Efremov pleaded guilty for road accident

The interrogation of the actor did not take place for a number of technical reasons Ekaterina Labukhina June 9, 2020 12:04 pm Mikhail Efremov Gennady Cherkasov Popular Russian artist Mikhail Efremov pleaded guilty to the accident on the Garden Ring, which killed the driver of the delivery van Sergey Zakharov. His lawyer told reporters about this: “Initially, yesterday he said that he was driving and was involved in an accident. But today the interrogation did not take place for a number of technical reasons, “- quotes the lawyer” RIA Novosti “. According to him, the actor may be interrogated later. Recall that the aforementioned incident happened yesterday evening at house 3 on Smolenskaya Square in Moscow. Efremov, who was driving a jeep, crossed a double continuous line, drove into the oncoming lane and collided with a Lada car. The victim of the collision of the driver of the van was urgently hospitalized by the Sklifosovsky Research Institute with a closed craniocerebral injury. All night doctors fought for his life, but this morning he died. The examination showed that during the accident Efremov was under the influence of alcohol. According to some reports, during the first interrogation, he expressed his thoughts with difficulty and could not really remember what happened and who else was in the cabin of his car. The actor was released home on recognizance not to leave. After Zakharov’s death, a criminal case was initiated under the article on violation of traffic rules in a state of alcoholic intoxication, which resulted in the death of a person. Now a celebrity faces up to 12 years in prison. Court, driver, road accident, actor, criminal case, death, lawyer, prison, commentary, drunk driving, Mikhail Efremov.

Moscow Art Theater artistic director accused society of bad influence on Efremov

Ekaterina Labukhina 30 June 2020 09:48 Mikhail Efremov is under house arrest. On the air of the radio station “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Boyakov urged to put the showman “in place.” He believes that the artist “went to this” all his life, feeling his impunity. “And we all developed this impunity. We formed it. The attitude towards these so-called “stars” in the media field is our responsibility, not only the stars are to blame, “Boyakov said. It was the condescending attitude of Russians towards the antics of Efremov and celebrities that” multiplied this situation, “he believes. “We are developing this mold, <...> in which people who do not have spiritual authority, intellectual data, but simply possess some qualities – here joke here, wink here, read poems here, prick someone,” says artistic director of the Moscow Art Theater. Summing up, Boyakov called it wrong to put such representatives of show business on a pedestal and treat them as “the main personalities who create our intellectual agenda.” This tendency must be resisted, he stressed. “Let’s stop calling these stars stars. Let’s put them in their place, ”urges Boyakov. Court, criticism, road accident, actor, prison, problems, theater, law, tragedy, commentary, crime, stars, show business, Mikhail Efremov.

Petrosyan filed a complaint against Koklyushkin for insulting Brukhunova

The satirist faces a fine of several hundred thousand rubles Ekaterina Labukhina July 6, 2020 11:00 Yevgeny Petrosyan www.instagram.com/petrosyanevgenyIn a recent interview, the star of “Crooked Mirror” Viktor Koklyushkin unflatteringly spoke about the young wife of Yevgeny Petrosyan – Tatyana Brukhunova. The artist also expressed fears that Yevgeny Vaganovich stopped appearing on television, this fact he connects with his new marriage. The man is sure that the girl is absolutely not suitable for the satirist. Koklyushkin also noted that after spending a short time in Brukhunova’s company, he realized that she was “filled with anger.” “He will not have a life, a dead end in all respects. He should dream of a noose every night, ”concluded Viktor Mikhailovich. Having learned about this, Petrosyan decided to intercede for the chosen one and bring his colleague to justice. The corresponding statement has already been submitted to the prosecutor’s office by his lawyer Sergei Zhorin. “After the release of this material, Yevgeny Vaganovich was very indignant. We decided not to leave this moment unpunished and to protect Tatiana. These phrases are unambiguously insults, since they are aimed at humiliating her honor and dignity, “- quotes the lawyer” StarHit “. If, after verification, the fact of an administrative offense is proven, Koklyushkin will have to pay a fine, the amount of which can reach several hundred thousand rubles. Recall that the wedding of Petrosyan and Brukhunova became known at the end of December last year. For the sake of a young assistant, the comedian divorced his fourth wife Elena Stepanenko – the couple lived together for more than 30 years. The process of division of property between the stars continues to this day. Court, criticism, fine, wife, relationship, insult, details, sergey zhorin, colleagues, humor, evgeny petrosyan, tatiana brukhunova

Pelageya lost her voice due to ships with Telegin

The singer continues recovery procedures under the supervision of doctors Ekaterina Labukhina 6 July 2020 09:48 Pelageya According to some reports, the man stopped paying attention to their common daughter Taisiya and decided to apply for housing where the girl lives with her mother. It is alleged that due to the worries associated with the litigation, the performer lost her voice. A physician who has been observing the star for many years told the reporters about this. “Polya could not even imagine that her husband would behave like that. The stress of the divorce made itself felt: she lost her voice. This is a very delicate instrument, its condition can suffer greatly from nervous tension, lack of sleep, “- quotes a specialist” StarHit “. He added that the pop diva is now undergoing recovery procedures under the supervision of doctors. It is possible that numerous publications in the media also influenced Pelageya’s health condition. In some of them, journalists suggested that the singer was demanding 1.5 million rubles from her husband as alimony. But this data turned out to be fake. Also, some blamed the celebrity for the collapse of his own family due to irrepressible jealousy. It is known that the next court session on the divorce of the artist from Telegin will be held on July 9 – there will be resolved issues on the division of property and alimony.

7 million rubles were collected from Shepelev in favor of Friske’s parents

Dmitry Shepelev www.instagram.com/dmitryshepelev From the star of the First Channel Dmitry Shepelev, 7 million 211 thousand rubles were collected in favor of the relatives of his former common-law wife, now late pop singer Zhanna Friske. So decided in the Presnensky court of the capital, reports “MK”. The claim of the artist’s father, Vladimir Friske, was sent to the grandson of Platon, whose legal representative is Shepelev. The aforementioned amount must be paid towards the fulfillment of obligations to jointly collect funds in the case of money collected in 2017 on the accounts of the Rusfond charitable organization. It is known that Rusfond filed a lawsuit against Frisk’s relatives in 2017. In January 2014, during the charity marathon, viewers of Channel One transferred 25 million rubles for the treatment of a cancer star, these funds were kept in the account of a charitable foundation. According to the agreement between the singer and Rusfond, unspent funds for her treatment must be returned. During the life of Jeanne, the fund received a report only in the amount of 3.3 million rubles. After her death, her relatives refused to return the remaining money – 21.6 million rubles. They did not provide documents proving the payment of additional medical expenses. According to Shepelev, shortly before the death of his chosen one, her mother withdrew the entire amount from the account. In August last year, Rusfond confirmed that it had received all the money collected for the treatment of the pop diva. For this, representatives of the organization turned to bailiffs. In May, 7.9 million rubles were paid, and after a while – another 13.6 million rubles. Who exactly from the relatives paid this or that part of the debt is not disclosed. According to Zhanna’s father, his family had to say goodbye to many in order to pay off Rusfond. For example, half of the house in the Istra district, which Friske and Shepelev were building together, was sold to the showman for eight million. The apartment in Shmitovsky Proezd was preserved and not put up for auction. Recall that the 40-year-old ex-soloist of the “Brilliant” died on June 5, 2015 from glioblastoma – the most aggressive and widespread of malignant brain tumors.

Efremov was called a “victim” of the actions of his own lawyer

The situation was commented on by Alexander OstrovskyEkaterina Labukhina6 August 2020 10: 57Mikhail Efremovyoutube.com Russian cinema star Mikhail Efremov recently refused to plead guilty to a fatal Moscow accident. Honorary lawyer of Russia Alexander Ostrovsky believes that such a defense strategy – the interests of the artist is represented in court by Elman Pashayev – is destructive for him. According to the expert, the showman became a “victim” of his lawyer. “This only worsens the attitude of the court towards Efremov, because he denies the obvious things. If he admitted guilt, then this would be one of the mitigating circumstances for a conditional sentence or receiving a settlement as punishment. And so Efremov tightens a noose around his neck, “- quotes Ostrovsky NSN. The expert also doubts Pashayev’s mental health, noting that this lawyer was expelled from the chambers of law several times. It is also known that he served time for his professional activities. “I believe that Efremov is in the hands of a charlatan, and for me it is very sad and pitiful,” Ostrovsky summed up. On August 5, the Presnensky District Court of Moscow began considering the actor’s case on the merits. The prosecutor read out the indictment, but the defendant pleaded not guilty. According to the artist, he “does not remember anything.” Pashayev claims that no one has any evidence that his ward was driving at the time of the accident. Recall that the unfortunate accident occurred on June 8 on Smolenskaya Square in the capital. Efremov’s car drove into the oncoming lane and collided with a delivery van driven by a courier Sergei Zakharov – the man died in the hospital from his injuries. Mikhail Olegovich is now under house arrest, he faces up to 12 years in prison. Court, criticism, Moscow, road accident, actor, death, lawyer, house arrest, commentary, details, Mikhail Efremov, colleagues, confession.

Efremov pleaded guilty to the sensational road accident

The actor made a statement in the courtroom Ekaterina Labukhina September 3, 2020 11:11 AM Mikhail Efremov GENNADIY CHERKASOV Russian cinema star Mikhail Efremov pleaded guilty to an accident on Smolenskaya Square in Moscow, as a result of which the driver of the delivery van Sergey Zakharov died. “I have a statement. I admit my guilt, “- said the artist after the judge’s question whether he would mind starting the debate of the parties in the absence of the second defender Elizaveta Shargorodskaya, RIA Novosti reports. Note that on September 1, in court, representatives of the prosecutor’s office provided recordings from video cameras along the route of Mikhail Olegovich’s car. A criminal case was brought against the actor after the actor got drunk and got behind the wheel of his jeep on the evening of June 8 and, having driven into the oncoming lane, crashed into Zakharov’s car, who soon died in the hospital from his injuries – a closed head injury turned out to be incompatible with life. At first, the celebrity repented and offered his help to the family of the deceased, and a few days later he said that he did not remember what happened. His lawyer Elma Pashayev insisted that not Efremov was driving that evening, but another person. However, several witnesses at once claimed that it was the artist who was in the driver’s seat. Now the star is under house arrest, he faces from 5 to 12 years in prison. …

Efremov’s wife: “Bear, pray”

The court did not deprive the actor of state awards Yekaterina Labukhina8 September 2020 13:37 Mikhail Efremov / Sofya Kruglikova Yekaterina SHLYCHKOVA Russian cinema star Mikhail Efremov received eight years in a general regime colony for a fatal road accident due to which Ryazan resident Sergei Zakharov died. The prosecution asked for 11 years in prison for the artist. The artist was taken into custody right in the courtroom. He was also charged with 800 thousand rubles in a civil suit by the eldest son of the deceased driver.Mikhail Efremov and Elman Pashayev at sentencing Judge Elena Abramova did not give the actor an easy sentence. He stood silently, leaning on the table. It seemed to some that he was about to fall. His wife Sofya Kruglikova did not leave the courtroom until the last moment and did not hold back tears during the announcement of the prison term. When the man in handcuffs was taken out of the courtroom, his wife shouted after him: “Bear, pray, Bear,” after which she sobbed on the shoulder of Ivan Okhlobystin’s wife, Moskovsky Komsomolets reports. “Congratulations, Russia is on fire! The darkness is falling! ” – shouted the crowd when Efremov was taken out in handcuffs. At the same time, part of the audience, on the contrary, believed that the term should have been longer. Ivan Okhlobystin, Garik Sukachev and Sofya Kruglikova Note that the actor was not deprived of state awards, which, as positive characteristics and minor children, became extenuating circumstances in the case. We also add that Mikhail Olegovich has a chance to be released on parole. The artist was deprived of his driver’s license for three years. The period of being under house arrest will be credited to the sentence at the rate of two days for one. Consequently, Efremov will spend 7 years and 10.5 months in prison. …

Okhlobystin commented on the verdict of Efremov

The actor came to support his colleague in the courtroom Anastasia Mishakov8 September 2020 14:19 Ivan Okhlobystin in court Ekaterina SHLYCHKOVA Today, the verdict on Mikhail Efremov took place, the scandalous trial of which has been going on since June this year. The actor was tried in the case of an accident, which resulted in the death of a person. The court fully recognized Efremov’s guilt and appointed him a real term – 8 years in a general regime colony. Ivan Okhlobystin, Garik Sukachev and Sofya Kruglikova In the courtroom, some of the actor’s colleagues came to support Efremov, including Ivan Okhlobystin. After the meeting, he did not speak with reporters, but he has already commented on the situation on Instagram. “Well, everyone is happy ?! 8 years “, – wrote Okhlobystin in the microblog. Mikhail Efremov and Elman Pashayev at the sentencing. True, in the comments, Ivan’s subscribers did not support him, noting that one should be held accountable for their actions. And some suggest that Efremov will be released earlier – on parole. …

Defense of Mikhail Efremov: “We will file an appeal”

Today the verdict was announced to Mikhail Efremov. Photo photo: Elizaveta Shargorodskaya, Elman Pashaev, Mikhail Efremov Ekaterina SHLYCHKOVA The artist was given 8 years in a general regime colony, which, of course, shocked not only Efremov himself, but also all those who are now on the artist’s side. It is still quite difficult to find out any details from the deceased’s lawyers, since the meeting ended quite recently. However, WomanHit.ru managed to contact Efremov’s lawyer Elizaveta Shargorodskaya, who also helps the accused. She did not hide that the actor’s defense side will continue to fight further. “We will file an appeal,” Shargorodskaya said. …