“Dancing Millionaire” in 53 years will first become a father

A young lover will give the businessman a long-awaited child Ksenia Parfenova May 11, 2020 10:07 am a couple has been dating for several years photo: instagram.com/sharfonseca Mother’s Day was celebrated in many European countries yesterday. On this holiday filled with tenderness, one star couple decided to share their joy. “The Dancing Millionaire”, as he was nicknamed for his fiery Instagram numbers, 52-year-old Gianlucca Vacchi announced that he would become a father for the first time. “Today is Mother’s Day and, of course, my first congratulations were dedicated to her. But never in my life did I think that a potential mother of my son would have the same character traits. I’m happy to announce that Sharon and I are expecting a baby! And she will become the mother I have always dreamed of for my child, ”he said in a congratulatory video. The lovers looked at each other with tenderness while sharing important news for them with subscribers. The couple has not yet announced the pregnancy of Sharon and the sex of the child. However, according to the future father, he dreams of a boy.

“I don’t care what blood is in me”: Kurylenko responded to the attacks of subscribers

The actress claims that fans misunderstood her Ksenia Parfenova11 May 2020 13:23 Bond star wonders why so many negative comments appeared under the post photo: instagram.com/olgakurylenkoofficial I don’t have time to sit on Instagram, ”said Olga Kurylenko, an actress starring in foreign films, in the comments under her personal blog. In congratulations on Victory Day, her fans saw hostile statements and even disrespect for the memory of their ancestors. It is possible that the aggression was facilitated by the statement on the official page of the White House, where the US government thanked exclusively its country and ally in the form of Great Britain for the victory over fascism, forgetting about the Soviet Union. The celebrity was offended by the accusations of fans that she did not congratulate the Ukrainian people, to whom it is traditionally referred to. “First: learn to READ. When a congratulation is written, it means only what it says and NOTHING MORE! All these discussions that you developed below and the meaning that you give to my words are YOUR inventions. I didn’t say anything that you accuse me of. Nowhere in my posts will you find a word about the fact that I do not love Ukraine, not a word about the fact that I renounce it, not a word about the fact that I do not love Ukrainians, not a word about the current conflict between Ukraine and Russia (about that there was no question here at all), not a word about communism, etc., etc. All this is your invention! Since it is so important for you to know my opinion, you could just ask and I would answer: I love Ukraine and its people! And congratulations on the victory concern them, because Ukraine was part of the USSR during the war! ” (The spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved, – approx. WomanHit.ru) – Olga was horrified. “And the fact that the DNA test did not show Ukrainian blood in me is just a statement of fact! I don’t care what blood is in me – I’m NOT a racist! I treat all bloods (and skin colors) with love. But if an automatic hatred towards me awakens in you only because there is no Ukrainian blood in me, then this says a lot ABOUT YOU! The hatred of people for their ethnic origin is called RACISM. And in the civilized world, as far as I know, racism is persecuted, ”concluded the star.

“I let it into my soul, but they spat in my soul”: rapper Guf about parting with Topuria

The couple has not been together for a long time, but their conflict is still being discussed on the Web. told the truth about his life. In particular, his reasoning touched on the relationship with the singer Katie Topuria. According to Alexei, at first he did not count on a long-term union, but fate decreed otherwise. Katie began to save her beloved from his dependence on prohibited substances: “She apparently got a kick out of this – that she had to pull me out of a hole from some kind.” “In short, I don’t know why, I believed the person so much, I let myself into my soul, but they spat so much into my soul, ”says Alexey. The musician admits that in two and a half years of relationship with Katie, he had a creative decline – he did not write a single song. After parting, Alexei experienced a break for six months and did not want to leave the house, but after that he met a new love – a girl Lesya, whom his ex-wife Aiza Anokhina had shown him earlier on Instagram. “I don’t want to cheat on her. I don’t see anyone next to me but her, “Dolmatov notes. Katie Topuria herself does not comment on the situation. Earlier, she said that she did not want to discuss the relationship with the rapper in public, which Guf was reminded of by fans in the comments to the posted excerpt from the documentary.

Mother and son: 5 Russian couples criticized for the age difference

Fans are sure that they know better who suits their idols Ksenia Parfenova 1 June 2020 19:25 Celebrities do not pay attention to the offenders photo: instagram.com/buzova86 Love is beautiful regardless of who it occurs between. In the 21st century, the age difference between adults should be put in last place in terms of importance, because not belonging to one decade brings souls together, but the presence of common life guidelines and interests. WomanHit.ru studied the social networks of stars and prepared a selection of couples whose unions are often criticized by uninvited advisers. Olga Buzova and David Manukyan, 34, blamed the 34-year-old presenter for choosing a man beyond her status, becoming a couple with a 27-year-old blogger from Novosibirsk. The headlines of the yellow newspapers only insist that David meets with a popular singer, just to bask in the rays of her glory. It’s good that the couple only laughs at the words of ill-wishers and has shown for several months how great they are together. It is not known whether the lovers will get married, but one thing is already clear – these are sincere feelings, proofs of which are not needed. Anna Sedokova and Janis Timm The former member of the VIA GRA group is famous for romances with the most enviable bachelors, with some of whom she even gave birth and brings up common children. Now 37-year-old Anna is in a relationship with a 27-year-old basketball player. At the beginning of the relationship, the couple got a dog together, and now Anna is hinting at a possible pregnancy, making controversial photos for Instagram. It is good if this chosen one becomes the only one for the rest of her life for the girl. You can find out about other relationships between Russian stars and foreigners here. Ani Lorak and Yegor Gleb At 41, Carolina looks like a young girl, especially when she stands in the photo next to her lover – her boyfriend Yegor is much taller and larger than the singer. After parting with her husband, the performer hid a new romance for some time, but later shared her joy with fans and admitted that she was no longer free. Yegor has a tense relationship with his former companion and the mother of his child, but this does not prevent him from building a new relationship. Katya Zhuzha and Artem Markelov While pregnant, Katya married her lover – 25-year-old racer Artem Markelov – just a year after they started meet. The couple often update their personal blogs with happy photos from family life. Katya believes that she met her soul mate, with whom she can raise a daughter from her first marriage, Nicole, and her second joint child. Anna Semenovich and Incognito The celebrity does not reveal the identity of the new boyfriend. It is only known that the man is 7 years younger than Anna – she is now 40 years old. Semenovich does not speak about his place of work, income level and other characteristics, but he gladly shares the most intimate – she is finally ready to become a mother. “Only now I realized that I want to become a mother. Three years ago I was thinking, I’m hanging out, ”the singer shares. You can find out about other couples with a big age difference in this article. You can read about foreign star couples here.

Olesya Sudzilovskaya noticeably lost weight in quarantine

The TV presenter adhered to the diet and training Ksenia Parfenova June 18, 2020 16:52 The TV presenter is proud of herself Photo: instagram.com/olesya_sudzilovskaya/ The famous actress Olesya Sudzilovskaya, like many of her colleagues on the stage, did not miss self-isolation. The star decided to work on her appearance, and as a result she released a beauty diary, as she herself called it. The girl admitted that the quarantine was good for her – the quality of her hair, skin and nails improved noticeably. She began to sleep more and eat fresh vegetables and fruits. The artist managed to lose two kilograms, unlike her stage colleagues Anna Semyonovich and Evelina Bledans, who had to seek the help of a doctor to lose weight in safe ways. toning, the hair has ceased to be split and became much thicker! It became very noticeable directly! Perhaps the role was played by stress, which externally did not manifest itself in any way, but nevertheless visited all of us, but after the first toning it became clear how badly the hair is damaged, begins to split and fall out, even if from such a gentle coloring as toning. The choice is ours! ” – writes Olesya. The subscribers in the comments admire the perseverance of the artist, believing that not everyone managed to at least maintain their weight, let alone reduce it.

Moscow Art Theater artistic director accused society of bad influence on Efremov

Ekaterina Labukhina 30 June 2020 09:48 Mikhail Efremov is under house arrest. On the air of the radio station “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Boyakov urged to put the showman “in place.” He believes that the artist “went to this” all his life, feeling his impunity. “And we all developed this impunity. We formed it. The attitude towards these so-called “stars” in the media field is our responsibility, not only the stars are to blame, “Boyakov said. It was the condescending attitude of Russians towards the antics of Efremov and celebrities that” multiplied this situation, “he believes. “We are developing this mold, <...> in which people who do not have spiritual authority, intellectual data, but simply possess some qualities – here joke here, wink here, read poems here, prick someone,” says artistic director of the Moscow Art Theater. Summing up, Boyakov called it wrong to put such representatives of show business on a pedestal and treat them as “the main personalities who create our intellectual agenda.” This tendency must be resisted, he stressed. “Let’s stop calling these stars stars. Let’s put them in their place, ”urges Boyakov. Court, criticism, road accident, actor, prison, problems, theater, law, tragedy, commentary, crime, stars, show business, Mikhail Efremov.

Away, overseas shores: where Russian stars are resting this summer

The resorts of the Krasnodar Territory are far from the only place … Lera’s friend, TV presenter Andrei Razygraev, whom Kudryavtseva personally met at the airport, came to visit them. Together they sunbathe on the beach, go to the gym and eat well at a local restaurant. The stars say that they are pleasantly surprised by the beauty of the landscapes and the purity of the Black Sea. Want to know who else was surprised to learn more about their home country? WomanHit.ru has prepared a selection of celebrities who spend their holidays in Russia. Anfisa Chekhova It is interesting that Anfisa Chekhova with her son decided to come to the same hotel as Lera Kudryavtseva. The TV presenter admitted that she had already lived in Sochi for 3 months, but during that time she had not really studied the city. Now she discovered him from a new side. “Sochi is still a very contrasting city for me. I am always here experiencing a whole palette of feelings. I am both fun and sad at the same time. I get pleasure and a lot of questions that I don’t know the answers to … Sochi is like an ice cream cake: a warm biscuit covered with an ice cream, “the star wrote at the end of the vacation. The family with two daughters set off ahead by car – the girls endured the road perfectly and were not capricious. However, they decided to fly back by plane. “Home! It’s 15 hours fun by car, but it’s faster by plane, so we decided to return home in 2 hours, ”Ksenia wrote under the photo with the plane. Like other parents, first of all, she cared about the entertainment of the children – the family went to the zoo, bathed plenty in the sea and the pool, and also did not forget about delicious dinners in the best restaurants in the city. Maria Ivakova, together with the young man, went to Altai. The girl was impressed by the local views: at first they lived in a comfortable hotel and enjoyed nature from afar, and then went on a camping trip to explore the forest from the inside. Maria also flew by helicopter several times to get to the hard-to-reach sights of Altai. The TV presenter admitted that such flights frightened her, but the beauty of the views was worth the risk. Igor Krutoy One of the few who managed to travel abroad this year is the composer Igor Krutoy. Directly from Moscow, he flew to Miami to visit his family. And the state of Florida is just on the ocean coast, so the whole Cool family can finally spend carefree days on the beach, which is what the star plans to do. He said that he missed his family and plans to devote all his free time to her before taking up creativity with a new portion of inspiration. The composer’s wife Olga shared a fresh picture with him – both look happy and enjoy the time alone. Rodion Gazmanov The team of Rodion Gazmanov went on their first full-fledged visiting tour after the abolition of self-isolation. On the eve of the Victory Day celebrations, the musicians flew to Crimea, where on June 24 they took part in a large group concert dedicated to this date, combining work and rest on the seashore. According to Rodion Gazmanov, “we performed excellently, the city was warm and even hot. It can be seen that the audience missed the concerts no less than the musicians missed the audience and tours: they behaved loudly, sang all the songs and asked for more. ” The artist also added that everything went on as usual: “The weather is good, the sea is warm, people are friendly, however, as always in Crimea.”

Star squared: often confused celebrities

Lily-Rose Depp and Vanessa Paradisinstagram.com/lilyrose_depp, x / f “Eliza” Of course, everyone knows the top stars, but just as often, many artists are confused with each other even by fans, despite the fact that the celebrities themselves do not strive to be like a friend on a friend. Today we decided to recall the most famous representatives of show business, who are often called by a different name. Keira Knightley and Natalie Portman Probably, these girls are confused most often, although outwardly the actresses are very different from each other. The similarity of the stars was noticed not only by ordinary people, but also by film producers, who at one time offered Keira Knightley to play Portman’s double in a super successful franchise. By the way, no one understood that another actress was playing the double. Knightley is often confused with another Hollywood beauty – Daisy Ridley, which the actresses themselves, according to them, hardly take offense. Vanessa Paradis and Lily-Rose Depp Mom and daughter are so similar that many fans sometimes get confused in the photo. It is rather difficult to confuse women in life, given the large age difference, but on the covers of magazines and in photo shoots, young Depp is incredibly similar to her mother Vanessa at the same age. The main difference between the stars in the photo is the color of the eyes: Paradis boasts a magical green look, while Depp received a brown shade from her father. On top of that, both celebrities are the face of the same fashion house. Milla Jovovich and Linda Evangelista Sometimes, leafing through the magazine, you can be surprised to find out how interestingly Milla Jovovich has changed over the last year … only then you read the caption to the photo, it turns out that this is not at all the star of The Fifth Element; and the supermodel Linda Evangelista. The stars are so similar that sometimes without clarification, you can simply get confused, given the fact that Milla and the model herself are in their free time from filming. Ed Sheeran and Rupert Grint The Harry Potter star has not been seen in large projects for almost ten years, but until today the vast majority of people associate a red-haired guy with Ron Weasley, and nothing can be done about it. But there is also another guy in Britain who is confused every time with the star of the franchise about a young wizard – musician Ed Sheeran. The artist himself admits that such confusion amuses him and he does not see any reason for indignation at all.

Money does not help: we choose stars that would be worth changing for the sake of decency

Mini-skirts and T-shirts with funny prints – these people are ready to dress like teenagers even at a respectable age Ksenia Parfenova April 8, 2021 10:30 Most celebrities have a complex body type that needs to be adjusted with clothes Photo: Instagram.com Style says a lot about a person. People who are stuck in childhood and wear sparkles, rhinestones and funny prints even at 40 years old should contact a stylist. And although it is believed in society that clothes no longer affect a person’s perception, this is not the case. Brands do not influence, but neatness, choice of clothes by size, color and style matters. Alas, some celebrities need to train their sense of taste … Anastasia VolochkovaBallerina often chooses styles that are not suitable for her body type and outdated prints. Volochkova has an inverted triangle figure – broad shoulders and narrow hips. To balance the bottom, she needs to wear more voluminous trousers and loose-fitting jeans, add dresses with a sun skirt to her wardrobe. Instead, she always wears skinny jeans and a loose shirt or T-shirt. Don’t Do It Britney Spears The pop star of the 2000s is even worse. Britney has a “rectangular” figure, which means she needs styles that would create the effect of more volume in the buttocks and shoulders, or, conversely, visually narrow the waist. Instead of a color-block outfit that could balance her figure with a contrasting effect, Spears wears questionable outfits – leopard jumpsuits, sheer turtlenecks with an outdated print, and mini shorts. Britney, it’s time to go to the stylist! Evelina Bledans Eh, Evelina! With such parameters as a star, and an ideal hourglass figure, she would wear sheath dresses and business suits, but instead of them the actress often chooses awkward images. Plaid trousers, shiny jackets, colored tights, tunics with leggings – all this is the last century. A celebrity should definitely revise her wardrobe and choose her own style vector – deep saturated tones and fresh delicate shades suit her very much, but almost no print suits her. Anne goes with V-neck dresses, layering and wide belts at the waist, if you look at the successful examples of her bows on Instagram. But more often than not, the star chooses oversized tracksuits, which, with her large breasts, make the top even more powerful – this is the main mistake. In general, she needs to be relegated to convenience, because with such a rhythm of life, you always need to look good and be able to choose universal clothes for business meetings, rehearsals and family dinners.

Style from the cradle: Samoilova, Borodina and others dress their children with a needle

Expensive brands combined with simple things are the guarantee of cool looks only a month ”,“ Buy more clothes of neutral colors so that the next child will revile ”- have you heard these phrases from people around you or thought so yourself? A good idea here is to preserve nature and not overuse its resources. But you never know if you’re going to have your next baby or stop there, so why deprive yourself of the pleasure of choosing tiny bodysuits, shirts and dresses? These stars will definitely not agree to sacrifice anything – their children are always dressed up and down: Oksana Samoilova While her daughters Ariela and Leia were small, Oksana was in full swing in the business of selling women’s and children’s clothing. Girls have always been models on the set and often flaunted in branded things on camera. The business was closed, but Oksana did not stop dressing her children beautifully. The blogger is now happy to dress up baby David, who only recently turned one year old. Maria Gorban The actress dresses her daughter Stephanie in a looser sports style. The girl often appears with her mother in family bows, in which both are convenient to go on business or play in the yard on the court. Maria’s mother cares no less about style: she always dresses stylishly and poses for vacation photos with her daughter and granddaughter, so not everyone immediately distinguishes Maria from her mother. Katie Topuria Katie herself is the standard of classical style, although she does not mind going out to performances. extravagant dress or suit. With regard to children, judging by the photo, she adheres to the same position. The daughter of the star Olivia has always dressed in branded clothes, because the girls’ mom and dad make good money. The singer also dresses up the newborn son Adam – in her profile there are several photos with the boy, where he is dressed mainly in a bodysuit in pastel colors with fashionable prints. Kylie Jenner Stormi, Kylie’s daughter, also dresses only in branded clothes. Mom buys her mini-sneakers, tiny bags, luxurious dresses, and all this the girl puts on at least once. But the money is clearly not wasted – in the American media space, the baby has become a real fashion icon, followed by millions of fans.