Color characteristics: why are they needed and how to apply

The expert explains why a thing of one shade can decorate, and another, on the contrary, ruin the whole image Anna Belskaya July 21, 2018 11:45 pm How to use color characteristics in your wardrobe? Photo: As I promised, let’s talk about colors and their characteristics. In today’s article I will tell you what colors are and how to use this knowledge in building an image. As they say, forewarned is forearmed! And it’s nice to go shopping fully armed, take my word for it, but rather check it out! So, let’s go! All colors are divided into three basic categories: – light and dark; – bright (clean) and muted; – warm and cold. With the first point, everything is quite clear and clear. If we gradually add white to the base color, then we will get a light shade, but if black, we will get a dark one. Let’s consider these characteristics with an example, referring to the already familiar color wheel of Johannes Itten: Now let’s talk about clean and muted tones. Here, too, everything is pretty simple. We add a gray tint to the base color (gray is a mixture of two achromats – black and white – and is also an achromat). Let’s look at the example of red, green and yellow colors – a classic traffic light. And the third, most difficult point is the color temperature. The color can be cold or it can be warm. The reference for cool color is blue, and the reference for warm is orange. Therefore, to get cool shades of each base color, we add blue there, and if we want warmth, add orange, thus: – A cold shade has a blue subtone. – A warm shade has an orange subtone. On Itten’s circle, the warm / cold sectors are divided by diagonals: And to make it even clearer, consider the following examples: – Red: tomato – warm, cherry – cold. – Green: apple – warm, emerald – cold. – Yellow: banana – warm, lemon – cold. – Purple: eggplant – warm, lilac – cold Having considered the three main characteristics of color, you can and even need to ask a question. And what is all this for? But for what: – First, to correctly determine your color type of appearance. This will greatly simplify the selection of shades of things in the store and remove from the head questions: why one color suits me, and the other does not. With this knowledge, you can choose the right shades, as well as break the rules by correcting the wrong shade with makeup. I will talk about this in detail in my next article. – Secondly, in order to correctly combine colors, as I said in my previous article: Clean + clean / muted + muted, while the color temperature is not important Warm + warm / cold + cold, with the purity of the color is not important; now you know the characteristics of the colors and how to apply them. Very soon I will tell you how to combine prints and how to determine your color type of appearance. And never forget that style is freedom, style is you! …

Style rules: brightness feat. elegance

Most women love to attract everyone’s attention. And the artillery of the means that help them in this is truly great: decorative cosmetics, bright and tight clothes, neckline, jewelry, high-heeled shoes … Ekaterina Khokhlova July 9, 2013 17:49 The main indicator of elegance is a sense of proportion. Photo: And there are situations where a full arsenal of “feminine tricks” might seem appropriate, such as a costume party. And in almost all other cases, it is necessary to choose one thing, in the name of preserving elegance.
In one of my first posts, I already said: in order to break the rules, you need to know them perfectly. The science of attracting attention is just about this: you need to weave an accent point into an image so that no one would guess about its true purpose. And even if someone realizes, all the same, external decency will be observed.
Many know the first “covenant” from childhood: “Either legs, or chest!” In other words, you can afford either a relatively short dress, skirt, shorts, or a deep-cut top, blouse. I think it’s not worth explaining for a long time: both of these zones are very eye-catching and the exposure of one of them is more than enough.
The second, also popular and true, advice: “Either eyes or lips!” This, of course, is about makeup. To highlight, if you want to emphasize the face, one thing is also worth it. With rare exceptions, when the make-up is obviously creative, you need to remember about moderation, especially in summer: in bright sunlight, the colors risk looking like a fairground carnival, too heavy and theatrical.
One more rule: “It is better not to be smart than to overdo it.” You can extend this idea to almost everything: crystals, rhinestones, the number of jewelry, deliberately elegant garments. There is, of course, an appearance that is best emphasized by an intricate brocade dress right in the morning, but most of us should learn aerobatics of a different kind: to look impeccable and luxurious in relatively simple things, seasoned with a few, but perfectly matched, details.
And finally, using my position as an expert, I want to offer you my thoughts on what things look bad, and it is “too” for everyday, evening and business looks in 99% of cases:
Jeans with satin stitch embroidery or richly embroidered with “stones”;
Synthetic “blouses” with a “lace-like” texture, especially contrasting ones (black, red …);
Monochromatic satin dresses of poor quality: the fabric is unattractively deformed, electrified, “crawls” up the legs;
Corsets resembling lingerie. Especially in a set with a “bottom” in the casual style: jeans, knitwear;
Shoes with a disproportionately large platform under the toe: make the overall look heavier, make the legs look like hooves.
Are there any things that you consider taboo for an elegant girl? If you have questions about style and image, I am waiting for them by mail: [email protected] Katerina Khokhlova, image consultant and life coach.

Gladiators at the feet of a woman: how to wear legendary shoes?

Recently I was asked a question: what should I wear with gladiator sandals that are not the first season? Let’s try to figure it out today. Ekaterina Khokhlova July 4, 2013 17:27 Photo: Gladiators are shoes, the history of which goes back many centuries. Even before the famous fighters, after whom the model is named (interestingly, they themselves often fought barefoot at all …), such sandals were worn in Rome and Greece. Today all sandals are called “gladiators”, the shape of which is based on any fancy interweaving of thin straps that wrap the leg up to the ankle or even higher. A characteristic feature of gladiators can also be called a bridge between the thumb and forefinger of the foot, from which a central strip of leather or fabric extends.
If you want to get a pair of these sandals, keep in mind that in the classic version they visually “cut” your ankle legs, shortening them. What to do? Give preference to models with heels, or those that end in height much higher – near the knee. In this case, the center strap will create a long vertical that can lengthen the legs.
In style, different gladiators may differ: be more brutal and aggressive, or rather feminine, if, for example, they are made of colored leather or decorated with crystals. Accordingly, it is from the characteristics of a particular pair that it is worth starting from when collecting an image. Let’s look at three of the most striking examples.
1. Maintain the mood. Gladiators are comfortable footwear for long walks. Available in classic black or dark leather, they set the mood for a dynamic, active, yet unaccentedly feminine look. And the best addition for such a pair will be laconic shorts and a T-shirt, as well as a bag with a long belt. Style: casual or sporty, maybe even a little military. 2. Playing on contrasts. Having opted for tall, knee-length, dark gladiators, we risk looking too brutal if we continue the style line set by the sandals. Therefore, a contrast is needed: a flying feminine dress (by the way, an actual model with a shortened front and a long back hem is perfect) or a skirt with a blouse. The main thing is that the clothes are as simple as possible, monochromatic. Do not overload the outfit visually: let the gladiators be the main violin in the orchestra. 3. Romance in Greek. If our gladiators do not look entirely traditional, for example, they are colored and are clearly more feminine than the classic version, I suggest you turn to the aesthetics of Ancient Greece for inspiration. You can collect your hair in a slightly sloppy high hairstyle, decorate it with thin ribbons or a simple metal hoop, and wear a laconic long dress. Ideal if it is in a deliberately Greek style. However, any high-waisted one-color dress will work as an option. Be beautiful and enjoy the summer!
If you have questions about style and image, I am waiting for them by mail: [email protected] Katerina Khokhlova, consultant on image and life-co.

Determining your color type is a difficult task.

Are you winter, spring, summer or autumn? How to choose a set of “your” shades, if, it would seem, all the colors are suitable? Our image expert answers the reader’s letter. Ekaterina Khokhlova11 July 2013 16:05 Why is it so difficult to determine your color type? Photo: A couple of days ago I received a letter with a question from a WomanHit reader named Ekaterina:
Hello Katerina! Here you write that you need to choose which colors are suitable: summer or autumn. And if both are suitable? For me, for example. And this is confirmed by both friends and colleagues at work. How to be? “
Ekaterina, thank you for a topical and interesting question! The fact is that almost everyone, in one way or another, encounters difficulties in determining their color type and, accordingly, in choosing the ideal appearance of colors. Let’s see why this is happening.
Firstly, the most important thing in determining the color type is to study the natural colors of the exterior. Suitable colors are visible only when there is not a single gram of cosmetics on the face, and the hair is of a natural shade, or, if it is dyed differently, then it should be tucked under a neutral headscarf (usually a dull white or neutral beige). Lighting should only be natural. Then and only then, using a color test, applying different shades, you can really see which ones will make your face shine without additional effort, accentuate your eye color, help visually “whiten” your teeth, and so on. In fact, as a rule, we use makeup, masking, sometimes beyond recognition, even our own skin tone, highlighting our eyes with colored shadows and eyeliner, applying blush and lipstick. All this, if handled skillfully, can help “adjust” to almost any color, even cardinally unsuitable.
In general, the correct determination of the color type is not an easy task. To do this, ideally, you need a professional with experience in this work, who has special tools: drapery shawls, palettes.
There is another option that a person can wear “not their” colors not near the face and therefore look great in “alien” colors. So, trousers or a skirt, which have a shade from the palette of a different color type, are relatively “safe” for our appearance. It may also happen that the appearance belongs to one of the so-called “borderline” color types according to the twelve-part system. For example, personally, you can be “mild in summer” or “mild in autumn”: as you can see, their palettes are quite similar at first glance. And, I’ll tell you a secret, some colors in neighboring palettes in general can practically repeat, with the exception of small tonal nuances. And some of my colleagues even talk about the existence of “neutral” and “mixed” types, which are suitable for colors from several subtypes.
In addition, one cannot fail to mention that, in principle, only a certain set of shades, even from the palette of “his” color type, is suitable for each specific person: this is due to the uniqueness of the set of external characteristics of any of us.
Finally, many similar shades are perceived as belonging to one “season”, but in fact they can characterize another: all the difference consists in the slightest changes in temperature, brightness and saturation, which are difficult to catch without looking closely.
In general, when trying to determine the color type, many pitfalls are often found that make this process difficult and time-consuming.
Be that as it may, if you like, dear readers, how you look and those around you sincerely compliment you – this is much more important than knowing your color type accurately and conforming to the rules of this theory. She, in the end, is just a tool, the purpose of using which is to make a person more beautiful and happier. And if this goal is achieved, you can listen to Machiavelli with a clear conscience and forget about the means! .. If you have questions about style and image, I am waiting for them by mail: [email protected] Katerina Khokhlova, consultant on image and life coach.

Women’s handbag: a whim and a source of information

For a woman, a bag is an accessory, a container of secrets and joys, a symbol of status and an object of pride. We are organically incapable of keeping money and documents in our pockets, like men. We do not understand how you can leave the house without a mirror and thousands of little things for all occasions. Ekaterina Khokhlova September 17, 2013 17:18 The bag perfectly characterizes its owner. Photo: Fotolia / A congruent image is characterized by the fact that it is a holistic image: all components complement a person’s appearance, set it off, and do not overshadow it. Coco Chanel’s statement has already become winged: “If you were struck by the beauty of a woman, but you do not remember what she was wearing, then her outfit was perfect.” You can’t say more precisely, right? And nevertheless, in each of our outfits there are some “markers”, which in themselves consistently attract the attention of others and are able to tell a lot about us. Shoes and a bag belong to such “talking beacons”. The style, form, state of these objects literally reveal us as a book for an attentive outside observer. We will talk about the amazing world of shoes next time, and today our topic is the variety of handbags and their owners.
What is a bag for a woman? An accessory, a repository of secrets and joys, a symbol of status, an object of pride. We are organically incapable of keeping money and documents in our pockets, like men. We do not understand how you can leave the house without a mirror and thousands of little things for all occasions. We know a million ways to justify an impractical size and soiled color if we liked the bag aesthetically. We are women and the handbag is our whim.
From the point of view of functionality and size, we can conditionally distinguish two extreme categories: “trunks” and “clutches”. Somewhere between them, medium-sized reticules will be located: being more familiar to the look, more ordinary, they usually attract less attention than the above subspecies. A huge bag speaks of the thrifty and practicality of the owner: she has everything with her. But, on the other hand, such a choice may also indicate anxiety and uncertainty: the girl is constantly worried about “What if?” If she leaves the house, for example, without a sewing kit or a spare pair of shoes. Microbags are at the other extreme: women who choose them for everyday use put appearance above functional relevance. As a result, they have to carry more folders with documents, a laptop or tablet in a separate case, put their belongings on the seat of the car and then collect them from the floor after a sharp turn … Often, alas, these items are “packed” in a bag (paper or plastic ), which, in an ensemble with a clutch, looks strange and even comical. Characteristics: feminine, showy, but, unfortunately, often poorly adapted to everyday life.
The material and shape of the bag that you prefer also matters: soft droplet bags, saddle bags, tote bags speak of your unwillingness to frame yourself, your desire for femininity, pliability and calmness of character. Within such models, as a rule, it is more difficult to maintain order and look for something, so they are preferred by more creative individuals who do not strive for thorough organization. Rigid frame bags made of dense or patent leather are preferred by disciplined pedants, women who need to do a lot and not forget about anything: separate papers, cosmetics – in a special compartment, a pen – in a loop, a passport – in an inner pocket with a zipper. In order not to turn into a “dry-bread” from “Office Romance”, give your purse a touch of uniqueness by tying a silk scarf on the handles or hanging a keychain that characterizes you.
The general condition of the bag is also not just an indicator of your tidiness. If it leaves much to be desired, the hostess’s unenviable financial situation and her inattention (which, for example, a recruiter will not fail to pay attention to, for example, during an interview), often involuntarily becomes immediately obvious. Ladies’ reticule, I repeat, reflects social status: if you are trying to raise it or declare it, be especially careful so that the bag does not let you down.
Finally, let’s turn to the issue of color. Black is, of course, a recognized classic. But a poor-quality shapeless black bag would rather “kill” any image than become its universal basis. Remember also that, although achromatic colors (black, gray, white “and are combined, in theory, with all the others, but in fact they may not correspond to the style and mood of the outfit: for example, black bags often look very” heavy ” in summer, complete with clothes made of light materials in light shades, and vice versa, a bag in a bright “gouge out” shade will not fit into a business or evening formal dress code.
Tell us, what bags do you like and why? Send your stories to the mail: [email protected]
Katerina Khokhlova, image consultant and life coach.

Helping my husband choose a wardrobe

It is in the fall that the time comes to think not only about your own wardrobe, but also to take care of those who are nearby – about our loved ones. Let’s talk about how to dress your men. Ekaterina Khokhlova September 12, 2013 17:37 Helping my husband cope with the wardrobe. Photo: Fotolia / If your husband, beloved, son are well-versed in matters of fashion and style, they can easily find suitable clothes in the store and know how to look neat – congratulations! You have got amazing representatives of the stronger sex, and you will never have to fight with them for their decent appearance. If you have a different situation, most likely, from time to time you involuntarily feel like that same hen, concerned about the external well-being of your family.
How they love to write in books on everyday psychology, men are simple! Most often they are not ready to understand fashion: it is completely incomprehensible why spend extra time, money, mental strength, finally, on the selection of the “right” things. Two pairs of trousers, shirt heels, T-shirt, jeans – things for all occasions. What polos? What is a double windsor knot? What is the color contrast of the exterior? What are you speaking about? What for? If wealth allows, a man completely relies on the taste of sales assistants in brand stores and sincerely believes in the quality and “eternity” of the clothes he buys. Conclusion: if a man does not show the appropriate interest, do not overload him with theory, details, rules. Try to focus your efforts on removing unnecessary things from his closet and unobtrusively reshaping the “basic set” of items in the right style and in the right color scheme. Believe me, this will be more than enough to change the image of a man and, perhaps, even his self-perception. The main thing is no avant-garde, a riot of colors, a shocking cut. The understated classic is your best friend.
Men love comfort – this is the second position that you need to always keep in mind. Long gone are the days when men systematically suffered in the name of beauty: they wore heels, wigs and tight pantaloons. Today’s heterosexuals, of course, can also tell a lot, for example, about hair removal and “beauty injections”, but today we are not talking about this group of men. Most people still tend to think that the main thing in clothes is functionality. Don’t disappoint them: show that convenience can be beautiful with just a little attention.
Moving on to the question of color. Remember and convey to your loved ones that just like in the “women’s world”, black for men is not a universal color for everyone and everything. He ages many, giving the face a tired look, “draws” bags under the eyes, makes the hair and eye color smudged, faceless grayish. Analyze the appearance of your man: look at the photos, remember his most successful outfits. The main thing is to determine what is the contrast between the shades of his skin and hair (high or low) and, if possible, his type is warm or cold (the temperature of the tones prevailing in appearance). Then google the appropriate color combinations or be inspired by the wardrobe of your favorite movie characters similar to him: let your man have restrained, calm, but still sufficiently colored, things that suit him. If you adhere to the palette of the classic style, rather muted and dark, then, believe me, there will be no resistance from him.
And finally, conduct an educational program on styles: there are at least two major main areas – classic clothing and sportswear. For work and formal events – definitely the first type. For all other situations (except for direct physical activity, for example, in the gym), both are suitable, depending on personal preferences and lifestyle. Your job as a wise woman is to explain that sportswear and sportswear are not the same thing. Sweatpants, trainers, and racer shirts are best left for the fitness club. And for leisure, relaxed leather jackets and windbreakers, polo shirts, walking shoes and their leather counterparts are suitable.
In conclusion, I will say: if you have taken responsibility for the appearance of your man, do not turn into a tyrant and a “saw-woman”. Be patient, act gradually, choose logical and persuasive arguments, and do not overload with information. When a man realizes that the things you have selected are convenient, practical and are perceived with a bang by his environment, he will breathe out a sigh of relief and finally trust you. The main thing is to go through this first, most difficult stage.
I wish you harmony with loved ones, internal and external!
If you have questions about style and image, I am waiting for them by mail: [email protected] Katerina Khokhlova, image consultant and life coach.

Don’t let dirty boots put your shoes on

Every well-bred young lady knows that a gentleman’s shoes must always be polished to a shine. Otherwise – shame, shame and a stain on the reputation. And what about women? Ekaterina Khokhlova 19 September 2013 20:43 Shoes should always be in a state close to ideal. Photo: Fotolia / What characteristics of shoes are important for the fair sex? Today we’ll talk about the most important ones: quality, condition and style.
Sadly, you have to start with moralizing: your shoes should always be in a state close to perfect. Neither rain nor cold is not an excuse for an obscene appearance, for example, boots. In case of unexpected rain and muddy puddles, they came up with wet wipes and mini-sponges, but even in their absence, with the help of water and an ordinary handkerchief in the restroom, you can at least take emergency measures to save the shoes.
From the point of view of hygiene, according to doctors, it is better not to wear the same pair all the time: you need to change your shoes at least every other day so that it has time to fully dry out, ventilate, and regain its shape. At the same time, when you come home, it is better to immediately clean your shoes, treat them with the necessary prophylactic agents, put them on the shoes (there are many of them on sale in a variety of price categories: from budget plastic ones at IKEA to custom-made wood made in a shoe shop). If your shoes are worn out, the lacquer coating is frayed, the color has faded, it looks morally outdated – find the strength to admit that it does not belong in your wardrobe anymore. Show respect for yourself by wearing only clean, well-groomed shoes that are worthy of you.
Let’s try, within the framework of our conversation, to also understand what “quality footwear” means? We all hear this expression often, but not infrequently we do not fully understand it. Of course, shoes should not fall apart and shed after the first rain, smell like glue and chemicals, and be made of materials that are not useful to wear. And what else? Firstly, all seams should be straight, without protruding threads and crooked stitches. The color of all parts (unless, of course, the design provides otherwise!) Should be the same and uniform: without too whitish or dark areas. It’s great if the sole of autumn and winter shoes is stitched, and not just glued: in cold climates with snow and rain, this significantly extends the life of the pair. Orthopedic insoles, especially those matched to high-heeled shoes, will be an excellent investment in your health: they will save your spine, foot, nerves and time for going to the doctors. It is not so important whether, for example, your favorite ankle boots are made of natural or artificial material, the legs, in any case, should not feel “like in a greenhouse”: high-quality shoes should be well ventilated. And please remember: truly “your” shoes always suit you in size, shape, last. Avoid models that obviously squeeze you, deform your foot, “twist” the joints. Admiring the “Cinderella shoes” on the shelf is one thing, to overcome kilometers around the city in them is quite another …
In conclusion – about the style. Shoes, like outerwear, are an integral part of any outfit. Component of an individual image. Even in winter, even in bad weather. When you take off your coat (if you are not changing your shoes at the same moment!), The “picture” should not “crumble”. At any income level, there are now several pairs of shoes for the season to match your unique style and practical needs. A little reasonable variety will improve both your mood and your “fashionable” self-esteem: often just one detail can either brilliantly complete the image, or cancel out timid attempts to look stylish.
Do you like shoes? ..
Send your stories to the mail: [email protected]
Katerina Khokhlova,
image consultant and life coach.

The myth of “a basic wardrobe that suits everyone”

Our expert Karina Efimova gives practical advice to those who are not ready to constantly spend money on clothes, but do not want to get into the army of “cloned” women. Karina Efimova4 December 2014 18:37 How to choose a basic wardrobe? Photo: Surely you, like many women, are puzzled by the question of how to create your basic wardrobe. So you want to have clothes that go well with each other, are easily assembled into sets, which means that it saves money, effort and time.
A huge number of articles immediately appear on this request. Some advise to stock up on white T-shirts, dress shirts, jeans, a beige trench coat, a classic skirt and, of course, a black dress; others say that basic wardrobe items are those that a woman wears most often.
And now, after reading these tips, girls of all cities go hunting for the same things or wear the same thing for years with full confidence that this is exactly what you need – this is what they wrote in a fashion magazine. And we see on the streets an army of “cloned” young and actually beautiful, but hiding it women. Lucky for those for whom it really suits, but what should the rest do? Women lose their uniqueness by being guided by common rules. It makes me sad. So where is the truth here? Is everything really that universal? There is a fact that is difficult to argue with – the same thing cannot look the same on two (three, four …) different women. There are 5 main styles, based on which I create images for my clients. Creating a basic wardrobe within each of the styles is possible because things within the same style are combined with each other. You only need to learn how to read your appearance correctly in order to determine in which direction to move.
The basic things are quite calm in terms of decorative elements, close to the classics in form (nothing pretentious) and corresponding to your color type. In order to create a basic wardrobe that suits you, you need: 1. Define your color scheme.
Color is an essential prerequisite for a basic wardrobe. In order not to get bogged down in the independent determination of the color type, I recommend using this rule: clothes should not be brighter than the contrast of hair with skin and in the same temperature range. If you have very light, opaque skin and dark hair, you can wear the brightest colors of the cold spectrum; if the skin is light, thin and seems to be slightly transparent, and the hair has a slight golden tint, bright shades of the warm spectrum suit you; the less vivid the skin-hair contrast, the less vivid and saturated colors you should choose. Determine which shapes are right for you.
If you have full lips, rounded cheeks and big eyes, your base will be slightly more voluminous shapes, such as tulip skirts and balloons, voluminous sleeves, scarves, chunky knit or embossed sweaters; if you look rather restrained, you have thin lips, well-defined cheekbones, chin, straight hair, then in clothes it is worth sticking to classic shapes and smooth textures. For example, straight skirts or pencil skirts, straight sleeves, tight or semi-tight silhouette. At the same time, to make basic clothes look different every time, you should add jewelry or accessories (shoes, bag) that “sound louder” than the set set … With such a base, you can add bright design things according to your style and create a unique, unique image. I hope my recommendations were useful to you. Share your impressions and questions in the comments below or send me an email: 3 393 [email protected] Karina Efimova.

How can a neckline and fur get in the way of negotiations?

How to create trust in a partner and win him over with the help of clothes? There are many ways for this, our expert shares the main ones. Karina Efimova 19 March 2015 21: 47How to win over your interlocutor in negotiations? Photo: Adjustment You need to prepare for any meeting. And it’s not only about knowing the subject of the conversation, understanding it, but also about imagining what kind of person is in front of you. Find out what the interlocutor is fond of, what his interests and hobbies are. Perhaps he (she) is a vegetarian, and if your personal success depends on this meeting, it is better not to wear leather, fur clothes, this can be offensive to your interlocutor, and luck will most likely turn away from you. If you know that a person loves cats / dogs / birds / nature, you can choose the appropriate prints, decoration theme. A strict disposition is unlikely to appreciate a deep neckline or a short skirt, bright colors in clothes, makeup or extravagant shapes and decor, even if the dress code of the meeting allows it. This is a simple trick (preliminary “exploration”) in order to please. And here it smoothly goes into the next method: Mirroring Here you already know how the person you are dating looks like, you know what colors they wear and what style of clothing they prefer. If a person has an established color palette, silhouettes that he prefers, this is immediately visible. You can assess the lines on which the face is built, and, using all your knowledge, dress as close as possible to the suit of the interlocutor. He will see a familiar picture (after all, who, if not himself, does he see so often in the mirror?), Of course, he will appreciate your impeccable taste. And consider that you are on the same team.
However, there are stalemates. What to do then?
I was going to two meetings, they were supposed to take place in a row, but the people with whom I meet are completely different.
The first is a mature woman, a leader, a logician, she has a business approach to everything, a pragmatic view of things. Dressing for such a woman is at her level: laconic, rather strict, formal, nothing superfluous. The main characteristics are elegant, comfortable. Fortunately, I can “mimic” her ideas about the world, while maintaining my individuality. The second is a young girl, the exact opposite of the first description. Informal, easy-going, open. The “look” of this meeting suggests “relaxed” silhouettes (slightly fitted or completely loose), brighter and more varied colors. And then I stopped. I had a question: how to combine the two characters of these meetings outwardly, so that both there and there I look relevant and in accordance with the context. The answer came to me by itself.
If I want to build honest relationships with each of the two women, I must be honest with myself, which means I must express myself in clothes, and not try to please, please, impress. After all, if my authentic style turns out to be unacceptable for one of them, then maybe we shouldn’t create any business or personal relationship? And this is the third secret, which will help if neither the first nor the second methods are applicable in a particular case.
I am writing this article in between these very meetings, the first went off with a bang, let’s see what happens on the second. Karina Efimova,
an expert in creating a unique women’s wardrobe.

How to wear national clothes correctly expert Karina Efimova gives important advice to lovers of colorful images Karina Efimova 1 April 2016 14:18 National motives are becoming more and more popular. Show by Alena Akhmadulina Photo: materials of press services How can you wear national clothes in a modern way? How to introduce national elements into the wardrobe? How to modernize national dress? In fact, today’s three questions can be reduced to one comprehensive – how to wear national clothes in the modern world?
National clothes and accessories can be non-trivial and interesting decisions in creating an image. Moreover, for girls with bright national features of appearance, I would recommend introducing such elements into their wardrobe. To avoid looking like you are on a national holiday, there are a few guidelines to follow: First, you should not wear your national costume outside of a costume party. For everyday life, 1-2 elements are enough as an accent. It can be jewelry, shoes, bags or large spots – blouses, skirts / trousers. The main thing is not to wear it all together. Secondly, you can diversify your basic wardrobe with accents, in which case it is worth picking up characteristic accessories for the basic things. It is easier to find accessories that suit the idea than elements of clothing in the national style, and, most likely, it will be less expensive. Another option is to decorate modern clothing models according to silhouettes and shapes in the national style. This can be embroidery, color combinations and other expressive tools. You can not look for such clothes in stores, but order the decor of simple things from the craftswomen. Thirdly, in order not to be considered tastelessly dressed, you can use the ripple technique. This means that the national element (H) and the modern © alternate in your outfit. For example, earrings (H), the neckline pendant is minimalistic and restrained ©, a shirt blouse dress with national embroidery or other decor (H), a skirt trousers of a simple cut, emphasizing the figure © and shoes have a bright national accent (H). Thus, you can introduce unusual things into your wardrobe. Do not completely fill the space near the face with specific jewelry, and leave the simplest clothes, in this case there will be too much gap between accessories and clothes, and the top of your figure will be visually overloaded and heavy. You can also choose shoes, a bag and earrings / necklaces in the national style for a simple suit, support this set with a strap in color, in this case the clothes remain the canvas on which you draw your national history. Be bold to experiment! And remember that each of you can send your question to the mail: [email protected] and get answers from a professional stylist. Karina Efimova, an expert in creating an authentic women’s wardrobe.