Tear it to shreds: 5 things that are out of fashion this season

Stylists’ advice is never superfluous – listen to the recommendations and revise your wardrobe Before updating your wardrobe, you need to review the existing things and get rid of some of them. WomanHit.ru will help you understand what has moved from trends to the category “take it off immediately.” Dresses with ruffles The spring-summer 2019 season was marked by an increase in interest in tight-fitting feminine dresses with flirty decor – ruffles, frills and bows. Carried and forgotten – this can be called decor already out of fashion. Swap out a boring dress for a new 70s-style item: a corduroy sundress with large pockets or an oversized A-line dress. Jokes about winter clothes, in which a person’s head and hands are barely visible, made designers reconsider clothing patterns for the next season. As before, voluminous down-padded blankets remain in fashion, but they add a detail in the form of a belt at the waist. Also on the hot list of fashionistas are cropped puffy jackets that go well with slouchy jeans, and classic wrap-around coats with insulation. Dropped Shoulders Stylists advise girls not to freeze: models of clothes with dropped shoulders have long left the list of trends. Throw out one-shoulder sweaters and off-the-shoulder dresses. Instead, buy a square-neck jumper and a one-shoulder dress with a lantern sleeve – these are the best-selling items in the collections of middle-class brands. square toe. These shoes go well with satin midi skirts, elongated leather shorts and tweed mini-skirts. Alas, the days of these jackets, which became fashionable back in the 2010s, are gone forever. Instead, women of fashion buy oversized denim jackets with stripes and prints. It would also be nice to abandon the sporty style in everyday life, leaving leggings, cycling shirts and T-shirts with low cutouts for the gym. …

Again, nothing to wear: 7 outfits in case you are too lazy to compose images

do not waste time packing – use ready-made bows Photo: unsplash.com The hotter it gets outside, the less energy is left to pack in the morning. You want to put on the first shorts and a T-shirt you come across, and not come up with stylish looks that your friends will note. Meanwhile, clothes can affect our mood and perception of ourselves – do not miss the opportunity to once again be convinced of your attractiveness. Being confident in yourself, everything goes like clockwork and no small nuisance can upset you. WomanHit.ru studied the trends of this summer and bloggers who follow the style. We look at them and get inspired, and sometimes copy the images – for stylists such a gesture will be a compliment. French style A knee-length dress made of thin cotton or linen with a floral print, a silk scarf tied to the tail and woven slippers – the perfect outfit for a hot summer day. Due to the sun skirt, the dress will not hinder movement, so you can safely take a bike and ride it to your favorite cafe for breakfast with a croissant and a cup of coffee – arrange yourself a Parisian morning. This look will look especially good on tall girls with a thin build – a small floral print will slightly add volume to the chest and buttocks, while emphasizing the fragility of the shoulders. Meanwhile, even such a familiar image can be updated with the help of details. For example, the girl with the photo below has interesting shoes with an open heel – a suitable option for summer. We would complement it with a multi-layered necklace of fine gold chains and a large finger ring. You can also change the leather bag for a shopper – a more typical look for European women who, after work, run into the market for fresh vegetables and fruits, and then go to the bakery. We advise you to try on such an image in the evening – sit on the veranda with your friends over a glass of wine and discuss how anyone’s day went. Schoolgirl The style of young girls in Russia and the United States is similar – our girls are trying to repeat the images of their favorite bloggers. For example, this year suits made from a sweatshirt and loose, elongated shorts with an elastic belt have become fashionable. This image looks fresh and cool, suitable for girls under 30 and even older, if you are actively involved in sports and do not like to wear bright makeup on your face. Go for a trendy hairstyle: take a high ponytail and release two strands on either side of your face. Complete the look with trendy sneakers and you are ready to conquer the world with your beauty! Total white The fact that in summer everyone wears light clothes is logical: white and similar shades heat up less in the sun. Add to this the 2020 linen trend and you have a ready-made formula for a stylish look. Look at the girl with the photo below: shirt, trousers and a T-shirt – simple and stylish at the same time. We separately emphasize the detail of the outfit – the fasteners of the sandals over the legs. Now it is fashionable to tie ribbons and fasteners of shoes around the ankles over trousers. Picnic in the park. Lantern sleeves are back in fashion – you can see them in new collections of brands on dresses, blouses, T-shirts. Together with a skirt made of tight jeans, sneakers and a straw hat, the look looks romantic – perfect for a picnic in the park with a loved one who will be ready to spend half an hour to take you the same attractive photo. And then go sailing on a boat or catamaran, go to the summer cinema and eat a few servings of ice cream – enjoy the fresh air from the heart! If among the images above you did not find the one that suits you, here are some more photos: Chiffon skirt and classic blouse An image suitable for work.

We save time: ready-made onion formulas for every day

Hang your wardrobe items in sets to allow yourself to get up 15 minutes later in the morning Ksenia Parfenova March 23, 2021 13:00 A capsule of several things will allow you to create many images Photo: unsplash.com A painful choice of outfit for the day spoils the mood in the morning. Either the pants don’t fit, or the sweater doesn’t match the jeans – something always goes wrong. And instead of drinking coffee with your favorite music with a beautiful view of the city, you rush around the house, cursing everything that comes your way. It seems like you can score on style and go in the first set from your wardrobe, but why are you putting off until tomorrow that which can make your life easier today? WomanHit studied the tips of stylists and came up with several formulas for ready-made looks with pictures for inspiration: Pants + Sweater + Sneakers. A turtleneck sweater, classic boxy trousers and neutral sneakers are a great office look for an active lady. You can do with classic colors or go for bolder shades. For example, a combination of yellow with gray and green with orange is popular this season. Complete your outfit with a sack bag, sunglasses, and you are ready to conquer the world! Read also: IMAGE REQUIRES ACCESSORIES – MAIN JEWELRY TRENDS IN 2021 Coat + pants + cap. The base of this look is a coat-coat and a cap to match. Under the bottom, wear a basic top and heel-length pants or loose-fitting jeans. This look is perfect for a leisurely walk with a child or a shopping trip. Shirt + vest + boots. Take a mono shirt from a guy’s wardrobe, put on a cropped vest in a contrasting color on top and top off the outfit with mid-thigh shorts or loose palazzo pants. A canvas bag with you, and rough boots on your feet. In this outfit, you can go to university, to lunch with friends or to the office: leggings + jacket + sneakers. Fitted leggings for a basic top, and over a jacket from a man’s shoulder – the perfect outfit for an insta lady. Do not forget to wear snow-white sneakers, and if you want to be from the cover of a magazine, then instead of short socks, choose high-calf knee-highs. This is the perfect outfit for a dinner or a business meeting where you need to look collected and stylish at the same time. Striped sweater + pants. The vest has firmly settled in our wardrobe this season. Both classic trousers and jeans can be included in the set – choose what you are more used to. Rough boots and a small bag will complete the look. This is a versatile outfit for any purpose – from parenting to walking with your loved one. …

Marine print: which strip will ruin any “bow”

Narrow or wide? Diagonal or straight? We will show you all the nuances of the choice Maria Blavatskaya April 28, 2021 18:14 Which strip will make the figure more graceful Photo: www.unsplash.com In summer, according to statistics, the most popular print is the strip. This is not surprising, given the fact that not everyone loves bright colors, and sometimes you want to “dilute” boring monochrome. The print fits just perfect, the main thing is to choose it correctly. Today we decided to find out what rules to follow when choosing things where the main print is a strip. What is the background? Despite the fact that the strip is always a distraction, you should not underestimate the background on which the print is laid. A light or even snow-white background often adds volume, and significantly, here it is also important to pay attention to the fabric and the very shape of the thing. It is much easier to keep an eye on the thing where the strip will be superimposed on a dark background, it is advisable to keep track of that the strip is thin, as, for example, on classic jackets. Incorrect diagonal Quite an interesting version of the classic strip. It is believed that the gaze does not linger for a long time on such a print, thereby the figure is assessed as slender. But here it is also important to consider the thickness of the strip – too thin stripes can create the opposite effect and expand the already problematic areas. By the way, a little life hack: the diagonal stripes should converge in the center, in this case, you get the most feminine silhouette, where the waist will be well defined. Choosing the thickness There is an opinion that a wide strip always reduces the object, which is quite difficult to agree with. In fact, it’s all about the pattern itself – even a thin and rare strip on a summer dress can make a not the most graceful figure a little smaller. Best of all, a small stripe works best on blouses or tops, but for trousers it is better to use strips of medium thickness, since a too narrow or wide strip on loose-fitting trousers will add volume where there is none in principle. does not tolerate active “neighborhood”. In no case should you combine a strip and a cage, many consider this mix to be original, but you should not repeat this experiment, especially in an office “look”. An excellent combination is a strip and monochrome, it is even better if a monochromatic thing is at the bottom, since it will be much more difficult to select things for an active print of trousers or jeans and this option is appropriate only in an informal setting or in the absence of a dress code. …

Da Vinci Bags and Pumpkin Earrings

Spring is just around the corner. It’s time to take a closer look at the new fashion trends of the season. An overview of current trends in accessories is presented by the author of WomanHit.ru Mila Kolokoltseva. Mila Kolokoltseva January 20, 2012 8:02 pm Vegetable bazaar
Prints with cheerful carrots, blue eggplants and spicy pumpkins blossomed wildly at D & G’s, Moschino’s, etc. More democratic brands picked up the trend, adding bright fruits to the vitamin-vegetable salad. Accessories support this debauchery. Pumpkin earrings, shoes with strawberries, belts with buckles in the shape of ripe plants of the Solanaceae family … This is not a carnival in Rio, but one of the brightest trends of spring 2012.
Recommendation from www.WomanHit.ru! Combine things with vegetable and fruit prints with monochromatic ones to look stylish, not comical.
Weave the nets
If you went to a macrame circle as a child, then the ability to weave patterns will definitely come in handy in the spring. Woven belts, bags, hats, even shoes, descended from the catwalks to the streets. Combine woven fabrics with smooth textures for enhanced contrast and completeness.
Denim is back
Having only one pair of jeans in your wardrobe is boring. When fashion dictates its own rules, in spring (and further in summer) literally everything becomes denim: dresses, business suits, shirts. Delicate lace and silk maintains the brutal character of denim, as in the shows of Charlotte Ronson and D&G. Hats, sneakers, bags double their fashion factor if they are also denim.

Tie … on me!
Original accessories that emphasize individuality are a constant trend. German designer Prok offers rope jewelry complemented by steel, copper, aluminum. Rough texture favorably sets off femininity. Prok recommends wearing rope jewelry along with light, romantic dresses or white shirts for men.
Da Vinci Bag
Designers often seek inspiration from the work of great artists. For example, Van Gogh inspired Rodarte to create the collection … The hottest fashion news in the field of accessories was presented by Carla Braccialini, the founder of the Braccialini brand. She, together with the Florentine fashion house Gherardini, developed the design of a leather bag based on the sketches of Leonardo da Vinci himself. As it turned out, among the works of the great Leonardo da Vinci were not only technical inventions, literary works and brilliant paintings, but also sketches of leather accessories. One of these drawings was found only in 1978 by the scientist Carlo Pedretti, who is considered one of the leading experts on da Vinci’s work. The model, called Pretiosa, was released in the amount of 99 copies.

Photo: www.valentino.com, www.vogue.it, www.thehistoryblog.com, www.fove.me, www. D&G. ru, www.ermannoscervino.it. …

What to wear in spring 2013?

Star stylist Elena Sheker, who works with the Hi-Fi group, Dasha Melnikova and Natasha Kors, commented for WomanHit on the fashion trends of the coming spring and explained how to find her own style. 2 April 2013 20: 56DeGemei. Materials of press services. Never spring. was not as charming as in the upcoming fashion season. Feminine details make their way through the basic monochrome range of black and white checks, stripes and other geometric prints, which were chosen by most fashion houses – Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, Alexander Wang, Balmain, Yegelila: ruffles, peplum, flounces, embroidery and appliques many at Blugirl, Balmain, Etincelle couture, DeGeMIU.
This season has put color graphics at the forefront. The tandem of black and white is an absolute favorite, although it would seem that this is not a spring combination at all. Horizontal, vertical, diagonal stripes, peas or abstraction are absolute must-haves for this spring. It is most suitable for brunettes, as it emphasizes natural beauty. But blondes and redheads should use it with caution, since the appearance can be lost due to the bright contrast of color. To support fashion trends, the graphics should be transferred to accessories, skirts and trousers, that is, away from your face. The best option for embodying this trend in life is the business sector. The necessary attitude to work will be clear to everyone.
All shades of red
For the most daring, a combination of different shades of red in one set is suitable – a killer way to attract attention. A jacket and a shirt, for example, scarlet and burgundy, or a dress and coat, would be safe options.
The easiest way to add color to your wardrobe is with orange and yellow. The best combination for redheads will be a combination of orange and emerald, and for others – shades of lemon combined with turquoise and indigo.
Femininity is trending more than ever. Here you can play with the texture of lace and washed out pastel shades. A fitted dress with a silhouette flared downwards is a guarantee of ideal proportions, even if in fact they are far from perfect. These options are great for dates and summer walks.
In shoes and accessories there are elements made of plastic, often transparent. Designers have created interesting shapes that look the most advantageous from a distance and with dim lighting. Take on board for clubs and parties. An insert in your shoes or a transparent bracelet will immediately show that you are up to date with trends.
Colored boats are perfect for everyday wear. It all depends on the height of the heel and the desire to refresh the image.
To keep your own style, you need to choose two or three “friends” from the whole variety of trends. And only in this case, for those around you, you will be a stylish thing that you want to be like.

The main trend: creating a spring look with white jeans

Have you already bought a trendy pair? Photo: www.unsplash.com In the spring you want to finally move away from strict and dark colors, creating a fresh look. And what could be better in this case than white jeans, which can now be put on without fear of spoiling with dirty snow or puddles! We’ll tell you what to combine with the hit trend of spring 2021 below. Direct classics When you don’t know what to choose, always turn to classics – the basic rule of shopping. In our case, we are talking about straight white jeans of a cold shade. Precisely cold, since skill is still needed to combine things with a warm shade of white. For classic white jeans, a silk top or pullover is ideal, on top of which you can add blazers if you are creating an office “bow”, but for everyday outings in the city you can think of a T-shirt in a contrasting shade. … Such a model does not require a perfect figure, which is perfect for girls with curvaceous forms, and also helps to create ultra-modern images, for example, with a boyfriend model. We select light-colored T-shirts and any other fitted top, and always refuel. As for shoes, it is best to look for ankle boots or boots with small heels. Trench and jeans Until the warm sun finally comes out on the street, we will wear light coats and trench coats, there is no getting away from this. Here, light sand trench coats will come in handy. You can choose any warm shade that will just make the perfect pair of cold white jeans. What a volume! Oversized will be in place only if you prefer skinny jeans options. Remember that oversized sweaters and sweatshirts should not be in sharp contrast to jeans, in addition, we always tuck part of the sweater so as not to create an overweight look. Light sneakers or western-style shoes will look great in such a “bow”. …

Spectacular trend: how to choose the right leather pants

We select the perfect model Photo: www.unsplash.com Leather pants were incredibly popular in the late 80s and throughout the entire 90s of the last century – every third girl wore leather pants, preferring even uncomfortable models to jeans. Today we have no problems with choosing the pants according to the figure and mood, but the choice of the right pants for many remains a rather serious problem. But we decided to help you solve this problem, for which we have prepared the following memo. Style is the most important thing. Leather is a rather capricious material with which you need to “make friends.” If you are not super skinny, you need to choose your trousers especially carefully, since the material emphasizes absolutely all the lines. Watch out for the skinny model with caution – it can visually add almost a dozen kilograms to you. Instead, look for straight trousers or culottes. The main thing is that the pants are not too narrow at the ankle – the most “dangerous” place. As for the fit, give up the low fit, firstly, this has long been an anti-trend, and secondly, leather trousers look best with a regular or high fit. From what, from what, from what … Do not forget to evaluate the quality of the material when choosing. Keep in mind that too thin models will quickly fray and the pants will become unusable. But in dense material already inspires more confidence. Even if they already talked about the fact that too tight models look foreign, make sure that the trousers do not dangle during wear – this is ugly. If you do not tolerate natural leather, you can pay attention to artificial leather, but here it is important to remember that it will not keep its shape as well, and indeed it will not stretch too well. But what about the color? As for the color of the trousers, there are no restrictions, but we still give preference to classic models in black, brown or, in extreme cases, white. If you are not sure that you can create a set with an unusual model, it is better not to risk it, and too bright colors do not look very good in the case of leather, because the material itself attracts attention, and the defiant color will only cause bewilderment among others. Is it necessary or not? Again, we look at the previous point – the skin itself attracts attention. But if you can’t get by with a boring model, you can choose from all kinds of rivets and zippers that are quite relevant this season. At the same time, make sure that the decor does not overload the image as a whole, if you choose a similar model, choose the simplest top – the leather does not tolerate competition. …

3 reasons why it is no longer fashionable to wear natural furs

WomanHit.ru clothing design expert – founder and director of her company for the production of faux fur coats Maria Koshkina – on the latest fashion trends Maria Koshkina 15 February 2017 13:50 Ekomekh maintains and increases its position from year to year Photo: press services materials the latest fashion trends, eco-fur maintains and increases its position from year to year. Even 5-6 years ago, faux fur coats were perceived as a cheap fake. So it was, in essence, it was: the materials were of poor quality, so the products wore out quickly and looked more like a soft toy. Today, eco-coats are a real boom. Firstly, this material is environmentally friendly and does not require the mass murder of animals for a beautiful fur coat. Eco-friendliness is in trend today, almost all fashion houses are moving away from natural fur, paving the way for fashionable artificial products. Secondly, very high-quality artificial furs from Korea are presented on the market today, which outwardly are in no way inferior to their natural counterparts, and in most cases even surpass them. Thirdly, eco-fur is a platform for creativity. Today you can create a fur coat of any texture. More and more orders are received for twisted or elongated pile. Fashionistas in Moscow and St. Petersburg are more and more interested in the design of faux fur – you can emboss anything on a fur fabric: from a plant landscape and all sorts of animals to paintings by artists and abstraction. This will be a new step for eco-fashion. From just “closeness to naturalness” we are moving on to real creativity in 2017. Today, almost all the world’s mass clothing brands have turned their attention to faux fur. Eco-materials are the future, and today the trend is, of course, environmental friendliness and a decrease in demand for killing animals for the sake of momentary beauty. Don’t be afraid to experiment, try new things and surprise! …

Neon is the main trend of the season

Ksenia Parfenova March 4, 2019 18:01 photo: instagram.com/buzova86 However, fashionistas around the world with the onset of spring began to flaunt in clothes of ultra-fashionable shades. If this trend seems strange and unviable to you, we will show you what you can combine with bright accents. Neon + beige The most fashionable combination of this season is the combination of neon yellow and sand colors. Fashion gurus prefer to wear bright sweatshirts with chinos and light-colored sneakers, or wear neon turtlenecks under long coats and overalls. Shades of beige “muffle” the brightness of neon yellow, thanks to which it fits organically into the frame of the image. Wear these looks in spring with sunglasses and oversized gold-colored earrings. More daring girls can add accessories with a leopard print – it looks bold and unusual at the same time. Neon + black Classic is always in fashion. True, the usual black tuxedo this season changes its “color” – now these are light green jackets and trousers made of suit fabric or neoprene. They are worn by fashionistas along with black turtlenecks and stiletto heels. Another interesting option is a combination of a bright T-shirt and a rough leather biker jacket, along with black high-waisted jeans and patent leather boots. If you are hesitant for such experiments, buy a sweater of an unusual shade – it will be less bright, which means it will not make you nervous about the unusual image. Neon + white Raincoats, coats, capes and even raincoats – in the spring, any outerwear will look non-trivial in a bright color … Together with a white jumpsuit made of flying fabric, jeans or a loose sweater, this color will not “knock out” of the image. Less daring girls are advised to add neon accessories to a white total bow – a clutch on a chain, a cross-body bag, a custom necklace or large earrings with tassels – everything will do. rivets on jeans. Now the trend has changed somewhat – couturiers advise girls to wear bright yellow and orange badlons under a denim jacket and high-waisted jeans. The look can be complemented with a plaid jacket below the hip line instead of a jacket, or replace the badlon with a belt bag – they appear less often at fashion shows, but are very versatile in life and are still in demand among fashionistas. all wardrobe items are of the same color, especially so bright. However, we cannot miss this option and say about the trend for the image in one color. So many celebrities have been filmed by the paparazzi in this manner. Among them are a certain trendsetter Kim Kardashian, actress Blake Lively, singer Rita Ora and others.