Efremov’s daughter wants her mother to be treated in a psychiatric clinic

The girl does not feel love for the actress suffering from alcoholism Ekaterina Labukhina May 27, 2020 18:20 ANNA-MARIA EFREMOVA INSTAGRAM.COM / AMEFREMOVA clinic. The girl admits that the actress often raised her hand when she was 8-12 years old. “I don’t think I want to call her such an important word as ‘mother.’ I do not feel love for her at all, “says Anna-Maria on the air of the new edition of the NTV program” Secret for a Million. “Other children of Russian celebrities were also present in the studio of Lera Kudryavtseva. Among them are the daughter of Alexander Serov – Michel Serova, daughter of Leonid Yakubovich – Varvara Yakubovich, son of Elena Yakovleva – Denis Shalnykh, daughter of Alexander Malinin – Kira Evdokimova and son of Oleg Gazmanov – Rodion Gazmanov. It is known that in the late 90s, when Efremov and Kachalina got married, the woman was a promising actress. She has roles in several interesting films, such as: “Wild Love”, “The Romanovs: The Crowned Family”, “The Goddess: How I Fell in Love”, as well as the series “The First Circle”. But in 2019, the public found out that Kachalina was addicted to alcohol, stopped acting and went into seclusion. And Efremov married for the fifth time and took his daughter to him.

Efremov’s daughter is dating a girl and wants to leave for England

The girl considers herself a non-binary person Ekaterina Labukhina June 1, 2020 18: 54 ANNA-MARIA EFREMOVA INSTAGRAM.COM / AMEFREMOVA The heiress of the famous Russian artist, 56-year-old Mikhail Efremov, Anna-Maria made an unexpected statement. “I sometimes speak masculine about myself. I don’t like to belong to any gender. There are persons who do not consider themselves to be either traditionally masculine roles or traditionally feminine – the so-called non-binary persons. I just consider myself a non-binary person, “the girl explained her position on the air of the new release of Lera Kudryavtseva’s show” Secret for a Million “. She admitted that at the current time she is in a relationship with a representative of her gender, and also dreams of moving to England, create a same-sex family there and adopt a child. Her dad knows about it too. The actor treats this “more or less neutral” and does not suit the 20-year-old daughter of scandals. Now the girl is also trying to help her drinking mother, actress Ksenia Kachalina. According to Anna-Maria, the woman is in an inadequate condition and the best specialists are required for her treatment, and she is trying to attract her father to search for them. “My parents loved to do strange things and made me,” Anna-Maria sneers. Now she visits a psychotherapist every week, who pays 3,500 thousand rubles, the specialist also writes her a prescription for potent antidepressants. The girl feels especially hard after family meetings. Actor, moving, marriage, help, daughter, relationship, psychotherapy, england, Mikhail Efremov, Lera Kudryavtseva, non-traditional sexual orientation, Ksenia Kachalina

“Hit the car”: the chronology of the fatal accident Mikhail Efremov

The actor was drunk and promised to cure the second driverAnna Pischeva June 9, 2020 12:35 pmMikhail EfremovGennady Avramenko An accident involving Mikhail Efremov’s car on the Garden Ring in front of the Russian Foreign Ministry building. The actor’s Jeep Grand Cherokee crossed a double continuous line, entered the oncoming lane and collided with a Lada van. The driver, the courier of the online store, was urgently hospitalized by the Sklifosovsky Research Institute with a closed craniocerebral injury. Efremov was detained by police officers at the scene. His medical examination was carried out, which showed the presence of alcohol in his blood. According to media reports, during the first interrogation, Efremov expressed his thoughts with difficulty, “rather mumbled than spoke” and could not remember what happened and who else was in the car. He answered questions: “I understand that I hit the car,” the actor was quoted by Channel Five. The actor did not understand the seriousness of the incident, and when he found out that the driver of the second car was badly injured, he said that he would cure him. It was assumed that his colleague Ivan Stebunov and his wife were in the car with Efremov, but he later denied this version. A criminal case was initiated under part 2 of Article 264 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“Violation of traffic rules and vehicle operation”), he was released on recognizance not to leave. At 8 am today, the second driver, 57-year-old Sergei Zakharov, died in hospital. The doctors reported that the patient received injuries incompatible with life. In connection with the death of the driver injured as a result of the accident, the criminal case initiated against Efremov was re-qualified to p “a”, part 4 of the above article (an act that caused by negligence the death of a person ). Now Efremov faces punishment in the form of imprisonment for a term of five to twelve years. On Tuesday, June 9, the second interrogation of Efremov did not take place “for a number of technical reasons,” as the artist’s lawyer told RIA Novosti. However, the lawyer clarified that Mikhail “yesterday said that he was driving and was involved in an accident.” Mikhail Efremov’s daughter Anna-Maria has already reacted to the incident. The girl said that “to cover up and say that he is not guilty is stupid and irresponsible,” and also asked to help her find the contacts of the family of the deceased driver in order to provide her with all possible assistance. …

Khilkevich decided to change the name of the youngest daughter

The actress is going to visit the registry office katerina Labukhina June 9, 2020 14: 11Anna Khilkevich with her daughter Recently, the TV personality decided to change the name of the youngest heiress. It turned out that even before she became a mother for the second time, she received a huge amount of advice from her friends and family on the best way to name the girl. “It’s so interesting, our Mashenka, when you ask her name, most often answers “Anya”, and when I was pregnant with her, several (!!!) people advised me to name the baby by the name “MaryAnna”))) but we did not listen, because it would not be very convenient to shout from the room: “Arianna and MaryAnna, and Pour me some tea! “” (hereinafter, the spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved, – approx. WomanHit.ru), – the artist writes on her personal Instagram page. “Therefore, we decided that Maria is an excellent name) But the owner of the name has a different opinion … and therefore we got a strange idea – to add the prefix “Anna” to her name. Only at the beginning) to make Anna Maria. She will still remain Maria, but there will be more options))) So it remains to wait until you can safely visit the registry offices to add 4 letters to the birth certificate, “the celebrity summed up. Previously, Khilkevich noted that 4-year-old Masha already has a complex character. Actress, family, TNT, daughter, TV series, details, second child, university, Anna Khilkevich, youngest daughter, child’s name

On her birthday, Pelageya posted a touching video with her daughter

The singer turned 34 years old Daria Chuchelina July 14, 2020 14:55 Pelageya with her daughter Photo: Instagram.com/pelageya_insta Back in December 2019, Pelageya announced a divorce from her husband Ivan Telegin after three years of marriage. Even the common daughter Taisiya, who turned three years old in January 2020, did not save the relationship of the spouses. And although in winter the singer and the hockey player announced that they did not regret anything and would try to maintain respect for each other, recently in the media every now and then there is information about the difficult divorce of Telegin and Pelageya. However, today the singer has a holiday – she turned 34 years old. … In honor of the significant date, a touching video clip with the participation of the singer and her three-year-old daughter Taisi appeared on Pelageya’s instagram account. “Happy birthday, Fields! You’ll be all right!” – reads the caption to the post. The star hastened to congratulate her colleagues on her birthday. So, in the comments under the publication, Svetlana Loboda noted. “Happy birsday, my dear. I wish you health, happiness and great luck in everything, “the singer wrote. It is worth noting that the birthday girl herself has not directly addressed her audience on Instagram for a long time. He does not comment on Pelageya and the divorce from Telegin. Instead of her, a lawyer communicates with journalists. It was thanks to him that it became known that the still legal spouses had problems with the division of property.

Daughter Zavorotnyuk spoke about moving to Moscow

The girl fell in love with village life Ekaterina Labukhina July 14, 2020 16:16 Anna Zavorotnyuk At the beginning of the coming autumn, the renovation will end in the girl’s apartment. Anna spent the whole summer outside the city and admitted that she really liked the village life. “On the one hand, I really look forward to it, because after a long life in New York, I miss the feeling of the metropolis and the boiling life around me. I want to be in the thick of Moscow life as soon as possible and go out to meet people and be within walking distance of all the benefits of our civilization “(hereinafter, the spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved, – note WomanHit.ru), – the girl writes on her personal page” Instagram. ”“ But I am sure that after the move, I will be bored and will still go out of town on the weekend, because nothing gives me such a feeling of harmony and inner peace, like rustling trees and singing birds in the morning, ”she said. Summing up, Anna asked the followers where it is more comfortable for them to live – in the city or outside. Recently, information began to appear on the Internet that the cancer patient Zavorotnyuk was on the mend. According to some sources, now the TV personality has finally completed a rehabilitation course and was able to return to her three-story country house in Krekshino. There are even suggestions that the actress may soon return to work. But for now, experts continue to monitor her condition – after all, it is not yet stable.

Daughter Zavorotnyuk suspects that she was infected with COVID-19

Anna Zavorotnyuk, the eldest heiress of the star of “My Fair Nanny” Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, Anna, admits that she has contracted the coronavirus. In one of the fresh posts on her personal Instagram page, she told fans that she was very ill. According to the girl, she had a fever, started a strong cough, so she decided to be tested for COVID-19. “The fact is that I got sick and very badly. Passed the test for covid, but the result has not yet come. Symptoms are very similar to a severe cold (fever, nasal congestion, and cough). On the one hand, I understand that probably we all need to get sick, so that we develop general immunity “(hereinafter, the spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved, – note WomanHit.ru), – said Anna.” But on the other hand, it is necessary be very careful, especially if we live with our parents and grandparents. Because according to general statistics, a young body copes with the virus much easier, but for older people it is very difficult. Until I find out my results, I locked myself in a room and poke my nose out just to pick up a plate of food, “she summed up, urging everyone to take care of themselves and loved ones. It is known that soon Anna is going to move to the center of Moscow. At the beginning of the coming autumn, repairs will be completed in the girl’s apartment. She spent the whole summer outside the city and admitted that she really liked the country life.

Inna Zhirkova took a walk on her daughter’s anniversary in the club: “They put on masks, washed their hands more often”

Milana Zhirkova became a singer and received a car and a bus as a gift Ulyana Kalashnikova 28 August 2020 17:40 The Zhirkov family celebrated the birthday of 10-year-old Milana The girl is 10 years old. WomanHit.ru found out the details of the children’s party. This year, even Inna Zhirkova, who celebrated within the apartment, failed to celebrate her birthday properly. But 10-year-old Milan was more fortunate: on her birthday it has already become possible to gather an audience in an entertainment facility that belongs to the star family. Moreover, all three children of the Zhirkov family spend this summer in Kaliningrad. True, at the holiday, of course, precautions were taken. “Since the establishment is ours, there were no difficulties in the organization, and I didn’t want to gather a lot of people because of this whole situation,” Inna told WomanHit.ru. – There were relatives at the holiday, so they didn’t really keep the distance. But the waiter, of course, was wearing a mask. The establishment has antiseptics, and the children washed their hands more often than usual. ”As in previous years, the girl herself chose the style of the holiday. This time they could not get around the topic of Tik-Tok, which is especially popular with the younger generation. So the guests watched the filming of the video, participated in all sorts of challenges, and those who were not yet in the know, learned what prank is – there were more than enough of such fun at the holiday. And of course, the children were greeted by fairy-tale characters: flower fairies, snow-white angels and mirror Mickey Mouse. Another event for all the participants of the children’s party was the performance of the birthday girl, who has been engaged in singing and acting for a year now. And amid the pandemic, the girl continued her studies online. Singing on stage was her dream, which she realized. Let it be within the walls of the karaoke club for now. ”The children had so much fun that we didn’t sit at the table – the children were constantly jumping, playing and singing. Well, at home, of course, we wished Milana health, success in her studies and so that she became a superstar, because she really likes to be on stage. It is not just that she is engaged in acting: she teaches a lot of poetry and devotes a lot of time to it, “Inna shared. Perhaps one of the main gifts for the birthday girl was the arrival of her father – football player Yuri Zhirkov, who, due to the specifics of his work, is often absent at home. Also, loving parents gave the child what she had long dreamed of: a large number of new LOL dolls, a large bus for dolls and even a car with a doll inside, as well as a whole chalet for toys. The guests gasped when they saw a luxurious cake made in the style of social networks. At home Milana also got a plush dog and money in a piggy bank. In general, everything is like that of adults. …

Daughter Guzeeva naked for subscribers

The presenter commented on this photo shoot Ekaterina Labukhina September 3, 2020 13:50 Olga Bukharova www.instagram.com / _larisa_guzeeva_ The network is actively discussing candid pictures of Larisa Guzeeva’s daughter, 20-year-old Olga Bukharova. On them, the girl is captured in some panties, not hiding her naked chest from the camera. The provocative photo session was taken in a dimly lit room, and we can only guess who was the operator. Many Internet users were also confused by Olga’s poses – the heiress of the “Cruel Romance” star did not try to appear deliberately sexy and, perhaps, did not try to pose at all, demonstrating her profitable angles.Note that Bukharova loves to tease and surprise her subscribers, trying on unusual images and not being afraid to daringly experiment with appearance. Sometimes her style seems gloomy to followers. The journalists of the PolitExpert portal decided to ask Guzeeva how she relates to her daughter’s candid photo session: “And what, she killed and ate someone? No, I hung up, I do not comment on such things. Give birth to your children and bring up, okay? She did not kill anyone and did not eat anyone, ”the TV personality said in her manner. Recall that Olga’s father is the restaurateur Igor Bukharov. She was a late and desired child. Breast, daughter, relatives, presenter, social networks, let’s get married, instagram, larisa guzeeva, eyebrows, nudity, Olga Bukharova

Investigative Committee opened a criminal case on the death of Konkin’s daughter

To find out the cause of the girl’s death, a forensic medical examination was appointed Ekaterina Labukhina September 28, 2020 17:33 Sofia Konkina cinema, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Vladimir Konkin, one of the city’s fitness centers allegedly drowned in the pool. 238 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (provision of services that do not meet safety requirements) “, – said in the message of the employee of the main investigative department of the IC in Moscow, senior assistant to the head of the capital head office of the IC RF Yulia Ivanova, reports RIA Novosti. A forensic medical examination has been appointed to find out the exact reason death of the girl. Recall that Sophia Konkina died on September 24. On the night of September 23, she was hospitalized – the ambulance was taken over by the fitness center workers. Earlier, a number of media outlets claimed that the actor’s daughter had kidney problems. However, relatives do not believe that she could drown, since the girl swam well, and the depth of the pool was only 1.6 meters. Moscow, actor, criminal case, death, cinema, daughter, reasons, fitness, details, pool, Soviet cinema, Vladimir Konkin.