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Sometimes even seasoned marketers are confused about how to develop a strategy further. What to write about in mailing lists? Which product to bring to the market now? What kind of letter and site design will users like more? You can tell fortunes on the coffee grounds or conduct market research. And you can do it easier – find out the opinion of users.

Polling is a popular and very convenient way to get feedback. Subscribers will tell themselves what they are missing. They will also be pleased to know that their opinion is important. These are not just our assumptions – according to SurveyAnyplaceThe Response Rate for poll emails is 33%. And one more positive fact: people are more enthusiastic about taking surveys by e-mail than by phone, text message or on the website.

Let s take a look at what polls are and how to arrange them in Mailigen.

Types of poll letters

Request for feedback

It just so happened in the Internet environment: if the user is satisfied with everything, he is unlikely to tell about it. But he will definitely share the negative with the world! ? How to nudge the client to talk about a product, service or service? Request a review!

Send users who recently placed an order with a short email asking them to share their opinion. If possible, offer a bonus, discount or free shipping – the motivation to speak up will instantly grow. This survey is an easy way to get feedback without much time and money. Moreover, such a mailing can (and should) be done trigger…

The email should explain why you are requesting a review. For example, to help other users make the right choice, improve the service, etc.

Service quality assessment

Want to get better but don t know where to start? Ask subscribers – they know for sure ? Send a letter with a proposal to answer a couple of questions and a promise to take everything into account and fix it. Detailed answers will not be long in coming. Ideas for development will be in your pocket – for free.

Personalization of further mailing

The more information you have about your subscribers, the more interesting letters you can send them. This is especially true for online stores of cosmetics, clothing, children s products.

Ask users for more information and explain that the survey will help you offer them only the most useful products and services in the future.

Resuscitation of “sleeping” subscribers

If users have not responded to your mailings for a long time, try to return them using a survey. Offer to share why they haven t opened your emails for a long time. Maybe they like the brand and shop offline, but don t use the mail, or maybe they just aren t interested in your messages. In this case, you can offer communication in social networks or messengers – where the subscriber will be comfortable.

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