Rudkovskaya reacted to Urgant’s joke about Plushenko

The host spoke about the youngest son of the couple Ekaterina Labukhina June 30, 2020 10:59 AM YANA RUDKOVSKAYA AND EVGENY PLYUSHCHENKO Ivan Urgant recently joked about the appointment of Evgeny Plushenko to the position of coach of the Russian national figure skating team. “As the Gnome Gnomych (the son of the athlete and Yana Rudkovskaya Alexander, – editor’s note) said, now it remains to attach the mother, and it will be possible to take a breath,” said the showman on the air of the program “Evening Urgant” on Channel One. I don’t give everyone peace, ”Rudkovskaya complained in response. The fact that Plushenko was appointed coach of the national team became known on June 14. He received this position after the transfer to his academy of the two-time world champion among juniors Alexandra Trusova from the group of another specialist – Eteri Tutberidze. Evgeny opened his own academy in April 2017. It is known that the little heir to the star couple has been engaged in figure skating for several years and regularly participates in popular ice shows. According to some reports, the boy earns 12 million rubles a year. Recall last May it became known that Rudkovskaya broke off friendly relations with the family of Andrei Malakhov and Natalia Shkuleva. She made this decision after publishing materials about her youngest heir in the presenter’s magazine. The article claimed that the child allegedly suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome. Upon learning of this, the parents rushed to refute this information and announced their intention to sue the unscrupulous journalists. Criticism, children, figure skating, sports, evgeny plushenko, athletes, joke, producer, yana rudkovskaya, ivan urgant, gnome gnomych

Style from the cradle: Samoilova, Borodina and others dress their children with a needle

Expensive brands combined with simple things are the guarantee of cool looks only a month ”,“ Buy more clothes of neutral colors so that the next child will revile ”- have you heard these phrases from people around you or thought so yourself? A good idea here is to preserve nature and not overuse its resources. But you never know if you’re going to have your next baby or stop there, so why deprive yourself of the pleasure of choosing tiny bodysuits, shirts and dresses? These stars will definitely not agree to sacrifice anything – their children are always dressed up and down: Oksana Samoilova While her daughters Ariela and Leia were small, Oksana was in full swing in the business of selling women’s and children’s clothing. Girls have always been models on the set and often flaunted in branded things on camera. The business was closed, but Oksana did not stop dressing her children beautifully. The blogger is now happy to dress up baby David, who only recently turned one year old. Maria Gorban The actress dresses her daughter Stephanie in a looser sports style. The girl often appears with her mother in family bows, in which both are convenient to go on business or play in the yard on the court. Maria’s mother cares no less about style: she always dresses stylishly and poses for vacation photos with her daughter and granddaughter, so not everyone immediately distinguishes Maria from her mother. Katie Topuria Katie herself is the standard of classical style, although she does not mind going out to performances. extravagant dress or suit. With regard to children, judging by the photo, she adheres to the same position. The daughter of the star Olivia has always dressed in branded clothes, because the girls’ mom and dad make good money. The singer also dresses up the newborn son Adam – in her profile there are several photos with the boy, where he is dressed mainly in a bodysuit in pastel colors with fashionable prints. Kylie Jenner Stormi, Kylie’s daughter, also dresses only in branded clothes. Mom buys her mini-sneakers, tiny bags, luxurious dresses, and all this the girl puts on at least once. But the money is clearly not wasted – in the American media space, the baby has become a real fashion icon, followed by millions of fans.

“Cosmic colors of life”: Syutkin showed a new photo with a baby

The singer became a father for the fourth time at the age of 62 Evgenia Prilashkevich 17 August 2020 14:51 The boy was named, as previously reported by WomanHit, the unusual name Leo. The singer shared on his Instagram a picture of the couple holding their newborn son surrounded by holiday balloons. Syutkin thanked the fans for the warm congratulations and added that he and his wife are discovering “new cosmic colors of life.” Syutkin’s wife hid her position for a long time, so the birth of a son was a pleasant shock for the fans. Viola confessed among her star friends that her husband treated her with reverence throughout her pregnancy. The couple dreamed of having a child in their family for a long time. Even on New Year’s Eve, the artist thought about the appearance of a baby, noting that the sex of the baby was not important to him. Syutkin also stressed that there is no question of surrogate motherhood. Recall that Valery Syutkin has four children: two adults, a son and a daughter, from their first and second marriages, and 24-year-old daughter Viola from the current marriage with 45-year-old Viola Syutkina. The couple have been together for 30 years.

Suddenly: Reshetova said that she “wanted more children”

In the comments, the followers turned to Timati Raisa Chapala October 8, 2020 14: Timati’s friend, mother of his second child, model Anastasia Reshetova has already realized that the baby is growing up as a real brawler and dictator: “Well, you have to be so characteristic and demanding. As soon as I go about my business, they immediately start showing me))) Grabs my hand or bites into my leg and asks me not to leave … He growls and hits me with his fists if he doesn’t like something. I am still slightly shocked. After all, it seems like just recently he was born, being a small 3.7 kilogram lump, which only did what he ate and slept, and now he is a full-fledged person who clearly wants to take the place of the boss in the house “(hereinafter, spelling and punctuation authors saved, – note Recall that Anastasia Reshetova gave birth to Ratmir’s son from Timati in October last year, and last September the couple announced their separation. All the more unexpected was Reshetova’s online statement today: “It has already become so big that I wanted more children.” The commentators actively encouraged the model in this endeavor and began to hint Timati that now, pay attention – there is work for you! But suddenly information leaked to the Network that the rapper now intends to look for a bride in a famous television show. So, if he does marry, it is not a fact that Anastasia. Recall that Timati has two children from different mothers: 5-year-old Alisa from model Alena Shishkova and one-year-old Ratmir from Anastasia Reshetova. Despite the fact that both beauties for some time considered enemies, they recently took part in an advertising photo shoot together, where they showed mutual sympathy and friendliness. The rivalry did not prevent them from earning together. This feature of the behavior of the heroes and heroines of glossy novels was recently noticed by the singer Slava. She did not hold back her emotions, up to the use of obscene expressions: “Some children give birth for PR. Other betrayals are invented for the sake of the tour or the promotion of the album, the third, allegedly part with the loved one for the sake of the same PR … “The singer published her remark on the social network, noting that” the world has gone crazy. “

Diana Arbenina brought her children to the Hermitage for the first time: “I’m afraid this will be our family anecdote for some time.”

The singer arranged an educational program for her son and daughter in St. Petersburg: there were some curiosities Ulyana Kalashnikova October 12, 2020 19:00 Diana Arbenina with children Sochi. As Diana says, the decision to fly to the Black Sea for literally a few days was spontaneous: “We had just handed over the book to the printing house, I was looking for a place and silence to prepare for a new project, but as a result I just took a ticket for three to Sochi.” (Laughs.) After a short sea vacation, Diana and her children went to St. Petersburg for a few days. Of course, the twins had already visited this city, but this time they had a rich classical program. And it began with the first excursion to the Hermitage for the Arbenins-junior. According to Diana, she did not specifically order professional escort of guides, she wanted the children to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the museum in a free mode. Diana and the children were greatly impressed by the information that the caretakers told them that about 10 million people visit the Hermitage every year. The Arbenins decided to start their acquaintance from the halls of classical painting. Imagine Diana’s amazement when Artyom, seeing “Madonna and Child” by Leonardo da Vinci, asked how the master knew the singer Madonna. “I’m afraid this will be our family anecdote for a while,” Diana commented, laughing.

Svetlana Svetlichnaya: “If I were thirty and got married, I would never give birth to children!”

The actress believes that her relatives tried to poison her Raisa Chapala 26 October 2020 15:08 Svetlana Svetlichnaya Lilia Sharlovskaya 80-year-old actress Svetlana Svetlichnaya said in the NTV studio that they tried to poison her. Allegedly, her granddaughter Maria Ivashova, together with two unknown people, left drops of mercury under the door of her grandmother’s apartment. The elderly actress said that at first her thermometer disappeared, and then she found traces of a dangerous substance. “They wanted to get rid of, so that I could vacate their apartment,” she said. Natalya Gulkina, who was among the guests in the studio, made a different assumption. “If they wanted to cause harm, they would not have thrown this mercury in a conspicuous place,” the singer doubted. But Svetlana Svetlichnaya did not concede: “Maybe they were in a hurry ?! Is that why I have such children ?! I gave birth to disgusting people! If I was thirty and got married – I would never give birth to children! ” – she said. The actress is also sure that her granddaughter Maria has always envied her fame, and her eldest son Alexei is just waiting for a single woman to vacate the living space. Svetlichnaya said that she survived oncology – she got out on her own, and the children never came to visit her. And in general, she considers her life a test – she buried her husband (artist Vladimir Ivashov suddenly died of a heart attack at the age of 56, – ​​note, as well as her youngest son Oleg (he died of alcohol poisoning, – note WomanHit. The guests in the studio nevertheless came to the conclusion that one cannot completely trust the words of Svetlana Svetlichnaya – as a person of a creative profession, she can exaggerate the colors and give free rein to imagination. The artist’s friend Prokhor Chaliapin is sure that Svetlana Afanasyevna is exaggerating. The singer remembered the case of how he and the actress went to a joint performance. In the car, Svetlichnaya suddenly warned that she would not communicate and talk with him. Then it turned out that the day before the actress had a dream of how Prokhor was strangling her, and decided that he wanted to kill her. “She had a friend, Ziusya. And then she told her that if a young man chokes in a dream, it is for the wedding. Well, and, accordingly, we made up. She exaggerates, like all creative people. And you have to find a common language with your relatives – they are normal people, ”said the popular performer. …

“Mom in the background is fire”: Galkin showed what Pugacheva used to accompany the children to school

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Lazarev shared a New Year’s photo with his grown-up daughter

Fans noticed how much the baby looks like the artist Evgeny Prilashkevich December 21, 2020 10:43 Sergei / lazarevsergey / Singer Sergei Lazarev rarely shares photos of his daughter Anna. However, the artist decided to please his subscribers and posted on his Instagram a picture with his 6-year-old son Nikita and 2-year-old daughter Anya. In the frame, the star, together with the children, is decorating the New Year tree. The baby is holding a toy in her hands and smiling sweetly. “For me, as an artist, New Year is always a hot season at work: recording programs for TV, photo sessions, events. Everywhere you have to be in time! But in all this hustle and bustle, it is very important to devote a lot of time to family and home. For me, the New Year is primarily a family holiday. This is a Christmas tree, gifts, children’s laughter and our family traditions (hereinafter, the spelling and punctuation of the authors are preserved, – note, – Lazarev shared under the post. A fan of the singer noticed how Sergei’s children, especially daughter Anya, grew up. Some have noted that she is very similar to her stellar father. “Dad, son and darling daughter”, “Go crazy! She even smiles exactly like dad”, “Annushka is already so grown up, Nikita is handsome,” the followers wrote in the comments.

“I regret it”: Irina Klimova spoke about her ex-husband’s betrayal and abortions

Irina Klimova Klimova dreamed of a child, but her husband, according to Irina, was not ready for repeated fatherhood – from the previous union he already had a son Mikhail. The actress became pregnant several times and immediately had abortions, which she now greatly regrets. “It seemed to Valera that he was not mature enough, although he already had a child from a previous marriage. We had the opportunity to become parents several times, but we refused it. I honestly regret it. I waited all the time for Valera to want this child too, but this did not happen. Abortion is horrible, it is murder, to be honest. By nature, I realized everything very late and grew up late. When the realization came to me, I was covered … “- Klimova said frankly. Over time, the relationship between the spouses worsened, and later Irina learned that Valery had been cheating on his wife for a year. Klimova learned about the secret romance personally from her husband’s mistress – she called the actress. “A woman’s voice was heard in the receiver, which asked Valera. The girl introduced herself as Irina. She said that she is the very woman with whom Valera has been dating for a whole year. To be honest, I sat down straight. Yes … And then she told me that she would like to meet with me … “- Klimova recalled. The artist said that she decided to meet with her husband’s mistress. “We met. It turned out that when I tried to glue our relationship with my husband, he had a completely different life in parallel. At the end of the conversation, she said to me: “Valera made me a wonderful gift.” I was surprised, because we have always been very modest with gifts. Irina says: “I am four months pregnant.” And literally two months before that, I was pregnant again, the child stopped developing. I had a miscarriage, I was very worried, “Irina admitted. Klimova said that after talking with her husband’s mistress, she and Valery had a serious conversation. The husband admitted that he was cheating on his wife and said that he did not know about the child. “It ended up asking him: ‘Can I stay at home?’ And after that we lived for another year, ”concluded the actress.

Fashion moms: is there a style after childbirth

When children come into our lives, they change not only the rhythm, but also the figure. And a woman always wants to remain perfect. will help you maintain confidence in your appearance even in this hectic period Maria Blavatskaya December 17, 2018 18:18 Dressing after childbirth Photo: The wardrobe for young mothers is quite specific, since you need to take into account the features of the figure that the pregnancy brought, as well as the change rhythm of life after childbirth. We will help you stay stylish, and at the same time you will have time to look after your baby. Dressing after childbirth Let’s start, perhaps, from the moment when you have already given life to a new little man. Almost all women change their figure after childbirth – and often changes not for the better. Of course, you can try to regain your former volumes, but there are things that we cannot change in our body. The main thing here is to understand that you have the right to be in any physique. After all, your beauty is inside. Pay more attention to your merits, so it will be easier to hide flaws, if any. After childbirth, women very often fall into depression because of their appearance, so when choosing clothes it is extremely important to take into account the moment that the things you buy should please you. Emotional uplift Don’t do Try to fit into the things you wore before pregnancy. Accept the fact that your body has changed, and now you will no longer have the same effect as before, when you were not planning a pregnancy. You get nothing but annoyance and frustration. Moreover, there have been tremendous changes in your life, which means you do not need to drag things from the past to the present. Buy exclusively clothes for pregnant women, things in which you will seem at least two sizes larger. Oversized things will not hide flaws, but only make you unkempt. You should also not buy an unlimited amount of clothes. Tune in to the fact that your shapes will change, so if you bought a bunch of things in the first month after giving birth, be prepared that you will either have to throw away most of it or give it to your friend, since they will be simply big for you. Cross on thin fabrics that are out of shape. They will only emphasize the ugly relief. This applies to dresses, tops and T-shirts; don’t wear too dark colors. During this period, you cannot depress the psyche even more. Black and colors close to it will only make you withdraw. You don’t need that, right? What to look for Colored things. Go online and look through all kinds of catalogs, or go to the store’s website, see what colors you are especially attracted to right now. Let’s say your choice fell on red. But pay attention to your skin: if it is prone to redness, choose softer shades, but not scarlet. This rule of thumb for buying colored items applies if you are purchasing a top. Experiment with the kits. For example, a blouse and jeans, or a shirt and skinny pants. Suitable for moms of any body size, they will not restrain you even when walking with your child. Create a two-layer top. Let’s say a shirt and a cardigan. The key is to create a line that will lengthen your silhouette. Try to match your outerwear so that the outerwear is darker than the inner.Do not underestimate outerwear and shoes. In the first months, your main activity will be walking with your baby, so do not skimp on outerwear and warm shoes in the winter. It is not so much appearance that is important as comfort and protection from hypothermia. Choose down jackets, jackets with lining. After all, you can be stylish in a down jacket, the main thing is to choose it according to your figure. Buy a few accessories, like a scarf and a hat, to stand out from your boring coat. Pay attention to your hair. They need to be clean and tidy or all your picking efforts will go to waste. Take our advice and stay stylish for yourself and your family! …