The clairvoyant commented on the rumors about the divorce of Gagarina and Iskhakov

Saona believes that the couple is breaking up because of betrayal Saona. 19 May 2020 19:07 Dmitry Iskhakov Photo: Fans of the stars are very attentive people. They are always the first to notice their idols on their microblogs when something is wrong. So in the story with Polina Gagarina and Dmitry Iskhakov, it was the fans who were alarmed not so long ago: at first they noticed that the spouses appear less and less on social networks, then they noticed the absence of a wedding ring on the singer’s hand. rumors about the separation of the couple. At first, Gagarin was accused of treason – the star was credited with an office romance with Sergei Lazarev. And then – with the actor Yevgeny Borodenko. By the way, Iskhakov even joked about this on Instagram. “What to do?! Why am I so unpleasant here ?! It is not surprising that she left (Polina, – ed.). I would have walked away from myself, “- then ironically Dmitry. Later, they began to ascribe adultery to Iskhakov himself – albeit without evidence. But now the journalists have found out that Gagarina fired her husband from the position of director of her LLC, through which she carries out creative activities. And again there were loud headlines about divorce, and observations of subscribers were added to them, but the main argument among gossipers is the silence of the spouses themselves. It would seem that there is nothing easier than directly saying that no one is going to get divorced. However, so far the journalists have managed to get only one comment – and that one is very uninformative. The singer’s representative said that if Polina wants to make a statement on this topic, then she herself will publish it on social networks. Therefore, asked the clairvoyant and tarot reader Saona what was really going on. “Polina Gagarina is a very cold girl in herself, it is difficult for her to show her emotions, even if it is her loving husband. The singer is certainly beautiful, interesting, but there is no love charm from her, she cannot give what he needs. Over time, in these relationships, Polina became even more alienated, but this was to be expected. Despite her beauty and success, her husband always cheated on her. This divorce will take place against the backdrop of betrayal. Polina is tired of accepting this and living with this hurt and pain. Dmitry is now in a state of love and openly talks about this to his wife, but he only has feelings for another woman who is much younger than him. I cannot say that the relationship with the new chosen one will last long, but after that they will not reunite with Polina, “Saona said.” The singer is not in her best condition now, she is very worried, angry, she is annoyed that everything turned out this way. It takes time for her to calmly react to the father of her child and ex-husband. As for the general business, now they can twist things and aggravate the situation, so in their place I would leave all financial issues until the moment when everyone calms down and does not make hasty decisions. As for the singer’s personal life, everything will be fine with her, and an unforgettable love relationship awaits her, where a man, by the way, will be younger than her and no less successful than her ex-husband, ”says Saona.

Clairvoyant: “Megan and Harry do not show that they are really hard”

Galina Yanko predicts the reunion of the royal family Galina Yanko 22 May 2020 19: 31Prince Harry and Meghan MarklePhoto: Instagram.comPrince Harry and Meghan Markle very modestly celebrated their second wedding anniversary. According to insiders, the spouses did not arrange any celebrations on this date, but simply exchanged gifts. At the same time, Megan’s present was generally made with her own hands – she decided to give Harry a postcard with a love message. And while some fans are touched by the romance of such actions, others suggest that the point is not at all in the sentimentality of the spouses, but in the banal lack of money. After the rejection of royal privileges, Harry and Megan also lost the funding of the royal family, which, by the way, according to the same insiders, did not even congratulate the couple. Whether Harry and Megan dreamed of such a fate, deciding to show independence, and how long the wife would hold out in disgrace, asked the clairvoyant and tarologist Galina Yanko. “Now, of course, not the best times in the royal family, but Megan and Harry trying to cope on their own and not show that it is really hard for them now. Times are tough and everyone is going through this breakup. But Harry’s character does not allow him to back down and make peace with his family. Megan does not put pressure on the prince and tries to support him in everything, although this is not easy for her herself. I can say that next year a white streak will come in their family, the family will be reunited again. Although a grandmother with her character will not accept them back into the family for a long time, but again it will be hard to worry about it. Only health problems will strengthen family ties. Megan and Harry will return to the royal house “, – said Yanko.” By the way, as for their couple, they are really very happy and harmonious people. Despite the quarrels and gossip, Megan and Harry support each other in every possible way. So, even if everything turns upside down and there is no reconciliation, which is unlikely, they will not be lost, but will live happily and amicably. By the way, Megan will give birth to heirs almost every year, ”the clairvoyant believes.

Psychic about Ovechkin and Shubskaya: “They will have three children”

Galina Yanko spoke about the couple’s newborn son Galina Yanko May 27, 2020 19:38 Alexander Ovechkin and Anastasia Shubskaya with their son Photo: Today, a joyful event happened in the family of Alexander Ovechkin and Anastasia Shubskaya – their second son was born. The spouses did not hide either the name of the newborn or his parameters. “On 05/27/2020 our son was born, Ilya Aleksandrovich Ovechkin 55 cm 3800 g! We are the happiest, ”26-year-old Shubskaya wrote in her microblog, posting a photo with her husband in the hospital. However, psychic and tarologist Galina Yanko believes that this baby will not be the youngest in the family. “This couple has a good family card. They were all born under a lucky star that protects them. This family is not without troubles, but they hold on tightly and easily go through all the troubles. Children in the Ovechkin family will be far from sports, but closer to art. They will have three children, so we will be waiting for another replenishment soon. As for the newborn child, he was born under the star of love and will feel love, happiness and care all his life. As for health, all children will be strong and not so often sick, but development still needs to be dealt with: from an early age, learn languages ​​and introduce the child to sports “, – said Yanko.” In general, this family is very harmonious, and in their the couple will not have disagreements, quarrels and divorces. Anastasia is very soft and easily adapts to her brutal husband, and meanwhile he melts from her feminine charms. This year they planned to move, but I would not advise doing it now. For now, it is worth thinking about buying real estate, at this time they will get a favorable deal, and they will get what they want, ”the psychic advises.

Psychic: “Victoria Boni has a marriage ahead”

Marianna Abravitova believes that the lull in the star’s personal life is temporary Marianna Abravitova June 1, 2020 19:25 Victoria Bonya Photo: Victoria Bonya decided to go into nostalgia – on a recent broadcast, the star told fans that in her youth she had met with a wealthy banker for 5 years , who left the family for her. However, fans are more interested not in Victoria’s past, but in the future. Bonya broke up with her common-law husband Alex Smerfit in 2016, but has not been seen in a serious and long-term relationship since then. However, it is quite possible that everything is fine with the star’s personal life, and she just now decided not to advertise it? We asked this question to the psychic and tarologist Marianna Abravitova. “In her life she had many admirers, including millionaires, and married, and those who left the family because of her. Now Victoria, in some sense, has a less turbulent period in her personal life, but she still has a lot of fans. However, I do not see those next to her who are ready to leave their family for her sake. This period is temporary. This is not the first time I have said that Boni has a marriage ahead of her, and her man on this part of the road has not yet come to her, “Abravitova said.” I can say one thing: Victoria Boni has always had a lot of fans, they are, and she will always have them. The reason for this is not so much the girl’s bright appearance as the merit of pheromones and the presence of charisma, “Marianna believes. With the participants of the” House 2 “project Ruslan Proskurov and Rustam Solntsev” Now there are many men around her for communication in any form: friendly, erotic, intellectual, esoteric, travel. But the time had not yet come for her to create a marriage. This period was given to her for spiritual growth – we can say that she is now in a transitional period: she is actively changing her country of residence, trying herself in different types of activities. Victoria continues to live a busy life, despite a slight decrease in the degree of personal relationships, ”concluded the psychic.

Psychic about Sobchak: “The scandal with Timati is a planned action”

Saona believes that in life the stars get along well The TV presenter has always been famous for her sharp tongue, but now she is increasingly turning to personalities – and to the personalities of those people with whom she seemed to be friends before. What is this – a planned PR, the negative influence of the newly minted spouse of the star Konstantin Bogomolov, or a consequence of the love for alcohol, which Ksenia demonstrated during quarantine live broadcasts? asked this question to psychic Saone. “Ksenia Anatolyevna is a shocking person, and she always knows exactly what and why she is doing. All her scandals are thought out to the smallest detail, and she knows how to raise the hype. Ksenia is now at the peak of popularity and is trying to maintain this state in various ways. I can’t say that this is only her handiwork, no, a very competent specialist works with her, who knows how to prioritize and catch on to the right things. But I can say that in her personal life she is quite hot-tempered and scandalous in nature. She will never bend under a man, on the contrary, she will do everything to bend under her, “the psychic believes. Ksenia Sobchak and Tina Kandelaki” Regarding the scandal with Timati, I can say that this is a planned action, since the cards say that in life they get along well and there are no squabbles between them. Therefore, everything that is happening around her now is just a good PR move to maintain her popularity. But she needs to be very careful in her statements, as she can get into a very unpleasant situation where she will not come out of the water clean. And also let him pay more attention to his relationships within the family, ”Saona said. …

Psychic about Kharlamov and Asmus: “Christina had a hard time with him”

Saona believes that the divorce of the artists had to happen sooner or later Saona. 23 June 2020 17:40 Kristina Asmus and Garik Kharlamov Photo: Kristina Asmus and Garik Kharlamov announced their separation after 8 years of relationship. On the eve of the message about this appeared on the social networks of the spouses: “Yes, we are getting divorced. But we certainly remain loving parents of a beautiful daughter. It’s been a wonderful 8 years. I am immensely grateful to Christina for them and for the most important and important thing in our life – for our daughter. Of course, speculation will begin, but I immediately want to make it clear that neither the pandemic, nor the film “Text”, nor someone else is to blame for this situation “(here and hereinafter the spelling and punctuation of the authors are preserved, – note, – wrote Garik Kharlamov. “This decision is not spontaneous. It was thought over a long time ago and was formulated almost a year ago, “Asmus noted. decided to find out from the psychic Saona what caused the breakup of the star couple and whether the decision about it was made so long ago – or the spouses are cunning.” Kharlamov and Asmus should have happened sometime. Nobody knew about everything that was happening in their family, but Christina was periodically uncomfortable in this relationship. During the marriage, these people grew up and wiser, began to look at some things differently, and in the end, all this led to a divorce. Garik is a tough enough person, and Christina had a hard time with him. On stage, Garik made fun of people, joked jokes – and at home he did the same. At the beginning of their relationship, Christina liked all this and even amused, because Garik, in addition to jokes, can make a queen out of a princess and put the whole world at her feet. But over time, they began to spend less time together, by the way, they even have a rest separately, because both need a break from each other, “Saona said. Garik Kharlamov and Kristina Asmus” I can’t say that the divorce will be with scandals and carve-up property, no, everything will be amicable and mutual. Garik and Christina will remain on friendly terms and will continue to raise their daughter. There are no conflicts and misunderstandings between them, they just realized that they were going along different paths and it was already difficult for them together. By the way, that he has, that she will still have a relationship and will have a marriage. Garik will meet a girl much younger than himself, and she will be somewhat similar to his ex-wife, from her he will still give birth to children and will go down the aisle. As for Christina, everything will be fine in her personal life, and she will be truly happy, she will get married and give birth to her second child. But between Christina and Garik there will always be a warm, trusting relationship, ”concluded the clairvoyant.

Clairvoyant: “It is worth waiting for Sedokova’s pregnancy and another marriage”

Kazhetta is sure that the singer will marry her young lover Kazhetta Akhmetzhanova 22 July 2020 22:30 Janis Timma and Anna Sedokova Photo: Rumors appeared on the web that Janis Timma plans to propose marriage to Anna Sedokova. Actually, the singer herself gave the reason for such conversations, answering a question from one of the followers. The subscriber asked if it was worth waiting for her and Janis’s wedding. Instead of writing her own opinion on this issue, Sedokova withdrew the comment from the 28-year-old Timm. The man replied that this is a question for Anna. “And I know the answer,” the singer said with a laugh. Now fans are confident that the couple is gearing up for their engagement. The clairvoyant Kazhetta shares this point of view: “Sedakova is a happy and very talented woman. In terms of men, she is always lucky, and she makes the right choice, despite the fact that she has many marriages. An affair with Janis will be long-term and successful. Sedakova has a complex character, she is a hot-tempered lady, but at the same time very gentle and affectionate. Their union is harmonious and very fruitful. They are like halves of one whole, they are very comfortable together and all feelings are mutual. There will be no wedding this year, and this is even good, because if they get married in 2020, then there is a high probability that they will get divorced. Therefore, it is worth thinking about marriage, but next year. In any case, they will be together, and officially they will also consolidate their relationship, “Kazhetta told” By the way, they have such a good union that their children will turn out to be very beautiful and talented. So it is worth waiting for Sedokova’s pregnancy and another marriage. Janis, despite all his desires to live with her all his life, is a little afraid of Anna, her stubborn character sometimes pisses him off, but he quickly knows how to switch, so there are no big quarrels in their pair. Well, Anna loves Janis a lot and is ready to adapt to him at times, ”the clairvoyant thinks.

Clairvoyant: “At the end of 2021, Grigoriev-Apollo will decide to marry”

Saona commented on the news about the new romance of the singer Saona. July 27, 2020 19:46 Andrey Grigoriev-Appolonov Photo: Andrey Grigoriev-Appolonov celebrated his 50th birthday – and at the same time there was information that the singer’s heart was occupied again. Igor Matvienko called Ryzhego’s chosen one a certain “very young” girl, who, according to the producer, is no more than 20 years old. It turns out that Andrei’s ex-wife is already aware of who the artist has become interested in, and even offered him help in charming the young darling. And Grigoriev-Appolonov himself allegedly confessed to a friend that he dreams of becoming a husband and father again. Has the artist really fallen in love so much and is ready to marry again, or is this whole story just an answer to the ex-wife, who, in less than a year since their divorce, managed to remarry a young basketball player and give birth to his son? And how will the singer’s new relationship develop? asked the clairvoyant Saona these questions. “Grigoriev-Appolonov celebrated his anniversary on a grand scale. Whoever was there. Everything is bright, enchanting, beautiful, unforgettable. The maps show that the party will continue for about a week. For some reason, I see that some part of the holiday will take place on the ship. Andrei himself absolutely does not feel his age and does not believe that he is already so many years old. At heart, he is still a young guy, one might say, an aspiring artist. He has a lot of thoughts about a career, about some kind of business that he wants to open in the near future, but I don’t see any thoughts about getting married, “said the clairvoyant. Anna Kalashnikova and Andrei Grigoriev-Apollo” Now there are many women with him, however he especially singles out one blonde girl who often spends time with him. In public, he rarely appears with her, but later we will all see her. I want to note that he, of course, does not seek to tie the knot with her. It’s just that at this time she sympathizes with him most of all. Of course, he will not remain alone in life, and a little later, namely at the end of 2021, he will decide to marry. Whether this girl will stay with him or some other girl, I cannot say now, ”Saona concluded.

Clairvoyant: “For Shepelev, this is a second chance”

Alexandra Harris commented on the news that the TV presenter and his new darling were spotted in the maternity hospitalAleksandra HarrisJuly 31, 2020 17:19 seen while visiting an elite maternity hospital. Fans of the couple immediately suggested that a replenishment was expected in the family. Is this so, decided to find out from the clairvoyant and tarologist Alexander Harris. “Of course, after the tragic story with Zhanna, everyone is closely watching Dmitry. There is a lot of negativity around Shepelev, he constantly fights with him, but this does not pass without a trace for a person. His energy channels are not protected, and this in many plans becomes the cause of failures. It should be noted that he copes! Of course, changes are taking place in Shepelev’s life, life goes on, therefore, I can say for sure that their relationship with the new darling is strong. A positive future can be traced, and yes, they are planning replenishment, not waiting! The child is first planned, this is the right decision, and they followed this example, “- said Harris. Dmitry Shepelev and Ekaterina Tulupova” Whatever they write and say about Shepelev, my prognosis is as follows: he is a very good father, a real family man and a very responsible person through life. With a new lover, their relationship is sincere and light, a good love line can be traced here, and this is an excellent soil for offspring. They will succeed! The firstborn of the TV presenter is very much attached to his father, absolutely nothing can separate them. The couple have no disagreements about their son, Catherine accepts the whole situation of her lover. It can be seen that they are ready for a serious joint future. For Shepelev, this is a second chance, he literally restored his feelings from the ashes, which not everyone manages to do even over long periods of time. Dmitry needs to protect himself from the negativity that constantly surrounds him, but since he is a strong person, he has every chance of a happy family life, ”the clairvoyant believes.

Priluchny still confesses his love to Muceniece

Agata Muceniece 31-year-old Agata Muceniece admitted that she has a lot of reasons to feel resentment. “For example, for the betrayal that is taking place now. He chose me and assured me that it was forever, and I believed. It turns out, this is a betrayal, “she said, talking with the star of the” Battle of Psychics “Victoria Raidos on the YouTube show” Honest Divorce. ” “When he married you, he also believed that it was forever and ever,” says Victoria. After that, Agatha unexpectedly said that the ex-husband says that he still loves her. “It seems to me that this does not happen. If you love, then you fight for your love. Right?” – Muceniece wonders. Raidos advises the actress not to deceive herself with empty hopes: “He probably tells you this, because he loves as a mother his children, a person with whom he lived for some time. It is difficult to identify his feelings “, – says the psychic. Victoria believes that Agatha’s dishonesty is also in this. “You said yourself that you really didn’t want any marriage,” she reminded. Recall that shortly after the divorce from Muceniece, Priluchny went to rest with the heirs and the star of “Daddy’s Daughters” Miroslava Karpovich. Later, the actor’s neighbor told about Pavel’s romance with another colleague, Julia Franz.