Manukyan responded to criticism of the clip with Buzova about the war

The singer was unable to take off the expensive jewelry before shootingEkaterina LabukhinaMay 22, 2020 16:21David Manukyan After that, the couple had to face harsh criticism on the Web – many users did not like the image of Buzova: bright makeup and branded jewelry looked inappropriate against the background of hostilities in the forest. The blogger had to respond to critics. The man said that the video was created “purely for himself,” and recommended that the dissatisfied not watch it if they do not like it. He noted that he did not plan to create a highly artistic project, the video was shot quickly and was relatively cheap. “I spent 50 thousand rubles. We did not go to certain locations, there is a park near our house. We just went there. I paid the director 10 thousand, he filmed everything with a good camera. I didn’t have a goal to shoot a megakino. I did it for my own pleasure, ”said Dawa, stressing that the idea to shoot such a video came to him spontaneously, so it took only a few hours to prepare for the process. In addition, he did not seek to follow historical facts. Manukyan also explained why his chosen one refused to remove expensive accessories in the frame. “I told her before shooting: ‘Ol, take off your bracelets.’ But they are not removed from her just like that. There is a special key, but it was in another apartment. We just didn’t have the opportunity to take off the jewelry, we didn’t have time, ”the 27-year-old showman admitted in the #RUTalk online chat.

The Tver businessman turned to Volochkova: “Nastya, what happened to our child?”

The ballerina herself accuses the man of thirst for PR Yekaterina Labukhina May 27, 2020 18:43 Anastasia Volochkova He claims that he met the artist in 2014 in New Riga, their relationship lasted five months, and the ex-prima of the Bolshoi Theater was even pregnant with a businessman, but the fate of this child is still unknown. her betrayal became: a man found her in a bath with a driver. According to Vladislav, at that time Anastasia was in her fifth week of pregnancy. After the breakup, Fomenko was no longer able to contact the artist (she added his name to the black list of contacts) and it was not possible to find out the fate of their heir. “Nastya, what happened to our child? If he was born and grows up, what about him? Does your mother raise him or did you give him to strangers? ” – Fomenko turned to Volochkova in an open letter, reports “KP”. Balerina refutes all the claims of the businessman, saying that she had never met with him. Vladislav only took part in the construction of her house and once asked to take a joint photo, and now with his help he is trying to earn himself PR on her behalf. Fomenko claims that his family broke up because of an affair with a star, and threatens to publish personal photos and videos with Anastasia. He wants to warn other men against meeting her. Criticism, child, business, PR, pregnancy, relationships, memories, romance, details, personal life, ballerina, anastasia volochkova

Domogarov complains of bullying because of the support of Efremov

Alexander Domogarov Gennady Cherkasov The star of Russian theater and cinema Alexander Domogarov wrote several posts on the social network, expressing his opinion about the sensational accident involving Mikhail Efremov, through whose fault the driver of the delivery van Sergey Zakharov died. and misunderstanding on their part. Earlier, the artist said that he would not go on stage to delight such spectators who hounded Efremov. Some fans did not understand Alexander’s words about bohemia and Russian culture. Not becoming to understand the intricacies of his message, many were simply offended, which was directly announced to the actor in the comments. After that, Domogarov tried to explain himself and noted that he meant only those individuals who independently began to judge Mikhail Olegovich, but in fact only the court has such an opportunity, but this post also did not escape criticism from users. Today Alexander described himself as a victim of bullying in a recent conversation with reporters. He also accused the media of “distorting” his words, so he is not eager to give interviews, and perceives the appeal of the press as hypocrisy. “Due to the persecution of the ‘popular masses’, I am not disposed to give interviews for the ‘masses’. Publications distort the truth. I consider your appeal to me the highest manifestation of hypocrisy and betrayal! You are not human. Hopefully you will be rewarded. Farewell. Never bother again, “- quotes Domogarov” KP-Petersburg “. “I understand that I will incur anger. But I swear, now I have no desire to go on stage in front of you, to give concerts, ”he previously wrote in his microblog. …

Moscow Art Theater artistic director accused society of bad influence on Efremov

Ekaterina Labukhina 30 June 2020 09:48 Mikhail Efremov is under house arrest. On the air of the radio station “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Boyakov urged to put the showman “in place.” He believes that the artist “went to this” all his life, feeling his impunity. “And we all developed this impunity. We formed it. The attitude towards these so-called “stars” in the media field is our responsibility, not only the stars are to blame, “Boyakov said. It was the condescending attitude of Russians towards the antics of Efremov and celebrities that” multiplied this situation, “he believes. “We are developing this mold, <...> in which people who do not have spiritual authority, intellectual data, but simply possess some qualities – here joke here, wink here, read poems here, prick someone,” says artistic director of the Moscow Art Theater. Summing up, Boyakov called it wrong to put such representatives of show business on a pedestal and treat them as “the main personalities who create our intellectual agenda.” This tendency must be resisted, he stressed. “Let’s stop calling these stars stars. Let’s put them in their place, ”urges Boyakov. Court, criticism, road accident, actor, prison, problems, theater, law, tragedy, commentary, crime, stars, show business, Mikhail Efremov.

Rudkovskaya reacted to Urgant’s joke about Plushenko

The host spoke about the youngest son of the couple Ekaterina Labukhina June 30, 2020 10:59 AM YANA RUDKOVSKAYA AND EVGENY PLYUSHCHENKO Ivan Urgant recently joked about the appointment of Evgeny Plushenko to the position of coach of the Russian national figure skating team. “As the Gnome Gnomych (the son of the athlete and Yana Rudkovskaya Alexander, – editor’s note) said, now it remains to attach the mother, and it will be possible to take a breath,” said the showman on the air of the program “Evening Urgant” on Channel One. I don’t give everyone peace, ”Rudkovskaya complained in response. The fact that Plushenko was appointed coach of the national team became known on June 14. He received this position after the transfer to his academy of the two-time world champion among juniors Alexandra Trusova from the group of another specialist – Eteri Tutberidze. Evgeny opened his own academy in April 2017. It is known that the little heir to the star couple has been engaged in figure skating for several years and regularly participates in popular ice shows. According to some reports, the boy earns 12 million rubles a year. Recall last May it became known that Rudkovskaya broke off friendly relations with the family of Andrei Malakhov and Natalia Shkuleva. She made this decision after publishing materials about her youngest heir in the presenter’s magazine. The article claimed that the child allegedly suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome. Upon learning of this, the parents rushed to refute this information and announced their intention to sue the unscrupulous journalists. Criticism, children, figure skating, sports, evgeny plushenko, athletes, joke, producer, yana rudkovskaya, ivan urgant, gnome gnomych

Rudkovskaya denied rumors about a foreign car donated to her son

The producer criticized the would-be journalists on the social network Ekaterina Labukhina June 30, 2020 13:55 Yana / rudkovskayaofficial On June 28, the heir of Yana Rudkovskaya and businessman Viktor Baturin, Nikolai, turned eighteen years old. “Happy birthday, Kolunya, here you are already 18! I love and wish all your dreams to come true, knowing that nothing is impossible for you! The photo was taken by my eldest son Andrey (he has no social networks)! ” (hereinafter, the spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved, – approx., – wrote the star mom on her blog a day ago. In addition to warm wishes, she published a festive frame on the social network. In the photo, Kolya, along with his younger brother Sasha, who became famous as the Dwarf Gnomych, and his mother are captured against the background of blue and silver balloons. And in the foreground is a luxurious green cake with raspberry filling, prepared by a famous pastry chef. Some media reported that the businesswoman gave the birthday man a foreign car worth seven million rubles. But, having learned about this, Yana hastened to refute the rumors. “Amazing people, how can I donate a car that is not even mine, but belongs to Porsche! I do not spoil my children! So before you write a lie, check the info! They got it with their stupidity and stupidity, “the 45-year-old socialite complained, referring to the would-be reporters in a story on Instagram’s personal page. Criticism, birthday, refutation, gift, son, holiday, car, comment, Viktor Baturin, producer , yana rudkovskaya, social networks, instagram, family photo

Petrosyan filed a complaint against Koklyushkin for insulting Brukhunova

The satirist faces a fine of several hundred thousand rubles Ekaterina Labukhina July 6, 2020 11:00 Yevgeny Petrosyan a recent interview, the star of “Crooked Mirror” Viktor Koklyushkin unflatteringly spoke about the young wife of Yevgeny Petrosyan – Tatyana Brukhunova. The artist also expressed fears that Yevgeny Vaganovich stopped appearing on television, this fact he connects with his new marriage. The man is sure that the girl is absolutely not suitable for the satirist. Koklyushkin also noted that after spending a short time in Brukhunova’s company, he realized that she was “filled with anger.” “He will not have a life, a dead end in all respects. He should dream of a noose every night, ”concluded Viktor Mikhailovich. Having learned about this, Petrosyan decided to intercede for the chosen one and bring his colleague to justice. The corresponding statement has already been submitted to the prosecutor’s office by his lawyer Sergei Zhorin. “After the release of this material, Yevgeny Vaganovich was very indignant. We decided not to leave this moment unpunished and to protect Tatiana. These phrases are unambiguously insults, since they are aimed at humiliating her honor and dignity, “- quotes the lawyer” StarHit “. If, after verification, the fact of an administrative offense is proven, Koklyushkin will have to pay a fine, the amount of which can reach several hundred thousand rubles. Recall that the wedding of Petrosyan and Brukhunova became known at the end of December last year. For the sake of a young assistant, the comedian divorced his fourth wife Elena Stepanenko – the couple lived together for more than 30 years. The process of division of property between the stars continues to this day. Court, criticism, fine, wife, relationship, insult, details, sergey zhorin, colleagues, humor, evgeny petrosyan, tatiana brukhunova

Rudkovskaya criticized Dakota for “hype” at the drawing

Yana Rudkovskaya The conflict between Rita Dakota and Yana Rudkovskaya continues to flare up on the web. A graduate of the “Star Factory” complained that the producer, who was the organizer of the blogging competition – the drawing of branded bags, allegedly called her and said that she could not take part in the drawing. According to the secular lioness, the girl “lowers the degree of the company” because she looks “deshmansky.” “Probably, the anti-crisis manager advised Yana Rudkovskaya to pretend that in fact we are her friends and this is a secret conspiracy. All night they sent me screenshots of Yana’s stories, where she hysterically “admires” my work and asks me to “raise the album to the charts”, calling me “Ritusei”. Curtain. The album, which was released a month ago “(hereinafter, the spelling and punctuation of the authors are preserved, – note, – Rita is indignant in a story on her personal Instagram page. Summing up, she called the situation “dirty games of the show business of the 90s.” The singer added that she has not yet received an apology from Rudkovskaya. “I am a music producer, I listen to any musical material carefully and for a long time, especially when it needs to be given such close attention. I usually listen in the evenings, and I don’t tend to be hysterical at all, even if I hear a super hit. I will ask you not to infringe on my musical tastes, as well as my rights to express an opinion regarding my professional activity! ” – Yana later spoke on the social network. Today the producer noted that she was not at all opposed to Dakota’s participation in the action. “I had only one request to her, to replace the photo, because she had other people’s things, boutique that had nothing to do with the action and for me it was important, including not to mislead subscribers,” writes celebrity. She stressed that “no one kicked anyone out of the circle, the person himself wished to leave the circle,” though not immediately, but the next day, when 150 thousand subscribers came. “I believe that everything that has been going on from Rita Dakota’s side for three days now is simply unethical, unprofessional and ugly and has already crossed all the boundaries!” – writes Rudkovskaya. “Having violated the rules of participation, the person started a hype, because of which they humiliate and insult me ​​now, and she continues to play a victim! I am categorically against class division of people, infringement of rights and discrimination of any form, and offensive behavior, bullying, contempt and nothing outright aggression are frankly alien to me, ”the producer summed up.

Sobchak called people without a sense of humor “cripples”

The star believes that you need to joke even in the most tragic situations Daria Chuchelina July 14, 2020 14:23 Ksenia Sobchak Photo: Ksenia Sobchak published a frank post on her Instagram account on the topic of humor. The blonde, always straightforward, admits that she is “hot-tempered, irritable, possessed and categorical.” But the main thing, according to Xenia, is self-irony. “I hate fools. I believe that it is possible and necessary to joke over any, the most tragic situations. But above all, you need to be able to laugh at yourself. Which is what I do. Constantly “(hereinafter, the spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved, – approx., – writes Sobchak.” Laughter is always appropriate. Especially in the cemetery, in the paddy wagon and in the intensive care unit. I hate those who think slowly, are hypocrites, and those who lack a sense of humor are cripples, “Sobchak said. The star added that people may not love her for that -” she allows. ” However, subscribers in the comments supported the point of view of the TV presenter. They admitted that they themselves do not like people who are not capable of joking. Recall that over the past month, Ksenia Sobchak became a participant in several scandals. The star was criticized for jokes about the situation with Stas Kostyushkin, the blonde also exchanged “pleasantries” on the Web with Tina Kandelaki and became a participant in a fight in the monastery during filming. Ksenia Sobchak and cameraman Sergei Yerzhenkov submitted an application to the reception of the central office of the Investigative Committee of Russia on the fact of the attack on them in the Sredneuralsky nunnery.

Buzova hosted a drunk show

The TV personality commented on her behaviorEkaterina Labukhina14 July 2020 16:30 Olga Buzova / buzova86 A video from the filming of the next issue of the reality show “Dom − 2″ has appeared on the web. It caused a violent reaction from users due to the behavior of one of the presenters, 34-year-old Olga Buzova. The girl allowed herself to appear on the frontal place drunk.Despite the tangled tongue, she spoke too lively, while other project participants tried to ignore her strange behavior. Later, in a story on her personal Instagram page, she stated that she simply “relaxed” at a meeting with her friends and at the time of the broadcast was “in a great mood.” The celebrity also noted that she is a veteran of the scandalous TV show. “Once every 16 years, I allowed myself to go out to the frontal place with a bright shine in my eyes. I hope you will forgive me for this! ” – she turned to the public on the social network. However, many users continue to actively criticize the presenter. Some urged her not to drive drunk, recalling the deplorable outcome of the accident history with actor Mikhail Efremov. Earlier on the Internet talked about the “abduction” of the TV personality, which allegedly happened recently in the center of Moscow. In a video published on social networks, Buzova is walking carelessly in the center of the capital, several men suddenly fly up to her, one of whom quickly throws a huge bag over her head, and then the girl is put in the trunk of the car. After that, Olga did not get in touch for some time, and then showed up with the words that she was not yet ready to reveal the details of what happened.