a result, she received congratulations both from America, Dubai and Tatarstan, and from Moscow, Makhachkala, Samara and Kaliningrad, where she lived for many years. The number of gifts and bouquets of flowers delivered by couriers was so great that, as Inna jokes, she got the impression that almost a hundred people were present at the birthday party. “Now the whole apartment is strewn with flowers. A lot of gifts! For example, they brought me a tripod with a lamp for photography, which I have long dreamed of. Now I have a huge chic vase with peonies at home from a close friend. I really love field daisies, and imagine, my mother sent me a gorgeous basket of these flowers, – said Inna. – My husband is a detailed man, not quite romantic, so his surprise simply led me into wild delight, I, frankly, did not expect. He suddenly appeared in the apartment with a luxurious bouquet of flowers and balloons. I gave a perfume with my favorite scent. The children also made me happy. The eldest son Dima, for example, made a picture with his own hands. On it, he portrayed me with my son Daniel. Milana also touched me – she wrote a congratulatory poem herself, and also drew several postcards. Even our youngest son did not leave me without a gift: he made a crown for my mother. (Laughs.) Of course, in order to organize even such a birthday, we had to take precautions. In general, we are very careful in the family, security measures are not an empty phrase for us, we rarely go out of the house with the whole family. On the eve of the celebration, I went to the grocery store in full uniform – mask, gloves, antiseptic. My friends are caring and intelligent people. All couriers who brought gifts were wearing masks and gloves. Everything that could be treated with an antiseptic, I, of course, processed, wiped the gifts with a sanitizer, because health is first and foremost for us. But, despite such small difficulties, the holiday turned out to be very sweet, touching and memorable. ” …

Regina Todorenko: “The best gift for me will be helping the injured girls”

The popular TV presenter, who celebrates her 30th birthday, turned to her fans with advice on how to congratulate her Stepan Malinovsky June 14, 2020 14:20 Photo: https://www.instagram.com/reginatodorenko/ Regina Todorenko has a special day today. She celebrates her 30th birthday. On the one hand, the date is beautiful and round, on the other hand, because of the TV presenter’s statement about domestic violence, she lost many contracts, and some of the fans reconsidered their attitude towards Regina. So it is not surprising that Todorenko on this day offered not to give her gifts and do not throw compliments, but do a useful thing. She urged fans to make a donation to the fund to fight domestic violence. “30 years is a new stage that I want to live even richer, more beautiful, even more effective! So, I know that many of you wanted to congratulate me personally, but today the best gift for me will be helping the injured girls! – said Regina. And she reported that the money that was transferred to her earlier went to a good cause. “The funds that I transferred have already been spent on upgrading the application and creating a panic button. But after the release of my film, 6 times more people turn to the fund, so more help is needed.”

Timati gave his son Kirkorov a motorcycle

The gift was estimated at 100 thousand rubles Ekaterina Labukhina June 30, 2020 12: 45 Timati www.instagram.com / timatiofficial On June 29, Philip Kirkorov’s son Martin celebrated his birthday. The boy is 8 years old. In honor of such an event, his father threw an enchanting party in the courtyard of his country house. Many famous friends of the artist gathered at the celebration: Yulia Baranovskaya, Sergey Lazarev, Ani Lorak and others, many of them took their heirs with them. The pop king, as usual, did not stint and spent a lot of money on organizing the celebration. In turn, the guests also spared no expense for a gift for the little birthday boy. Separately, the singer noted a gift from Timati. The rapper approached the matter with complete seriousness and handed Martin, one might say, an “adult” gift – his first motorcycle. Philip Bedrosovich expressed his delight at what he saw in his personal Instagram page in the story, and the child literally lost his voice when he saw the stylish bike. Kirkorov thanked the musician for such a luxurious present. According to some reports, this vehicle cost Timati 100 thousand rubles. The party was performed in the style of the Star Wars movie universe. Afterwards, animators dressed in the characters of the film arrived at the singer’s country house. Martin also played the role of one of the Jedi.

Rudkovskaya denied rumors about a foreign car donated to her son

The producer criticized the would-be journalists on the social network Ekaterina Labukhina June 30, 2020 13:55 Yana Rudkovskayainstagram.com / rudkovskayaofficial On June 28, the heir of Yana Rudkovskaya and businessman Viktor Baturin, Nikolai, turned eighteen years old. “Happy birthday, Kolunya, here you are already 18! I love and wish all your dreams to come true, knowing that nothing is impossible for you! The photo was taken by my eldest son Andrey (he has no social networks)! ” (hereinafter, the spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved, – approx. WomanHit.ru), – wrote the star mom on her blog a day ago. In addition to warm wishes, she published a festive frame on the social network. In the photo, Kolya, along with his younger brother Sasha, who became famous as the Dwarf Gnomych, and his mother are captured against the background of blue and silver balloons. And in the foreground is a luxurious green cake with raspberry filling, prepared by a famous pastry chef. Some media reported that the businesswoman gave the birthday man a foreign car worth seven million rubles. But, having learned about this, Yana hastened to refute the rumors. “Amazing people, how can I donate a car that is not even mine, but belongs to Porsche! I do not spoil my children! So before you write a lie, check the info! They got it with their stupidity and stupidity, “the 45-year-old socialite complained, referring to the would-be reporters in a story on Instagram’s personal page. Criticism, birthday, refutation, gift, son, holiday, car, comment, Viktor Baturin, producer , yana rudkovskaya, social networks, instagram, family photo

On her birthday, Pelageya posted a touching video with her daughter

The singer turned 34 years old Daria Chuchelina July 14, 2020 14:55 Pelageya with her daughter Photo: Instagram.com/pelageya_insta Back in December 2019, Pelageya announced a divorce from her husband Ivan Telegin after three years of marriage. Even the common daughter Taisiya, who turned three years old in January 2020, did not save the relationship of the spouses. And although in winter the singer and the hockey player announced that they did not regret anything and would try to maintain respect for each other, recently in the media every now and then there is information about the difficult divorce of Telegin and Pelageya. However, today the singer has a holiday – she turned 34 years old. … In honor of the significant date, a touching video clip with the participation of the singer and her three-year-old daughter Taisi appeared on Pelageya’s instagram account. “Happy birthday, Fields! You’ll be all right!” – reads the caption to the post. The star hastened to congratulate her colleagues on her birthday. So, in the comments under the publication, Svetlana Loboda noted. “Happy birsday, my dear. I wish you health, happiness and great luck in everything, “the singer wrote. It is worth noting that the birthday girl herself has not directly addressed her audience on Instagram for a long time. He does not comment on Pelageya and the divorce from Telegin. Instead of her, a lawyer communicates with journalists. It was thanks to him that it became known that the still legal spouses had problems with the division of property.

Tata Bondarchuk showed subscribers a new lover

The girl congratulated the man on his birthday Ekaterina Labukhina 20 July 2020 10: 20 Tata Bondarchuk www.instagram.com/tatamamik An interesting photo appeared on the personal blog of 30-year-old Tata Bondarchuk. The picture shows the secular lioness with her new lover Philip Frolov. “Happy birthday, my!” (hereinafter, the spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved, – approx. WomanHit.ru), – the girl signed the publication, adding emoji in the form of a heart to the words. The musician is 29 years old. By the way, how long Tata’s romance lasts is not yet known. She prefers not to talk about her personal life after her divorce from Sergei Bondarchuk at the end of last year. In one of the fresh posts on the social network, Bondarchuk noted that everyone should have a person next to them, for whom they want to live. “There is no recipe for parting. You just need to live and believe that it will only get better in the future, ”the girl wrote. Recall that Tata had been married to Fyodor Bondarchuk’s son for seven years. For the sake of full-fledged upbringing of daughters – Rita and Vera – the ex-couple maintained friendly relations. It is alleged that the divorce lawsuit was filed by his wife. The spouses did not plan to share the property and dispersed peacefully. Rumor has it that the union of Sergei and Tata broke up due to her husband’s infidelity. At the beginning of last year, Bondarchuk was suspected of having an affair with actress Nino Ninidze – they were repeatedly seen together in restaurants and clubs. The artists themselves are still bypassing this topic.

“My beloved boy”: Alsou tenderly congratulated her son on his birthday

The singer published a photo with a grown child Eugene Prilashkevich on August 11, 2020 13:10 The star does not like children Photo: instagram.com/alsou_a Alsu often shares pictures with her daughters with Instagram subscribers, but rarely shows her son. The exception was his name day – the boy was four years old. The singer posted a post with her grown-up son, under which she confessed to the absolute happiness “named Rafael” and wished the fans that their children be healthy and happy. Alsu has already shown her son in her microblog on Instagram. On the day of family, love and fidelity, July 8, the singer posted a photo in which the whole family is posing on a bench in the garden. Alsou decided to hide her son’s face with stickers in the form of glasses and a baby pacifier. The singer previously said that she does not show her son because she is afraid to harm him. Alsou also did not show her daughters until she was five years old. The artist said that Rafael will appear more often on her social networks when the boy himself wants it. Recall that Alsou has been married to businessman Yan Abramov for 14 years. The couple have three children: 13-year-old Safina, 12-year-old Mikella and 4-year-old son Rafael. The singer made sure that her daughters received a good education. Safina dreams of becoming a doctor in the future, but now she devotes time to music and photography. And Mikella decided to follow in the footsteps of her mother – she performs on stage. Both girls also speak English.

Inna Zhirkova took a walk on her daughter’s anniversary in the club: “They put on masks, washed their hands more often”

Milana Zhirkova became a singer and received a car and a bus as a gift Ulyana Kalashnikova 28 August 2020 17:40 The Zhirkov family celebrated the birthday of 10-year-old Milana The girl is 10 years old. WomanHit.ru found out the details of the children’s party. This year, even Inna Zhirkova, who celebrated within the apartment, failed to celebrate her birthday properly. But 10-year-old Milan was more fortunate: on her birthday it has already become possible to gather an audience in an entertainment facility that belongs to the star family. Moreover, all three children of the Zhirkov family spend this summer in Kaliningrad. True, at the holiday, of course, precautions were taken. “Since the establishment is ours, there were no difficulties in the organization, and I didn’t want to gather a lot of people because of this whole situation,” Inna told WomanHit.ru. – There were relatives at the holiday, so they didn’t really keep the distance. But the waiter, of course, was wearing a mask. The establishment has antiseptics, and the children washed their hands more often than usual. ”As in previous years, the girl herself chose the style of the holiday. This time they could not get around the topic of Tik-Tok, which is especially popular with the younger generation. So the guests watched the filming of the video, participated in all sorts of challenges, and those who were not yet in the know, learned what prank is – there were more than enough of such fun at the holiday. And of course, the children were greeted by fairy-tale characters: flower fairies, snow-white angels and mirror Mickey Mouse. Another event for all the participants of the children’s party was the performance of the birthday girl, who has been engaged in singing and acting for a year now. And amid the pandemic, the girl continued her studies online. Singing on stage was her dream, which she realized. Let it be within the walls of the karaoke club for now. ”The children had so much fun that we didn’t sit at the table – the children were constantly jumping, playing and singing. Well, at home, of course, we wished Milana health, success in her studies and so that she became a superstar, because she really likes to be on stage. It is not just that she is engaged in acting: she teaches a lot of poetry and devotes a lot of time to it, “Inna shared. Perhaps one of the main gifts for the birthday girl was the arrival of her father – football player Yuri Zhirkov, who, due to the specifics of his work, is often absent at home. Also, loving parents gave the child what she had long dreamed of: a large number of new LOL dolls, a large bus for dolls and even a car with a doll inside, as well as a whole chalet for toys. The guests gasped when they saw a luxurious cake made in the style of social networks. At home Milana also got a plush dog and money in a piggy bank. In general, everything is like that of adults. …

Igor Nikolaev noticed his daughter’s bright talent

Veronica composed the words and music of the song Raisa Chapala October 8, 2020 12:10 pm Igor Nikolaev and Veronica www.instagram.com Composer Igor Nikolaev will not be overjoyed at the success of Veronica’s youngest daughter. The 60-year-old father regularly publishes touching family sketches on his Instagram, obviously, the musician enjoys every moment of family happiness. A recent publication on Veronica’s birthday amazed subscribers: a five-year-old girl not only shows musical abilities, she sings and composes songs. “My little dreamer, songwriter and melody writer, kind heart, my mother Julia’s beloved daughter! Here comes the first anniversary! FIVE YEARS! 5 years of our happiness! Thank you, dear! “(The spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved, – approx. WomanHit.ru) – wrote an enthusiastic father. The girl herself declared herself, as it should be at a real concert:” Nika Nikolaeva sings the song ‘Mom, come! “”, dedicating it to Yulia Prokuryakova. This publication created a real sensation: a strict and authoritative ‘jury’ listened to the rising star. In the microblog of Igor Nikolaev, comments were published by the leading figures of the domestic show business: “What a fine fellow, he is following the melodic tracks!” – wrote Christina Orbakaite; “What a fine fellow!” – said Alla Pugacheva. Maxim Galkin, Natasha Koroleva, Alsou, Efim Shifrin, Denis Klyaver, Joseph Prigozhin, Valery Syutkin and others also shared enthusiastic responses.