Experts: Samoilova wants to get more than half of Dzhigan’s income

The couple will divorce in mid-June Ekaterina Labukhina May 20, 2020 11:40 Dzhigan and Oksana Samoilova On his personal Instagram page, the performer regularly confesses his love to his wife and publishes romantic photos with her. The rapper recently dedicated a song to his beloved, but, unfortunately, the miracle did not happen, the couple is still getting divorced. The court session is scheduled for mid-June, Starhit reports. It is known that the spouses did not draw up a marriage contract. When they met, Dzhigan was little known and earned very modestly. The couple postponed the wedding for a long time, as there was simply no money to organize it. Several years ago, they bought a house outside the city, where they were doing expensive repairs for a long time. According to some reports, this mansion can be sold today for 140 million rubles. After all, at the moment, the main activity of the artist, which brought him income, – concert and corporate performances, has been suspended due to the pandemic. Some believe that the star family is already running out of livelihood and, perhaps, they will have to take out a loan or sell some from cars. Be that as it may, experts suggest that as alimony after the divorce, Samoilov wants to receive more than half of Dzhigan’s income, which is approximately 2-3 million rubles. Recall that the model and the musician have four children: three daughters and a youngest son. Money, divorce, scandal, model, alimony, details, large family, parting, rapper, djigan, oksana samoilova, income

Psychic about Sobchak: “The scandal with Timati is a planned action”

Saona believes that in life the stars get along well The TV presenter has always been famous for her sharp tongue, but now she is increasingly turning to personalities – and to the personalities of those people with whom she seemed to be friends before. What is this – a planned PR, the negative influence of the newly minted spouse of the star Konstantin Bogomolov, or a consequence of the love for alcohol, which Ksenia demonstrated during quarantine live broadcasts? asked this question to psychic Saone. “Ksenia Anatolyevna is a shocking person, and she always knows exactly what and why she is doing. All her scandals are thought out to the smallest detail, and she knows how to raise the hype. Ksenia is now at the peak of popularity and is trying to maintain this state in various ways. I can’t say that this is only her handiwork, no, a very competent specialist works with her, who knows how to prioritize and catch on to the right things. But I can say that in her personal life she is quite hot-tempered and scandalous in nature. She will never bend under a man, on the contrary, she will do everything to bend under her, “the psychic believes. Ksenia Sobchak and Tina Kandelaki” Regarding the scandal with Timati, I can say that this is a planned action, since the cards say that in life they get along well and there are no squabbles between them. Therefore, everything that is happening around her now is just a good PR move to maintain her popularity. But she needs to be very careful in her statements, as she can get into a very unpleasant situation where she will not come out of the water clean. And also let him pay more attention to his relationships within the family, ”Saona said. …

Domogarov complains of bullying because of the support of Efremov

Alexander Domogarov Gennady Cherkasov The star of Russian theater and cinema Alexander Domogarov wrote several posts on the social network, expressing his opinion about the sensational accident involving Mikhail Efremov, through whose fault the driver of the delivery van Sergey Zakharov died. and misunderstanding on their part. Earlier, the artist said that he would not go on stage to delight such spectators who hounded Efremov. Some fans did not understand Alexander’s words about bohemia and Russian culture. Not becoming to understand the intricacies of his message, many were simply offended, which was directly announced to the actor in the comments. After that, Domogarov tried to explain himself and noted that he meant only those individuals who independently began to judge Mikhail Olegovich, but in fact only the court has such an opportunity, but this post also did not escape criticism from users. Today Alexander described himself as a victim of bullying in a recent conversation with reporters. He also accused the media of “distorting” his words, so he is not eager to give interviews, and perceives the appeal of the press as hypocrisy. “Due to the persecution of the ‘popular masses’, I am not disposed to give interviews for the ‘masses’. Publications distort the truth. I consider your appeal to me the highest manifestation of hypocrisy and betrayal! You are not human. Hopefully you will be rewarded. Farewell. Never bother again, “- quotes Domogarov” KP-Petersburg “. “I understand that I will incur anger. But I swear, now I have no desire to go on stage in front of you, to give concerts, ”he previously wrote in his microblog. …

Clairvoyant: “Prince Harry has changed a lot under the influence of Megan”

Saona believes that Markle “will still show himself in all his glory” Saona. 17 August 2020 17:29 Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Photo: Omida Scobie and Carolyn Duran’s book “In Search of Happiness” about the life of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry made a lot of noise. The spouses, who without this have constantly become the object of attention of the press, are now not discussed only by the lazy. The book is replete with details of the couple’s personal life, as well as their relationship with the royal family. The abundance of news that immediately appeared in the media with reference to the publication, Megan herself has already managed to call “toxic.” “The digital space and media space require monetization. In an effort to grab the attention of readers, the choice is to talk about something obscene instead of true storytelling, ”- said Markle during the virtual summit The 19th * Represents 2020. Yet Harry and Meghan continue to suffer reputational losses. Will this union unite a new test, or has a series of scandals already crippled the marriage of Markle and the prince? asked this question to clairvoyant and tarot reader Saone. “Megan and Prince Harry stopped seeing other people around them. They stopped paying attention to the public and even more so to the queen. Harry has changed a lot under the influence of Megan, he never wanted to be at the epicenter of events, give rise to rumors around his person and be popular, but his wife provokes scandalous stories, “Saona said.” The queen is very outraged by what is happening, and she finds out about everyone is the very first, and there is no limit to her indignation. As for their relationship, I can say that they are doing well. But Harry does not understand that Megan is not an easy thing and all her actions are very thoughtful, she behaves ambiguously and plays her role in this royal series. Their relationship will last until the prince is disappointed in his companion. It will be difficult for them to part, and Megan will still show herself in all her glory, but it will not be soon. The fact that the queen is against their union and is waiting for their parting is understandable without words, ”Saona concluded.

Fedoseeva-Shukshina threatened Alibasova with suicide

The actress painfully took the producer’s desire to dissolve the marriage Ekaterina Labukhina September 17, 2020 17:37 BARI ALIBASOV AND LIDIA FEDOSEEVA-SHUKSHINA Recently, for the first time after the news of the divorce appeared, the star couple met in the studio of the Channel One program “Let them talk.” While communicating with the guests via video link and seeing her husband, the artist could not hold back her tears. Apparently, the stars do not intend to divorce, and there is still a chance to save their relationship. When the host of the show Dmitry Borisov asked Shukshina what she felt before the divorce, she gave out with bewilderment: “What kind of divorce, what are you doing?” At the same time, the woman is ready to do anything to return her apartment to the ownership – for this she is even ready to take her own life. It is known that Alibasov announced his decision to divorce Lydia Nikolaevna last summer. This union lasted for two years. Fedoseyeva-Shukshina took this news painfully and went on a hunger strike. But later the showman remembered warm feelings for the chosen one and said that he would not dissolve the marriage. According to the producer, the behavior of the beloved changed dramatically after she rewrote the apartment to him, and the latter to her driver Sergei Motsar.

Assault on Tarzan and the Queen: “They Live Separately”

The singer said that a year before the wedding, the stripper was courting her Ekaterina Labukhina September 18, 2020 09:51 AM Natasha Koroleva and Tarzan One of the strongest couples among representatives of Russian show business Tarzan, Sergey Glushko in the world, and Natasha Koroleva does not live under the same roof … Many believe that the reason for this was a loud scandal that erupted on the Web after 23-year-old actress Anastasia Shulzhenko admitted that she had met with a married artist for almost a year and a half. After some time, the man himself publicly admitted to treason – then his wife was resting on south, but at the same time accused the girl of allegedly deceiving him – she gave him an unknown substance and then seduced him. Soon the video message disappeared from the showman’s page on the social network. Natalya Shturm tried to clarify the situation. She is sure that Sergei does not repent of his deed. “Natasha changed the productive and loving Igor Nikolaev for the stripper Tarzan, not forgiving Nikolayev’s betrayals, which Tarzan easily forgives. And she will forgive in the future, without a doubt “(hereinafter, the spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved, – approx., – writes Sturm on his personal Instagram page. The performer also noted that Sergey is” educated, not conflicted, does not drink and women adore him. ” A year before the wedding with the Queen, the showman courted her. “We even went to swim on the Moskva River, he showed how he was without clothes). And while they were driving, they wrote to him and called, well, there are at least 150 women, “the pop diva recalls.” After the walk, I went home without inviting him to which he was very surprised. But I love monogamous men, and the baton is not mine, “she noted, adding that the Queen, on the contrary, willingly entered this” competition “because she fell in love. Sturm also recalled that the Queen many years ago in an interview she said that she and Glushko live separately – she is with her child outside the city, and her husband is in Moscow – it is more convenient for him to spend the night in the city after work. “Natasha just persuaded herself not to react to his adultery. And it will always be like this, maybe it turns her on, ”concluded the artist, stating that this story is nothing more than a reason for black PR.

Alibasov’s assistant asked Fedoseeva-Shukshina to leave the apartment

BARI ALIBASOV AND LIDIA FEDOSEEVA-SHUKSHINA Now she is trying to prove in court that she did not understand what document she was signing when she gave the apartment to her husband Bari Alibasov. Having become the owner of the living space, the producer re-registered it to his driver Sergei Motsar. Now he is a defendant in the scandalous apartment case. It is known that the man was not present at a recent court hearing, where this issue was being examined, only his representative was present, and he conveyed that Mozar asked the actress to take things out of the house. It is curious that earlier Alibasov assured Lydia Nikolaevna that she could live there whenever she wanted. According to Bari Karimovich’s lawyer Oleg Sukhov, Fedoseeva-Shukshina did not have any rights to this apartment, since she gave it to her husband. “We are glad that the judge hears different versions that Alibasov and his entourage bring to the attention of the public. Let us recall that initially Alibasov assured that he was protecting Lydia Nikolaevna and her property from the claims of third parties. But in fact, Alibasov and Motsar deprived the elderly woman not only of her last property, but also of the right to own and use the apartment, “KP quotes the representative of Olga Shukshina and her mother Yulia Verbitskaya-Linnik. hospitals where she was treated after a heart attack. For this reason, it was difficult for her to concentrate on the content of the documents. According to Verbitskaya-Linnik, soon Sergei Motsar will file a claim for violation of the rights to use an apartment in New Moscow. “Yesterday we announced the need for a psychological and psychiatric examination of Lydia Nikolaevna’s condition at the time of signing the deal. She was without a hearing aid. Given her illnesses, she could hardly understand the essence of the documents that Alibasov persuaded her to sign, ”the lawyer notes. The next session on the above-mentioned case was scheduled for October 12.

Prigogine spoke about the conflict between Vaenga and Athens

Joseph Prigozhin Recently Athena Deliolinidi decided to try herself in the popular music show “Voice 60+” and at the stage of “blind auditions” sang Cher’s hit “Dov’è l’amore”. But her performance did not make any of the jury members turn around. One of the project mentors, Elena Vaenga, explained that she did not take the contestant to her team, since she had long and closely known her, calling such an act a “pull”. The artist also stated that the composition of Deliolinidi was chosen incorrectly and did not fully reveal its potential. Athena was greatly hurt by this statement – after that she published a video on the social network, where she said that she borrowed money for Elena to buy a car when she was not yet known. The conflict of the performers was commented on by Joseph Prigogine. He called the performance of the singer with Greek roots not entirely successful and too aggressive, noting that it is not worth condemning the project mentor for not turning to the contestant, NewInform reports. “On the one hand, Vaenga acted very honestly towards to the jury members and viewers of the show, admitting that she recognized the voice of Athena from the first notes and did not want to show some kind of “corruption” inside the channel, helping her “friend”. On the other hand, she could say that she knew Athena, believed in her and wanted to help, “- says the producer.” With all the fantastic appearance and possible voice data, due to the Greek temperament and character, it was clear that Athena was aggressive and severely offended. I don’t even know if they will communicate with Elena after that, ”concluded Prigozhin, stressing that what the true relationship between Vaenga and Athena’s colleagues is today is known only to them.

Pavel Volya was at the center of the scandal

Raisa Chapala October 16, 2020 14: 53Pavel Volya @ pavelvolyaofficial the restaurant where they spent time together. Journalists became interested in this publication. It turned out to be easy to find contacts of a spectacular young lady – Dasha publishes her photos and videos specifically in order to attract clients to provide escort services. According to, the girl answered the call, but did not answer the journalists’ questions. Instead, an unknown man picked up the phone and said that “she does not know if it was Volya.” The very fact that an exemplary family man in a bar meets girls, being under the shaf, casts a shadow on the reputation that has developed over the years. After all, the pair of Pavel Volya and Lyaysan Uyasheva is considered exemplary in the domestic show business, where scandals often flare up, leading to divorce. In the chat of the Zvezdach Telegram channel, subscribers are actively discussing the news and are more inclined to the version that the showman is being framed. “Or maybe she sat down next to him and asked him to take a picture? It can be seen from him that he is drunk, ”the commentators emphasize. …

Starshenbaum makes claims to Korchevnikov

The actress believes that participation in the program ruined the peace in her family Raisa Chapala November 5, 2020 11:51 AM Anna Starshenbaumkadr from the programAfter participating in the program “The Fate of a Man”, actress Anna Starshenbaum received an unexpected response – she said that the host Boris Korchevnikov did not agree with her on the initial monologue of the program and completely perverted the meaning of her interview. He said that since childhood, Anna did not get along with her mother, and from the age of 11 she refused to support the child, which is why the girl from an early age was forced to earn a living herself. “It is not true. Where did they get this information? Apparently, I will refute a lot of what was said in the eyeliners without my knowledge. My mom doesn’t get in touch for the second day, ”the star wrote on her Instagram. By the way, after the collapse of questions and comments, Anna generally closed her account from prying eyes. In fact, on the air, the actress said that since childhood, she “did not work out with her mom or dad.” “With mom now, when I gave birth, about eight years since we became close. Probably, as a child, I was too independent – I was a yard child, “- admitted Starshenbaum on the air of the program. In particular, the actress recalled an episode: when she was seven years old, she became an unwitting witness to a quarrel between her father and mother – the woman threw herself at her husband with her fists, and he kept this impulse by force. Soon Anna’s parents separated. “This fragment was imprinted, and I remember it as now. And all the happy moments were not preserved in my head, I can remember a happy childhood only by looking at the photographs, ”the guest told Korchevnikov. …