The Tver businessman turned to Volochkova: “Nastya, what happened to our child?”

The ballerina herself accuses the man of thirst for PR Yekaterina Labukhina May 27, 2020 18:43 Anastasia Volochkova He claims that he met the artist in 2014 in New Riga, their relationship lasted five months, and the ex-prima of the Bolshoi Theater was even pregnant with a businessman, but the fate of this child is still unknown. her betrayal became: a man found her in a bath with a driver. According to Vladislav, at that time Anastasia was in her fifth week of pregnancy. After the breakup, Fomenko was no longer able to contact the artist (she added his name to the black list of contacts) and it was not possible to find out the fate of their heir. “Nastya, what happened to our child? If he was born and grows up, what about him? Does your mother raise him or did you give him to strangers? ” – Fomenko turned to Volochkova in an open letter, reports “KP”. Balerina refutes all the claims of the businessman, saying that she had never met with him. Vladislav only took part in the construction of her house and once asked to take a joint photo, and now with his help he is trying to earn himself PR on her behalf. Fomenko claims that his family broke up because of an affair with a star, and threatens to publish personal photos and videos with Anastasia. He wants to warn other men against meeting her. Criticism, child, business, PR, pregnancy, relationships, memories, romance, details, personal life, ballerina, anastasia volochkova

Karpovich began to receive threats after rumors of an affair with Priluchny

Devoted fans stood up for the actress Ekaterina Labukhina June 30, 2020 11:26 AM Miroslava Karpovich “, But recently they have been increasingly seen outside the theater. Some believe that they became close even before the divorce of the actor from Agata Muceniece, officially formalized on June 15. And although the representative of Priluchny has already denied this information, fans continue to think that communication with Miroslava could become one of the reasons for the separation of Pavel and Agatha, who, even before the announcement of the divorce, took a break in their apparently tense relationship. attack the fans of Muceniece. The girl was bombarded with accusations that she had destroyed a well-known strong family, some even send her messages with direct threats – they are trying to intimidate with reprisals. But the actress prefers not to react to nagging and does not comment on rumors about an affair with Priluchny. “The guys who are in the club of fans of Priluchny’s ex-wife and somehow try to threaten, remember! Article 119 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation implies imprisonment for up to seven years with restriction of the right to hold certain positions or engage in certain activities for up to five years! Just remember this! ” (the spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved, – approx., – write the devoted fans of Mira. Note that the TV personality has always carefully hidden the details of her personal life; today, practically nothing is known about her chosen ones.

Ani Lorak and Sergey Lazarev: what connects this couple

A new photo on the star’s instagram provoked a lot of rumors Stepan Malinovsky 5 July 2020 17:00 Photo: This is how our artists love to catch up with the fog, and then they themselves complain about how tired the journalists are. This time Ani Lorak was noted. On her Instagram, she published a joint photo with Sergey Lazarev. Publication without a signature – just she and Sergey. Of course, all the fans of both Lorak and Lazareva immediately bombarded them with questions: what connects them? Moreover, some subscribers, of course, attributed a romantic relationship to the musicians. After all, both Ani and Sergei are free people. Why don’t they have a romance? Only not one of them answered the question of why this photo was suddenly published. But for several hours, journalists from various publications have been trying to get comments from Lazarev and Lorak. So far in vain. But then they will probably complain that journalists like to invent too much. Recall, Ani Lorak divorced Turkish businessman Murat Nalchadzhioglu, with whom she lived for almost ten years and from whom she gave birth to a daughter, Sofia. Since then, her name has been associated with producer Yegor Gleb, who works for Timati’s Black Star music label. But after today’s photo, perhaps the situation will change.

Arzamasova broke the silence after the news about the affair with Averbukh

The actress had to respond to numerous comments from subscribers Daria Chuchelina July 9, 2020 13:20 Elizaveta Arzamasova Photo: … Lovers were photographed holding hands in a cafe. Averbukh has already confirmed his relationship with Lisa, but the actress herself preferred to remain silent. However, numerous comments and controversies of subscribers on this topic forced Arzamasova to speak out. The actress does not understand why the news about her relationship caused such a stir: “Why such a reverse ‘hysteria’ from some of my dear subscribers, when suddenly some real information appears?” (hereinafter, the spelling and punctuation of the authors are preserved, – note At the same time, the star made it clear that she was not yet ready to share the details of her personal life. “A common truth: in addition to work, communication, going online, each of us has a huge life in which many events take place – both good and bad. <…> I stand face to face with my interlocutor, but I am aware that there, behind their backs, everyone has a big and very often completely unpredictable life, huge as the universe – a sovereign personal space. And do you know how I feel about this space? It’s very simple: with respect and the slogan “none of my business”. When they openly talk about something personal with me, I am grateful for the trust, when they are silent, I am … even more grateful, “writes Arzamasova.” You know that I do not like and still cannot speak on the topic of my personal life. But in a big way, what do you need to know about me? More precisely, what do those who love and respect me need to know about me? Only that I’m All Good. Isn’t that enough? ” – concluded the actress.

Muceniece did not know that her children would go to rest with Karpovich

The actress answered the question of the subscriber Ekaterina Labukhina14 July 2020 14:43 Agata Muceniece One of the subscribers of the artist expressed her bewilderment at the current situation in the comments under her fresh post on her personal Instagram page. “Agatha, how could you let them go to sea with your dad with some first one? To break the psyche of children? In three months he will have a new one again and the children will get used to it again? This is a great stress for children “(hereinafter, the spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved, – note, writes the fan.” I let go only with my dad, “Mutseniece replied. Recall that this month a series of photo and video materials appeared on the Web, where you can see the actor having fun with the children and Mira in the water park on vacation. According to some reports, the man was so carried away by games that he lost his dog. He announced a reward of 50 thousand rubles to the one who found the animal. As a result, one of the acquaintances of Muceniece found the dog and reported this to the actress. We add that officially Agatha and Pavel ceased to be husband and wife on June 15. The couple have two children in common: son Timofey and daughter Mia. Actress, vacation, relationship, romance, commentary, star children, daddy’s daughters, ex-husband, pavel priluchny, agata muceniece, miroslava karpovich

Boris Korchevnikov: “This is Natasha and I”

Subscribers discuss a fresh photo of TV presenterEkaterina Labukhina20 July 2020 10:00 Boris KorchevnikovWWW.INSTAGRAM.COM / B.KORCHEVNIKOV A few hours ago, a fresh selfie appeared on the personal page of Boris Korchevnikov’s Instagram. In the picture, the showman captured himself in the company of a stranger. “This is Natasha and I” (the spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved, – approx., – he succinctly signed the frame. This immediately attracted a lot of attention of the fans. But the presenter left all their questions in the comments unanswered, so who is this lady and what kind of relationship they are in is anyone’s guess. Some even note that they look alike in appearance, and Boris has happy eyes. At the moment, it is only known that Korchevnikov has long dreamed of a family, but still cannot find a girl with whom he could have children. This summer, a photo from a maternity hospital appeared on his microblog, which caused a violent reaction from the public. But later it turned out that the man only met his close friends and their heir there. Recall that on July 20, the journalist turns 38 years old.

Klimova hinted that she is no longer alone

The actress does not want to make a show of relationships Ekaterina Labukhina 23 July 2020 11:23 Ekaterina Klimova / klimovagram Russian cinema star Ekaterina Klimova has ceased to hide that she is not alone after her divorce from Gela Meskhi. Last year, the artist tried not to devote fans to her personal life. At the same time, it has long been said on the Web that she has a new lover. In a recent interview, the celebrity opened the veil of secrecy and made it clear that now her heart is busy, but did not go into details – the 42-year-old actress does not want to her relationship became a news source and an object of discussion. “Yes, I am not married, but that does not mean that I am single. I don’t want to make another sensation out of this. I just want to live and do what I love, talk about the profession and for the sake of it master new horizons “, – the magazine OK! Quotes Klimova. It is known that the film star was very upset by the breakup with her third husband, actor Gela Meskhi. According to some reports, the reason for the separation of the couple was her husband’s betrayal with another actress, but these speculations have not yet been officially confirmed. Catherine only noted that their alliance with Meskhi collapsed due to a large amount of work and a mismatch in schedules. It is also known that the actress communicates quite closely with all the fathers of her children and considers them to be full members of her family.

Serbian model is suspected of having an affair with her husband Ksenia Borodina

Kurban Omarov with his daughter the Internet there was information that the 39-year-old Kurban Omarov is cheating on Ksenia Borodina with a busty foreign model. Moreover, this story was published by the alleged lover of a businessman, a spectacular Serbian instadiva and Playboy star Soraya Vuchelic. In an interview with a Serbian publication, the girl claims that she is dating Kurban, and the presence of his wife and children does not bother her. According to the model, the man must soon divorce his wife in order to marry her, reports At the moment, no evidence of the relationship between Omarov and Soraya has been presented on the Web – no photos, no correspondence, no comments from friends. However, a few weeks ago, the girl boasted of an expensive wedding ring, which she received from a Russian named Kurban Omarov. But after a while she posted a video in which she takes off the jewelry and cuts it with pliers. A friend of the model said that the businessman wrote to Soraya on the social network and invited her to “meet and chat.” The correspondence dragged on and at some point turned into an intimate one. Omarov also allegedly sent Vuchelich photos of his cars, house, watches and other attributes of luxurious life. Be that as it may, so far neither Omarov nor his Borodin reacted to the news that appeared. It is known that the presenter almost divorced Kurban in the very first year of their life together. Ksenia said that the chosen one cheated on her during her second pregnancy – then the TV personality was expecting his daughter Theon from him. True, after some time, the secular lioness began to deny the gossip about her husband’s infidelity and noted that she was mistaken about him. Recall that this year the couple celebrated five years from the date of the wedding.

In the show Sobchak, rumors about the secret wedding of Snigir and Tsyganov were confirmed

Fans drew attention to the credits of the program of the presenter Ekaterina Labukhina September 8, 2020 16:04 Yulia Snigir and Yevgeny Tsyganov Gennady Avramenko Recently, Yulia Snigir was interviewed by Ksenia Sobchak. In it, the girl opened up with a journalist about the details of her personal life. Many were sure that the marriage of Yevgeny Tsyganov with Irina Leonova, who gave the artist seven heirs, was destroyed by Yulia. Snigir was repeatedly accused of the collapse of the family and was called a lover. But she is sure that this union broke up through no fault of her. Now the 41-year-old actor continues to support all his children, devotes a lot of free time to them and sometimes brings them out together with the current chosen one. Yulia considers Irina a self-sufficient and strong person, but cannot call herself her friend. On the Internet, it has long been rumored that Evgeny secretly married Snigir – this was hinted at by director Fyodor Bondarchuk, who noticed the ring on the actor’s hand even before he himself married Paulina Andreeva – last year. Attentive fans noticed that in the credits of the program Sobchak Tsyganov was also listed as Julia’s husband.Recall that the artists’ romance began in 2014, and the showman filed a divorce from Leonova only in 2015 – at that time Irina was pregnant with her seventh child. Despite everything that happened, 37-year-old Snigir managed to make friends with the children of her lover. …

Arzamasova first commented on the relationship with Averbukh

The actress admitted that she was happy Ekaterina Labukhina September 23, 2020 15:02 Elizaveta Arzamasova Despite the fact that the paparazzi recently captured a couple together on the veranda of a cafe, she prefers not to talk about her personal TV personality. this novel she decided to remain silent. The actress noted that now she has no desire to devote strangers to the details of her personal life. “When it appears, I will definitely share it with you. Or we will share, “she promised, adding that she is doing well on the personal front and” this summer she is happy. ” Recall that the fans learned about her love affair with the trainer last July. At the same time, footage from a live broadcast on Instagram, in which Lisa demonstrated a spectacular ring on her ring finger, flew around the Network. Many fans are sure that celebrities are serious and are going to enter into an official marriage soon. Actress, coach, figure skating, relationship, series, novel, commentary, lisa arzamasova, daddy’s daughters, ilya averbukh, age difference