Mother and son: 5 Russian couples criticized for the age difference

Fans are sure that they know better who suits their idols Ksenia Parfenova 1 June 2020 19:25 Celebrities do not pay attention to the offenders photo: Love is beautiful regardless of who it occurs between. In the 21st century, the age difference between adults should be put in last place in terms of importance, because not belonging to one decade brings souls together, but the presence of common life guidelines and interests. studied the social networks of stars and prepared a selection of couples whose unions are often criticized by uninvited advisers. Olga Buzova and David Manukyan, 34, blamed the 34-year-old presenter for choosing a man beyond her status, becoming a couple with a 27-year-old blogger from Novosibirsk. The headlines of the yellow newspapers only insist that David meets with a popular singer, just to bask in the rays of her glory. It’s good that the couple only laughs at the words of ill-wishers and has shown for several months how great they are together. It is not known whether the lovers will get married, but one thing is already clear – these are sincere feelings, proofs of which are not needed. Anna Sedokova and Janis Timm The former member of the VIA GRA group is famous for romances with the most enviable bachelors, with some of whom she even gave birth and brings up common children. Now 37-year-old Anna is in a relationship with a 27-year-old basketball player. At the beginning of the relationship, the couple got a dog together, and now Anna is hinting at a possible pregnancy, making controversial photos for Instagram. It is good if this chosen one becomes the only one for the rest of her life for the girl. You can find out about other relationships between Russian stars and foreigners here. Ani Lorak and Yegor Gleb At 41, Carolina looks like a young girl, especially when she stands in the photo next to her lover – her boyfriend Yegor is much taller and larger than the singer. After parting with her husband, the performer hid a new romance for some time, but later shared her joy with fans and admitted that she was no longer free. Yegor has a tense relationship with his former companion and the mother of his child, but this does not prevent him from building a new relationship. Katya Zhuzha and Artem Markelov While pregnant, Katya married her lover – 25-year-old racer Artem Markelov – just a year after they started meet. The couple often update their personal blogs with happy photos from family life. Katya believes that she met her soul mate, with whom she can raise a daughter from her first marriage, Nicole, and her second joint child. Anna Semenovich and Incognito The celebrity does not reveal the identity of the new boyfriend. It is only known that the man is 7 years younger than Anna – she is now 40 years old. Semenovich does not speak about his place of work, income level and other characteristics, but he gladly shares the most intimate – she is finally ready to become a mother. “Only now I realized that I want to become a mother. Three years ago I was thinking, I’m hanging out, ”the singer shares. You can find out about other couples with a big age difference in this article. You can read about foreign star couples here.

Oleg Strizhenov’s granddaughter got married

The girl came to the registry office in sneakers and a medical mask Ekaterina Labukhina June 9, 2020 13:38 Aleksandra Strizhenova The celebration on this occasion took place on June 6, and she received an offer from her boyfriend for the past New Year. Initially, the girl wanted to arrange a real holiday, but because of the epidemic she had to organize only modest home gatherings. “We signed at the registry office of the city of Zhukovsky. Rings could not be bought, I had to order them on one of the sites literally a day before the celebration, like a dress, “Alexandra told StarHit reporters. Strizhenova got married in sneakers and in a medical mask. In another way, the registry office staff simply would not have painted it. At first, they did not want to paint the couple due to the fact that the bride did not take with her a certificate of dissolution of the previous marriage and a certificate of change of surname.Recall that Alexandra Strizhenova is the daughter of actress Natalia Strizhenova. This is Oleg Strizhenov’s daughter from his first marriage. Note that the first wife of the star was actress Marianna Strizhenova. Their union lasted only a few years. They separated in 1968.

Valeria’s youngest son married his beloved one month after the engagement

The first footage from the event appeared on the web Ekaterina Labukhina on August 28, 2020 14: 54ARSENIY SHULGIN WITH A GIRL A month ago, the families of the artist and the boyfriend’s beloved celebrated a joyful event – their engagement. Then the singer noted that she once again felt pride in her son, calling herself a happy mother. A few hours ago, Volkova already shared the first picture since the registration of her marriage with the star heir on her personal Instagram page. The picture shows a 22-year-old bride posing with a huge bouquet of flowers in her hands. For the solemn event, Liana chose a white jacket dress with noticeable gold buttons. The look was completed with light styling and natural makeup. Arseny, on the other hand, published on his blog a video from the salon where he and his friends were getting a manicure, as well as footage of a trip to the registry office. Let us remind you that Shulgin heard the cherished “yes” by asking an important question using a crawl on one of the Moscow City towers … The chosen one gladly agreed to become his legal wife and showed the followers a gorgeous engagement ring.

Guzeeva shared a snapshot from the wedding of Yulia Zimina

Followers praised the host for her honestyEkaterina Labukhina28 August 2020 17:41 LARISA GUZEEVA frame from the Let’s Get Married program The star of the Let’s Get Married program Larisa Guzeeva is a rare guest at social events. wedding banquet of 39-year-old star of the TV series “Carmelita” Yulia Zimina. Judging by the photo published on the social network in the company of the bride, the host had a lot of fun at this holiday. “If you are beautiful in wedding photos, then the wedding was not real. My Yulechka Zimina” the author’s punctuation is preserved, – approx., – she signed the post on her personal Instagram page. In the comments, fans noted that for her age – Larisa 61 years old – Guzeeva looks amazing and very fresh. Many expressed their admiration for her and once again thanked for her honesty and invariable sparkling sense of humor. It is known that Julia has been friends with the star of “Cruel Romance “. The TV personality came to the celebration with her heiress Olga. Zimina appeared before the guests in a lush white organza dress with a train. The presenter came in black trousers and a white oversized shirt, the look was completed by an elegant clutch to match. The feast lasted until late at night. Actress, marriage, bride, holiday, wedding, presenter, TV presenter, social networks, let’s get married, instagram, larisa guzeeva, yulia zimina.

Efremov’s son called the relationship with Ivakova “deep union”

The actor did not want to talk about the wedding Ekaterina Labukhina September 29, 2020 11:11 am Nikita Efremov and Maria Ivakova Russian artist Nikita Efremov is happy in a relationship with 34-year-old star of the project “Eagle and Tails” Maria Ivakova. Information about this began to appear on the Web back in May last year. “I listen to myself, what I have there. This area is intimate in a very good sense of the word. This is that deep union – what I can call “we”, – said the showman on the air of the fresh release of Agata Muceniece’s YouTube show “Honest Divorce.” He feels that this relationship really has a chance of being happy, but when asked he decided not to answer anything concrete about the wedding – the man always tries to respect the boundary between the private and the public. In 2014, he formalized the relationship with his colleague Yana Gladkikh. A year later, this union broke up. The actor admitted that this marriage happened in spite of the divorce of his father Mikhail Efremov with his mother. Nikita hoped that Gladkikh would be his only wife. The main reason for the divorce, the artist called the inability to defend personal boundaries. Now, in order to improve relations, he tries to look at conflicts differently – to perceive crises not as a problem, but as a task. A playful approach helps the star to soberly assess the situation. Actor, son, wedding, commentary, presenter, details, personal life, mikhail efremov, nikita efremov, heads and tails, maria iva kova

72-year-old Shufutinsky married for the third time

The chosen one is 30 years younger than the showman Ekaterina Labukhina September 28, 2020 18:13 Mikhail Shufutinsky Svetlana Urazova became his chosen one – the couple have known each other for 24 years. The artist announced this on the air of the show “Hello Andrey!” On the air, the girl demonstrated her engagement and wedding rings. “Sveta deals with the dance group, many administrative issues, PR issues – it helps a lot. She doesn’t need to go on stage now, because she has much more responsibilities: she is my wife, “said the 72-year-old performer. The showman admitted that his beloved for a long time ignored his attentions, since the musician was married. Before the affair with Svetlana Shufutinsky was married to Tatyana Rostova – this union did not last long – and then he lived with his second wife Margarita for almost 40 years. Five years ago, she died of a heart attack. For a long time, the singer could not come to terms with the loss. Relations with Urazova became a real salvation for him – it was she who helped him survive the tragedy. At the moment, it is known that Urazova is 30 years younger than Mikhail, and also that she has a daughter from a past relationship. Musician, wife, relationship, marriage, wedding, engagement ring, TV show, Mikhail Shufutinsky, Andrey Malakhov, married, age difference , engagement ring, chanson

An enviable bachelor: 5 Russian stars who have never been married

To get engaged to these men is the dream of many beauties Ksenia Parfenova October 8, 2020 13:05 Timur does not intend to sit in grooms Photo: In the morning, the Internet exploded: Timati is looking for a new love on a project popular among young people just a month after breaking up. Out of 20 girls, the rapper will have to choose the only one that can make him a worthy pair. Timur, apparently, longs to lose his bachelor status – and he is not alone. In this article we will tell you about the men for whom the status of an enviable bachelor has long been entrenched. Aleksey VorobyovAfter Eurovision, attention to the singer was riveted not only by Russian girls, but also by foreign fans. Alexey, with his regular facial features and natural charisma, has always been the object of women’s sympathy, but did not fit the Russian format somewhat. After moving to the United States, Vorobyov found his place. Although it is rumored that he married an Instagram blogger in September, this cannot be argued. Until Alexei himself confirms the change in status, we will still consider him an enviable groom! Pavel Durov The fortune of a businessman known to every Russian is estimated at $ 3.4 billion. Many years ago, the founder of the social network received foreign citizenship and moved first to France, and then to the UAE. Many popular models started an affair with him, including Alena Shishkova. Timur Batrutdinov The humorist was unlucky to find a life partner. Timur took part in several shows, had affairs with eminent beauties and for some time was even considered Olga Buzova’s secret fiancé. However, in truth, his ring finger is still free – when will the same one be found? Dima Bilan Everyone remembers the gorgeous couple of Dima and model Elena Kuletskaya. Then the Internet was full of headlines about the imminent wedding, but a miracle did not happen: the couple broke up. Lena managed to get married, and Dmitry never met the girl of his dreams. We are waiting, who will become his cherished star?

Nikolay Baskov: “I am a stallion”

The singer told why he is still not married Anna Pischeva 15 December 2020 11:48 Nikolay Baskov Photo: Nikolai Baskov, who was in a relationship with the most beautiful girls in our country, while remains single. Although the 44-year-old singer made an offer to one of his last chosen ones, Victoria Lopyreva, the couple never got married. However, according to Baskov himself, this does not mean that he is not going to marry. “I don’t feel that I will be 45 next year. I really hope that I will live happily ever after, and you will still take a walk at my wedding! – said the singer to the “Secular Chronicle”. “I am a stallion.” Nikolai admits that over the years it is not so easy to experience real feelings as in his youth: “Over the years, a person goes through certain stages, and it becomes more difficult to fall in love. Feelings and relationships are the most difficult things in a person’s life. It is difficult to find a partner who will look in the same direction with you. You should be easy with your man. ”According to Baskov, he has long dreamed of meeting a kindred spirit:“ I would like to meet a person who would be on the same wavelength with you. Together with him, fall asleep and wake up, travel, discuss various topics. This has not happened to me yet. ”“ I am not sad. There are many examples among my colleagues who got married at 45 and 47 years old. And the dancing millionaire became a father when he was fifty-something, ”concluded Baskov.

Nikita Presnyakov and his wife showed the apartment donated by Pugacheva

The couple lives in a four-room apartment in the center of MoscowEvgenia Prilashkevich December 21, 2020 12:41 PM Nikita Presnyakov and Alena Krasnova which Alla Pugacheva gave the couple a few years ago. The young couple never lived in rented apartments. Immediately after the wedding, they moved into a four-room apartment in the center of Moscow. The renovation had already been done, the couple had only to decorate the house to their liking. Nikita and Alena showed the spacious kitchen, where the girl pampers her husband with delicious dishes. However, Krasnova does this not often, because she is busy with work – she comes up with new models of dresses and jackets. There is also a beautiful piano in one of the rooms. Presnyakov spends a lot of time behind him – composes new songs.

Bright start 2021: how Russian stars started the new year

Pugacheva without makeup and Buzova’s secret wedding became the main topics for discussion of fans Evgenia Prilashkevich January 11, 2021 13:09 Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin with their friends “MK” has compiled its rating of the most talked about stellar events at the beginning of the year. Singer Alla Pugacheva, despite the fact that she did not take part in the New Year’s lights, lit up on Instagram of her star friends. The prima donna celebrated the New Year in her castle, inviting friends: Igor Nikolaev with his wife Yulia, Valentina Yudashkin with his wife Marina and others. Fans noted the natural appearance of Pugacheva – Alla Borisovna almost did not use cosmetics on the New Year holidays. Pop singer Philip Kirkorov also celebrated the New Year in the circle of star colleagues, whose composition surprised the fans. The pop king celebrated the holiday with rapper Timati and his former lover Alena Shishkova, Dzhigan and his wife Oksana Samoilova and their children, as well as many others. Kirkorov wished all followers and artists a “hospitable” year. 2020 was remembered by many for divorces. So, the singer Polina Gagarina at the end of December divorced the photographer Dmitry Iskhakov. Earlier this month, the artist, despite the prohibitions of her ex-spouse, went to rest in the Maldives with her children – Iskhakov did not allow the artist to take their common daughter Mia abroad, so now fans are discussing how the star managed to get around this ban. Presumably, Gagarina spends time not only with her son and daughter, but also with her new lover – producer Vladimir Chinyaev. TV presenter and singer Olga Buzova and blogger David Manukyan played a secret wedding in the Maldives. The couple’s marriage is reported to be null and void. The past wedding ceremony is a symbolic ceremony for tourists. However, on their personal pages, beloved openly demonstrate sincere feelings.