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According to statistics from Moosend, 69% of orders are never made. Online store visitors surf the pages, add items to the cart … and that s it. There are many reasons for this: problems with the Internet, friends advised another store, distracted by work, etc. The result is lost profit. Or not?

Gradually, the business learns to effectively work with clients who seemed to be lost. Remarketing and retargeting can bring back visitors who leave the site without making a purchase. Let s figure out what these technologies are and how to use them wisely.

What is remarketing and retargeting?

Remarketing is a Google Ads technology. It allows users to return users to the store they visited earlier. People will see his advertisements on other sites, social networks and instant messengers. Of course, unless they have a blocker like AdBlock.

Retargeting is a Yandex.Direct technology. It broadcasts ads on the sites of the Yandex advertising network to a selected audience or to those who have previously visited an online store or performed a specific action in it: looked at products, added to cart, etc.

What s the difference between remarketing and retargeting? It is not there ? The only difference between the technologies is that the first is configured in Google Ads, and the second in Yandex.Direct. Well, and they need to be configured separately in each of the rooms.

When are these technologies used?

When a visitor comes to an online store, he looks at the products, but does not buy anything. With remarketing and retargeting, you can “catch up” with him on other sites and suggest products that he has viewed or products from the same category. Alternatively, you can simply launch branded advertising so that a person remembers your company when he understands what specific product he needs.

How to setup?

Retargeting works on all platforms. The only difference is where you will “run” your ad. You can set it up for Facebook and Instagram, Odnoklassniki or VK – then ads will be visible only in these social networks. Another option is Google or Yandex search engines, and then the banners will appear in the search results.


On Vkontakte, you can configure two retargeting options:

  • Pixel retargeting on VKontakte
  • File retargeting

Pixel retargeting on VKontakte

If you don t have contacts, just install the VK pixel on the site. The social network itself will generate a pixel for you – you just need to enter the address of your site. Next, the pixel code will need to be added before the closing tag.

Setting up retargeting by pixel is divided into two parts: first, you set up a pixel, then you create a VK audience, on which the ad will be launched.

File retargeting

You upload the database to the advertising account in VK in .csv or .txt format. You can use this audience to show ads on it, or, conversely, to exclude current customers from showing some offer. What can be downloaded:

  • mobile phone numbers;
  • Apple mobile device identifiers (IDFA) and Android (GAID);
  • email addresses;
  • identifiers (ID) of VKontakte pages.

For detailed instructions on setting up VK retargeting, read here…

Facebook Business

To set up retargeting on Facebook, you need to create a company page (not a group). When you have a company page, you can create an ad account for setting up ads and connect your page to it.

Just like in VK, FB will generate a pixel on its own. Then you can choose one of three options:

  • use integration or Tag Manager;
  • send instructions to the developer or programmer by mail;
  • add the pixel code yourself to the site before the closing tag.

Just like in VK, you can use a pixel from the site or upload a list of your audience in .csv or .txt format.


One of the leaders in advertising coverage in Russia. Requires registration in Yandex.Audience…

You can upload clients (the list must include at least 1000 people and have the .CSV extension), use Yandex.Analytics data, taking into account the achievement of goals or without pixel data, with which you can collect ads in the Yandex advertising network and not only.

Read more about creating, installing and managing a pixel. in the article Yandex.Help… Then you can use it to run ads. in the Yandex advertising network…

Google adwords

You can add code to track visitors on your site in two ways:

  • set a Google Ads remarketing tag;
  • use modified Google Analytics code.

As with other services, in Google Adwords you can specify exactly which site visitors the ad will be shown to: those who visited certain pages, visited the online store during a certain period, etc.

To add your own audience, go to Google Adwords, go to the “Audience Manager” tab, click on the “Add” button. Download the .csv file. You will have the opportunity to choose the duration of the audience s participation – choose “No restrictions”.

You will now be able to target ads to this audience on YouTube and Gmail.

How to use email remarketing?

Let s say you sent a newsletter with an offer to buy cosmetics for girls 25+ with a 50% discount. Some subscribers opened the letter, but did not take the targeted action – they did not go to the site using the CTA button. For these users, email marketing is needed – later they will see the same offer on media banner networks.

Configure Tracking Pixel

This is a special cookie that is set in the user s browser when he reads an email newsletter. By opening the letter, the subscriber essentially chooses the advertisement that he will see in the near future. Ads are served using platforms like AdRoll or Retargeter and cover over 95% of ad assets.

Set up a retargeting campaign

So you can return even those who do not respond to resuscitation letters. The email addresses of inactive subscribers are uploaded to the retargeting database for displaying ads on display networks.

Configure triggers

Trigger emails are actually part of remarketing. The person interacted with your store, for example, viewed products. You can promptly send him a letter, taking into account his actions.

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