According to statistics, about 25% of emails are deleted by people without even opening them. And about 75% of messages sent to an email address are simply unreadable if it is inconvenient to open them on the phone.

Most often, letters from public organizations are opened (about 50%), but mailings from commercial enterprises and shops are extremely rare (27.5%). It is difficult to imagine a successful email campaign without a good service. Here are the top 10.

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TOP-10 e-mail newsletter services


Excellent service for mailingwhich allows you to combine email, SMS, Web Push and Viber. A distinctive feature is Automation 360, which makes it possible to create and automatically send a chain of letters depending on user actions: abandoned cart, purchase, registration, etc.


  • Free tariffwhich allows you to send up to 15,000 letters if your base does not exceed 2,500 subscribers;
  • Convenient form builder with a huge number of functions even in a free plan;
  • Sending emails via SMTP and API;
  • Huge selection of email templates;
  • Statistics that provide you with all the data you need to analyze your email campaign;
  • A / B testing.


  • Automation 360 is only available on a paid plan.



A functional mailing service that allows you to send Email, SMS, Viber and Push notifications from one platform.

This service has a low price in the market, while the basic capabilities surpass analogues in certain parameters. There is a free plan for 200 subscribers with unlimited emails.

NotiSend prioritizes maximum deliverability. In email marketing, this is one of the key parameters that affects the effectiveness of email marketing in general.


  • Convenient email constructor with ready-made templates. Allows you to typeset a beautiful letter in minutes without knowledge of html.
  • Preview the letter before sending. It clearly shows how the letter will look on various devices and in mail services.
  • Trigger letters. NotiSend allows you to create automatic message threads that are activated when a certain event occurs (for example, an abandoned cart).
  • Base validation. This can help weed out problematic addresses, increasing the deliverability and reputation of the domain in mail services.
  • Detailed statistics and analytics. There are many parameters in reports, such as email openings, link clicks, deliverability, open time, etc.
  • Fast and competent support.


  • Not suitable for sending spam.



Simple and straightforward service for email newsletters. Ideal for small and medium businesses: online stores, service industries, manufacturing and educational projects. The first letter can be created and sent in 15 minutes. Everything is fast and convenient. The service is well suited for companies that want to start selling via email without bothering to set up complex trigger mailings. Support responds quickly and around the clock.


  • A clear interface that even a beginner can understand;
  • There is a free plan that allows you to quickly test the service;
  • A large library of ready-made templates for beautiful letters;
  • Ready-to-use email conversation templates;
  • The ability to add subscription forms to the site to collect contacts;
  • Round-the-clock support service works for a solid “five”;
  • Reliable storage of the contact database;
  • The email deliverability rate is 99.9%.


  • With a free plan, you can send up to 1500 letters monthly to 100 contacts;
  • The block editor will need to be figured out a bit, but technical support is always ready to help.



Overall a great service for sending out emails. Ideal for small business owners because the platform includes only the most essential features. And there are no extra opportunities – no need to overpay. If you have less than a thousand subscribers, then the service provides you with a free opportunity to use. Although the price is already several times lower than that of many similar services.

Main advantages:

  • technical support work for 5+;
  • the interface is simple and straightforward, so it s very easy to use the service;
  • up to a thousand subscribers – the ability to use it for free and send an unlimited number of letters;
  • excellent quality at the best price;
  • availability of all the necessary functions and tools.


  • to confirm your account, you must have your own website;
  • sometimes the link automatically goes to pages with the English language, so you have to re-select the language.

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A very solid and professional service for sending emails to a large number of subscribers. It is worth noting that here you can find online training on the available features and tools. This is a big plus, because you don t have to spend a lot of time looking for clues and answers on the Internet.

Main advantages:

  • payment is strictly fixed;
  • pay only for the number of emails sent;
  • a wide range of different functions and a large number of letter designs;
  • the ability to select both regular and transactional messages, as well as many others;
  • the ability to distribute subscribers to groups based on various factors and characteristics, you can also track down inactive and remove them.


  • there is no way to test the capabilities of the service in test mode, you can only view the presentation;
  • the pricing policy is rather high;
  • there is no way to pay only for the number of sent letters.



Multifunctional module for email and SMS messaging directly from 1C.

There is a large set of ready-made templates, an intuitive HTML editor and it is possible to add dynamic content. The Line program allows you to make transactional and trigger mailings, includes all the necessary functionality for competent email marketing. The minimum cost is 9900 rubles for a ready-made module.


  • Repeated sales. You can instruct the system to automatically send mailing to customers who have previously made a purchase.
  • Free updates and technical support for 12 months from the date of purchase.
  • A set of pre-configured mailings. Templates of popular settings for mailings and notifications.
  • Unlimited users.
  • No monthly payment required.


  • No test period.



Quite a popular service that is used both in Russia and abroad. The only caveat is that it is completely designed in English, so if necessary, you will have to communicate with technical support in it.

Main advantages:

  • the interface was created with humor, so it is easy and interesting to understand the service;
  • the possibility of free use if you have less than two thousand subscribers, and the distribution does not exceed 12,000 letters per month;
  • a large number of features and functions;
  • high speed of delivery of letters;
  • many message templates.


  • in fact, there is only one minus – the English-language interface and communication with technical support only on it.

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Service with the Russian language, which is the leader in the number of mailings in Russia. If you are the owner of a large store, then you will appreciate the global mailing settings feature. That is, you can choose both email and SMS-mailing.

Main advantages:

  • affordable cost;
  • numerous parameters that allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of the mailing;
  • you can create a special order of action for mailings, in accordance with the actions and financial parameters of subscribers;
  • a distinctive feature of the service is subscriber polls.


  • unimportant video tutorials on using the service;
  • there is no way to preview letters before sending.

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“Mad Mimi”.

Mad mimi

Some may be alarmed by the design of the service in English, but Russian-speaking users only need to choose a language, everything is provided for this. It is very popular, and its ease of use and minimalistic interface make it accessible even for beginners.

There is a free plan with a minimum package of functions, which is quite suitable, for example, for the owner of a small store. Paid plans are also quite affordable.

Main advantages:

  • there are many screenshots with tips for using the service, so even a beginner can handle it;
  • nice design and decoration;
  • quick response of technical support;
  • convenient to edit letters;
  • the ability to link RSS to a newsletter;
  • easy to track statistics;
  • it is very rare for messages to end up in spam.


  • lack of functions;
  • work with text is limited;
  • mailing lists may be rejected if they are considered spam.

7. “Emarsys”.


Service with expensive rates. It is considered a professional platform with high-speed mailing. The great thing is that it can send out a huge number of letters at once – more than 2 million a day.

Main advantages:

  • free trial available after preview;
  • the ability to conduct statistical research and analyze the actions of subscribers;
  • easy to use interface.


  • very high pricing policy;
  • sometimes there is a limit on the number of letters sent per month.


The most understandable, convenient and easy-to-use service in Russian.


Main advantages:

  • unobtrusive laconic design and ease of use;
  • a large number of functions and capabilities;
  • the ability to create landing pages;
  • you can organize a webinar;
  • more than 500 different message templates are available.


  • there are many fields to fill in when registering.

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Again, a Russian-language service, in which you can send an unlimited number of mailings. One of the features is cloud provisioning. A trial version is available for two weeks and the ability to send out about 500 emails, so you can fully test the operation of this service.

Main advantages:

  • displayed on all types of devices;
  • great functionality for trigger mailings;
  • analysis of the effectiveness of marketing operations;
  • regular updates and new features.


  • there is no way to pay for the number of subscribers;
  • messages are checked for spam.



The service is quite simple in design, and the functionality is clear to everyone. There is an opportunity to test the platform free of charge and with 2500 emails. The interesting thing is that you can choose a letter template that matches your website design. Convenient for both beginners and professionals.

Main advantages:

  • even with a free plan, you can use all the functions and capabilities of the service;
  • there is an opportunity to receive free bonuses;
  • the service can be configured specifically for a Russian-speaking user;
  • effective and efficient work of the support service;
  • the ability to send both email and SMS;
  • the ability to visually analyze the effectiveness of the mailing.


  • you will not be able to preview the letter before sending.

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Well? Now you have a choice of the most convenient and easy-to-use email marketing services. Open, test, use and choose what you like best.

Good luck!

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