Victoria Bonya returns to Monaco

The socialite lamented that she and her daughter were never able to adapt to life in London Stepan Malinovsky May 10, 2020 19:59 Photo: press services A little less than a year ago, Victoria Bonya, together with her daughter Angelina, decided to move from Monaco to London. Victoria was sure that it would be better for both of them: she herself would have a richer social life, and her daughter would finally be able to seriously engage in equestrian sports. However, their hopes were not justified. And now, after much thought, Bonya is again preparing to move. Now back from London to Monaco. “Angelina and I could not adapt to London,” Victoria admitted honestly. – Angelina doesn’t like it, the weather is gray and cold, the sun is more to our liking. I am going there on Monday, I will solve all the issues. I think that Monaco is our place, but if you don’t try, you won’t understand. ”The upcoming move especially pleases Victoria’s daughter Angelina. After all, it is in Monaco that her father, Alex Smerfit, lives. My daughter and dad have a very tender and trusting relationship. And now they will be able to see each other much more often.