Gagarina’s husband shared a “personal” poem of his own composition

Fans discuss the latest posts of the photographer amid rumors of divorce Ekaterina Labukhina May 20, 2020 10:16 am Dmitry / isxakov A few hours ago, an unusual post appeared on the personal Instagram page of Polina Gagarina’s husband, photographer Dmitry Iskhakov. “The Countess, with her changed face, runs to the pond” (hereinafter, the spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved, – approx., – the man writes under a photograph of an elderly woman, playfully winking and smiling at the camera. with the bad intentions of Leo Tolstoy’s wife, who learned about the imminent divorce. Others guessed that the photographer had quoted Bender’s telegram from The Golden Calf. And earlier Iskhakov shared with subscribers a poem of his own composition: “One step at a time – in a run, Kaleidoscope days – a whistle, If only to twist the run, And again I am a clean sheet”. In the caption, the photographer noted that it is “pretty personal and almost intimate.” Most fans react to such publications with a degree of bewilderment. After all, now the public expects comments from him and his star darling about the divorce – this week the media reported that the couple intends to break up. Recall that the union of Iskhakov and Gagarina lasted almost six years. In 2017, they had a daughter, Mia. The representative of the performer told reporters that if the artist wants to make a statement, “she will definitely publish it in her accounts in the form in which the information will be transmitted without distortion.” Singer, relationship, husband, divorce, photographer, parting, social networks, polina gagarina, instagram, dmitry iskhakov, quotes

The clairvoyant commented on the rumors about the divorce of Gagarina and Iskhakov

Saona believes that the couple is breaking up because of betrayal Saona. 19 May 2020 19:07 Dmitry Iskhakov Photo: Fans of the stars are very attentive people. They are always the first to notice their idols on their microblogs when something is wrong. So in the story with Polina Gagarina and Dmitry Iskhakov, it was the fans who were alarmed not so long ago: at first they noticed that the spouses appear less and less on social networks, then they noticed the absence of a wedding ring on the singer’s hand. rumors about the separation of the couple. At first, Gagarin was accused of treason – the star was credited with an office romance with Sergei Lazarev. And then – with the actor Yevgeny Borodenko. By the way, Iskhakov even joked about this on Instagram. “What to do?! Why am I so unpleasant here ?! It is not surprising that she left (Polina, – ed.). I would have walked away from myself, “- then ironically Dmitry. Later, they began to ascribe adultery to Iskhakov himself – albeit without evidence. But now the journalists have found out that Gagarina fired her husband from the position of director of her LLC, through which she carries out creative activities. And again there were loud headlines about divorce, and observations of subscribers were added to them, but the main argument among gossipers is the silence of the spouses themselves. It would seem that there is nothing easier than directly saying that no one is going to get divorced. However, so far the journalists have managed to get only one comment – and that one is very uninformative. The singer’s representative said that if Polina wants to make a statement on this topic, then she herself will publish it on social networks. Therefore, asked the clairvoyant and tarot reader Saona what was really going on. “Polina Gagarina is a very cold girl in herself, it is difficult for her to show her emotions, even if it is her loving husband. The singer is certainly beautiful, interesting, but there is no love charm from her, she cannot give what he needs. Over time, in these relationships, Polina became even more alienated, but this was to be expected. Despite her beauty and success, her husband always cheated on her. This divorce will take place against the backdrop of betrayal. Polina is tired of accepting this and living with this hurt and pain. Dmitry is now in a state of love and openly talks about this to his wife, but he only has feelings for another woman who is much younger than him. I cannot say that the relationship with the new chosen one will last long, but after that they will not reunite with Polina, “Saona said.” The singer is not in her best condition now, she is very worried, angry, she is annoyed that everything turned out this way. It takes time for her to calmly react to the father of her child and ex-husband. As for the general business, now they can twist things and aggravate the situation, so in their place I would leave all financial issues until the moment when everyone calms down and does not make hasty decisions. As for the singer’s personal life, everything will be fine with her, and an unforgettable love relationship awaits her, where a man, by the way, will be younger than her and no less successful than her ex-husband, ”says Saona.

Experts: Samoilova wants to get more than half of Dzhigan’s income

The couple will divorce in mid-June Ekaterina Labukhina May 20, 2020 11:40 Dzhigan and Oksana Samoilova On his personal Instagram page, the performer regularly confesses his love to his wife and publishes romantic photos with her. The rapper recently dedicated a song to his beloved, but, unfortunately, the miracle did not happen, the couple is still getting divorced. The court session is scheduled for mid-June, Starhit reports. It is known that the spouses did not draw up a marriage contract. When they met, Dzhigan was little known and earned very modestly. The couple postponed the wedding for a long time, as there was simply no money to organize it. Several years ago, they bought a house outside the city, where they were doing expensive repairs for a long time. According to some reports, this mansion can be sold today for 140 million rubles. After all, at the moment, the main activity of the artist, which brought him income, – concert and corporate performances, has been suspended due to the pandemic. Some believe that the star family is already running out of livelihood and, perhaps, they will have to take out a loan or sell some from cars. Be that as it may, experts suggest that as alimony after the divorce, Samoilov wants to receive more than half of Dzhigan’s income, which is approximately 2-3 million rubles. Recall that the model and the musician have four children: three daughters and a youngest son. Money, divorce, scandal, model, alimony, details, large family, parting, rapper, djigan, oksana samoilova, income

Alena Gavrilova on breaking up with Emin: “This topic is closed forever”

The wife of the musician for the first time commented on the situation about what is happening Stepan Malinovsky May 23, 2020 00:00 Alena and EminPHOTO: INSTAGRAM.COM/AGAVRILOVA777 The coronavirus pandemic has destroyed many families. And celebrities in this sense are no exception. Several star couples announced their separation this spring. Among them are the musician Emin and his beautiful wife Alena Gavrilova. The couple lived only two years, they had a daughter, Athena. From the outside, it seemed that this was an ideal family. Therefore, Emin’s message on social networks about the breakup was a real shock for the musician’s fans and even for his colleagues. “It was a really happy day in our life! Unfortunately, not everything worked out as we had planned, I am sincerely grateful to you for every day spent together and, of course, for our wonderful daughter Athena! ” (hereinafter, the spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved, – approx., – said Emin, having published a post on his personal Instagram page. Emin also admitted that he treats Alena very warmly, despite the separation. “You are an incredibly kind, special person,” he said to his wife. – The next most important stage in our life, of course, is the upbringing of our wonderful child, and we will definitely succeed. We went through a lot together and I have a feeling of great respect and gratitude for you, which I want to carry through my whole life. ”It is clear that many tried to find out firsthand: what was the reason for the separation. Emin himself, although he continues to be an active user of social networks, nevertheless decided not to go into any details. But on his instagram there were a lot of joint pictures with his daughter Athena. Many fans of the musician even concluded that the girl apparently lives with her father – since he spends so much time with her. And there and then in the comments there were accusations against Alena: they say, she does not take care of the child at all. Alena herself remained silent all this time. But these accusations made her vote. She said that her daughter continues to live with her. However, personally, she is not at all going to publish their joint pictures on social networks in order to prove something to someone. Alena said a few words about the divorce. “We parted! I don’t want to exhibit anything and I’m not going to! Conversation is over! This topic on my page is now closed forever. “

Evgenia Loza announced the separation from Anton Batyrev

The actress commented on her decision on the social network Ekaterina Labukhina May 28, 2020 10:02 amEvgenia Loza Batyrev. In this marriage, they did not live even a year. “I hasten to disappoint – I will not have loud statements. Our marriage story is over. I am grateful to Anton for love and all the beautiful things that happened between us. We remain close people, but we will go through life separately. You have accepted our couple with love and, I hope, you will respect our decision to leave “(the spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved, – note, – wrote the artist on the social network. It is known that Loza married Batyrev, known for TV series “Pyatnitsky”, “Karpov”, “Division” and “Survive after”, August 22, 2019, although earlier she publicly stated that she did not plan to formalize the relationship and did not perceive colleagues as men at all. Together with Anton, they starred in the series “On the Swing of Fate.” This union was the first for the actress, but Batyrev previously married twice – his first marriage also lasted less than a year. He lived with his second wife longer – they had a common child – a son named Dobrynya. The actor loves the heir very much and tries to spend as much time with him as possible. Actress, relationship, divorce, commentary, details, personal life, social networks, instagram, parting with her husband, evgenia loza, anton batyrev

“Nobody betrayed anyone”: Emin Agalarov first spoke about divorce

Emin Agalarov and Alena Gavrilova PHOTO: INSTAGRAM.COM/AGAVRILOVA777 Emin Agalarov decided to comment on his divorce from Alena Gavrilova only a month after he announced it. The show “Alena, damn it!” the musician said that he broke up with Gavrilova even before self-isolation and statements on social networks. He refused to name the reason for the divorce. But he noted that he and Alena maintain a warm relationship for the sake of their daughter. “It was a happy time, we have an amazing child. I treat Alena with great respect, warmth, and I have no negative trail left. Nobody betrayed anyone, did not offend, did not hurt, “Emin said. Agalarov stressed that now he is not in a relationship with anyone. And the experiences of Gavrilova are explained by the attacks of haters, and not by jealousy. Emin noted that his family had no influence on the divorce. According to Agalarov, if they were against Gavrilova, then this marriage would not have taken place. At the same time, the singer does not regret either divorce or marriage with Gavrilova. Separately, Emin Agalarov commented on rumors about his “romances”, including with Polina Gagarina: “Many colleagues called me and said that I was now with Gagarina. I replied: guys, if two people broke up in one week, this does not mean that they should be together by the method of exclusion, ”the businessman said, refuting the relationship attributed to him with Yulia Sievert and Yulia Baranovskaya.

Psychic about Kharlamov and Asmus: “Christina had a hard time with him”

Saona believes that the divorce of the artists had to happen sooner or later Saona. 23 June 2020 17:40 Kristina Asmus and Garik Kharlamov Photo: Kristina Asmus and Garik Kharlamov announced their separation after 8 years of relationship. On the eve of the message about this appeared on the social networks of the spouses: “Yes, we are getting divorced. But we certainly remain loving parents of a beautiful daughter. It’s been a wonderful 8 years. I am immensely grateful to Christina for them and for the most important and important thing in our life – for our daughter. Of course, speculation will begin, but I immediately want to make it clear that neither the pandemic, nor the film “Text”, nor someone else is to blame for this situation “(here and hereinafter the spelling and punctuation of the authors are preserved, – note, – wrote Garik Kharlamov. “This decision is not spontaneous. It was thought over a long time ago and was formulated almost a year ago, “Asmus noted. decided to find out from the psychic Saona what caused the breakup of the star couple and whether the decision about it was made so long ago – or the spouses are cunning.” Kharlamov and Asmus should have happened sometime. Nobody knew about everything that was happening in their family, but Christina was periodically uncomfortable in this relationship. During the marriage, these people grew up and wiser, began to look at some things differently, and in the end, all this led to a divorce. Garik is a tough enough person, and Christina had a hard time with him. On stage, Garik made fun of people, joked jokes – and at home he did the same. At the beginning of their relationship, Christina liked all this and even amused, because Garik, in addition to jokes, can make a queen out of a princess and put the whole world at her feet. But over time, they began to spend less time together, by the way, they even have a rest separately, because both need a break from each other, “Saona said. Garik Kharlamov and Kristina Asmus” I can’t say that the divorce will be with scandals and carve-up property, no, everything will be amicable and mutual. Garik and Christina will remain on friendly terms and will continue to raise their daughter. There are no conflicts and misunderstandings between them, they just realized that they were going along different paths and it was already difficult for them together. By the way, that he has, that she will still have a relationship and will have a marriage. Garik will meet a girl much younger than himself, and she will be somewhat similar to his ex-wife, from her he will still give birth to children and will go down the aisle. As for Christina, everything will be fine in her personal life, and she will be truly happy, she will get married and give birth to her second child. But between Christina and Garik there will always be a warm, trusting relationship, ”concluded the clairvoyant.

Vladimir Marconi called the divorce of Kharlamov and Asmus show

Garik Kharlamov and Kristina Asmus with their daughter … “This is all the show” (hereinafter, the spelling and punctuation of the authors are preserved, – note, Marconi wrote succinctly in response. were with us, we were surprised that Garik and Christina told about it. Yes, of course, they participated in the project! And it’s great that this funny joke and friendly joke excited the media space so interestingly, “he later told KP reporters. When asked if the news of the separation was an assignment, the presenter replied:” Yes, a synchronous assignment that had to be completed together … In our last round, when the game is tied, we flip a coin [чтоб определить победителя], but this time we decided that they should carry out one punishment for two. As you can see from the text, both Garik and Christina have the same word for word. So this text [заявления о разводе] from the card. ”“ Of course, it was obvious that most of the comments would contain the words: ‘Text’, hype, boomerang, Yankovsky, ‘predictable’, ‘was with him only because of the money’, ‘do a DNA paternity test’ etc. “, – wrote Asmus a few hours ago in her microblog. ‘I love couch conspiracy theories, scandals, intrigues, investigations. You know everything and you see everything. Who really is what, what is the reason and which of us exactly filed for divorce. Ok, I will not take the microphone away from you. Be creative, the comments are open, “the actress summed up. You can read about the real divorces that happened in 2020 in this article.

Pelageya lost her voice due to ships with Telegin

The singer continues recovery procedures under the supervision of doctors Ekaterina Labukhina 6 July 2020 09:48 Pelageya According to some reports, the man stopped paying attention to their common daughter Taisiya and decided to apply for housing where the girl lives with her mother. It is alleged that due to the worries associated with the litigation, the performer lost her voice. A physician who has been observing the star for many years told the reporters about this. “Polya could not even imagine that her husband would behave like that. The stress of the divorce made itself felt: she lost her voice. This is a very delicate instrument, its condition can suffer greatly from nervous tension, lack of sleep, “- quotes a specialist” StarHit “. He added that the pop diva is now undergoing recovery procedures under the supervision of doctors. It is possible that numerous publications in the media also influenced Pelageya’s health condition. In some of them, journalists suggested that the singer was demanding 1.5 million rubles from her husband as alimony. But this data turned out to be fake. Also, some blamed the celebrity for the collapse of his own family due to irrepressible jealousy. It is known that the next court session on the divorce of the artist from Telegin will be held on July 9 – there will be resolved issues on the division of property and alimony.

Kharlamov noted a break with Asmus in the company of actresses

The comedian had fun in karaoke until the very morning Ekaterina Labukhina July 9, 2020 15:03 Garik Kharlamov The couple posted similar posts on social networks, where they tried to explain their decision to the fans. The artists said that it took a long time for this and their intentions were not influenced by the actions of third parties or explicit scenes from the movie “Text” with the participation of Asmus. The stars are going to continue to raise their daughter, six-year-old Anastasia, on an equal footing. Journalists of “StarHit” argue that the 39-year-old comedian is not bored at all after the announcement of the divorce. Last weekend, he threw a party to mark the end of the filming of the next project in one of the capital’s karaoke clubs. “Garik is our frequent guest, because the owner is his friend. This time, when he called and asked to close the halls for a private event, he joked, they say, at the same time I will mark a divorce! ” – said the staff of the institution. The showman had fun from six in the evening until four in the morning. Garik left the holiday alone at dawn, despite the fact that the event was attended by several pretty little-known actresses. Actress, women, breakup, rumors, rest, relationship, divorce, details, parting, garik kharlamov, karaoke, kristina asmus