Fadeev got rid of 10 kilograms in a month

The producer recorded a video from the workout Ekaterina Labukhina April 30, 2020 09:55 am Maxim Fadeev www.instagram.com/fadeevmaxim Maxim Fadeev decided to spend a period of self-isolation due to the announced coronavirus pandemic with health benefits and still lose weight. The artist tries to move more and observe a special diet. He is happy to share the results with caring subscribers on his personal Instagram page. “Another 10 kg minus this month! Drink more water, less food, and more movement! Take care of yourself! Peace to your home! ” (The spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved, – approx. WomanHit.ru), – noted the showman, taking pictures of himself on the treadmill. To lose extra pounds, Maxim Alexandrovich goes in for sports at home – the composer walks on the treadmill, sweat pours from him in streams, but he overcomes himself and continues what he started. Recently, he has already lost 90 kilograms. For those who have long and strongly dreamed of losing weight, the producer advises drinking warm water – in particular, 600 milliliters strictly before meals. It is known that about two years ago, Fadeev admitted that it was because of his impressive weight that he decided to end his singing career – he fell ill with diabetes and gained 20 kilograms in just two weeks. In order to gain the coveted harmony, he tried many different methods – he even drank special pills for weight loss, which only hurt him – as a result, he added 12 kilograms. After this incident, the musician urges people not to believe in promising advertising slogans: figure, weight loss, excess weight, training, video, commentary, body, slimness, producer, maxim fadeev, physical activity, extra pounds

Katy Perry has published new “pregnant” photos

The singer filmed in the forest in quarantine Ekaterina Labukhina May 15, 2020 13:18 Katy Perry In the video, the 35-year-old actress undresses and climbs into a forest stream, but in the microblog, the star published only footage in a dress. This video, filmed outdoors under a declared quarantine, was directed by documentary filmmaker Liza Voloshin. “I wrote this song a couple of months ago as a call to stay true to the course that you set yourself, no matter what others think. Recently, it has acquired a new meaning for me in the light of what the whole world is experiencing. Each of us is one of more than seven billion, and he has his own story of strength and resilience “(the author’s spelling and punctuation are preserved, – approx. WomanHit.ru), – Perry signed one of the fresh posts. Now the performer is on the last months of pregnancy – this summer she and 43-year-old Orlando Bloom will have a daughter. Perry announced her pregnancy from British actor on March 5. After some time, Katie starred half-naked and showed a rounded belly in the video for the song “Never Worn White”. As a reminder, Perry and Bloom got engaged last February. Pregnancy, singer, forest, nature, commentary, belly, photoshoot, orlando bloom, social networks, katy perry, instagram, pregnant stars, quarantine

Concert director Babkina spoke about the state of health of the recovered singer

The singer observes self-isolation at home Ekaterina Labukhina May 19, 2020 17:57 Nadezhda Babkina Now the artist feels well and is already starring in new issues of the “Fashionable Sentence” program on Channel One. This is evidenced by fresh videos in the story on the performer’s personal Instagram page. Fans say on social networks that, despite what happened, Babkina looks “fresh”, rested and slimmed down. “Everything is great. Nadezhda Georgievna is in working order, she works, she is removed. I came to the theater for a meeting. Everything is all right with her. Now while she is at home, according to the instructions. Until the 31st, we are all on self-isolation, “- said its concert director Sergei Gorokh in an interview with the journalists of the TV channel” Zvezda “. Recall that Babkina was hospitalized in April. After that, she had to spend 31 days in a medical facility – on May 1, she was already at home.

Manukyan responded to criticism of the clip with Buzova about the war

The singer was unable to take off the expensive jewelry before shootingEkaterina LabukhinaMay 22, 2020 16:21David Manukyan After that, the couple had to face harsh criticism on the Web – many users did not like the image of Buzova: bright makeup and branded jewelry looked inappropriate against the background of hostilities in the forest. The blogger had to respond to critics. The man said that the video was created “purely for himself,” and recommended that the dissatisfied not watch it if they do not like it. He noted that he did not plan to create a highly artistic project, the video was shot quickly and was relatively cheap. “I spent 50 thousand rubles. We did not go to certain locations, there is a park near our house. We just went there. I paid the director 10 thousand, he filmed everything with a good camera. I didn’t have a goal to shoot a megakino. I did it for my own pleasure, ”said Dawa, stressing that the idea to shoot such a video came to him spontaneously, so it took only a few hours to prepare for the process. In addition, he did not seek to follow historical facts. Manukyan also explained why his chosen one refused to remove expensive accessories in the frame. “I told her before shooting: ‘Ol, take off your bracelets.’ But they are not removed from her just like that. There is a special key, but it was in another apartment. We just didn’t have the opportunity to take off the jewelry, we didn’t have time, ”the 27-year-old showman admitted in the #RUTalk online chat.

Svetlana Morgunova does not want to cremate her son who died from coronavirus

Svetlana Morgunova GENNADY AVRAMENKO On May 19 of this year, the only son of the People’s Artist of the Russian Federation Svetlana Morgunova, 52-year-old journalist Maxim Morgunov, passed away. The man died due to coronavirus infection. This event shocked his family, as well as fans of his star mother. At first, Maxim’s relatives were afraid to talk about what happened to Svetlana, as they understood that it would be a terrible blow for her. Upon learning of the death of her heir, Morgunova was hysterical. A friend of the announcer Vladimir Berezin says that the woman still cannot come to her senses and believe in the death of her beloved child. Berezin also noted that friends of her family decided to provide financial support to Morgunova’s granddaughter and daughter-in-law. Svetlana Mikhailovna herself has not yet given any comments to journalists. Vladimir said that the celebrity opposed the cremation of Maxim, but it is now customary for patients who have died from coronavirus to be cremated, given the danger of the spread of infection after a person’s death. According to a friend of the TV personality, if Morgunov manages to persuade his son to be cremated, then his ashes can be buried next to his family. “Sveta is against Max being cremated. And to bury him in a coffin now with this diagnosis … I don’t know how and what will happen … If someone persuaded Svetochka to be cremated, Max could be buried next to her grandmother Claudia, “Berezina quotes Sobesednik.ru.” On May 10, the diagnosis was made , and on May 19 he died. He called doctors, they told him that he didn’t need to go to the hospital. Either I was strained with places in hospitals, or they thought that the condition was not so serious. They told me to stay at home. He took the prescribed medications, followed all the prescriptions of the doctors. Perhaps if he had been taken to the hospital, he would have survived. A few hours before his death, he called up with his mother, joked, said that the dynamics were positive. This is the whole horror of this virus, “- said film critic Vera Musatova. …

Evgenia Loza announced the separation from Anton Batyrev

The actress commented on her decision on the social network Ekaterina Labukhina May 28, 2020 10:02 amEvgenia Loza Batyrev. In this marriage, they did not live even a year. “I hasten to disappoint – I will not have loud statements. Our marriage story is over. I am grateful to Anton for love and all the beautiful things that happened between us. We remain close people, but we will go through life separately. You have accepted our couple with love and, I hope, you will respect our decision to leave “(the spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved, – note WomanHit.ru), – wrote the artist on the social network. It is known that Loza married Batyrev, known for TV series “Pyatnitsky”, “Karpov”, “Division” and “Survive after”, August 22, 2019, although earlier she publicly stated that she did not plan to formalize the relationship and did not perceive colleagues as men at all. Together with Anton, they starred in the series “On the Swing of Fate.” This union was the first for the actress, but Batyrev previously married twice – his first marriage also lasted less than a year. He lived with his second wife longer – they had a common child – a son named Dobrynya. The actor loves the heir very much and tries to spend as much time with him as possible. Actress, relationship, divorce, commentary, details, personal life, social networks, instagram, parting with her husband, evgenia loza, anton batyrev

Emin Agalarov recovered from coronavirus

The singer found pluses in the transferred illness Ekaterina Labukhina June 5, 2020 10:05 am Emin Agalarov instagram.com / eminofficial Singer Emin Agalarov admitted that he had had COVID-19. He spoke about this in an interview with opera singer Yusif Eyvazov during a live broadcast on Instagram. The 40-year-old artist said that he was hiding the fact of infection so as not to breed numerous rumors around him. Due to his illness, he had to go through a very difficult test – to spend two weeks in isolation alone and communicate with his heirs only remotely. Agalarov also expressed confidence that the antibodies produced in the body after suffering an illness will protect it from re-infection with the coronavirus. Recall that in the middle of last May, Emin announced on the social network that he was going to divorce his second wife, model Alena Gavrilova. Their union lasted a little less than two years, the couple have a common daughter named Athena. By the current time, various versions of the reason for the breakdown of this relationship have been published on the Web. Some argue: it all happened due to the fact that the singer had a secret affair with a young actress, 28-year-old Diana Pozharskaya – she once starred in a showman’s video, and in the fall of 2019, Diana and Emin posed together on the red carpet in front of numerous press. Be that as it may, so far neither Agalarov, nor Gavrilova, nor Pozharskaya have commented on these speculations in any way.

Volochkova is ready to pay for the treatment of a “lover” in a mental hospital

The situation was commented on by the representative of the ballerina Ekaterina Labukhina June 5, 2020 12:38 pm Anastasia Volochkovainstagram.com / volochkova_art This year, a certain entrepreneur Vladislav Fomenko said that he had an affair with Anastasia Volochkova and she was even expecting a child from him. Six years later, the man unexpectedly demanded an answer from the artist, where did their heir go. He confirms his words with photographs with the ballerina. According to the businessman, their relationship ended quickly. At some point, the star blocked all his numbers, without really discussing anything. Anastasia believes that Fomenko makes good money on her behalf. But Volochkova is not going to sue Vladislav for libel and frank inventions. “Before suing someone, we assess the opponent for adequacy. Fomenko did not pass this test. Therefore, we recommend that he simply contact a specialized institution, where he will be prescribed the correct pills. Anastasia is even ready to pay for his treatment out of the kindness of her heart, ”celebrity spokeswoman Yulia Verbitskaya-Linnik told StarHit reporters. According to the dancer’s lawyer, Fomenko, among other things, is not a businessman, but an ordinary builder who was repairing a secular lioness’s country mansion. And the photos that the artist posted with him on social networks are nothing more than a friendly advertisement for his company.

Efremov pleaded guilty for road accident

The interrogation of the actor did not take place for a number of technical reasons Ekaterina Labukhina June 9, 2020 12:04 pm Mikhail Efremov Gennady Cherkasov Popular Russian artist Mikhail Efremov pleaded guilty to the accident on the Garden Ring, which killed the driver of the delivery van Sergey Zakharov. His lawyer told reporters about this: “Initially, yesterday he said that he was driving and was involved in an accident. But today the interrogation did not take place for a number of technical reasons, “- quotes the lawyer” RIA Novosti “. According to him, the actor may be interrogated later. Recall that the aforementioned incident happened yesterday evening at house 3 on Smolenskaya Square in Moscow. Efremov, who was driving a jeep, crossed a double continuous line, drove into the oncoming lane and collided with a Lada car. The victim of the collision of the driver of the van was urgently hospitalized by the Sklifosovsky Research Institute with a closed craniocerebral injury. All night doctors fought for his life, but this morning he died. The examination showed that during the accident Efremov was under the influence of alcohol. According to some reports, during the first interrogation, he expressed his thoughts with difficulty and could not really remember what happened and who else was in the cabin of his car. The actor was released home on recognizance not to leave. After Zakharov’s death, a criminal case was initiated under the article on violation of traffic rules in a state of alcoholic intoxication, which resulted in the death of a person. Now a celebrity faces up to 12 years in prison. Court, driver, road accident, actor, criminal case, death, lawyer, prison, commentary, drunk driving, Mikhail Efremov.

Natalya Gvozdikova about an accident involving Efremov: “I think: if you drank, take a taxi”

Actor Mikhail Efremov Gennady Cherkasov It became known tonight that the actor Mikhail Efremov, being intoxicated, got into an accident, which resulted in the death of a person. We contacted the actress Natalya Gvozdikova, who was familiar with the artist. – Natalya Fedorovna, in the acting circles now, perhaps, there is no person who does not know about the accident in which Mikhail Efremov fell. Have you already communicated with any of your colleagues about this? ”“ I didn’t know about this story, because I’m sitting at the dacha and practically don’t watch TV at all. I don’t use much of the mass media outside the city. But they called me recently and told: “Natasha, do you know?” I say: “What is it!” And this, of course, is terrible. I have no information. The only thing they told me was that he was drunk and drove into the oncoming lane in a car. I only know something from the stories of people. ”“ Have you known Mikhail Olegovich for a long time? ”“ I was not so close with Misha, although we visited festivals with him, he had his own company, I had my own. Therefore, I cannot say about him. The only thing was rumored that he liked to drink. Well, who doesn’t like to drink? .. It’s a pity. And I feel sorry for him. And if a person died, I just don’t know the situation yet, it’s terrible. – What is your attitude to the issue of drinking alcohol while driving? Some people think that if you drink a little, you can go… .- This is absolutely impossible to do. Because a person is in a state of alcoholic intoxication, no matter what, he may feel dizzy, he may feel bad … And then, excuse me, he (Efremov – author’s note) is not 20 years old! He is an adult who has already made his own conclusions. It’s just a pity, that’s all: he is a very talented person. We were always at Nika, and not only there, waiting for his performances. True, they were somewhat harsh, but since he considered it necessary to do so, it means that it was necessary. And I think: if you drank, take a taxi. Now they have flooded Moscow. There are more of them now than all other cars. Didn’t you have the opportunity to take a taxi? Why drive in such a state? Or, in the end, stay at home, no big deal. During the filming of the film, Nikita Emshanov, who was also driving from the club with friends, died. I don’t know if they were drunk or drugged, but they all crashed to death. Nikita Emshanov is a wonderful actor, we starred in the “Russian heiress”. And I really liked him, because he does not look like our today’s heroes, who are one size fits all. He was cute, cute, he had a good appearance, some kind of charisma. The day before, I just talked to him, I remember, we still laughed … I just arrived to the shooting. And suddenly they tell me that he was driving from the club at six in the morning at the wheel on the Garden Ring and crashed to death. So, one wonders, was it necessary for his mother, his relatives? The same Misha has children. And, they say, there were some problems with the girl, they told me again. Everyone has enough problems. Moreover, now the coronavirus, this is all so unpleasant. And it’s not just unpleasant: how many people have been crippled by this coronavirus! Therefore, all this time I was sitting in the country and did not show my nose. So what to do? …