“I let it into my soul, but they spat in my soul”: rapper Guf about parting with Topuria

The couple has not been together for a long time, but their conflict is still being discussed on the Web. told the truth about his life. In particular, his reasoning touched on the relationship with the singer Katie Topuria. According to Alexei, at first he did not count on a long-term union, but fate decreed otherwise. Katie began to save her beloved from his dependence on prohibited substances: “She apparently got a kick out of this – that she had to pull me out of a hole from some kind.” “In short, I don’t know why, I believed the person so much, I let myself into my soul, but they spat so much into my soul, ”says Alexey. The musician admits that in two and a half years of relationship with Katie, he had a creative decline – he did not write a single song. After parting, Alexei experienced a break for six months and did not want to leave the house, but after that he met a new love – a girl Lesya, whom his ex-wife Aiza Anokhina had shown him earlier on Instagram. “I don’t want to cheat on her. I don’t see anyone next to me but her, “Dolmatov notes. Katie Topuria herself does not comment on the situation. Earlier, she said that she did not want to discuss the relationship with the rapper in public, which Guf was reminded of by fans in the comments to the posted excerpt from the documentary.

Gagarina’s husband shared a “personal” poem of his own composition

Fans discuss the latest posts of the photographer amid rumors of divorce Ekaterina Labukhina May 20, 2020 10:16 am Dmitry Iskhakovinstagram.com / isxakov A few hours ago, an unusual post appeared on the personal Instagram page of Polina Gagarina’s husband, photographer Dmitry Iskhakov. “The Countess, with her changed face, runs to the pond” (hereinafter, the spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved, – approx. WomanHit.ru), – the man writes under a photograph of an elderly woman, playfully winking and smiling at the camera. with the bad intentions of Leo Tolstoy’s wife, who learned about the imminent divorce. Others guessed that the photographer had quoted Bender’s telegram from The Golden Calf. And earlier Iskhakov shared with subscribers a poem of his own composition: “One step at a time – in a run, Kaleidoscope days – a whistle, If only to twist the run, And again I am a clean sheet”. In the caption, the photographer noted that it is “pretty personal and almost intimate.” Most fans react to such publications with a degree of bewilderment. After all, now the public expects comments from him and his star darling about the divorce – this week the media reported that the couple intends to break up. Recall that the union of Iskhakov and Gagarina lasted almost six years. In 2017, they had a daughter, Mia. The representative of the performer told reporters that if the artist wants to make a statement, “she will definitely publish it in her accounts in the form in which the information will be transmitted without distortion.” Singer, relationship, husband, divorce, photographer, parting, social networks, polina gagarina, instagram, dmitry iskhakov, quotes

Experts: Samoilova wants to get more than half of Dzhigan’s income

The couple will divorce in mid-June Ekaterina Labukhina May 20, 2020 11:40 Dzhigan and Oksana Samoilova On his personal Instagram page, the performer regularly confesses his love to his wife and publishes romantic photos with her. The rapper recently dedicated a song to his beloved, but, unfortunately, the miracle did not happen, the couple is still getting divorced. The court session is scheduled for mid-June, Starhit reports. It is known that the spouses did not draw up a marriage contract. When they met, Dzhigan was little known and earned very modestly. The couple postponed the wedding for a long time, as there was simply no money to organize it. Several years ago, they bought a house outside the city, where they were doing expensive repairs for a long time. According to some reports, this mansion can be sold today for 140 million rubles. After all, at the moment, the main activity of the artist, which brought him income, – concert and corporate performances, has been suspended due to the pandemic. Some believe that the star family is already running out of livelihood and, perhaps, they will have to take out a loan or sell some from cars. Be that as it may, experts suggest that as alimony after the divorce, Samoilov wants to receive more than half of Dzhigan’s income, which is approximately 2-3 million rubles. Recall that the model and the musician have four children: three daughters and a youngest son. Money, divorce, scandal, model, alimony, details, large family, parting, rapper, djigan, oksana samoilova, income

Vladimir Marconi called the divorce of Kharlamov and Asmus show

Garik Kharlamov and Kristina Asmus with their daughter … “This is all the show” (hereinafter, the spelling and punctuation of the authors are preserved, – note WomanHit.ru), Marconi wrote succinctly in response. were with us, we were surprised that Garik and Christina told about it. Yes, of course, they participated in the project! And it’s great that this funny joke and friendly joke excited the media space so interestingly, “he later told KP reporters. When asked if the news of the separation was an assignment, the presenter replied:” Yes, a synchronous assignment that had to be completed together … In our last round, when the game is tied, we flip a coin [чтоб определить победителя], but this time we decided that they should carry out one punishment for two. As you can see from the text, both Garik and Christina have the same word for word. So this text [заявления о разводе] from the card. ”“ Of course, it was obvious that most of the comments would contain the words: ‘Text’, hype, boomerang, Yankovsky, ‘predictable’, ‘was with him only because of the money’, ‘do a DNA paternity test’ etc. “, – wrote Asmus a few hours ago in her microblog. ‘I love couch conspiracy theories, scandals, intrigues, investigations. You know everything and you see everything. Who really is what, what is the reason and which of us exactly filed for divorce. Ok, I will not take the microphone away from you. Be creative, the comments are open, “the actress summed up. You can read about the real divorces that happened in 2020 in this article.

Kharlamov noted a break with Asmus in the company of actresses

The comedian had fun in karaoke until the very morning Ekaterina Labukhina July 9, 2020 15:03 Garik Kharlamov The couple posted similar posts on social networks, where they tried to explain their decision to the fans. The artists said that it took a long time for this and their intentions were not influenced by the actions of third parties or explicit scenes from the movie “Text” with the participation of Asmus. The stars are going to continue to raise their daughter, six-year-old Anastasia, on an equal footing. Journalists of “StarHit” argue that the 39-year-old comedian is not bored at all after the announcement of the divorce. Last weekend, he threw a party to mark the end of the filming of the next project in one of the capital’s karaoke clubs. “Garik is our frequent guest, because the owner is his friend. This time, when he called and asked to close the halls for a private event, he joked, they say, at the same time I will mark a divorce! ” – said the staff of the institution. The showman had fun from six in the evening until four in the morning. Garik left the holiday alone at dawn, despite the fact that the event was attended by several pretty little-known actresses. Actress, women, breakup, rumors, rest, relationship, divorce, details, parting, garik kharlamov, karaoke, kristina asmus

The husband left Tatyana Abramova after the news of the son’s cancer

The actress shared her frank memories Ekaterina Labukhina July 9, 2020 13:35 Tatyana Abramova The youngest, at the age of one, had had meningitis, after which he was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in the adrenal glands. The diagnosis “neuroblastoma” is one of the most aggressive forms of oncology. In a short time, the tumor has grown to 15 centimeters. The doctors decided to operate on the child after several courses of chemotherapy. The actress did everything to save the baby. He was treated in Germany, and Tatyana had to work very hard to pay for the expensive therapy. In addition, during this difficult period, her husband left her. “The news of Sasha’s illness traumatized him. When a person finds out about such a diagnosis, he often has a stupor: what to do with it, how to live, “Abramova said on the air of the new edition of the program” The Fate of a Man. ” and they will open to you. I began to go to churches more. When my son was operated on for the first time, I gave Sergei a prayer, and the two of us read it aloud for all six hours. It was also difficult for me. I realized that I could not pull my husband out. It was easier to load up. everything on yourself and to do everything alone. Serezha came to us in Germany. Then Sasha was just gaining strength before the high-dose chemotherapy. The son was glad that dad was there, “says the 45-year-old film star. The decision to divorce Kulishenko was mutual. the couple still managed to maintain a warm relationship with each other. actress, cancer, son, illness, husband, care, oncology treatment, parting, tatiana abramova, frank interview, confession, human fate

Priluchny still confesses his love to Muceniece

Agata Muceniece www.instagram.com/agataagata 31-year-old Agata Muceniece admitted that she has a lot of reasons to feel resentment. “For example, for the betrayal that is taking place now. He chose me and assured me that it was forever, and I believed. It turns out, this is a betrayal, “she said, talking with the star of the” Battle of Psychics “Victoria Raidos on the YouTube show” Honest Divorce. ” “When he married you, he also believed that it was forever and ever,” says Victoria. After that, Agatha unexpectedly said that the ex-husband says that he still loves her. “It seems to me that this does not happen. If you love, then you fight for your love. Right?” – Muceniece wonders. Raidos advises the actress not to deceive herself with empty hopes: “He probably tells you this, because he loves as a mother his children, a person with whom he lived for some time. It is difficult to identify his feelings “, – says the psychic. Victoria believes that Agatha’s dishonesty is also in this. “You said yourself that you really didn’t want any marriage,” she reminded. Recall that shortly after the divorce from Muceniece, Priluchny went to rest with the heirs and the star of “Daddy’s Daughters” Miroslava Karpovich. Later, the actor’s neighbor told about Pavel’s romance with another colleague, Julia Franz.

Buzova’s mother spoke about the possible breakup of the singer with Dava Manukyan

Olga Buzova and David Manukyan instagram.com / dava_m For almost a year, fans have been trying to understand whether Olga Buzova and David Manukyan are dating out of love for each other, or whether this story is nothing more than a well-thought-out PR. The couple periodically tries to prove to the public the sincerity of their feelings and hints at the seriousness of their intentions, although in the past few weeks rumors about their separation have been actively circulating on the Internet. Moreover, these conjectures are largely provoked by the singer herself – she actively removes joint pictures with the blogger from the microblog, without explaining the reasons for her actions, while Dava covertly hints at failure on the personal front. “We need your support, relatives” (the author’s spelling and punctuation are preserved, – note WomanHit.ru), a man recently said in a story on his personal Instagram page. Journalists from “KP” talked about this with Olga’s mother Irina Aleksandrovna. It turned out that the woman knows absolutely nothing about the possible breakup of her daughter and Manukyan. She believes that it is simply not worth attaching importance to the removal of those photos on social networks, since her heiress can quickly change her mood. “I didn’t know that she was deleting the photographs with David. I don’t follow my Instagram life. You know, today she deleted the photos, tomorrow she added again – the girls are like that “, – says Irina.” My daughter herself did not tell me anything about it. But I think if something extraordinary happened in her life, she would tell me. And since she didn’t say a word, it means that nothing like that happened, ”she summed up.

Assault on Tarzan and the Queen: “They Live Separately”

The singer said that a year before the wedding, the stripper was courting her Ekaterina Labukhina September 18, 2020 09:51 AM Natasha Koroleva and Tarzan One of the strongest couples among representatives of Russian show business Tarzan, Sergey Glushko in the world, and Natasha Koroleva does not live under the same roof … Many believe that the reason for this was a loud scandal that erupted on the Web after 23-year-old actress Anastasia Shulzhenko admitted that she had met with a married artist for almost a year and a half. After some time, the man himself publicly admitted to treason – then his wife was resting on south, but at the same time accused the girl of allegedly deceiving him – she gave him an unknown substance and then seduced him. Soon the video message disappeared from the showman’s page on the social network. Natalya Shturm tried to clarify the situation. She is sure that Sergei does not repent of his deed. “Natasha changed the productive and loving Igor Nikolaev for the stripper Tarzan, not forgiving Nikolayev’s betrayals, which Tarzan easily forgives. And she will forgive in the future, without a doubt “(hereinafter, the spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved, – approx. WomanHit.ru), – writes Sturm on his personal Instagram page. The performer also noted that Sergey is” educated, not conflicted, does not drink and women adore him. ” A year before the wedding with the Queen, the showman courted her. “We even went to swim on the Moskva River, he showed how he was without clothes). And while they were driving, they wrote to him and called, well, there are at least 150 women, “the pop diva recalls.” After the walk, I went home without inviting him to which he was very surprised. But I love monogamous men, and the baton is not mine, “she noted, adding that the Queen, on the contrary, willingly entered this” competition “because she fell in love. Sturm also recalled that the Queen many years ago in an interview she said that she and Glushko live separately – she is with her child outside the city, and her husband is in Moscow – it is more convenient for him to spend the night in the city after work. “Natasha just persuaded herself not to react to his adultery. And it will always be like this, maybe it turns her on, ”concluded the artist, stating that this story is nothing more than a reason for black PR.

Lopyreva dispelled rumors of parting with Bulatov

Victoria Lopyreva @ lopyrevavika Vika Lopyreva published a photo on her microblog that literally put an end to speculation that the model had become a single mother. Victoria, together with her one and a half-year-old son Mark Leo, while away the time of the autumn pandemic on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, in a fashionable Turkish hotel. For several weeks now, she has been posting beautiful photographs – and nowhere is the father of the child, Igor Bulatov, to be seen. In this regard, the fans suspected that something went wrong in the couple’s relationship, and they already began to discuss the divorce due to the fact that the once successful manager had lost a source of income – after all, before meeting Lopyreva, Bulatov had made a career in the business of his father-in-law. Naturally, after the fact of treason became obvious, the father of Tata’s ex-wife Karapetyan fired his son-in-law. Fans openly supported Victoria Lopyreva in her loneliness and assured that she herself would be excellent and she would put the child on her feet, and would find a better party for herself. However, now the topic of the separation of the spouses is closed – the family is back together, and Igor Bulatov touched everyone with the tenderness with which he hugs his little son and holds the hand of his beloved woman. That speculation about a quarrel between Victoria and Igor is not so far from the truth , the model hinted in one of her publications: “For example, a husband can praise the soup made by his wife with the words’ Normal soup”, and in his world with such words, dad practically deified the dish prepared by mom, and the wife may be offended because her dad told my mother “divine! This is the most delicious soup you have ever made, you are just a miracle! ” In such cases, it is important to talk and agree on a joint scale that will be appropriate for your family or couple (hereinafter, the spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved, – note WomanHit.ru) “, ​​- touched upon the topic of mutual grievances in the Lopyrev family. publications, she emphasized that she herself “loves to be offended by loved ones”, but she is working on herself and considers this trait a flaw in her character. “When we are offended, then in fact it is not someone who offends us, but we ourselves choose to feel insulted, humiliated, etc. And this is precisely our choice, and not something that suddenly attacked us and is uncontrollable by us”, – she shared and admitted that being resentful is just a sign of a lack of emotional intelligence. …