For several years now, there has been talk of email marketing dying.

But due to the current situation in the country and the world, on the contrary, it began to gain momentum, because more and more users go online to shop. In addition, last year s trends in automation and personalization of messages are accelerating and being implemented by companies more and more actively.

According to forecasts of many services for working with mailing lists, the popularity of email in 2021 will grow by another 20-30%. But promo alone will not be enough.

What needs to be tuned and prepared to stay on the wave and reap all the benefits of the tool at the start?

1. Automation

A lot of mailings come to my mail every day: beautifully designed templates, nice text, but letters are alienated. The same information unchanged comes to hundreds more people.

An individual approach is in trend today. Users don t like sharing personal information, but they don t mind personalization.

What does it mean?

Automation of mailing allows you to configure the parameters in which the information will change depending on the availability of personal data (city name, name, age, date of birth, etc.). The use of such markers in the subject and body of the message greatly increases the click-through rate and conversion rate of the mailing, since the client feels that he is being addressed, and not all at once.

Work well triggered mailings – they help to communicate with the user throughout the entire customer journey.

Triggered mailings in simple words, these are letters that are automatically sent after performing actions on the site: registration, purchase, adding an item to the cart.

Configuration occurs once, and after triggering (events) notifications are sent without the participation of a specialist.

An example of a triggered mailing could be:

  • a letter of congratulations on the holiday and a selection of goods for a gift;
  • gratitude for a purchase with a discount on a product;
  • a welcome letter in which the company tells about itself;
  • letter of recommendation based on already purchased goods, etc.

Examples of abandoned carts and views:

A cross between an abandoned cart and a Booking view.

Fig. 3 – Abandoned cart specially for Black Friday (we took into account the sale and prepared a separate letter for this period)

Email Trends 2021

Fig. 4 – Interesting letter design solution

Automation helps you prepare ahead of time for mailing. You will not need to rush to invent something.

2. Minimalism

The user s attention is scattered among hundreds of notifications from social networks and work chats. At this rate, there are only a couple of seconds left to read the mailing list. During this time, you need to have time to hook a potential client so that he wants to follow the link and buy the proposed product.

The focus of emails with product galleries is shifting more and more:

  • to one concise offer;
  • several clearly formulated sentences, complemented by creative graphics.

The amount of text is also reduced. You need to write a little and to the point – a hackneyed, but always working advice. Leave long texts to subscribers of book publishers – there the audience loves to read.

3. Gamification and engagement

Most of the mailings consist only of text and images. Everyone is used to this, so the contents of the letter are scrolled down and closed (I sometimes do this myself).
But if you put a simple game with bonuses in the body of the letter, then the user is more likely to stay and play. The client will be pleased to do business with you, because you diluted his leisure time, lifted his spirits, and took care of him.

Interaction in emails can significantly increase engagement rates, provided the audience is properly segmented.

Fig. 5 – An interesting letter with good engagement of the reader. At the same time, no additional development was required

Fig. 6 – A letter with a call to play on an external resource


Fig. 7 – Letter with dynamic elements

Fig. 8 – Letter using AMR

Fig. 9 – In the example, the rollover effect is used, with which you can open the gifts you like

Email gif

Fig. 10 – Letter with a game

And an example of a letter with gamification and a sales lead inside.

4. Omnichannel

Omnichannel companies have the ability to communicate seamlessly, personalized with customers.
Simply put, omnichannel involves communicating with subscribers through any user-friendly communication channel, which makes the user experience unified and has a beneficial effect on the marketing work in general.

Omnichannel is often confused with multichannel. But the first is rather the next step of the second.
This approach does not imply sending the same message through all channels (mail, phone, SMS notifications), but allows you to interact with the client, starting in one channel and continuing in another.

However, despite the urgency of such interaction, it is unlikely that there will be significant shifts in this direction in the coming year. Few people are ready to use this approach, because it is costly financially and resource-intensive. Although it will definitely bear fruit, not everyone is ripe for such contributions.

But the trend of using chat bots is encouraging. The only pity is that they work “instead of” and not “together” with other channels.

Fig. 11 – An example of an omnichannel chain in Esputnik

Choose the one that will be interesting to the reader.

5. Competition for attention

We can say that competition is not a trend, but a headache for any business that uses email marketing to promote a brand.

The number of letters in the mailbox is growing every year. To attract and retain the user s attention, new goodies are needed, it is imperative to test creatives and move away from boring and already inoperative methods.
On the other hand, competition forces email marketers to progress, find new methods and opportunities to reach target audiences. There is still room for development and growth on the Ukrainian market.


Email marketing trends for 2021 imply the development and maximum personalization of mailing by the automated collection and use of visitor data.

  1. A properly segmented audience can be engaging by adding interactivity to the body of an email, thereby increasing engagement.
  2. It is not necessary to place the full site menu in the letter, pick up several sentences and arrange them without overloading the message interface.
  3. Use a clear CTA that matches the subject of your email and develop all the available channels to communicate with your target audience.

The competition will continue to grow. And in order to remain in the ranks of the leaders, it is necessary to constantly work with the base of contacts, delighting them with new and creative approaches to mailing.

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