Svetlana Morgunova does not want to cremate her son who died from coronavirus

Svetlana Morgunova GENNADY AVRAMENKO On May 19 of this year, the only son of the People’s Artist of the Russian Federation Svetlana Morgunova, 52-year-old journalist Maxim Morgunov, passed away. The man died due to coronavirus infection. This event shocked his family, as well as fans of his star mother. At first, Maxim’s relatives were afraid to talk about what happened to Svetlana, as they understood that it would be a terrible blow for her. Upon learning of the death of her heir, Morgunova was hysterical. A friend of the announcer Vladimir Berezin says that the woman still cannot come to her senses and believe in the death of her beloved child. Berezin also noted that friends of her family decided to provide financial support to Morgunova’s granddaughter and daughter-in-law. Svetlana Mikhailovna herself has not yet given any comments to journalists. Vladimir said that the celebrity opposed the cremation of Maxim, but it is now customary for patients who have died from coronavirus to be cremated, given the danger of the spread of infection after a person’s death. According to a friend of the TV personality, if Morgunov manages to persuade his son to be cremated, then his ashes can be buried next to his family. “Sveta is against Max being cremated. And to bury him in a coffin now with this diagnosis … I don’t know how and what will happen … If someone persuaded Svetochka to be cremated, Max could be buried next to her grandmother Claudia, “Berezina quotes” On May 10, the diagnosis was made , and on May 19 he died. He called doctors, they told him that he didn’t need to go to the hospital. Either I was strained with places in hospitals, or they thought that the condition was not so serious. They told me to stay at home. He took the prescribed medications, followed all the prescriptions of the doctors. Perhaps if he had been taken to the hospital, he would have survived. A few hours before his death, he called up with his mother, joked, said that the dynamics were positive. This is the whole horror of this virus, “- said film critic Vera Musatova. …

Sister evicts Igor Bogomazov, ex-soloist of “Inveterate Swindlers” from the apartment

A relative forbids the musician to see his mother Ekaterina Labukhin May 27, 2020 16:51 Igor (Garik) Bogomazov This was told by the artist’s chosen one, who is outraged by the decision of her sister-in-law named Eugene. In addition, the sister forbids the musician to see his mother. It is alleged that the woman secretly privatized her parents’ apartment in St. Petersburg and now intends to delete her brother and nephew from the list of tenants. The 44-year-old showman himself and his wife are now renting an apartment in the capital. “Igor has been registered in this apartment since 1997. Since the person is often on tour in Moscow, he rarely appeared there. And when the baby was born, he prescribed it. His mother and sister Evgenia are also registered in the apartment. She filed a lawsuit to evict Garik with a child, “- said the wife of Bogomazov.” Igor came to support his mother and take care of her, while there is no work in Moscow. Mom was waiting for us impatiently. Why else did he come – there is no access to communication with her. Yevgeny does not take the landline phone, his mother does not answer on her mobile. It’s not a fact that she didn’t take him, ”complains Victoria, reports According to the singer’s wife, her sister did everything to prevent Garik from appearing in their common apartment, making appointments in a cafe. It is known that Victoria is the second official wife of Bogomazov. His first chosen one was a certain Julia, who gave birth to his daughter Varvara. Their divorce proceedings passed with a scandal – the girl filed a lawsuit against Garik for non-payment of alimony in the amount of a million rubles, but in the end the couple still managed to resolve this issue.

Alsou first showed subscribers a photo with her son

The singer congratulated the audience on Children’s Day Ekaterina Labukhina June 2, 2020 10:07 AM AlsuINSTAGRAM.COM / ALSOU_A A few hours ago, a touching family photo appeared on the personal page of Alsou’s Instagram. In the frame, the performer is captured with her children. “The whole meaning of my life, my whole world – in one photo! Happy Children’s Day! Take care of each other “(the spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved, – approx., – the artist laconically signed the photo. It is worth noting that in the frame the star poses for the first time with the youngest heir – four-year-old Raphael. From the moment the baby was born, Alsou preferred to hide his appearance from the general public. True, even in the aforementioned photo, the boy sits with his back to the camera, so subscribers could not see his face. At the same time, the pop diva periodically uploads pictures of her daughters to the social network. But she began to do this only after they were six years old. One of them – 11-year-old Mikella – recently took part in the children’s “Voice”, which later turned into a major network scandal. Recall that 36-year-old Alsou is happily married to businessman Yan Abramov. Recently, the singer admitted that when she got to know her future spouse better, she immediately realized that he would become the father of her heirs. Congratulations, son, holiday, singer, children’s day, alsou, mother of many children, star children, social networks, third child, instagram

Boyarsky’s son spoke about his father’s well-being

Relatives “look after” the elderly adventurer Ekaterina Labukhina June 23, 2020 15:29 Mikhail Boyarsky WWW.INSTAGRAM.COM / ALD.HELP The son of Soviet and Russian cinema star Mikhail Boyarsky Sergey spoke about the state of his father’s health. Recall that this topic began to raise questions after the May publication on the Web of a fresh video with the participation of the 70-year-old artist – in the frame he looked very thin and tired, which, of course, caused concern among his fans. ! ” the son of the actor said that “the main musketeer of the country” is doing well. “He was always thin and lean. My father is in excellent physical shape. His appeal in that video was emotional. He is now the boss at the dacha. For example, he cuts grass, ”said Sergei. He also noted that his dad was always an adventurer, and now his relatives“ look after ”him. “He once broke his heel, fell off a ladder. Then I limped for several years. Now, of course, I calmed down. By the way, my sister came to the dacha with her husband. They will look after him, ”says Boyarsky Jr. According to him, he did not see his father due to the coronavirus epidemic. Sergei was afraid of infecting elderly relatives, even though his tests for infection were negative. Recall that last May, Mikhail Sergeevich appealed to the public with a request to help the children of the symphony orchestra musician Mark and Adrian Botvin, who need an urgent bone marrow transplant operation worth sixty million rubles. – a rare type of genetic pathology was identified in babies: actor, age, rumors, son, weight loss, illness, video, father, mikhail boyarsky, social networks, health problems

Timati gave his son Kirkorov a motorcycle

The gift was estimated at 100 thousand rubles Ekaterina Labukhina June 30, 2020 12: 45 Timati / timatiofficial On June 29, Philip Kirkorov’s son Martin celebrated his birthday. The boy is 8 years old. In honor of such an event, his father threw an enchanting party in the courtyard of his country house. Many famous friends of the artist gathered at the celebration: Yulia Baranovskaya, Sergey Lazarev, Ani Lorak and others, many of them took their heirs with them. The pop king, as usual, did not stint and spent a lot of money on organizing the celebration. In turn, the guests also spared no expense for a gift for the little birthday boy. Separately, the singer noted a gift from Timati. The rapper approached the matter with complete seriousness and handed Martin, one might say, an “adult” gift – his first motorcycle. Philip Bedrosovich expressed his delight at what he saw in his personal Instagram page in the story, and the child literally lost his voice when he saw the stylish bike. Kirkorov thanked the musician for such a luxurious present. According to some reports, this vehicle cost Timati 100 thousand rubles. The party was performed in the style of the Star Wars movie universe. Afterwards, animators dressed in the characters of the film arrived at the singer’s country house. Martin also played the role of one of the Jedi.

Rudkovskaya denied rumors about a foreign car donated to her son

The producer criticized the would-be journalists on the social network Ekaterina Labukhina June 30, 2020 13:55 Yana / rudkovskayaofficial On June 28, the heir of Yana Rudkovskaya and businessman Viktor Baturin, Nikolai, turned eighteen years old. “Happy birthday, Kolunya, here you are already 18! I love and wish all your dreams to come true, knowing that nothing is impossible for you! The photo was taken by my eldest son Andrey (he has no social networks)! ” (hereinafter, the spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved, – approx., – wrote the star mom on her blog a day ago. In addition to warm wishes, she published a festive frame on the social network. In the photo, Kolya, along with his younger brother Sasha, who became famous as the Dwarf Gnomych, and his mother are captured against the background of blue and silver balloons. And in the foreground is a luxurious green cake with raspberry filling, prepared by a famous pastry chef. Some media reported that the businesswoman gave the birthday man a foreign car worth seven million rubles. But, having learned about this, Yana hastened to refute the rumors. “Amazing people, how can I donate a car that is not even mine, but belongs to Porsche! I do not spoil my children! So before you write a lie, check the info! They got it with their stupidity and stupidity, “the 45-year-old socialite complained, referring to the would-be reporters in a story on Instagram’s personal page. Criticism, birthday, refutation, gift, son, holiday, car, comment, Viktor Baturin, producer , yana rudkovskaya, social networks, instagram, family photo

The husband left Tatyana Abramova after the news of the son’s cancer

The actress shared her frank memories Ekaterina Labukhina July 9, 2020 13:35 Tatyana Abramova The youngest, at the age of one, had had meningitis, after which he was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in the adrenal glands. The diagnosis “neuroblastoma” is one of the most aggressive forms of oncology. In a short time, the tumor has grown to 15 centimeters. The doctors decided to operate on the child after several courses of chemotherapy. The actress did everything to save the baby. He was treated in Germany, and Tatyana had to work very hard to pay for the expensive therapy. In addition, during this difficult period, her husband left her. “The news of Sasha’s illness traumatized him. When a person finds out about such a diagnosis, he often has a stupor: what to do with it, how to live, “Abramova said on the air of the new edition of the program” The Fate of a Man. ” and they will open to you. I began to go to churches more. When my son was operated on for the first time, I gave Sergei a prayer, and the two of us read it aloud for all six hours. It was also difficult for me. I realized that I could not pull my husband out. It was easier to load up. everything on yourself and to do everything alone. Serezha came to us in Germany. Then Sasha was just gaining strength before the high-dose chemotherapy. The son was glad that dad was there, “says the 45-year-old film star. The decision to divorce Kulishenko was mutual. the couple still managed to maintain a warm relationship with each other. actress, cancer, son, illness, husband, care, oncology treatment, parting, tatiana abramova, frank interview, confession, human fate

Katya Zhuzha became a mother twice

Fans congratulate the presenter on the social network Ekaterina Labukhina 28 July 2020 11:09 Katya Zhuzha / katyajuja555Today, the former participant of the reality show “Dom-2” Katya Zhuzha announced the good news: the girl became a mother for the second time. “Welcome to a new life!” (the author’s spelling and punctuation are preserved, – approx., – she signed her black and white photo, in which she was still pregnant. In the comments, subscribers – today 1.5 million people have subscribed to her page – left many congratulations and good wishes for new parents. The father of the newborn is the husband of a 32-year-old TV personality – the ex-boyfriend of Alena Vodonaeva, a 25-year-old race car driver and the son of Russian billionaire Artem Markelov. More recently, Zhuzha said that she was planning a third wedding. Recall that for Artyom this child is the firstborn, and Katya already has a 12-year-old daughter, Nicole, who is very similar to the famous mother. At the same time, fans are still wondering who the girl’s father is – some suggest that this is businessman Nikolai Nasonov. Previously, the presenter admitted that she and her husband unsuccessfully tried to have a child for a year and a half, until, finally, a miracle happened.

Plushenko showed subscribers a 14-year-old son from his first wife

The guy loves extreme sports Ekaterina Labukhina 6 August 2020 14:27 Evgeni Plushenko Photo: Olympic champion in figure skating Evgeni Plushenko delighted fans with a fresh family photo. A few hours ago, a photo appeared on the athlete’s personal Instagram page, in which he captured his eldest son – from his first marriage. “My son Yegor. He is also an athlete. Loves extreme sports! ” (hereinafter, the spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved, – approx., – he signed the post. Now the guy is already 14 years old. His mother is the ex-wife of the skater Maria Ermak. This marriage was dissolved in 2008, unfortunately, the couple was unable to maintain good relations. For a long time, the woman did not allow Eugene to communicate with the heir. But after a while, she decided that the boy still needs the support and attention of his own dad. Recall that at the moment the main attention in the Plushenko and Rudkovskaya family is focused on the youngest child, seven-year-old Sasha, he is engaged in figure skating and modeling. The father of the other two sons of the producer is businessman Viktor Baturin: Nikolai was born in 2002, and Andrei, the son of Baturin from a previous marriage, will turn 19 in September. Yana adopted him. According to the blonde, her family will soon be replenished – the baby will be born in the very near future. The birth of another heir was her cherished dream. To get pregnant, the 45-year-old socialite put a lot of effort: she was examined and even tried to use the IVF procedure, but she never got the desired result. As a result, she decided to resort to the services of a surrogate mother.

Valeria’s youngest son married his beloved one month after the engagement

The first footage from the event appeared on the web Ekaterina Labukhina on August 28, 2020 14: 54ARSENIY SHULGIN WITH A GIRL A month ago, the families of the artist and the boyfriend’s beloved celebrated a joyful event – their engagement. Then the singer noted that she once again felt pride in her son, calling herself a happy mother. A few hours ago, Volkova already shared the first picture since the registration of her marriage with the star heir on her personal Instagram page. The picture shows a 22-year-old bride posing with a huge bouquet of flowers in her hands. For the solemn event, Liana chose a white jacket dress with noticeable gold buttons. The look was completed with light styling and natural makeup. Arseny, on the other hand, published on his blog a video from the salon where he and his friends were getting a manicure, as well as footage of a trip to the registry office. Let us remind you that Shulgin heard the cherished “yes” by asking an important question using a crawl on one of the Moscow City towers … The chosen one gladly agreed to become his legal wife and showed the followers a gorgeous engagement ring.