Fadeev got rid of 10 kilograms in a month

The producer recorded a video from the workout Ekaterina Labukhina April 30, 2020 09:55 am Maxim Fadeev www.instagram.com/fadeevmaxim Maxim Fadeev decided to spend a period of self-isolation due to the announced coronavirus pandemic with health benefits and still lose weight. The artist tries to move more and observe a special diet. He is happy to share the results with caring subscribers on his personal Instagram page. “Another 10 kg minus this month! Drink more water, less food, and more movement! Take care of yourself! Peace to your home! ” (The spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved, – approx. WomanHit.ru), – noted the showman, taking pictures of himself on the treadmill. To lose extra pounds, Maxim Alexandrovich goes in for sports at home – the composer walks on the treadmill, sweat pours from him in streams, but he overcomes himself and continues what he started. Recently, he has already lost 90 kilograms. For those who have long and strongly dreamed of losing weight, the producer advises drinking warm water – in particular, 600 milliliters strictly before meals. It is known that about two years ago, Fadeev admitted that it was because of his impressive weight that he decided to end his singing career – he fell ill with diabetes and gained 20 kilograms in just two weeks. In order to gain the coveted harmony, he tried many different methods – he even drank special pills for weight loss, which only hurt him – as a result, he added 12 kilograms. After this incident, the musician urges people not to believe in promising advertising slogans: figure, weight loss, excess weight, training, video, commentary, body, slimness, producer, maxim fadeev, physical activity, extra pounds

Bogomolov showed subscribers Sobchak topless

A new photo of the presenter Ekaterina Labukhina is being discussed on the Web1 June 2020 17: 07Konstantin Bogomolov and Ksenia Sobchak www.instagram.com/konbog75Konstantin Bogomolov and Ksenia Sobchak are one of the brightest and most discussed couples among representatives of the domestic show business. They never cease to amaze the audience. What is only the wedding, which turned into a real performance. The director loves to photograph his chosen one. Sometimes he pleases his subscribers with these photos. For example, a few hours ago, a photo appeared on his personal Instagram page, where the presenter was captured topless. Bogomolov modestly signed the post with an emoji in the form of a red heart. However, not all users realized that it was Ksenia in the picture – after all, the girl turned her back to the camera and, perhaps, did not even suspect that she was being watched. Also, some followers saw on the back of the socialite the sign of the famous American company Apple, which produces various personal gadgets. The opinions of fans were divided. Some expressed admiration for the director’s delicate taste and eccentricity, while others were outraged. In their opinion, Sobchak’s reaction to this publication will be disappointing – the TV personality can throw a scandal on his wife. Xenia Sobchak, breast, director, figure, relationship, husband, comments, topless, TV presenter, social networks, candid photo, instagram, Konstantin Bogomolov

“He was 56 years old”: the actor and director Oleg Boretsky died

The sad news was shared by producer Vyacheslav Shmyrov Anastasia Mishakova 18 June 2020 17:41 Oleg Boretsky Photo: kino-teatr.ru Director and actor Oleg Boretsky died at the age of 57. Producer and film critic Vyacheslav Shmyrov announced this on his Facebook page. “Due to the circumstances of the subsequent time, this generation was not destined to live a full-blooded life in cinema. Unfortunately, the actor and film director Oleg Boretsky does the same. He was 56 years old “, – wrote Vyacheslav Shmyrov. According to the producer, Boretsky was not yet 7 June. The cause of death is not named. As Shmyrov notes, he and Boretsky haven’t seen each other for a long time, and for him he remained “a man from the 90s”. Recall that Oleg Boretsky is known for the series “Attention! To all posts … “,” The day before … “and” From the life of captain Chernyaev. ” He also directed the detective series Judicial Column. …

Rudkovskaya reacted to Urgant’s joke about Plushenko

The host spoke about the youngest son of the couple Ekaterina Labukhina June 30, 2020 10:59 AM YANA RUDKOVSKAYA AND EVGENY PLYUSHCHENKO www.instagram.com/rudkovskayaofficial Ivan Urgant recently joked about the appointment of Evgeny Plushenko to the position of coach of the Russian national figure skating team. “As the Gnome Gnomych (the son of the athlete and Yana Rudkovskaya Alexander, – editor’s note) said, now it remains to attach the mother, and it will be possible to take a breath,” said the showman on the air of the program “Evening Urgant” on Channel One. I don’t give everyone peace, ”Rudkovskaya complained in response. The fact that Plushenko was appointed coach of the national team became known on June 14. He received this position after the transfer to his academy of the two-time world champion among juniors Alexandra Trusova from the group of another specialist – Eteri Tutberidze. Evgeny opened his own academy in April 2017. It is known that the little heir to the star couple has been engaged in figure skating for several years and regularly participates in popular ice shows. According to some reports, the boy earns 12 million rubles a year. Recall last May it became known that Rudkovskaya broke off friendly relations with the family of Andrei Malakhov and Natalia Shkuleva. She made this decision after publishing materials about her youngest heir in the presenter’s magazine. The article claimed that the child allegedly suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome. Upon learning of this, the parents rushed to refute this information and announced their intention to sue the unscrupulous journalists. Criticism, children, figure skating, sports, evgeny plushenko, athletes, joke, producer, yana rudkovskaya, ivan urgant, gnome gnomych

Rudkovskaya denied rumors about a foreign car donated to her son

The producer criticized the would-be journalists on the social network Ekaterina Labukhina June 30, 2020 13:55 Yana Rudkovskayainstagram.com / rudkovskayaofficial On June 28, the heir of Yana Rudkovskaya and businessman Viktor Baturin, Nikolai, turned eighteen years old. “Happy birthday, Kolunya, here you are already 18! I love and wish all your dreams to come true, knowing that nothing is impossible for you! The photo was taken by my eldest son Andrey (he has no social networks)! ” (hereinafter, the spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved, – approx. WomanHit.ru), – wrote the star mom on her blog a day ago. In addition to warm wishes, she published a festive frame on the social network. In the photo, Kolya, along with his younger brother Sasha, who became famous as the Dwarf Gnomych, and his mother are captured against the background of blue and silver balloons. And in the foreground is a luxurious green cake with raspberry filling, prepared by a famous pastry chef. Some media reported that the businesswoman gave the birthday man a foreign car worth seven million rubles. But, having learned about this, Yana hastened to refute the rumors. “Amazing people, how can I donate a car that is not even mine, but belongs to Porsche! I do not spoil my children! So before you write a lie, check the info! They got it with their stupidity and stupidity, “the 45-year-old socialite complained, referring to the would-be reporters in a story on Instagram’s personal page. Criticism, birthday, refutation, gift, son, holiday, car, comment, Viktor Baturin, producer , yana rudkovskaya, social networks, instagram, family photo

MakSim went to the tennis court after rehabilitation

The singer was photographed in the company of the trainer Ekaterina Labukhina July 6, 2020 10:15 AM MakSim www.instagram.com / MAKSIMARTIST A fresh photo of the popular singer MakSim has appeared on the web. It was published on the personal page of Instagram by the producer of the artist Margarita Sokolova. In the frame, the performer is captured on a tennis court with her coach, she is wearing a sports uniform, and a bag with rackets on her shoulder. In the comments, many users noted that the 37-year-old singer is slimmer and looks fresh and rested. It is worth noting that this is the first photo after rehabilitation that the star had to go through due to a car accident in 2019 – then, in April, the girl got into an accident abroad on her way to the airport. The cause of the incident was a punctured wheel. According to some reports, as a result, MakSim suffered short-term memory loss – she was hospitalized in a serious condition. In early February, the celebrity producer said that her ward had spinal bruises and problems with cerebral vessels. Doctors recommended the performer to interrupt stage activities – which she did since last February. Sokolova believes that MakSim will be able to pursue a musical career in the same mode only in a year. Tennis, coach, sports, singer, weight loss, car accident, treatment, producer, maksim, social networks, instagram

Rudkovskaya criticized Dakota for “hype” at the drawing

Yana Rudkovskaya www.instagram.com/rudkovskayaofficial The conflict between Rita Dakota and Yana Rudkovskaya continues to flare up on the web. A graduate of the “Star Factory” complained that the producer, who was the organizer of the blogging competition – the drawing of branded bags, allegedly called her and said that she could not take part in the drawing. According to the secular lioness, the girl “lowers the degree of the company” because she looks “deshmansky.” “Probably, the anti-crisis manager advised Yana Rudkovskaya to pretend that in fact we are her friends and this is a secret conspiracy. All night they sent me screenshots of Yana’s stories, where she hysterically “admires” my work and asks me to “raise the album to the charts”, calling me “Ritusei”. Curtain. The album, which was released a month ago “(hereinafter, the spelling and punctuation of the authors are preserved, – note WomanHit.ru), – Rita is indignant in a story on her personal Instagram page. Summing up, she called the situation “dirty games of the show business of the 90s.” The singer added that she has not yet received an apology from Rudkovskaya. “I am a music producer, I listen to any musical material carefully and for a long time, especially when it needs to be given such close attention. I usually listen in the evenings, and I don’t tend to be hysterical at all, even if I hear a super hit. I will ask you not to infringe on my musical tastes, as well as my rights to express an opinion regarding my professional activity! ” – Yana later spoke on the social network. Today the producer noted that she was not at all opposed to Dakota’s participation in the action. “I had only one request to her, to replace the photo, because she had other people’s things, boutique that had nothing to do with the action and for me it was important, including not to mislead subscribers,” writes celebrity. She stressed that “no one kicked anyone out of the circle, the person himself wished to leave the circle,” though not immediately, but the next day, when 150 thousand subscribers came. “I believe that everything that has been going on from Rita Dakota’s side for three days now is simply unethical, unprofessional and ugly and has already crossed all the boundaries!” – writes Rudkovskaya. “Having violated the rules of participation, the person started a hype, because of which they humiliate and insult me ​​now, and she continues to play a victim! I am categorically against class division of people, infringement of rights and discrimination of any form, and offensive behavior, bullying, contempt and nothing outright aggression are frankly alien to me, ”the producer summed up.

45-year-old Rudkovskaya boasted of a figure on the beach in Sochi

The producer admired the “model” legs Ekaterina Labukhina September 3, 2020 12:13 pm Yana Rudkovskaya www.instagram.com / rudkovskayaofficial The popular Russian blogger and presenter Yana Rudkovskaya recently went to rest in Sochi. This became known thanks to Instagram, where the celebrity uploads sunny shots from local beaches. On the freshest of them, the 45-year-old blonde appeared in a black swimsuit and a translucent light dress in the setting sun. In the comments, most of the followers noted the unfading beauty of Yana, in particular, the slenderness of her “model” legs. But there were also those who found this image too gloomy for relaxation. And someone began to criticize for excessive passion for retouching. Note that earlier the media claimed that Rudkovskaya and her husband Yevgeny Plushenko want to have another child. A couple of more than a year tried to do it in a natural way, but after unsuccessful attempts to get pregnant on her own, the woman put a lot of effort: she was examined and even tried the IVF procedure. But in the end, the couple settled on using the services of a surrogate mother.

Fedoseeva-Shukshina threatened Alibasova with suicide

The actress painfully took the producer’s desire to dissolve the marriage Ekaterina Labukhina September 17, 2020 17:37 BARI ALIBASOV AND LIDIA FEDOSEEVA-SHUKSHINA Recently, for the first time after the news of the divorce appeared, the star couple met in the studio of the Channel One program “Let them talk.” While communicating with the guests via video link and seeing her husband, the artist could not hold back her tears. Apparently, the stars do not intend to divorce, and there is still a chance to save their relationship. When the host of the show Dmitry Borisov asked Shukshina what she felt before the divorce, she gave out with bewilderment: “What kind of divorce, what are you doing?” At the same time, the woman is ready to do anything to return her apartment to the ownership – for this she is even ready to take her own life. It is known that Alibasov announced his decision to divorce Lydia Nikolaevna last summer. This union lasted for two years. Fedoseyeva-Shukshina took this news painfully and went on a hunger strike. But later the showman remembered warm feelings for the chosen one and said that he would not dissolve the marriage. According to the producer, the behavior of the beloved changed dramatically after she rewrote the apartment to him, and the latter to her driver Sergei Motsar.

Alibasov’s assistant asked Fedoseeva-Shukshina to leave the apartment

BARI ALIBASOV AND LIDIA FEDOSEEVA-SHUKSHINA Now she is trying to prove in court that she did not understand what document she was signing when she gave the apartment to her husband Bari Alibasov. Having become the owner of the living space, the producer re-registered it to his driver Sergei Motsar. Now he is a defendant in the scandalous apartment case. It is known that the man was not present at a recent court hearing, where this issue was being examined, only his representative was present, and he conveyed that Mozar asked the actress to take things out of the house. It is curious that earlier Alibasov assured Lydia Nikolaevna that she could live there whenever she wanted. According to Bari Karimovich’s lawyer Oleg Sukhov, Fedoseeva-Shukshina did not have any rights to this apartment, since she gave it to her husband. “We are glad that the judge hears different versions that Alibasov and his entourage bring to the attention of the public. Let us recall that initially Alibasov assured that he was protecting Lydia Nikolaevna and her property from the claims of third parties. But in fact, Alibasov and Motsar deprived the elderly woman not only of her last property, but also of the right to own and use the apartment, “KP quotes the representative of Olga Shukshina and her mother Yulia Verbitskaya-Linnik. hospitals where she was treated after a heart attack. For this reason, it was difficult for her to concentrate on the content of the documents. According to Verbitskaya-Linnik, soon Sergei Motsar will file a claim for violation of the rights to use an apartment in New Moscow. “Yesterday we announced the need for a psychological and psychiatric examination of Lydia Nikolaevna’s condition at the time of signing the deal. She was without a hearing aid. Given her illnesses, she could hardly understand the essence of the documents that Alibasov persuaded her to sign, ”the lawyer notes. The next session on the above-mentioned case was scheduled for October 12.