Fadeev got rid of 10 kilograms in a month

The producer recorded a video from the workout Ekaterina Labukhina April 30, 2020 09:55 am Maxim Fadeev www.instagram.com/fadeevmaxim Maxim Fadeev decided to spend a period of self-isolation due to the announced coronavirus pandemic with health benefits and still lose weight. The artist tries to move more and observe a special diet. He is happy to share the results with caring subscribers on his personal Instagram page. “Another 10 kg minus this month! Drink more water, less food, and more movement! Take care of yourself! Peace to your home! ” (The spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved, – approx. WomanHit.ru), – noted the showman, taking pictures of himself on the treadmill. To lose extra pounds, Maxim Alexandrovich goes in for sports at home – the composer walks on the treadmill, sweat pours from him in streams, but he overcomes himself and continues what he started. Recently, he has already lost 90 kilograms. For those who have long and strongly dreamed of losing weight, the producer advises drinking warm water – in particular, 600 milliliters strictly before meals. It is known that about two years ago, Fadeev admitted that it was because of his impressive weight that he decided to end his singing career – he fell ill with diabetes and gained 20 kilograms in just two weeks. In order to gain the coveted harmony, he tried many different methods – he even drank special pills for weight loss, which only hurt him – as a result, he added 12 kilograms. After this incident, the musician urges people not to believe in promising advertising slogans: figure, weight loss, excess weight, training, video, commentary, body, slimness, producer, maxim fadeev, physical activity, extra pounds

Buzova hit by jumping into the pool

The presenter played out her vacation in 2020 Ekaterina Labukhina May 15, 2020 10:55 am Olga Buzova launch a challenge, showing how he will spend his vacation this year, but during the filming of the video, an unscheduled incident occurred, as a result of which the star earned an injury. “A vacation in 2020 looks exactly like this. Watching to the end, it was really the only take. You will understand why “(spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved, – approx. WomanHit.ru), – she signed the post on her personal Instagram page. First, in the frame, she imitated movement along the airport tape, which she replaced with a treadmill, then in a dressing gown, thrown over a swimsuit, she went to the sun lounger on the roof of her penthouse, and from there to the pool. Olga tried very hard to move gracefully, but, jumping into the water, something went wrong, and she fell, hitting her back hard. This caused surprise and laughter from the singer and the filming team. In the end, everyone agreed that they would leave this particular take. Roof, vacation, injury, singer, video, diving, TV presenter, swimming pool, social networks, Olga Buzova, instagram, humor, quarantine

Manukyan responded to criticism of the clip with Buzova about the war

The singer was unable to take off the expensive jewelry before shootingEkaterina LabukhinaMay 22, 2020 16:21David Manukyan After that, the couple had to face harsh criticism on the Web – many users did not like the image of Buzova: bright makeup and branded jewelry looked inappropriate against the background of hostilities in the forest. The blogger had to respond to critics. The man said that the video was created “purely for himself,” and recommended that the dissatisfied not watch it if they do not like it. He noted that he did not plan to create a highly artistic project, the video was shot quickly and was relatively cheap. “I spent 50 thousand rubles. We did not go to certain locations, there is a park near our house. We just went there. I paid the director 10 thousand, he filmed everything with a good camera. I didn’t have a goal to shoot a megakino. I did it for my own pleasure, ”said Dawa, stressing that the idea to shoot such a video came to him spontaneously, so it took only a few hours to prepare for the process. In addition, he did not seek to follow historical facts. Manukyan also explained why his chosen one refused to remove expensive accessories in the frame. “I told her before shooting: ‘Ol, take off your bracelets.’ But they are not removed from her just like that. There is a special key, but it was in another apartment. We just didn’t have the opportunity to take off the jewelry, we didn’t have time, ”the 27-year-old showman admitted in the #RUTalk online chat.

Vincent Cassel injured after falling off a scooter

53-year-old actor was hospitalized in France Ekaterina Labukhina 22 May 2020 17:35 Vincent Cassel famous French artist Vincent Cassel had an accident. A few hours ago, a video appeared on his personal Instagram page in which he filmed himself with a bandaged head and an injured eye. “Never bang your head with a rhinoceros,” he ironically signed the post. It turned out that on May 20, the 53-year-old actor fell off a scooter near his country house in southwestern France, near Biarritz, after which he was hospitalized. At first, fans literally went crazy and pelted Vincent with excited messages and wishes for a speedy recovery. “Alive. Thank you, ”he laconically noted on his social network. Let us remind you that Kassel is a French actor and producer. He won audience love around the world after his roles in the films “Crimson Rivers”, “Joan of Arc”, “Ocean’s Twelve”, “Black Swan” and others. In addition, he worked on the voice acting of the characters of the popular cartoons “Shrek” and “Ice Age”. France, road accident, actor, hospitalization, accident, video, injuries, scooter, social networks, head injury, Vincent Cassel, Instagram

“I want to go to the sea”: Anastasia Makeeva shared a video in a swimsuit

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“We ourselves”: Galkin showed that she planted Pugacheva in the garden

For the first time, the comedian conducted a detailed video tour for his subscribers in this place Anastasia Mishakova June 15, 2020 10:45 am Maxim Galkin with children in the garden Photo: Instagram.com/maxgalkinru Maxim Galkin decided to demonstrate to his followers that he and Alla Pugacheva are growing in their garden. The showman arranged an extensive video tour, during which he showed fans a rose hip, blooming buldenezh, rhododendron, azalea and many other plants. On one bush, Galkin made a special emphasis, because it was planted by Pugacheva herself – she took the shoots of a blooming spirea to dig them in near her castle: “ Once Alla dug up these twigs in her Istra. Personally!” – said Maxim. “I specifically emphasize that personally, because we are often accused of being forced by someone. We ourselves! With these hands! ” – emphasized Galkin. Recall that on the site of Pugacheva and Galkin there is not only a garden, but also a vegetable garden. “Alla came up with the idea of ​​making a greenhouse on the site. Here we grow tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, carrots, ”- said the humorist, showing his harvest.

Boyarsky’s son spoke about his father’s well-being

Relatives “look after” the elderly adventurer Ekaterina Labukhina June 23, 2020 15:29 Mikhail Boyarsky WWW.INSTAGRAM.COM / ALD.HELP The son of Soviet and Russian cinema star Mikhail Boyarsky Sergey spoke about the state of his father’s health. Recall that this topic began to raise questions after the May publication on the Web of a fresh video with the participation of the 70-year-old artist – in the frame he looked very thin and tired, which, of course, caused concern among his fans. ! ” the son of the actor said that “the main musketeer of the country” is doing well. “He was always thin and lean. My father is in excellent physical shape. His appeal in that video was emotional. He is now the boss at the dacha. For example, he cuts grass, ”said Sergei. He also noted that his dad was always an adventurer, and now his relatives“ look after ”him. “He once broke his heel, fell off a ladder. Then I limped for several years. Now, of course, I calmed down. By the way, my sister came to the dacha with her husband. They will look after him, ”says Boyarsky Jr. According to him, he did not see his father due to the coronavirus epidemic. Sergei was afraid of infecting elderly relatives, even though his tests for infection were negative. Recall that last May, Mikhail Sergeevich appealed to the public with a request to help the children of the symphony orchestra musician Mark and Adrian Botvin, who need an urgent bone marrow transplant operation worth sixty million rubles. – a rare type of genetic pathology was identified in babies: actor, age, rumors, son, weight loss, illness, video, father, mikhail boyarsky, social networks, health problems

On her birthday, Pelageya posted a touching video with her daughter

The singer turned 34 years old Daria Chuchelina July 14, 2020 14:55 Pelageya with her daughter Photo: Instagram.com/pelageya_insta Back in December 2019, Pelageya announced a divorce from her husband Ivan Telegin after three years of marriage. Even the common daughter Taisiya, who turned three years old in January 2020, did not save the relationship of the spouses. And although in winter the singer and the hockey player announced that they did not regret anything and would try to maintain respect for each other, recently in the media every now and then there is information about the difficult divorce of Telegin and Pelageya. However, today the singer has a holiday – she turned 34 years old. … In honor of the significant date, a touching video clip with the participation of the singer and her three-year-old daughter Taisi appeared on Pelageya’s instagram account. “Happy birthday, Fields! You’ll be all right!” – reads the caption to the post. The star hastened to congratulate her colleagues on her birthday. So, in the comments under the publication, Svetlana Loboda noted. “Happy birsday, my dear. I wish you health, happiness and great luck in everything, “the singer wrote. It is worth noting that the birthday girl herself has not directly addressed her audience on Instagram for a long time. He does not comment on Pelageya and the divorce from Telegin. Instead of her, a lawyer communicates with journalists. It was thanks to him that it became known that the still legal spouses had problems with the division of property.

Buzova hosted a drunk show

The TV personality commented on her behaviorEkaterina Labukhina14 July 2020 16:30 Olga Buzova www.instagram.com / buzova86 A video from the filming of the next issue of the reality show “Dom − 2″ has appeared on the web. It caused a violent reaction from users due to the behavior of one of the presenters, 34-year-old Olga Buzova. The girl allowed herself to appear on the frontal place drunk.Despite the tangled tongue, she spoke too lively, while other project participants tried to ignore her strange behavior. Later, in a story on her personal Instagram page, she stated that she simply “relaxed” at a meeting with her friends and at the time of the broadcast was “in a great mood.” The celebrity also noted that she is a veteran of the scandalous TV show. “Once every 16 years, I allowed myself to go out to the frontal place with a bright shine in my eyes. I hope you will forgive me for this! ” – she turned to the public on the social network. However, many users continue to actively criticize the presenter. Some urged her not to drive drunk, recalling the deplorable outcome of the accident history with actor Mikhail Efremov. Earlier on the Internet talked about the “abduction” of the TV personality, which allegedly happened recently in the center of Moscow. In a video published on social networks, Buzova is walking carelessly in the center of the capital, several men suddenly fly up to her, one of whom quickly throws a huge bag over her head, and then the girl is put in the trunk of the car. After that, Olga did not get in touch for some time, and then showed up with the words that she was not yet ready to reveal the details of what happened.

71-year-old Pugacheva danced under Gagarin in mini

The singer boasted slender legs Ekaterina Labukhina July 23, 2020 10:22 AM Alla Pugacheva www.instagram.com/alla_orfeyA few hours ago, a series of fresh photos appeared on Maxim Galkin’s personal Instagram page, where the artist poses on the steps of his castle with his wife Alla Pugacheva. For this shoot, the 71-year-old performer chose her signature total black look with an accent on slender legs, dressed in a mini dress, an elongated jacket and black translucent tights, complementing the look with large accessories and a stylish so-called wet hairstyle. In the caption to the post, the humorist asked the followers to choose the best of the presented frames, while the fans bombarded the stars with compliments, and did not agree. They were joined by the famous colleagues of the spouses: Jasmine, Slava, Goar, Natasha Koroleva, Kristina Orbakaite, Denis Klyaver, Yana Rudskovskaya, Igor Krutoy, Yulia Mikhalkova and others. Later a video appeared on the Web where Alla Borisovna dances with friends at a private party to the song of Polina Gagarina. For this exit, the singer also chose her favorite black. Her husband acted as the operator – the video appeared in the stories of his microblog and quickly spread across the Web. Age, alla pugacheva, singer, figure, dance, video, miniskirts, legs, slimness, outfit, maxim galkin, social networks, instagram